Ruger 57: Then the World Changed

Surprises are usually bad. But not the Ruger 57 5.7x28mm pistol. Ruger did the introduction right with this one. It was kept pretty quiet and NOT tied to some trade show. Next thing WE knew, here it is. That’s all good but if the gun sucks what’s it matter? Fact is the Ruger 57 not only does not suck, but it is awesome in just about every standard of measure.
It dominates the FN Five Seven in value for one. About half. Then you’ll see in this feature length tabletop with TacticalDoodle (farts free of charge) that the accuracy, reliability, ergos, rds capacity, sights, and more on the Ruger 57 are impressive. Another interesting POU discussion ensures and we’ll focus on your BOK. Included are predictions on how this Ruger will change the gun world for the better and how Ruger will produce a 5.7mm carbine as well.

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So what would you tell Ruger now right Now yeah after issuing the Ruger 5:7 They got some momentum they do or do They go next exactly I would tell them this get out as soon As possible your tactical carbine Chambered in five seven to eight we know You have one in development I’m sure They got 12 test mules sitting on the Counter right now get it out right now Because like TD says there is a great Momentum with a Ruger 5:7 right now and To springboard off of that and to build Upon it get out of companion tactical Carbine from Ruger thank you That’sthat’s my message Oh in Part B of The messages as soon as possible come Out with different colors yeah olive Drab blue white white black fly red flat Desert why black I mean it lack is the First color I actually know the answer It probably sells the best yeah across The board a lot more people like the Black color than any other color and I Bet you the coloration and polymer is Just don’t worry about it just black we Don’t worry about nothing else just get It to market then we’ll iron it out then We’ll do a special arctic white super Camo we got the pours for black ready to Go black is an easy easy breezy frame Color anywho that would be my advice to Ruger right now first off everyone Please let’s give a round of applause to

Ruger for their Ruger 5-7 and this is Serious they did a great great job on This gun you’ll see that as we do a Feature-length tabletop review tactical Doodle is here guys it’s exciting Tactical doodles and when tactical Doodle is in my tabletop reviews or in The bunker it is four percent better Just a little bit four percent I Actually have an app that calculates That well it’s mostly all the farts but Farts are good you might get one or two Here on tabletop we’re not in the bunker Because we want you to see the Ruger Five seven we do have some stuff to show You we have a lot of philosophy to share With you we’re going to talk about the Specifics of the pistol and just Really interesting developments with Ruger 5:7 that I am going to go out on The limb and predict and I think you Guys will dig it if you are a fan of the Five seven to eight hallelujah we Finally have a gun no dude this is it’s Such a weird opener for the new year It’s like New Year’s Oh check this out It’s an FN killer wait what I didn’t see It coming huh I totally did not see this Coming did you I saw it the first time I Saw a picture of this Everyone underneath it said photoshopped They’re like this isn’t real no I think It’s a Photoshop no it’s a real picture No check it out look at you you can see

The pixels man look the edge it’s real a Freaking week later and it’s sitting on The table isn’t this the way you should Introduce a gun yeah so don’t tie it to Shot show please let’s get away from That and it appears that Ruger did get Away from that yeah they’re not waiting For shot show they did introduce it I’m Not super familiar with their marketing Or their timeline I’m not I stay aloof From all of that but I do kind of pay Attention TD does too We were surprised by this gun I love it I love being surprised and I love Walking into a gun store and boom there It is and thanks to gunnies clap for Them Great American gun store we checked This gun out from them and we’ll tell You later in the video if we’re going to Buy it from gunnies the great American Gun store contact information below Thank you to Wyatt And company Wyatt and company that so They set a new standard of how to Introduce a gun awesome it doesn’t get Lost in the avalanche of hey I’m Heidi Here at trigger Fest 2020 check out 500 – the hottest new stocking stuffers for This holiday Caltech has been super Guilty of them yeah cuz you glance at it It gets lost in the avalanche it comes Out maybe a year maybe eight years maybe Who knows maybe a full decade later it Finally gets to market with all the

Issues still not ironed out so a great Job on that they brought it to market Quickly they didn’t put a lot of hype Out there boom that’s it not that okay So TD and I years ago tested the Ruger Not trigger but the FN five-seven great Gun We loved the FN five-seven look at my Original review of that it goes back to Like 2009 Okay and I’m gonna tie into that but Real quick the the FN five-seven is an Excellent product we like it a lot it is Very expensive you can go watch that Tabletop review I talked about it there Has some quirks to it kind of a Different trigger a Ford mounted safety On it I think mostly the reason it has Flatlined in the marketplace is due to Cost now you have a Ruger 5:7 that is Going to basically do everything the the FN five-seven does at half the cost I Love just hearing it because when we Have the five-seven we’re looking at go Dude for $1,300 yeah this one retails at 8 and you’re gonna buy it for a lot less Than that I think gunnies is selling it for like 369 I’m just saying if you’re paying Attention I totally made that up not 369 But it’s a lot less money so that in an In and of itself is is the GC Nomenclature game-changer it’s I hate Saying it but there really is case this

