Pedersoli 1859 Sharps Infantry Rifle First Look

Pedersoli Model 1859 Sharps Infantry Rifle is a breechloading, lever-actuated, falling block single shot rifle.

It was invented in 1848 by Christian Sharps. The first Sharps rifles had a breech block that slanted to the rear. These guns were made from 1850 until 1859.

The Model 1859 Sharps was the first to use a straight breech block, which proved to be a stronger design. Sharps made 100,000 of all variations.

Larry Flees Modifications:

1. Replace floating chamber with press-in fixed chamber.
2. Replace Gas-Check plate with a new plate designed by Larry.
3. Replace the Pedersoli vent in the breech block with a stainless steel Flash Cone.
4. Replace the Pedersoli clean-out screw with a longer, better fitted clean-out screw.
5. Replace factory nipple with an Ampco nipple.
6. Replace factory front sight with higher sight blade

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