Shooting the original Civil War Starr DA percussion revolver

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Here is the full version of the original Starr DA percussion revolver video about its history, service record, technical details. I hope you will enjoy it as much I enjoyed shooting this old lady!

Hello YouTube I’m back again with an Other original revolver straight from The Civil War in the last part I showed Your transitional model between Single-action election modes but now I’m Going to show you one of the very first Through double-action revolvers of the Word I’m presenting you now the star Double action army Abney’s of T star of Yonkers was the third largest producer Of revolvers during the Civil War and His double action revolver was one of The most advanced sidearms of the word By those times in 1858 he started Manufacturing a 36 caliber Navy model But as the navy model did not sell well He decided to change for the 44 caliber On the 4th of December 1860 he received A patent for improving revolver Mechanisms in the end of August 1861 the Army ordered 12,000 pieces Stock for the price of 25 US dollars per Piece Corner Ripley superintendent of The army asked for the inclusion of a Screwdriver nipple range and bullet mod In the price the company accepted it and The US Army increased the order to 20,000 pieces but complaints were Gathering from the field so the Owen Holt Commission reviewed the order and Reduced the total number to 15,000 Pieces and reduce the price to 20 US Dollars per piece altogether 16,000 Pieces were delivered to the US

Government directly and another 5,000 Through private contractors However the revolver did well on Official trials in 1863 during a navy Test start the ATF over fired nearly 900 Different cartridges without malfunction Or misfire but the criticism didn’t fade Away the officers considered the gun too Complicated too expensive and inaccurate The starter volver was not accepted by The Union soldiers in fact some officers Considered it completely useless The source of this bad reputation was The DEA system itself the star de Revolver has a strong open top hang at Frame design with the battle screwed Firmly into the frame Dis revolver is meant to be fired Primarily in double-action mode so by Pulling the trigger the hammer is cocked Automatically the cylinder rotates and The gun fires Although the hammer has a spur the Revolver does not allow conventional Single action operation for it is Impossible to [ __ ] the hammer with the Thumb the user can only pull the hammer Into the half foot position but cannot Bring it to full [ __ ] without using the Trigger the revolver has a single action Only mode switch also it is located on The back of the trigger like cocking Lever by moving the switch down it stops The cocking lever from pushing the rear

Trigger in the back of the trigger guard Now the revolver can be fired by pushing The small button light trigger so this Revolver was meant to be cooked by the Cocking lever only the critics also Stated that the system of the revolver Is too complicated but I would rather Say that it is only different from the Codes and the remington so let’s see the Advantages of this old lady now Field-stripping the revolver is very Easy removing the screw under the hammer Allows the hangared frame to be opened There is no sin in the rexes that is a Good point for sure but it is easy to Drop and loose the screw in the heat of The battle the ratchet is screwed to the Back of the cylinder this revolver has Altogether 18 recesses on the cylinder To accommodate the two cylinder stops 6 For single action mode 6 for double Action mode and 6 for safety The opening of the hand assembly small Enough so spent kept particles cannot Enter the action easily the frame itself Is strong enough just like the solid Frame designs of the Remington or Rogers And Spenser revolvers the two cylinder Stops are located on the cocking lever When the cocking lever is released the Single action stop engages it’s recess On the body of the cylinder when it is Pulled in da mode the other cylinder Stop contacts the recess in the back of

The cylinder for loading first put the Hammer into half foot position with your Thumb or with the cocking lever you will Still have to pull the lever a bit to Rotate the cylinder freely when all Chambers are loaded you can use the Safety recesses so the hammer is not Resting above a loaded chamber but Between them let’s check now how these Revolvers are fed during the War Between The States so we can find the answer why It was considered inaccurate during the War waste majority of the cartridges Were manufactured by private contractors But the cartridges of different State-owned arizona’s also differ from Each other Most of the revolver cartridges were in The size range between 0.45 0 and 0 Point 4 5 6 inches so I decided to slug My board to determinate the exact size I Need my bore is in mint condition so it Is a good reference I was amazed to see That the length length diameter of the Bore is 0.45 1 inches while it is 0.46 4 In the grooves so a huge part of the Available cartridges were just too small For the start to shoot accurately so we Have the theory now now let’s head to The range and make some smoke I started The process with firing a cap on each Empty chamber to clean the oil from the Vent holes the modern caps are quite Loose on the nipples so they need to be

Squeezed abate to have a tight fit the Mechanism of the revolver is quite Smooth but the trigger feel is really Really heavy When you choose a ball for your cap and Ball revolvers choose one that is close To the groove to groove diameter of the Bore a four six four round ball is Something I do not have the biggest Available was the four five seven size This allows six thousands of an inch for Rifling to grab the bullet the load was 15 grains of three a Swiss powder corn Meal as filler and my standard revolver Agrees to seal the Chamber’s this load Worked well in all my original revolvers And in theory should be okay for the Star as well Shiny mega This was the first shot this is what the German called bill shoes so this is why It is so high but all the other five Shots are in a very very tight group if You check we have four shoot four shots In a ten ring group and only one a bit Higher so this is an excellent group Size from this old lady and this was 15 Grains of three or six powder plus Cornet and blasted four or five seven Round ball and so now I’ve done with the Target shooters part so let’s check now The military-style combustible envelope Cartridges I made these are loaded with 30 grains of 2 F Swiss powder and four

Five six bullet loading the conical Bullet was a bit tricky but after a Little practice it was not hard to find The right position for the easy loading Squatter this is four shots with the Original service load 30 grains of two Of Swiss powder plus conical bullet it’s A 250 grain weight weighing Li four five Six But and as you can see it’s absolutely Not a bad group size for this mode this Old lady can still shoot The trigger pull in double action mode Is so hard that I had to help my trigger Finger I’m not sure if this is a problem With my revolver only or all others I Like this as well but still I was able To keep the size of the group in a 20 Centimeter circle at 25 meters that is Not a bad result anyway the star is a Good revolver but it surely differs from The contemporary competitors maybe this Is why it has so bad reputation as an Answer to the so called problems start Decided to simplify the action by Killing the double action mode and Making a single action version of the Revolver this revolvers was well Accepted by the Commission and all the Officers so star was able to sell Another 30 mm of them to the US Government but after the war the Government order stopped So start decided to close the business

In 1867 and this was the end of the Double action Star Wars thanks for Watching

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