Is I’m excited we have a true game Changer exactly and a game changer isn’t Just its revolutionary it’s not Different a game changer has to affect The market amen the mark you look at it And go this will check this will change The five-seven landscape unlike other Stuff has other stuff yeah check this Out it’s our twiddle stick five seven by 28 it’s awesome all the AR 5 7 s have Failed to make a dent in the last place You needed a big player a reliable Player like Ruger to come out with a gun Like this and I told you I’d come out And tie into that 2009 FN five-seven Review what did I say in that video I Said the five seven to eight this Cartridge right here would fail to make A big dent in the marketplace until a Couple things happen one that it becomes Widely available and cheaper to purchase And sure enough over the last well heck As long as I’ve been doing TMP 14 years That really hasn’t changed it is yeah It’s remained an ish cartridge hard to Find major stores did not carry it and You know I was right it hasn’t changed But here’s the good news and this is the Prediction I’m talking about this gun TD And I say will change the marketplace Because you’re gonna get thousands and Thousands of people purchasing this gun The Ruger 5:7 that’s gonna drive up Demand for the five seven to eight

You’re gonna have other players besides Federal besides FN Herstal and besides Spear in their gold dot load making five Seven to eight the cost is going to come Down on the loads and lo and behold Finally five seven to eight will emerge To be a more I won’t say fully Mainstream but more mainstream part of My understanding and this it’s been a While since I read up on it this could Have possibly been a NATO round if it Weren’t for spoilsport heckler and [ __ ] Kind of throwing a fit and saying their Version of the the tiny SBR PDW around Would in a world where this was a nato Cartridge you’d be able to get you know What turkish you’d get a case of turkish Five seven oh it would have been it Would have caught on a lot better right Bets it’s orphan i don’t want us to go Over the moon on five seven to eight I’m Not over the moon on the caliber I’d Much rather run five five six yeah I’ve Said that you said that in multiple Table tops we stick with that but for S-awc like when size and weight Constraints is very very important Five seven to eight is a great option it Is ballistically efficient the FN s S197s r comes out at 2030 feet per Second and puts out about three hundred And sixty foot-pounds of energy smokin In a tiny tiny centerfire cartridge not A rimfire centerfire okay so we don’t

Want to dwell a lot on the five seven to Eight we’ve already spoken much on it But it’s capable for its size it’s Capable for its size and the point we’re Making here is with the Ruger five seven You’re gonna see a lot more loadings Come out and you’ll see the cost go down Predicts a none fancy project and I hope This video helps that process hopefully I bet a lot of team peers gonna see this Review and they’re going to go to their Gun stores and buy an effin keep sayin Effing Ruger five seven and by the way You should go to gunnies not your local Gun store yeah thank him for having this Because this was sitting why it’s rack And why Oh you have you seen this why we’re Taking pre-orders for anybody your Sinhala evil I said it is a truth we Have this this scent we got one so it’s A fluke that we’re big we’re able to do Such a timely handgun review sorry that We’re not more timely but we’re not part Of the gun lock launch media We’re not third party advertising we’re Not on the take so sometimes that just Means the G RVs come out slower yeah Alright we need to get rolling here Because again feature-length 50-minute Review be my be my guess for all the Interesting stuff I want to talk about Let’s jump into philosophy abuse when I Was at the barricade I was talking about

BOK guns right TD yep I will still Maintain my favorite BOK gun is a 22 Long rifle pistol because the ammo so Freakin lightweight yep is it the most Ballistically efficient no reliable no Man stopper no none of the above But it’s lightweight and I can carry 200 Rounds for lightweight but I did say on Barricade by the way that the FN Five-seven would be a very viable option For your be okay because it is basically A hundred-yard handgun that is easily Ballistically efficient out to 100 yards And I said for an increase in weight Viable option and I have been ever since I filmed that over barricade toying with The idea of as us integrating an FN Five-seven to the be okay at least my Person will be okay the problem is I Ain’t got to go spend that money and Dedicate a gun and a be okay mm-hmm and I just didn’t do it but now philosophy Views this my friends is a very viable BOK option if we’re willing to part with The money I’m not gonna say it’s Inexpensive it’s not the ammo is not Inexpensive as of yet but dang-son this Is a BOK option right oh yeah and it Gets better so I’m gonna jump we’re Gonna cover features how did it shoot Would we buy it It is drilled and tapped for optic Plates it’s awesome okay so talking About be okay so you can put this is a

