Hints and tricks for reliable loading/shooting of the remington 1858
and other black powder revolvers.
Sorry what was intended as a quick vid on how to prevent the cylinder pin jamming quickly turned int a rather long vid.I hope
you will find it accurate and imformative.

Many years ago now I did a video on how To well how it might have been possible I’m not saying it was actually done but How it would have been possible to Rapidly fire this remington 1858 i think Some of the finest revolvers ever made So you have a steel frame there The brass frame both pietà copies Reproductions so if they were considered 44 caliber even though the balls that Used 45 caliber 0.45 2.4 454 the Conversion cylinders which is that there So when they got away from the Cap-and-ball They obviously went to touches and first Ones were rimfires and later Center Fires so the 45 colt works very well With the Remington that’s the way I went There so I did this video and many People asked how did I do it how did I Keep firing and the reason they are sad Because obviously they own one and there Is a problem but the cylinder pin on the Remington James very quickly you know You might get one cylinder and by the End of the second cylinder its jamming So okay that’s cylinder this is the Cylinder pin alright and it we removed Easily what happens is when you start Firing the the sort – whatever it is the Fouling jams up that cylinder and Quickly talk about there is a lot of Advice on the internet and I’m not going To go into powder charges or anything

Like that you can you know follow your Directions use a safe charge and do what You want to do there but there is a Trick to be unable to make sure that Cylinder pin continues to be removable There is a trick to it and it’s got it’s Really simple it’s got a little bit to Do with Lube mostly it’s just got to do With how you’re loaded I have a Preference for lubes and I have a Preference for powders and you can do Whatever you want there I’m just gonna Tell you my opinion and you can take it From there So first off let’s start with the bullet Lube this is what you will Could be putting over the bullet the Bullet Lube this is loaded real careful Here you can see the bulk boob in the Front of that cylinder but Lube does a Couple things first and foremost it down Prevents chain fire so that is where Blasts from the front of the cylinder Can actually set off charges in multiple Cylinders around this one’s unloaded so See the multiple cylinders there so Imagine all of those going off at once That’s called a chain fire you you Definitely want to avoid that so you Want the brought lube to prevent chain Fire you also want the bullet Lube to Prevent fouling black powder gets a Pretty bad rap it gets a pretty bad rap For being bad fouling totally

Underserved by the way but anyway it Happens so if you use the correct Lube The fouling I think the term becomes Softer so in in effect you can keep Shooting and it doesn’t actually doesn’t Let the barrel was bad and doesn’t foul The mechanism of the gun is bad like You’ve got to use the correct Lube so I Want to say that there Crisco you do not Want to use Crisco Now that’s something I’ve seen Recommended you know from very Experienced people that Crisco is thing To use Crisco is not the thing to use Multiple reason for that one I guess I Like the history of the you know the Black-powder firearms and I want to keep To something as realistically historical As possible and Crisco is not hit but That’s not too bad because it does look It does look a lot like lard or bacon Fat which was historically used so don’t Use Crisco Crisco is bad okay so that’s One thing historically no there was no Crisco but that’s a minor thing Secondly the Crisco is much it’s very Oily very greasy and it will basically Make your make the firearm very greasy Very slippery so don’t go for the Crisco For that thing but that’s not even the Worst all right because I could say the Same thing about lard lard does the same Does the same thing it makes the firearm When it’s been fired it makes a fire I’m

Very very very greasy very fast and There is a commercial product called Boar butter which I had some of a while Ago and it was very similar to lard and To Crisco in consistency and in how Horrible it was to actually use For the fire round you know just when You fire the gun it blows that lad Crisco bore butter it blows it Everywhere and you end up with a nasty Slippery firearm so traditionally they Would have used I think in the eighteen Hundred’s late 18-hundreds Civil War Area they would have used whatever they Had available but bacon grease which is Lard was very popular and also tello Which tell oh is that you know animal Fat from sheep or from cattle so that Would have been very popular tallow is a Much firmer consistency than lard lard Is very very soft so for my personal Bullet Lube lard very easy to buy in Fact you buy lard in exactly same place Is what you buy Crisco at your local Walmart or wherever you want to buy from But what I do for my bullet Lube is I Mix lard with beeswax okay so that’s That’s my bull bleep that’s what I use I Vary it a little bit depending on the Time of year winter time I want it Probably a little bit more lard a little Bit less beeswax during the winter During the summer I probably go for a Little bit more beeswax so I wanted a

