Shadow Systems DR 920: Glock 17 Improved

We take a look at the Shadow Systems enhanced Glock pistols. Lots of shooting done and I did come up with a strong opinion on these. You might be surprised!

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I will estimate about 40 minutes for This tabletop review Let’s set the awesome Timing bezel On the invicta Gen 2 sea hunter Nhm in striking blue Don’t even bother looking for this Version it’s gone Long gone and the current sea hunters Are Ugh yeah they are nasty i don’t like Them i like this one i did a little Modding on it as you can see And i know it is Huge and i love it on we go with a Feature length grv we’ll talk about Other things than the gun i hope that’s Okay with y’all For the vast majority of team peers Especially the donors they like it that Way Feature length bro And uh it’s going to be entertaining It’s going to be informative we’re going To revisit a couple issues on glocks My opinions on the competition These have been expressed over the years Multiple times So it shouldn’t be too new to long-term Tmp’s This review is made possible by my Donors So please consider becoming one a long

Term tmp donor i am still using patreon For now Sign up Long term is two years or more So thank you very much appreciate it They bought the gas the food The ammo but not the gun The gun came from hand gun haven round Of applause for handgun haven thank you Handgun haven Sign this gun out to me so thank you Adam at handgun haven this is a shadow Systems corporation Dr 920 there’s the box there’s a serial Number that i tested if you can see it Yeah right there And the price is 1250. I’m kidding There there’s no price listed But i think it’s going to be around Eight-ish Don’t quote me don’t know but if you go To handgun haven talk to adam he has had A nut and fancy discount code in Operation So ask him and maybe you get a discount If you go to him and i hope you do Because you should support the gun Stores that support me and handgun haven Is one of them You know who the other is Gunny is a great american gun store Let’s rip through this box i want to Show you what’s in here i i rarely do

This but i really like how they did this Uh the box you know is you know standard Kind of large ish But they give you a very nice ballistic Nylon carry case here With the shadow systems dr 920 or the Mr920 which is basically the glock 19 Equivalent if i’m remembering right i Think i am the Mr 920 yeah glock 19. so obviously i Have the full size one we’ll look at it In detail cover all the features Other stuff But nice case i like it really cool Maybe a little bit big for a glock 17 Sized gun It’s embroidered really high quality Nylon on it You get two magpul Glock 17 mags 17 rounders very excellent i love the Magpul mags they’re fantastic You get a lock which i use for locking My helmet to my motorcycle Motorcycle and you should be watching The motorcycle vids What’s that oh you hate the motorcycle Vids I think we’ll read you a letter then if You like that there’s your Interchangeable back straps with your Tool and then they have a funnel in here A mag funnel which is very cool i like That

It’s an optics ready pistol so you have These various screws To attach said optic directly to the Slide we’ll talk about that And we got something here Cross pin Whatever the hell that is and then your Manual done there you go that’s a box Shadow systems glock 17. oh wait dr 920 Okay you guys know i love glock right i Love glock But There are Competitive options that are just as Good or better than glock That’s right i said it or better than Glock i will show you some competitive Options you should know what they are I’ve shown them through the years That being said my love my admiration my Use in very critical systems for me Personally of the glock product Remains intact And this third gen glock sitting on the Table is a representation of just Such a system it is in a kydex holster i Got off amazon it is Carrying an olight balder pro weapon Light which i highly recommend i’ll put A link to that below There you go Great weapon light Kind of on the large size That’s what she said but

But but let’s get back to this subject It throws a great amount of light and It’s fire versus mobility so that’s why It’s writing on here this isn’t that Very limited edition olive drab kind of A brownish olive trap third gen My fourth gens and i have one fifth gen On loan are not here i’ll just say that They’re not here they’re another system So We’re just going to have this represent The glock product Now when i compare the dr920 against This in some ways i’m not going to go Point by point how this is different That’s different i don’t care But we’ll talk ergonomically and feature Set wise of what the dr920 does Differently and if it’s right for you And bottom line is it worth the extra Money And would i buy it that’s what this Tabletop is about but it’s good to have A glock 17 on the table i’ll be at a Third gen To kind of represent that This canadian patch is from watch loner Greg christakos Tnp donor thank you greg for sending me Your Orient watches right at least one of Them so thanks much so maple leaf right There we’ve got a 950 jet fire best Backup pistol ever devised by mankind