Pistol I would recommend running a red Dot on it because the cartridge is so Ballistically efficient for me just My mileage for me to reliably shoot out To 100 yards I would like a red dot how About you TD oh yeah I mean we were Shooting this and we pumped a lot of Rounds through the sucker for testing Did great we’ll talk about that but with A red dot a hundred yards easy breezy Yeah so you put a one point five one Point eight ounce optics set up here Drilled and tapped you put this in your B okay it’s almost like you have an air Fifteen in there maybe I should say AR Five seven Yeah right that my friends is a amazing B okay option so my first philosophy of Use is a bug-out kit gun a survival gun With a lot lighter weight and then a Nine-millimeter or five five six you Have huge improvement over even 22 mag Yeah our 22 long-rifle paired to what The original if you wanted those same Constraints high cap very low weight You’d be looking at caltech the little PMR are 30 and you he’s okay it’s fine That this is a big improvement the Weakness on the 22 mag in our testing With the PM are 30 isn’t the gun I mean It can be unreliable but Caltech can’t Squared away from you for you I know Quality control at Caltech same ole same Ole but it’s a cartridge the brass is so

Damn thin on those when you load them it It’s dense the cartridge it’s not 1980 Anymore when they made it a thicker Brass yeah nuff said on that this is a Superior cartridge other philosophy of Use daily carry would you carry it I Think that’s one of the reasons this is Going to be so popular because you have People totally agree carrying is way More widespread than ever and people are Looking at it going yeah I want as much On tap as I possibly can minimizing Reloads minimizing my chance to fumble And you know get my nuts punch it in or Whatever 1 t plus 120 plus 1 it’s flat Shooting it’s low recoil and it’s skinny It’s skinny though the slide itself is Only 1 inches wide at the ambidextrous Safety levers it’s one point four eight Inches which is substantially wider but Your main profile is around one inch Maybe one point one not counting the Takedown lever that’s pretty skinny it Reminds me of a super flat 19 And this basically is a profile of a 1911 so it has a four point nine four Inch barrel it’s the the size of a 1911 That makes it ideal for carry for a lot Of different folks myself I don’t like Carrying inside the waistband at least a 5 inch barrel unless unless I have maybe An outside the waistband carry maybe a Belt slide holster or something like That

So I’d say daily carry EDC carry I can Predict right now that a lot of you guys Are going to do it yeah let’s talk about Weight because the empty weight of the Ruger five seven one of the many things They got right on this gun and you’re Gonna see us raving about many aspects Of this gun it’s a genuine what rave Ruger doesn’t know us they didn’t gives Us gun again it came from gun ease they Don’t give a crap about TMP if anything They hate us even though I sold him like Ten thousand guns with my reviews Nevermind you remember the stuff you Hate right yeah he didn’t like the heavy Rail on the v 5c gun sight scout bolt Gun I hated that and so they he was all Pissed about that anyways back to the Subject you guys are gonna carry this Because it is twenty four point six Ounces empty smoking it is twenty four Point six ounces get this loaded with Twenty twenty rounds that’s 20 plus one Actually just twenty rounds not twenty Plus 120 rounds of this stuff 40 grain Federal if that’s what you’re running That’s four point eight ounces for Twenty twenty rounds twenty nine point Four ounces total carry weight it is Going to be lighter than this Glock 19 Fully loaded dudes that is a huge win so Super lightweight that by the way rubber Bands back to the pou recommendation for Bug-out kit tactical doodle right

Totally so twenty six and a half ounces Awesome go to war gun it really depends On if you consider a five seven to a to Go to war round yeah I mean compared to A nine-millimeter it’s pretty capable if You you’re running an SS 197 SR that Thing comes out fast it wit reminds me Of a mini 357 sig really so it’s high Velocity Small-diameter it is what it is it’s a Creature it would it be my first choice No Tim millimeter would ya I want my Glock 20 I know it’s heavier but if if If I’m stuck with a handgun I do Glock 20 but I wouldn’t totally discount it as A ggw option how about you it depends Entirely on what you’re doing it’s you Know what do you want from your lawyer Are you like is it a crash kit for the Witness do you think you’re gonna crash In Alaska I’ll go ten mil then that’s Another pou great bush pilot Yeah right Yeah totally Five seven to eight pistol and it’s Coming tactical car because dude like Let’s say you’re a dude Flying pipelines and you you want Something you’re probably not gonna have To use you want fair capacity and low Weight there you go I would rather have Five seven if I you know day-to-day it Sits in your backpack you don’t think About okay but would you I mean if I’m Flying pipelines as a pilot building