Bit firmer summer and it’s pretty Important because and I’ll try and Demonstrate this later but when you fire One of these firearms I find that the The Lord Well the Crisco or the ball butter they They blow out of the front of the Cylinder very quickly and you end up With hardly any lubricant there all Right and hold and finish why I don’t Like Crisco All right and the third and most serious Reason why I do not like Crisco is that It is not natural when it is exposed to Heat and oxidation it turns into like a Glue now the type of person that cleans Your gun every day after you use it Maybe that’s not an issue okay but I Regularly keep by powder firearms loaded And lubed and they can go for months Without it without getting a full strip And assemble that means not only pulling Out and cleaning the cylinder but Actually cleaning out all these Internals as well now what happens with Crisco is that it actually turns to like A glue literally turns to a glue and You’ll end up with if you don’t do it Every day you’ll end up with the Internal mechanisms of your firearm Coated Okay and some of you may have noticed And there’s more talk about wads using Words instead of grease I occasionally

Use ones but it’s more for charge Spacing you know if I want to put less Of a charge in a sorter I don’t consider Them very reliable for actually losing The ball or taking care of anything but Anyway if you want to use what by all Means do what you want with them but I Would recommend that you always use Excuse me another little trick and I’ll Show you how to use this later but so Most most your lipsticks can be used Like if you’re in a pinch if you want to Use chapstick I think there’s one by Burt’s Bees which I would really Recommend as a ball Lube if they’re more Natural you can use any of these as a Bullet Lube and then when you’ve used Them you can refill them and this here This is little tricks this year is Filled with stuff which is beeswax and Lard probably pretty decent there’s a Anyway okay next is powders I like I Want to keep things as original as Possible and so when I can get it and I Will say that the Hodgdon triple 7 has Noticeably more power so you have to Adjust your measurements so if you Loathe this the same ways you’re loading That you might end up with the bullet Spinning too fast there is another Product on the market which I think was The original substitute for the real Black powder called puradox and I don’t Like pirate X that much it works fine

But it seems more susceptible to Atmospheric conditions I had a small Flask I had some pyro decks and a thing like This maybe it was six months but after Six months time it had actually absorbed Moisture well I’m assuming it was Moisture maybe it was cool I don’t know But anyway after about six months time The stuff that was in here was Noticeably less powerful was originally So I went back to the pyro decks Original container like this and got Some fresh stuff put it in and it was Notice a bit more powerful powerful so So pyro deck seems to be much more Susceptible to atmospheric conditions That’s why I don’t like it just supposed To the triple7 okay and so really what This comes back to is the ability to Load and reload normal something I’m Just gonna mention this real quickly so One of the things that was to use in the Past historically speaking is paper Cartridges either they’re just the paper Such as that okay they are the paper With a red ball inside okay you’re gonna Want to make paper cartridges this here Is just a wooden dowel type setup that You just roll your smoke papers your Anyway supposed to leave these are for Smoking a cigarette and it’s supposedly Nitrated so they burn away cleanly when That catches fire

In my experience if you’re gonna use Paper cartridges just pull the paper out Into the cylinder you know pull the Powder out into the cylinder and discard The paper because what I found is when You put the paper straight into the Cylinder and then fire it the the blast The charge the pressures in the cylinder Will actually blow the paper back into The nipples and you’ll end up having to Do something like that things before Anyway they’re for cleaning out so okay Yeah paper countries have their have Their place but definitely not my Favorite view so I just want a few extra Shots carry piece for whatever reason I Might just carry something like this Well you’re gonna be sorry you watched All the way to the end The secret to loading your 58 so that The cylinder pin doesn’t these are my my Charges so cartridge filled with the Right amount of powder So it doesn’t really matter how much Charge you’re actually putting in these I mean you can you can set them up for a Power load or you can set them up for a Target load or something in between but You do want consistent compression of The ball over the powder and you do want Consistent results as far as you know You you want one charge to go bang and You want the next charge to go bang you Don’t want the next charge after that to

