Saber Bayonet for the U.S. Navy Military Rifle by Whitney

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about the Civil War Saber Bayonet for the U.S. Navy Military Rifle by Whitney

How’re you guys this is Ray PL from Shiloh relics calm I hope you’re doing Well Hope you’re having a good day I’m Thankful to be with you again Like my neighbor Charlie Morris says Every day is a holiday and every meals a Banquet and I’m glad to get to have a Banquet today and I’m glad to get to be With you today we’re going to talk about A saber bayonet and it’s just what it Sounds like it is if there’s ever been Truth in advertising you’re looking at It this one would actually attach to the End of a rifle so it could be used as a Bayonet or you could take it off and That blade is long enough that you could Use it as a short sword or a sabre this Particular one was made for an Interesting gun from the Civil War in July of 1861 the Whitney gun company in They got a contract to do 10,000 of These and it’s the same Whitney that Gets credited for inventing the cotton Gin some people say he didn’t but he Gets credit for it most of the time he Was dead way before them and his nephews He liked Whitney blank and Philo’s Blake Took the company over and they realized Nobody knew who Blake was but everybody Who Whitney was so they switched it back Over and started the selling again under The Whitney name and it worked because They went on through after the Civil War

As well but they did 10,000 of these Contract July 61 they finished up Delivery of them in 1864 so it took them A while to do it the gun is very Distinctive it looks like this and has Two bands big heavy gun heavy gun fires A rifle bullet from the barrel They were patterned after a French gun There was a French tube and gun that Looks very similar from a distance Called a carbine a Teague tige and Depending on if you’re in Tennessee Alabama or New York how you save that But that’s all I say Here because it’s my camera we’re Filming to know so 10,000 of them going To the government the pieces these were Actually made in Hartford Connecticut Connecticut that’s a new word these were Made for Whitney in Hartford Connecticut Connecticut – Connecticut – Connecticut They were made by a company named Collins and company Collins and company Made a lot of really nice blades they Made swords they make bayonets and they Made them from a lot of cool makers they Made them for Colt they made them for Whitney they were a good maker if you See some of their swords they make Beautiful swords as well They made some for Tiffany that’s how Good they were they made this one and as You can see it’s marked at the base you Can still see part of it and that’s an

Important thing a lot of people like to See that marking on the blame because it Lets you know where they were made and It’s also just a nice little addition Onto it the handle is actually made of a Solid piece of cast brass along the top Of the handle it has a channel and what That does it slides on to the end of the Bayonet or it slides home to the end of The gun in the bar that’s on the end of The gun like this and that way it Attaches more securely because if you Run that into somebody you don’t want it Coming off how does it hold on if you Notice right here there is a clip that’s In it like this and you push a button it Lets it go onto it and it snaps into Place and that holds it intact very Important piece it breaks a lot so it’s Important that it has it on the back Side of the blade On the back side of the handle we have The initials F C W and that’s the Inspector mark you remember we’ve talked About the pieces had to be approved for Military service This one was approved by Frank C Warner Wer in ER and he shows up of a lot of Naval inspections so it’s got his Initials got the makers mark it has Another stamping up on top that is Important you see that four digit number Like right here that is because these Didn’t always just slide onto the guns

They in theory should but they didn’t Always do it this number would have Correspond with that same number on the Gun and the gun it will be marked on the Back of the barrel tang which is the Back the part past the breech that Screws into the stock itself that’s the Tang and it would be stamped with that Same four digit number when it left so You would know which one went with which Gun this one has another thing that’s Interesting that most of the time is Missing is the scabbard the scabbard Zone these were made of leather and Brass and the leather it because it’s Such a long blade that puts a lot of Stress on that leather so it broke Fairly easily and once it’s broke might As well get rid of it so they chuck it You don’t see them very often this one Is not only still with it It’s complete the stitching separated a Little bit but that just happens but on The top mount the brass piece at the top Is called a mount if you notice it still Has the little stud and that stud went Into a piece on the sailors belt so it Could attach the bayonet to the sailor’s Belt so that’s nice and it has that the Gun can bring several thousand dollars Because there’s not that many of them Left the bayonet this one in scabbard Can be bought as of today on Shiloh Relics comm for four hundred and

Ninety-five dollars it’s a lot rarer Than that but rarity doesn’t always sell This one is pretty and it’s gonna sell So get on there and get it I also have Several other kind of saber bayonets and There’s a lot of pictures of all of them There’s any time that you want to go on There I’ll always be glad if you have an Extra question don’t hesitate to ask me If there’s something else you’d like to See on here if I can accommodate I will The other day we did a naval pistol Because somebody had asked about it I Listen I can’t always accommodate but I’ll always try promise you that I hope That you guys are doing well I hope that you get to share some Kindness with somebody today go out of Your way to be kind of somebody because It might be the only kind of thing that Happens to them all day but above all Remember that I appreciate you going to Youtube sign up as a subscriber we’re Still going to give away an original Civil War cavalry saber when we hit 1000 Subscribers I love you guys I hope y’all Have a good day and remember always be Kind we’ll catch you next time bye

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