Thank you they should bring that back Like yesterday beretta should flash at One of the cool Newer sogs highly recommended very quick Knife cryod2 This knife is fantastic i love it Gen 2 deep blue master 1000 the gen 2s Are noted for their see-through case Back It’s a couple cool cars here 911 gt1 from 97 still in box i’m not Taken out of the box like ever If you want to donate me a car like this I would gratefully accept it especially This one the mclaren senna one of my All-time favorite super cars so Excellent oh my gosh it’s so cool also In package this one’s in that beautiful Slate blue And then fancy you should take that out And make car sounds with it ah maybe Later maybe later Okay i want to read you a letter before We get into the details of this gun the Dr 920 here comes right here Okay here we go I’d like to start off by expressing my Appreciation thanks for your military Service this is by the way from jay mall He sent it in december of 21 he gave 40 Bucks for ammunition and fuel expenses Thank you very much i signed his Trifecta that is the tmp Dragonfly delica and endura i signed all

Three of them sent it back to him I’ve been watching Also for your amazing content i’d Probably cross out amazing and i would Put in barely adequate Barely adequate there you go i’ve been Watching for over a decade and enjoy it All i am now a gear nerd thanks to you Oh i like this part and i especially Like the motovids Yeah there you go he likes the motovids There you go he’s a donor so more Motorcycle vids are coming stay tuned And the fact you are open about your Relationship with god that’s right i am I love god i love jesus christ no Apologies i never will apologize for That i also am christian so i have Absolute respect for what you do you Have an amazing way of making things Interesting this world needs more men Like you i’m not sure about that Uh who stands who stand up for what’s Right He talks about Hey what semi-auto shotgun should i get Primarily for self-defense i would Recommend either a Jerry miculek Mossberg like a jm pro something like That or the stoger m3000 go watch my Reviews on those I think the 950s out i’m not my review But all those are fantastic the jerry

Miculek semi-autos are fantastic the Fnslp is fantastic too Uh what’s your opinion should i stick With a pump action shotgun oh that’s a Long discussion i can’t answer it here I prefer semi-auto shotguns if if i can Get away with it Your opinion on a decent bolt-action Hunting rifle Tikka savage axis ruger american those Are all very accurate and very Inexpensive oh yeah uh tc Thompson center too I’ve never haunted i like that i’ve Never haunted oh think about it you Might want to haunt later but i would Like to learn and have that capability Awesome i appreciate you taking the time To sign these tnp special edition blades I’ve been collecting knives for several Years now thanks to your amazing care vs Six of them are special editions i love It i plan to pass all of them Down to my son who i know absolutely Appreciate all appreciate it all Anyways i’ve included a small forty Dollar gift for box hammer or whatever You choose to do with it j Maul thank you very much dude speaking Of special edition tmp blade here is the Dagger knives sting in green Congratulations to all those who Were able to score these they were Extremely limited and very brief in the

Market and there’s one sitting on table On we go the gun review Again if you guys get bored with this Non-gun talk i’m totally cool that if You just drag the slider to the right Put on 1.5 times speed if you must On we go with the shadow systems again Out of plano texas Dr 920 I have reviewed some upgraded glock Products before the zev comes to mind Go watch that review i’m not going to Rehash it here When i first picked this up in hand Handgun haven i was like oh It’s kind of like that and then i looked At the prices like okay It’s not That expensive like the zev was insane And i i know i beat up on it for price i Just like there’s there’s just no way There’s no way i would buy this You know and there’s a lot of people who Would say a glock is a glock is a glock They think of it as a tool And any One manner of thinking will say anything We do to adorn a glock And i’m representing the opinion of These people they’ll say it’s a waste of Time You know if i wanted all those features I would go with a different gun is what They would say