Hours up in Alaska I I’d rather go with A Glock 20 10 if I’m thinking about bear In Alaska now how about this let’s say You’re by New Mexico and you’re by the Border a lawless wasteland where Anything can happen so an anti-personnel Defense gun yeah I’d be on board that’s I’d be on board I think it’s effective It’s actually proven in that capacity I Won’t go into details the five seven to Eight is proven in being able to do that Job philosophy of use discussion home Defense sure it takes a light on this we Have a beautiful flat desert earth Oh Light bald air value if I did thank you Got joy peace and Swedish Chef making an Appearance again this is a great light Link below and no Oh light did not give Me this light we purchased it at patreon Lauren Clapp – patreon members by the Way you need to help me on violence Thank you They’re the ones that bought the ammo For this by the way we bought we put About I don’t know 450 rounds through it All quite a few rounds and the it’s Patreon money yet we walked in the gun Ease we bought it from them so we’re not Sponsored by anyone except patreon Members Tim Pierce thinks Home defense gun sure you can do it how About a trainer gun recreational gun Sure if you can afford to pute it it’s Money that’s an expensive recreational

Gun but for training maybe a female Shooter someone new to shooting yeah Yeah it’s not overly intimidating but a Recreational probably not a hunting gun It depends on your jurisdiction is it Legal to hunt with five seven to eight But I think with a red dot yeah out to One hundred yards depending on what You’re shooting I’m talking game wise no I wouldn’t go with a deer with it I’m Not gonna go into the specifics but yeah Let’s go how about hogs yeah I’d Actually love you try to be tough I’d Beat you down his taxes go hog hunting With your Ruger five seven I be down I Would love it as a sidearm yeah but that Speaks to a whole system built around Five seven oh and that’s interesting Since their tactical carbines gonna come Out and we’re kidding about that but Probably not I think they are gonna come Out with that if you won’t see a lot of Guys doing doing companion builds yeah Not builds but pairings so they’re gonna Get a rigger five seven a Ruger five Seventh a carbine and that’s gonna be Their system yep and there’s people that Whatever Ruger comes out with they eat It up yep they eat it up enough of Philosophy of use we may bounce back to It but we got so much to talk about do You want to add anything right now I was Just gonna mention caliber wise I when You compare these against AR pistols

When people talk about pdws mm-hmm I Love the five-seven a lot more because Shooting an AR pistol of a short barrel Is concussive yeah CD and I by the way Reviewed multiple ar-15 pistols last Year and by the way some of them have Not even posted yet yeah because we Generate too much content I don’t know If you know this but we’re not kidding There’s I mean I have literally 50 Videos right now that are unposted Because you guys don’t watch it fast Enough Sorry it is what it is they are out There you will see them post eventually And without a can on them they are Hellish to shoot they look super cool Everyone likes that Oh yeah look it’s so compact and Portable yeah you could throw it in a Backpack yeah I would not take a little 7 inch an hour In my bug-out kit without a can on it With no can in no ears unless you have Hearing Pro that you can put on but Who’s gonna do that in the heat of the Battle I’ll let me put my buffs on first yeah Run a can on it so that’s a good point Five seven to eight is loud though it’s If you shoot this without hearing Protection dude you’re gonna you’re Gonna wake up it’s louder yeah there we Go we’ll put a suck less name tape on

There how you doing at the web store by The way what you got a sock shard Patches yeah yeah suck less mm-hmm I had Like ten last time I looked Yeah I haven’t that you stuff a regular AAR’s out of it do you have our patches Yeah this is a $6,000 kc-135 tanker Grandfather Turkish patch that I have One for my mini turkey turkey Deployments nobody quiche yeah guys say When are you gonna order what’s your Answer it’s T DS monkey man we don’t Need to go into that right now but you Tell him contact him via the web store Not in fancy big cartel calm on two Features first up the grip is excellent The overall format is excellent we did Say it’s about the size of a 1911 I love They came out TD with Adel I’ll call it A long slide version I would be a little Bit less enthused on this if it was like A 4-inch barrel how about you yeah what If it came out here so their first Ruger 5 7 is right here now I wouldn’t he’s Enthusiastic about let and maybe if You’re making the case for a subcompact But it’s gonna be a ton more blast Coming out at by 7 to 8 a huge fireball This thing already does some fireball Spitting on the fridge even if you did a Long slide of this I I’d probably be Pretty happy I’m not kidding give it Another inch inch-and-a-half for Something what if you do this Ruger for