Go pop you know you know what you want a Consistent level of loading so you’re Gonna want to measure I’m not going to Show you how to do that too much except On you know there’s measuring cups so This is a 45 ACP case you know soldered To piece of copper so that’s for one of My loads that’s an actually fairly Fairly good measurement for what I want To do these things here supposed to put Out the exact amount of charge whether It’s 20 quite 20 grains whatever so it Just depends anyway however you get it However you do it you want each one of Those six cylinders to have as close as Possible the exact same amount of black Powder or black powder substitute so I’ve already measured them out and I put Those measurements into these the other Thing I will say before actually loading And show you this simple trick is with Pietà clones Number Ten’s the cap to use okay and That was a very good example I just Dropped my cylinder and in my original Video I was given a little bit of a hard Time because one of the dangers of this Is that if you have a fully loaded Cylinder with the caps on the end you Effectively have a firearm ready to fire So if I drop that onto a hard surface Just like it did just like then it could Have come down hit a rock and gone off And actually be firing back at me so it

Was very people were right to give me a Hard time about that I will say that I Took precautions when I did that last Video I had a mattresses down on the Side on the ground so that there was Nothing to set off the caps so I took The cautions in and there was no one Else around me but that is something That is definitely definitely so you’ve Got this fully loaded You’ve got caps on there you drop it hit Something hard it goes off and all of a Sudden you have a bullet coming out the End of the barrel maybe it’s not as Powerful as out the end of the Full-length barrel but someone did a bit Of an experiment I think they said it Was still coming out at 500 feet per Second so that’s still deadly so anyway Don’t do that Load it load it up put it in the fire So I’ve already measured out my Cylinders my charges which is these Things here and you’ll notice that this Is not on the gun that’s that’s really The simple trick gonna tell you my Charges that’s for you to work out Whatever propellant you are using okay All six are charged Put the hammer at half [ __ ] that’s what You have to do with these ones so that The cylinder will revolve cleanly and Then put the ball into there push down We’ll say that I have used a lot of real

Weight lid instead of pure lead and There’s a pin just inside here and I’ve Managed to shear it off about three Times now so by myself unloading natural Loading Stan and I think that would make A big difference to my accuracy because I have trouble even though I had put in The exactly the right amount of powder I have trouble setting the ball at Exactly the right exactly the same level So a loading a separate loading table Let separate loading stand I think would Make a huge difference Okay so I have off six balls fitted and I’m gonna take the cylinder out again Still does not have I said I’d show you This so this is my bullet just beeswax And wide And is that six cylinders you notice This silver pin hole has a little bit of Grease in there that there that there is The whole trick getting a little bit of Grease at every loading into that Cylinder pin hole it is preferable that That grease is pure lard it doesn’t I Mean it should be soft One other thing I’m gonna show you still No caps in there you can see it and if You can see that there but when you push That lube through it actually pushes Pushes the loop all the way through to Where the hammer is okay and most of Time that’s not an issue you see that There most of time that’s not an issue

But if it builds up or if the web is Really cold you can actually prevent the Hammer from firing so you may want to Take that out Must refer the captain tool if you have One my fingers Okay push them down firmly Okay there’s a center point between each Of the caps I guess what other safety Thing I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of Safety things but never leave an open [Applause] Here I just want to demonstrate that’s Really light and all the rest okay so They’re all these here have got a little Bit of Now I’m gonna cap all the cylinders and Then decap before I pulled out a reason For that is I have a little bit of a Talking about chain fire earlier I’m Actually worried about chain fire from The rear as well so I always So looking at that there this is the Cylinder that I fired this here is the One that had the lard it’s almost almost All that light is completely gone but The one next to both right next to the Firing chamber I keep saying cylinder But that’s a chamber there is the whole Thing the one right next to it with the Beeswax and Lord has still got

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