I get you there’s another group of People perhaps you That look at a gun like this and they go Well These are basically custom features i’m Getting out of box And To you i would say you are correct Because there are guys that have sent in Their glock for instance to do this Stippling on their grip I won’t mention a price because it’s Always changing depends where they go But they end up spending in some cases Like a thousand bucks on a glock 19 19x 17 20 what have you This comes with a whole bunch of Features included So only you can decide if the extra Money above a normal glock Would make sense for you and i’ll give You my opinion at the end i trust me i Will i have an opinion and all my Shooting’s done like i said i always Come out of that desert with opinions For sure for sure philosophy of use will Be combat handgun Something you can defend your life with And still to this day it amazes me That the glock product especially in the 19 and 17 form And we’re talking like you know compact And then full size combat pistols

They’re still holding their own in terms Of weight i mean This one is even lighter than a glock This one’s like 24.6 ounces without the Light this has my mods on it so if you Dig deep into the my archives in Boobtube You’ll find me talking about you know The raised magazine release The decal grip the other mods i have a G34 slight release on that stuff This is even lighter 23 ounces We’ll see how they did it So here you have a combat handgun Which is still to this day which is Amazing to me setting standards for sawc And this is even going further And the competitive options i’m going to Show you are not as light as these Either one of them i don’t think i’m not Going to waste time Weighing them but The glock is where it’s at dude like if You’re weight critical and you need a Gun that just works all the time Dude glock still Still to this day and i would venture to Say in my audience and i know my Audience pretty good There are more glocks than any other Brand when we talk about combat handguns I can pretty much guarantee that across The board Now did some buy

Their glocks like you know what was it 15 years ago when i started talking About the g17 g19 yeah a lot did and They’ve shot them a lot since then they Go yep this thing’s awesome Doesn’t mean the compet competition is Not good i’m not saying that at all It’s Equal or even better in some respects Than glocks but it doesn’t mean that These are still not Trendsetters i’ll say trendsetters in Some ways and now we have a a very Upgraded dr 920. If we talk about pou it’s going to be The standard stuff without rule of law Stuff lbe gun because when we get a 25 Ounce or less full-size combat handgun That that is a perfect option to run in Our lbe Horizontal carry you might put in a mag Pouch Uh bug out kit i wouldn’t do it because It’s a center fire gun the ammo is heavy Sadly cci is still not making still not Has returned to market they’re aluminum Cased Uh jacketed hollow points i haven’t seen Them for years and years If that were the case uh i would be Bored aligned by even putting the dr 920 In a bug out kit i think you’re a lot Better served You still

Would maybe a 5728 if you want a little Extra weight 22 magnum Or my favorite sorry 22 long rifle go Watch my vok reviews lots of philosophy Integrated in that home defense yes uh Vehicle yes Here’s where i want to concentrate pou On this gun though Second cool glock Okay and so the glock haters will never Get it they’ll go oh it’s waste of time Still glock i hate glocks Okay i hear you and it’s okay to have Differences i I respect it we all have different Things that we like and we hate But To someone who loves glock so much and They go i want to really modify it and Customize it to a level That reaches a second cool Nirvana for me personally That’s i believe where the dr 920 Resides that it’s getting all that to You at a much less cost says not fancy And uh it might make you very happy so i Have all the capabilities of these of This gun right here i’ll say it right Now it has no more capability than this Even third gen glock capability wise and I’m talking first cool wise accuracy Reliability and even for me Ergonomically these two guns are very Similar i i i wouldn’t choose one over

The other well maybe i would this Because i just love its grip and it’s Integrated i had to add something to That so this does have some slight Advantages But second cool glock and one That you can afford so it’s not like Going to the stratosphere and cost That’s philosophy of use let’s get into The features of the dr920 Obviously it looks different Right you’ll notice the Deeply Deeply milled slide of the dr920 And i think the serrations are cool i’m Not gonna say for a second Again i wish i had a fourth or fifth gen On the table i don’t but i’m not going To say across the generational spectrum Of glock that they’re necessarily better They’re not i’m they’re angled more and Visually that looks cooler but anytime You angle it you’re going to have less Traction as opposed to pure vertical Just says me that’s what i’m saying but They work and you’ve got them on the Front you got them on the back and Throughout the slide you’re going to see Some very deep milling just right here And i may show you some Video of them doing just that again this Is made in america american craftsman Putting the dr920 the mr920 series Together