Your tactical carbine why’d you scrap Everything you’re doing and just do like He’s saying do a Glock 17 l size one and Attach a pistol brace to it yeah There’s your PCC yep do that would be Awesome CC threaded barrel from the Factory yep so you let him put a can on It and then have like a third gen Glock A hollow portion back here that you have A detachable Legal no paperwork pistol brace yeah They would not be able to keep that gun In stock be flying baby this is gonna be Flying in a forty fifty round extended Match yeah minimum thirty round clip It’s just a companion piece to the rig Ruger five-seven pistol you’re welcome You can do what all the other companies Do and give it some name that has TAC Ops and special at the title you just Increased L brooder five seven TAC ops Special supreme the overall look of this Pistol is has the design language of the Security 9 and the Ruger LCP to which we Really really liked in the grip it is Like that – what do you want to show Them I was just gonna It shows how different it is against the Original 5 7 it is so much cooler I Actually love the grip of the FN Five-seven and I actually love the gun They have some quirks like the safeties Up here but the rest of the gun is is Good we talked about the safety already

But it’s basically the same size though Isn’t it yeah they’re very size right It’s a testament to how well the Original 5 7 was designed that it’s also Modern and doesn’t feel that dated yeah I just felt like it didn’t have the best Stippling I remember that and these are Kind of enclosed on the serrations yeah I’m gonna disagree with you I think the FN five-seven grip was at least the Texturing is really good effing gets Texturing right and I use them as a Standard measure measure just like on The shotgun the FN SLP back to this grip Panels are awesome they’re stippled Really good traction the span across Here is going to be wide guys because of The cartridge this is longer overall Length than most your pistol rounds but It is thin in this dimension right here And showing them box magazine this is Your 20 round magazine that they’re Putting together so this has to house This and by the way the filling is Courtesy of tactical doodle so it does Not come with a white Ruger in red 5 7 Or this TD does that he fills them yeah He painted those paint pens it’s kind of Cool looks cooler great grip for what it Is and that is a five set 5 7 to 8 Chambering we like it I like They don’t have interchangeable Backstraps and all that other yeah we Don’t need that especially with a such a

Wide span grip I really hate that I’m Sure they’re functional I’m sure some People like them if you have more than Three pistols you’re drowning in all These little tiny strips and things yeah That’s taken weird keys and how Everyone’s gonna everyone’s gonna just Leave them in the chaos that they came In speaking of which where’s the case You throw them away and never touch them Again did you get it or no that’s right Over there so this is a grip it’s Awesome the trigger guard is pretty good It’s large enough for gloves we like That I do have the weapon like kind of Occluding the front it’s mostly flat I Recommend putting a span of skateboard Tape on there they should have carried The texturing on the grip over to the Front of the trigger guard right yeah They didn’t do that it is very slick on There you’ll see us as we always do rest Our index finger on in front of the Trigger guard we shoot good that way it Doesn’t amount to a good square though You can leverage it enough yeah and Unlike some other designs we’ve been Reviewing it’s not slanted good magazine Release I think it is reversible for you Lefty types the trigger is pretty Excellent actually before we talked About that you got to understand this is Not a striker-fired pistol it is a pre Loaded or partially loaded double action

Only so there is an internal hammer in This gun just like the security 9 so Different and I think the five-seven Like that I’m trying to remember Nevertheless it provides a really nice Trigger pull 5 pounds 10 ounces on my Scale there is a lot of take-up let’s Take a look at that the reset is kind of Far forward here’s your trigger pull Right here on the Ruger 5 7 there’s your First part what you do and here’s your Reset once again some guys are saying The reset is really far forward I don’t Know if it’s really far forward but it’s At least halfway I don’t really notice It being a problem did you love how to Trigger on it I don’t know as I’ve always said that We’re reset Snobs we probably just suck we have been With some of our latest test pistols Shooting to reset because they do shoot Much better that way because they have Such a far forward trigger a case Important be the Taurus g3 that trigger Pull so deep it’s best to shoot to reset Otherwise you’re gonna waste a lot of Time traveling with the trigger metal Trigger its rounded thank you for not Putting a flat blade on this yeah that’s A trend and it’s gonna go bye-bye says TMP it is an aluminum trigger and as Such we noted no flex in firing we Actually loved the trigger right yep the

Whole time we’re saying this trigger is Awesome Eila and it reminded me of how Much I didn’t like the FN five-seven did Say that you would say this day it’s one Of my least favourite one rides just Something about the reach and length and I just could never get into a groove With it Ruger calls the trigger the Secure action trigger that is their Proprietary name again is a partially Praecox double action only enough of the Trigger it is excellent a five slot Picatinny rail is right here let me Remove this Oh light so you can see it I’ll use my SOG ace handy-dandy right Here to pop that lever off it’s hard to Do with the gloves boom there you go Weapon light off generous generous Amount of rail yes really nice rail on It and then that takes us to the slide Again very narrow in presentation nice Big cut out here Good serrations for serration love it Rear serrations and on these longer Pistols I can’t believe I’m gonna say This but I kind of like the four Serrations I love them because on a Short pistol I don’t come I don’t like Coming up here and doing a press check Because of my hands right near the Muzzle yeah but on a longer pistol like This it makes a lot more sense yeah so Really nice job they’re sharp they’re Purposeful really nice milling this is a

