Revolutionary War Musket

Revolutionary War ”American Assembled” Musket. Circa 1775 – 1779, Cherry Stock, Checkered Wrist, 42” Barrel, 75 Caliber. If you have any questions or would like a free apprasal email Steve directly at

Welcome to the civil war collectible Channel My name is steve munson and i am the Civil war guru And today i’m Especially excited Because we have in here for appraisal A revolutionary war Musket And this is not just any revolutionary War musket This is an american assembled Officer’s model musket This gun originally started As a second model Musket It has a 42 inch barrel 75 caliber And what the americans would do Was after the battles they’d go pick up The guns the ones that were broken the Ones that were left behind And they would take the parts And send them back to the armors and They would stock them and outfit them This particular gun has a cherry stock Wonderful cherry stock by the way great Patina And the cameraman will get some good Close-ups here shortly But it is really unique because it has The checkered wrist And it’s raised carved around the lock And around the

Tang the back of the barrel here and Again He will get some shots of that In his first and second models on brown Buses It has the swell In the wood On the forum for the grip This particular model has the three Brass pipings for the ramrod This is a wonderful Officers model And to find a revolutionary war american Assembled musket with american stock This is circuit about 1775 to 17 78 79 It has on the back side it also has a Little shield inlaid on it i’m assuming One time it had a name in there But the overall condition of this gun is Absolutely incredible It’s in its original Flintlock configuration there And like i say it’s hard to find any of These early early muskets revolutionary War muskets In this kind of condition normally the Wood is Broke up and they’ve been splashed and Patched and And numerous things done to them this Has had nothing done to them This is a great great great piece of American history

And of course you know i’m the civil war Guru but as i grew up i was taught by my Grandfather about Colonial muskets And this is museum worthy that’s the Quality of this one And i’m gonna put a value today on this Thing Of 75 to 8 500 It’s that good So from the civil war guru Have a great day Do Do Foreign Do Do Bye

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