And then we see the optics plate so it’s An optics ready pistol And this is very cool how they do this In the dr-920 so the plate is completely Removed you don’t use another adapter Plate What you do is use those screws i showed You And you will mount your Optic directly into the slide and i say Into because look how deep it will go And then these very cool ameriglo Tritium sites well we got a tfo front And it’s pure Black milled in the back reminds me of Hiney sites actually which i love i love Hiney sites this honey sites have two Tritium dots on the back i really wish They had it here but this is in vogue Right now I’ve talked about this black sight Tfo or white front sight as far as site Presentation while we’re here we’re Looking at them fantastic but when you Put that optic on you’re going to get a Lower one-third co-witness I didn’t take that off because i didn’t Want to marr it up for handgun haven In case i don’t buy it there you go yeah I’ll get to whether i would buy it or Not But that’s kind of cool so it’s a really Deep way to mount Now the 5th gen glocks lisa mos versions

Are able to do that a little bit Different technology there but the Result is still the same running an Optic On your combat handgun Now i’ve talked about this i don’t want To get too deep in the woods on this i Don’t do that I mean here you’re looking at a an In-service glock pistol for me Do you see an optic on it i mean granted This is a third gen so I mean did i get rid of this and go get A 5th gen so i can put a damn optic on It no that’s just how i feel for certain Special purpose applications maybe Competition it makes sense and that’s One Thing i didn’t mention on pou maybe you Can run this in a competition with a red Dot blah blah blah there’s a top Of the lock up right here Now One downside i don’t know if it’s a Downside it’s just interesting of this Very deeply Inset Optics mounting Solution they have is that your Extractor will be a little bit shorter Than a normal glock is my understanding No i did not measure it But that’s what i understand so it’s Just a little bit shorter but it’s still

Strong and we’ll talk about reliability And all that all this by the way looks Very cool look at this looks very cool Very space age I’ll say it it looks better than a Standard glock it’s way way more Visually interesting than this one this One looks like a brick Right I mean i love glocks i like how simple And clean they are but again i’m really Going to concentrate on that second cool Aspect of a glock and this is kind of Doing it it is if we’re going to be Honest let’s go back here and look at The frame the polymer frame notice the Extended beaver tail right here and then Notice they notch it so if you do decide To carry it it’s not going to have some Sharp corner Poking out of your shirt or maybe Digging into your fat roll Yeah uh do i need one myself Absolutely not no i’m not talking about The fat roll i got those already no i’m Talking about the beaver tail do i need A beaver tail have i ever had A slide bite with a glock The answer is no No i haven’t This one’s perfectly fine for me but There you go it’s kind of interesting Kind of cool you saw the interchangeable Back straps there

The tool to do it with you saw the Extended mag well there Flared magwell The stippling on the dr 920 and the Mr920 is fantastic i don’t think it can Be improved it is really really fabulous It is up to industry standard it is up To custom level standard And I wouldn’t do a thing to it you can see Again i had to address the problems in Previous generations just because i like Traction This is really cool so the indexing Shelf for your index finger right here Look at how that’s raised Super cool so we come in here you got a Raised platform Necessary no Still cool though and then notice this Has a raised Portion here on your some people call it The slide stop i still go with sly Release So that way i don’t know you’re less Likely to actuate it i guess is the Thinking Big old magazine release looks very gen Five-ish to me Reversible of course Really high undercut frame really high And then we have a different trigger Guard all together versus a glock See that’s very squarish also undercut