Billet slide by the way which is Interesting allows them to do this very Nice milling on the Ruger v 7 it’s a Good looking pistol I think overall Don’t you think it shows you that Ruger Is not asleep at the wheel like some Companies that they’re looking around And they’re seeing people drop two grand On customized Glocks And there you know if you look through Any parts catalog these days people are Selling sculpted rated all kinds of Different funky lines to stand out from The crowd yeah you said something you Said it reminds you of the zeb glock yep Totally does this because it kind of has That like you’re saying right now Aftermarket milling look to it really Nice job on this on the slide how about The sights TD i like them they’re nice I Wish the front was a little bit thicker Just did touch but that’s just me I love The thinness of it again we have a Lime-green light pipe insert standard Complaint on these they can be delicate You can break them in field I’m not Gonna go on a rant for you guys about That they are delicate however they do Provide an amazing sight picture and you Do have that with a Ruger five seven and What TD is saying is that there’s a lot Of air and their sights yeah I can Either reduced their the the blade width On this or you can thicken the front

Sight post I don’t want to thick or post Myself I don’t yeah I like the precision As long as it’s unified because there Are a few times I noticed that you know My front one would just be a little bit In the way yeah and then I wouldn’t Notice you know it’s just to tick off But it long enough ranges you definitely Take some of the clutter off the Background by the way so they can see The pistol good this is a navy eight Four zero five five watch totally Awesome with an NH m that it’s a hard Brand to find sometimes a v8 something You’ll find them when they’re in stock But you’ll they sell miles and that’s They sell out they’ll come out with a Model and then poof it on okay we’ll Talk more about this stuff on the table Here in a second I feel like this is Pretty high her site it is you think They’re planning for suppressor makes me Wonder if they were gonna come out with A threaded barrel version this is not Threaded right now it seems like it’s Set up that way yeah the rear sight is Fantastic its serrated it reminds me of One of my favorite sight sets and that Is a high knee straight eighths it is Kind of a tactical target not tactical But a target site with serrations like This so notice a clean back profile and It’s fully adjustable Cooley I just Switch it for the F and five set I keep

Saying FN but the five seven to eight Load is good because it comes in so many Different weights and so your your Point of impact is going to be varying And so to have an adjustable rear sight Is awesome and we did adjust it in field You’ll see the footage somewhere I think It was shooting low for us and so I just Cranked the rear sight up and it helped Controls this is your takedown lever We’re not going to take it down right Now It is relatively simple all you’re gonna Do is take the magazine out you’re gonna Lock the slide to the rear and Ruger Says just use the tip of your magazine And you’re gonna push this button you Just push that button and it will pop Out and then you rotate this lever down 90 degrees and then lo and behold you Can remove the slide in fact on Ruger’s Website they have some really cool short Like one minute videos about assembly Disassembly and other technical points On the rigger 5:7 if you have any Questions just go to the ruger site Check them out we’re not going to do it Here we’ll just show you some takedown Footage along the way I thought it was Simple to take down and you can Understand its delayed blowback action When you do it it is a single recoil Spring again kind of a double action Only design I like the slide rails on

There I showed them to you just a little While ago when I took took it down Blocky And this is an aluminum chassis gun Dudes so the chassis is made of aluminum Not steel that’s why it’s so lightweight And that’s all you need for a57 too late So don’t put steel in it if you don’t Have to put steel in it that’s another Thing that Ruger did right back to the Control so that’s a takedown lever this Is a slide stop our slide release and I Think I did use this in shooting I Didn’t think you have a problem loading It with that you can slingshot it if you Want but I think I was just pushing this Too loaded and it we’re good the slide Retraction force on the 5 7 to 8 since It is a blowback is substantial and I Don’t know if your gal would like it if You’re thinking about getting this for Your wife or something you might want to See if it’s there traction force is good Enough for her Just a thought it is equipped with Ambidextrous safety levers they’re not Plastic they’re made of metal I suspect Mimd lovers they’re on both sides or Very low-profile and I’ll tell you what Dudes it’s like a really nice 1911 Safety yep I’m talking about sue For positive it doesn’t sneak on and off Unless you want it to and by right there Great Safety’s for a carry gun yeah I

Mean you don’t need to put the safety on It has the paddle safety and the trigger Right dudes you can ignore it it’s just Like the M&P series they do the same Thing and they do it so it can sell in Different markets yeah but it’s Something and you can still put it on There and I wouldn’t do anything to Modify it because it’s it’s so positive And it didn’t accidentally come on at All I do wish they had used just a Little bit of this length and put it on The slide release it’s a loop as I Remember that the FN is a little bit Bigger and I did like that really not One does it does it annoy you that they Didn’t put any traction on the back Button not really I didn’t notice any Problem with at all I didn’t notice it Till you mentioned it yeah I noticed by The way they do have an indentation here For your thumb undercut on the tour Guard I forgot to mention that nice Beaver tail but not obnoxious mom Ruger American pistol yeah yeah which by the Way is flatline for sales called it Called it it is in the Isle of misfit Toys yeah what a gun store everyone is Kind of going hog-wild with beaver tails They hate me for that review by the way Too is very odd they hate me for that Review that’s a great pistol I’m talking Ruger not great you should buy 20 that’s Garbage

I don’t like it but I love this one so I’m making up for it controls I think That’s most of everything we’re going to Talk about oh you have a one o’clock Mounted external extractor and Ruger Says that’s the only place they had to Put it because the barrel diameter is so Small they can’t really put it here at The three o’clock position pretty Interesting yeah the barrel is nitride It actually the entire pistol the Metallic parts are nitrated that will Give you some rust resistance I guess And so will this Shh second part of the Review you’re welcome I would have preferred probably tenifer On it but it’s something you’d be cool Something I do love how they did the Barrel though it is case hardened to do What guess why they case are ended Higher pressure yep and throat erosion Of the 5 7 to 8 Pretty excellent it’s pretty spicy so It’s gonna last a little bit but Everybody has talked about your fart Best features more or less the ruger Five seven oh you have one more lime on A mac talking it I love how this being a Freakin $600 five seven gut looks better And higher quality than the FN it’s 1,300 it bugged me so much when we had It I just have a cheesy I show them to Show it to him cuz on there’s it it’s Like this insert

Oh yes plastic and poly so it’s just Plastic top to bottom in it dude for $1,400 it’s you got a point cheesy I Didn’t mind it because it was so Lightweight but here we see a Manufacturer using more metal at the Same way they aren’t that different Though because they that 5:7 is what Like 21 ounces without a mag mm exact Weight but my point is they’re both Lightweight yeah they’re both Lightweight on to how it’s shot what did You think about shooting the the I keep Saying FN might slip the Ruger five Seven tactical doodle how’d you like it Awesome we’ll give it as far as shooting Dynamics and how much we personally Enjoyed pumping those 450 rounds through It in the last two days ten out of ten It was rad the trigger was awesome Recoil impulse awesome accuracy was Phenomenal assuming we did our part now A lightweight pistol guys like I’ve Always said it’s hard to shoot mm-hmm You have to be very careful when you’re Pulling the trigger to maintain sight Picture any jerking of the trigger is Going to throw rounds and you’ll see TD’s groups yes some of mine hooked very Accurate remember it is a straight line Barrel it does not come out of battery a Lot browning it’s not a Browning tilt Barrel it’s a delayed blowback so the Barrel is always in line again it has

Big ol slide rails I think and this is Your accuracy that you can achieve for The F and five carry go again Ruger five seven great group that gets Double exclamation points because this Is operational dudes this is standing Post shoulder surgery yes I am shooting A right-handed again 27 degrees cold Standing at 10 yards so Do that that it dude look at this group Smoke and freakin a I’m gonna show you Inset of a shooting proof positive there Is no fakery going on here Awesome this is the first time ever shot They’ve done not bad not bad Up arrow I mean at 7 yards that that Would be an acceptable group for me Personally at 10 yards it’s phenomenal Look is three shots almost in one hole River five seven the load doesn’t really Matter because I don’t want to give Promotion since they don’t give me any Yeah screw them standard 40 green room Some generic five seven load this is 10 Yards this is after adjusting the sights I didn’t do it quite enough you can see This group look at that dude three shots At 10 yards standing okay so he’s Supposed to be shooting at that that That what are your groups I didn’t even Know what my circle this I did like five Okay so that’s one group there I don’t Even think that was really uh no Actually you didn’t have a group here it

Was like one two three four this was Actually a better group and it went on To the other paper and this is probably Your group here one two three four I’m Gonna tell you guys that’s probably how You’re gonna shoot the five seven I’m Not gonna lie to you it’s hard to shoot Accurately because it’s lightweight I’m Not lying Oh that’s a good grip good group good Group good group accuracy is phenomenal Would you agree yeah will you need to Train with it yes here’s something you Can do with your Ruger five seven is dry Fire it Ruger says to dryer fire the Five seven is absolutely a okay don’t do It when it’s taken down but when it’s Put together they say you can dry fire In practice and I’ll tell you what dry Fire is a huge way to trained and just Practice and save your ammo and then When you go out you’re gonna see your Groups shrink I would probably start Shooting your River five seven at five Yards work out to seven yards I would Probably not waste time shooting and Beyond I’m talking standing ten yards Rested leaning your arm against Something twenty-five yards if you have An optic on it I say go for it Twenty-five yards a okay a lot of you Guys are a lot more skilled than we are And at 25 yards open sights you can just Own it