Look at that even in the third gen it Was undercut And then we have beautiful beautiful Traction here on the front so Shadow systems understanding that There’s weirdos like nut and fancy that Actually shoot with their finger rested On top of the Or not top but in the front of the Trigger guard and i do shoot well that Way Well done i love that that way i don’t Have to put something on there uh one Slight ding is that it’s slightly angled Same accessory rail that we have in the Glock Single slot accessory rail you can see It will work perfect with that olight The trigger Oh my gosh okay here comes something bad The trigger albeit it is made of Aluminum so it’s not polymer or plastic It is somewhat flat-faced Which personally i don’t really like i Would like more rounding just like this One Again this cast member remember serving A good purpose i love this trigger right Here And it’s just standard glock smooth Faced and glock has done all types of Different triggers Okay i can deal with that what i can’t Deal with is

The pull on it it is horrendous and You’ll see it on my target the dr-920 For me the best pull out of out of this Gun that i could get was seven pounds Two ounces Can we say a collective damn Yeah let’s do that Here’s reset Really nice reset right Is it better than a regular glock It’s more audible i think i mean It’s it’s good the reset is good [Music] It’s about the same be honest it’s about The same But the pool seven pounds two ounces Come on now if you’re going to upgrade The the glock 17 you’re going to do all This cool stuff and it is cool Why don’t you spend some more time on The trigger On the website it’s saying it should Pull four to five pounds Did i just get a lemon Where’s my cone Hey nut and fancy you always get the Lemon and we love it because it ends up In a railing session You’re right I do seem to get the lemon again i did Not get this from shadow systems i have An intermediary it’s my gun store Handgun haven And they’re just like gunnies they just

Block for me they’re like Doesn’t like my review like i don’t know Whatever that’s just how he does it you Know Seems to work stands the test of time The trigger is not great It needs work You heard me right it needs work if i Were to buy a dr 920 or an mr920 I would do something with the trigger Which begs the question Why would i spend this much money on a Shitty trigger That’s right i said it The the trigger is Is so important get this so i go to last Suspect tonight i handed him a walther i Handed him the dr-920 He doesn’t know either gun really He didn’t really realize this was like a Glock because it looks so different i Said hey which one do you like better And he you know he safety checked him he Dried fired him he spent a few minutes With each one he came back and goes i Like that walther better i was like why And i’m gonna show you which author he Said as a combative option he goes Trigger he’s like i can’t believe how Bad the trigger is on the dr-920 And that’s from a guy who doesn’t shoot That much my son He doesn’t he just Yeah it’s so important it’s like

It really is like where’s my freaking Car it’s like a paint job on a car That is probably the rims and the paint Job on a car are so important Aesthetically you can completely screw Up a car with the wrong color says me You can completely screw up Screw up a gun with the wrong trigger Shadow systems come on now you need to Put an upgraded very excellent Probably the best you can put in a glock Style pistol trigger in this thing Please can we do that Yeah i’m not happy with it Okay i feel so much better i hope you do Too Here’s the mag well right here It does have a plug in there i didn’t Try to remove this and nor did i check To see if it had ribs in there No i don’t think you can i think that’s All integrated that is part of the back Strap the reason i say this is because If you look at the surgeon Look at this dudes No ribs in there so this can accept Like uh the endo tactical brace the Pistol brace which is fantastic I should have checked that for you i Apologize i don’t check it but nice Beveling right here For magazine insertion again the Traction on this gun is just top notch Grip angle is the same to me exactly the

Same Yeah i don’t see any differences at all Of the grip angle Take down is the same i do want to show You one thing on the takedown here and I’m going to field strip it super quick It has a Fluted barrel which is cool look at that So there’s some of that weight savings The uh the dr-920 It’s cool They call it a match barrel by the way Match barrel And you know the it is a steel Recoil spring if you care i i honestly Don’t Some of you guys do to this day like i Hate polymer recoil rod Uh if i said spring i should have said Recoil rod i don’t care myself at all i Just do not care at all Uh I’m not sure if it’s tinnifer or what Again i should research that But it seems adequate and i didn’t put Put it through any salt corrosion test Or peanut butter to cat litter box test Roll all of that other stupid stuff I don’t know I don’t know go ask the owl magazines Are fantastic albeit we need some Witness holes in these things Magpul and they’re changing their Generations all the time i mean this is

A pmax17 there’s probably some ones out There that have witness holes in them i Mean even this third jenner Yeah like that Stainless steel lined Can you really go wrong with factory oem Glock magazines ever I would say no I would say no i i wonder if they went With this aftermarket magazine option Because they don’t want to seem like They’re copying glock too much I have news for you shadow systems It’s too late it’s basically a glock 17. I feel better With some improvements i mean i’m Showing you what the improvements are Right dudes it’s improved by the way They have a threaded barrel version of This thing which is cool uh i didn’t see It in the counter i probably would have Got it and thrown my can on it they also Have fde versions Of the mr in dr series Again that’s going to be the glock 19 Size the glock 17 size and they also Have a 19x version where it has a Compact frame with a longer slide i Believe You can go their website and check it Out i’m talking shadow systems website Which by the way Gets a round of applause from the nut And fancy project shadow systems

Seriously dudes great website great Website They got some cool video there they got Good pictures they have downloadable Stuff Outstanding outstanding The message i’m sending you though about The varieties is you can get different Colors different barrel finishes so you Might have a gold tie knight barrel with A black slide Again when we talk about second cool Stuff Worth considering especially if you’re Trying to save money that’s right i said Save money because if you’re going to Put all that work into a standard glock It’s going to add up very very quickly If i didn’t mention it 17 rounds i think I did 17 rounds how did it shoot Uh like a glock which is to say no Stoppages whatsoever which is to say i Enjoyed shooting it other than that Trigger which is to say it grouped Pretty good Uh Here we go here’s a A target here i always want to go so Quick through this stuff it’s just more Editing for me look at this group right Here dudes This is standing in the desert very Accurate 100 trigger down arrow awesome Group

Good group there one walked but this is Still good this is standing I gave myself an up arrow on that i Probably shouldn’t have done that oh It’s okay it’s not horrible but look Three rounds dudes yeah put a good Trigger in this thing Damn you’re talking look at that so this Is with that crap trigger Up arrow exclamation point Squiggly mark that’s probably my fault Look at that group dudes oh my god Dr 920 getting it done Getting it done Here’s another one This is 10 yard standing look 10 yards Standing One two three awesome this is all jhp i Think A mixture of 115 and 124 plus ps look at That Awesome First group down arrow so was it me was The gun i you’re seeing the gun back Here it’s me yeah i sucked Look at that good Really good that is great accuracy dude Good good good Second group Uh so do i have more paper Uh i do want to show you this is kind of Funny It is very accurate but then i was Testing a taurus gx4 look at how

Accurate that sucker was That’s a [ __ ] pistol It has some other issues i’ll talk about The tabletop but damn selling that Thing’s acurat Taurus gx4 sub compact uh i will say the Accuracy on the dr-920 is fantastic Really accurate more so than a glock 19 Uh absolutely not about the same I can shoot just like that with a Standard glock But it’s on par It’s on par it really good reliability Fantastic Yeah i don’t remember any stoppages at All it’s a glock so inherits I’m a little hesitant to say it this way What i was going to say is it inherits The combat and use record of the glock Pistol Maybe i should back off from that a Little bit because even though it’s very Similar Ie almost identical mechanically to the Glock actually it is identical to the Glock Um it’s still a new pistol and until we Get you know hundreds of thousands of Rounds through it from a bunch of Different users will we really know okay I’ll put that asterisk there i’m going To go ahead and go out on a limb and say It’s a glock So trust it just like a glock longevity

Wise durability wise accuracy wise Would i buy one Would i buy this gun Where’s my comb Yes i would buy a shadow systems dr 920 Hey nothing fancy we thought you said You hated the trigger I do I can change that Hey nothing fancy i thought you said That just added more cost to already Expensive pistol Guy you guys don’t miss anything Yes to all the above but Look at what i get If i’m going for a second cool glock Product I’m not having to pay fifteen hundred Dollars twelve hundred dollars eleven Hundred dollars i’m getting a custom Slide Custom frame I got a freaking spiral fluted match Grade barrel Very interesting way to mount my optic Fantastic sights on this Really good sights uh Magwell Flared magwell i can put on I’m getting a lot of custom i should i Don’t know if i should say custom Features but custom like features on a Glock pistol for what i will classify as A reasonable price