Although I’ve yet to see people like That at the range I’m sure they exist Somewhere yeah reliability was a hundred Percent absolutely no problems at all we Didn’t have any light primer strikes we Had no failures to feed we didn’t have Any stovepipes did we no 100% great Trigger great shooting dynamics noise we Had double ears so we didn’t really Notice it we weren’t shooting at night We didn’t really noticed a fireball Thankfully it has basically a five inch Barrel Awesome awesome would we buy it Absolutely I’d be all on board Absolutely in fact I’m gonna buy this as A cast member as a personal addition to The armory from gunnies the Great American gun store absolutely it’s it’s A deal for what it is yeah Ruger has Done so many good things on this pistol In fact I can’t really think of anything They’ve done wrong other than maybe the Black color is the first one they come Out with that’s so minor smallest it is An absolute face to the Belgians they They spent all this time and all this Money yeah look hunts look at our new Caliber look at how pretty it is look at The pressure cuz German dude it’s always A bate up one yes let’s send the piston $1,400 that sound you hear is the sound Of the FN five-seven production line Coming to an end shuttering those are

Not gonna sell any more with the Ruger Five seven I’ll predict that right now It ain’t gonna happen it feels so much Better and so much more worth the money When you hold this yeah dude this is rad Yeah awesome and then you look at the Price tag and you say oh wait what yeah So Gunny’s as of now is selling this for Six hundred and thirty-nine bucks taking Orders y’all taking orders and I think That’s more than a fair price go to Gunnies again once again local folks I’m Sure they’ll go there and check it out Punch Wyatt in the shoulder at any given Time he does deserve that by the way This is a b-29 Superfortress is a Postage stamp model so cool one of the Bombers at one world war two such an Interesting plane too I did ask you this let’s see if you Remember why didn’t they use the b-29 in The year Peon theater of operations why does it Constrained only to the Pacific ops why Because it’s very capable as fast High-altitude heavily-armed why they did Bigger bomb load than it be seventeen Substantially they didn’t really need The range ramp space too big it they Need it they thought it’d be better to Have more b-17s more b-24s than b-29s And so that’s why they use it in the Pacific Theater I love the story isn’t This the one that ended up being the the

Russians ripoff they had one that landed And they had stripped it and then Rebuilt their own very probably probably What’s the nose aren’t side by the way Let’s show them that so we’re always Going to show you some fun stuff on the Tabletop not just a subject that we are Reviewing very cool plane and that is Accompanied by this little tiny t-38 Look how precious want to put it right Here contrast look at that that is a Great thirty-eight okay the scale is It’s like the size of a dying y’all so This is a plane I flew in the in the US Air Force lots of time in the t-38 Talon A plane my dad named tactical doodles Grandfather this is a really cool man Look at this dude’s surfboards on top How long have we had this years and year Here’s this one the boys toys at TD just Broke it outs like now let’s put some of Those old vehicles on there I’m like do It Em to RO light super awesome light I Don’t have a programming issue with this I think they fixed it and highly Recommended this is a little very Limited edition fde brown coloration Back in the Ruger five seven yeah we Would absolutely buy this gun we are Going to buy it it is going to change The face of the five seven to eight mark Our words Do you think that’s an exaggeration

Totally you think same saturation yeah I Think that’s exactly what it’s going to Do to the market a lot of people gonna Buy this gun and watch what happens five Seven two eight it’s gonna come down and Cost it’s going to become more available And you’re gonna have other gun makers Jump into the fray now that Ruger’s done It and hopefully more ammo tourists is Probably gonna come out with one because They do it I feel like the ammo market For it’s kind of we don’t have the full Brett yeah you don’t have like some soul No defense load dude I want the ss190 AP Round for ya I want the le round for it But it’s almost impossible to find I Won’t be reissued because it’s illegal What about like for civilian cuts off The lobe or around bring it but you know Already these for the really premium Stuff like the SS 197 are it’s gonna be Like 48 to 52 cents per round plus Shipping plus yeah I wouldn’t want to Get into a gunfight no and it’s gonna Cost me more than 60 cents around again We’re not over the moon on 5 7 2 2 8 we Much prefer a 5 5 6 a 7 62 39 but ones S-awc Trump’s yeah we’re just saying This is an outstanding option for daily Carry even home defense absolutely a Bug-out kick gun it is highly Recommended it will change the market Unlike some other minor players like I Don’t know the CM mg mark 57 series of 8

He said did like a banshee that yeah I Think takes FN mag cool guns they didn’t Change market huh they’re a niche player This is not a niche player it’s a major Player wait for the changes buy with Confidence is highly recommended and That in fancy project thanks for the Help TD

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