So if i were to go and maybe put a 3.5 Pound ghost connector in there lighten That trigger pull up a little bit i’m in Business Yeah i’d buy it it’s a great gun it’s It’s less than a glock 17. this is 23 Ounces with a weight think weight stuff They’ve done How could i not say yes if it’s shot Like that If it was that reliable if the Ergonomics are that fantastic and they Are i mean they block ergonomics with Improvements stippling Higher undercut Beaver tail Trigger sucks Yeah dude I’d buy it competitive options Well the the walther i was alluding to Earlier And stand by for my tabletop review It’ll come out Pretty close to this I cannot believe how much i like this Gun i thought i would not like it Especially after it apparently replaced The ppq ladies and gentlemen of the jury I present the walther pdp This is a gun that last suspect taking Port it’s worth Said he would prefer over the dr-920 The trigger on this Dude

It is insane it is insane it is so nice I’m not going to measure it on camera We’re kind of to our magical 40 minute Mark but Daddy like That is such a good trigger Yeah the sibling by the way is Completely different than this this is Fantastic stippling on the pdp oh my Goodness they have like raised diamonds On this They have a whole science that they did They have a whole science how they Design the grip for use with an optic Also we see a very low mounting solution In this walther A little bit heavier than this gun and It’s also a little bit wider So that’s a downside of the pdp it’s a Slightly more chunkier and it definitely Doesn’t have that very elegant beveling On the slide It’s comparison against two guns Uh don’t ask me which one i would buy Over the other one i’m not going to Answer that i’m not going to answer that I will say this though the pdp Uh i don’t think it’s gonna have any Problem in the marketplace i really Don’t and here’s why because people who Get it And shoot it will sell the gun They’ll they’ll talk to everybody’s like Oh dude you gotta shoot this gun

But you have a ppq i thought you thought That was the best guy in the world oh It’s good i love my pcq and i did But this is great i i think it’ll be Successful a competitive option How about this one right here dudes Don’t forget about it and i just love This gun The cz p10f y’all Oh my gosh is this a competent Full-sized Combat pistol Fantastic does it have all that Whiz-bang crap this one does like the Optics mounting no guess who doesn’t use It me Is a grip as cool as this one no How about the trigger guard well I mean this is cool all this trigger Stuff is cool but for first cool it Doesn’t do nothing First cool you know does it help you Shoot the gun the answer is no i like The rounded trigger of this i love the Magazine release i like the magazine Capacity holy crap dude 19 rounds It is heavier But it’s also holding more rounds this Is more of a fire power striker fired Polymer pistol don’t forget about the cz P10c or the p10f both are fantastic one More competitive option One more competitive option Hey nothing fancy it’s okay if you keep

Going for like another 20 minutes No dude i’m going to wrap it up don’t Forget about this one either holy [ __ ] How do people not buy the iwi masada Wearing a tlr-8 link below use my link So i can make a few bucks to go buy a Hamburger this gun is fantastic what was Not fantastic on this The grip so what i do Oh just went out you know got a super Thin grip application tape i forget the Brand slapped it on there now the iwi Masada oh my goodness what a great gun What a great gun Daddy loves this gun so much great Trigger check the reset Not quite as crisp as the dr-920 ain’t Gonna lie Yeah But still that’s a great trigger Optics ready What Iwi masada Let me know in comment if you bought one The iwi masada it is Fantastic What do you know i’m at my 40-minute Mark holy crap nothing fancy how do you Know how long these videos are gonna Last i don’t know i just get lucky i Just get lucky hey it’s made in america Plano texas i like To maybe Love the dr920

Love would be when i fix this trigger But as far as what you get with the gun And the features you get i think it’s an Alternative to a plain jane glock that’s All i’m really seeing and i think it Centers on second cool i said at the Outset of this video this gun is no more Capable than any of your other glocks Don’t kid yourself i don’t think you’re Going to shoot it any better i don’t Think you’re going to be a tier 1 Operator with a damn mr or dr 920 but The features just may make you happy That fancy

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