Pandemic Choice: Taurus G3

Another by request GRV! Surely this Taurus G3 has to be substandard, right? The brand has had some issues in past years here. BUT maybe things have changed. We set out into the cold and sad desert and to our ranges to find out.

The G3 certainly gets points for its lightweight, it’s matching the Glock 19. This is a mission of mine in TNP: make your damn guns light! Well Taurus answered the call in this latest issue. Then we’ll look at all the other stuff to see if matches up to the competition.

TacticalDoodle (TD) is here with a few zingers and observations. He’s pretty jaded on all polymer 9s so we’ll see if he warms up to this super high value Taurus. We run it hard and quickly develop opinions.

Microtech SOCOM 2019 versions, all are xlnt:
Microtech SOCOM 2019 Manual Action brown, love it:
Microtech SOCOM 2019 Manual Action OD, love it:

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Taurus g3 is right there I have this friend his name is Travis His part-time job for the United States Marines used to be flying this plane Right here He was an aggressor pilot for the Marines supplying f5 Tiger twos such a Cool job is that a cool job or what this Is a 1987 US Navy f5 Tiger – they also Used it at that time as an aggressor Aircraft to simulate MiG’s just like in The movie Top Gun yeah so that’s why the 46 is painted on there that’s why you Have a really cool blue camouflage paint Job on this f5 Tiger – again this is a Navy version Travis’s plane was I I Think that tan camouflages Marines used To use and I think they got rid of it And now a private contractor firm does The agressor job I’m pretty sure I’ve Seen him a couple times and from what I Heard there’s like that kind of yet is a Contractor or something and they just Bought up a couple old tigers and it’s Sad they gave that job away because I Talked to Travis I said how’s the job he Goes flying the plane was amazing he was Like I love flying the plane I mean Teaching the students how to dogfight Against a wide variety of opponents Really fun and again his job was to Simulate MiG’s and so he’d go up with a Student may be in a Hornet and then he Would do a series of maneuvers pretty

Can maneuvers really trying to teach him How to do lead energy manage BFM basic Fighter maneuvers he said that part was Awesome he said everything else was Horseshit he said he hated it he’s like Going to the unit he always had a ton of Training to do and I can relate since I Retired out of the Air Force we too had The same thing he had to do like the Combat fitness test yeah Carrying a soldier over your shoulder Running 400 yards Pull up sit-ups so he wasn’t like the Most in shape duty I psyche in man how Do you do that he goes uh it’s rough but I unlike that about the Marines they Don’t mess around they don’t let you get You a – everybody’s an infantryman and The Marines they don’t care if you’re a Pilot or crew chief or a cook you’re Gonna learn how to shoot and you’re Gonna be fit so matically I guess this Is kind of a good pick for this because I feel like the f5 is this almost Forgotten little plane oh it was Affordable it was cost-effective there It and really it did some good out there They were able to offer it to countries That probably wouldn’t be able to afford A sweet f-15 we gave a lot to the South Vietnamese Air Force and it did a lot of Great work watch out that can’t be is Gonna pop off you gotta hold it I did a Lot of great work in in Vietnam the f5

And then the tiger 2 came out it was Even better improved motors I think Better flight controls and some other Upgrades like avionics the u.s. never Bought it I think mainly because of Range is fairly short ranged and for Politics I think we should have bought a Buttload of the tiger twos because They’re so inexpensive they’re so Reliable they’re really tiny they’re Really hard air-to-air opponent to beat That’s one reason the Navy and the Marines used them for so long They never laugh like we would we would Have been a lot better had we just Bought a bunch of little Tucanos or Something to fly through right right Flying the wings off our expense exactly 15s that lighter now later and other Tail tops want to show you a Swiss and Live that we have one really cool so It’s the same scale there’s a 170 second Scale hobby master one of the mini Aircraft and a none fancy aviation Museum I wonder if anyone’s still Watching the video at this point I tuned In to learn about the Taurus g3 I don’t Care about no f5 nothing come on now Expand your horizons my friend don’t Worry the themes tie in it’ll merge Affirmative we do tie them in I flew a Plane similar to this it was the trainer Version less powerful of course a t-38 Talon that’s what this patch is from and

Then my dad named it the Talon and this Is his original patch right here this is Your grandfather’s patch you know that Right if I need to Put this on a backing board because it’s Starting to curl but well we’ll put that Up up here this is dad’s t-38 patch so We have a real tie in actually to the f5 And dad always talked very positively About that plane he served with it as a Forward air controller in Vietnam when He flew tobe tens he didn’t have too Much good to say about the South Vietnamese pilots not so much Interesting but the reserved pilots the United States reserve pots that flew in Korea some in World War two were he said Pretty ballsy and pretty amazing it’s a Cool era yeah yeah dudes Centrify some Pretty different wars f100 and f-105 F-101 voodoo we could go on and on but Here we go with the gun Taurus g3 a by Request gr v y’all I’ve had a lot of Requests to get a g3 it had a really Awesome TMP patreon member offer me to Send him I’m sorry send me his g3 I said Not no thank you We’ll get one locally because it’s Widely available in getting your gun Sent to Gunny’s the great American gun Store is problematic for me it’s just a Lot of time and effort but check this Out this actually doesn’t come from gun Ease it comes from our new associated

Gun store handgun haven in Salt Lake City Utah yeah so round of applause for Handgun haven Pratt and Company thank You very much for the loaner will tell You at the end of the video if we’re Going to buy this very inexpensive Pistol it retails TD for 350 and I think It’s sawn out there for around 250 just About oh my gosh for a new 9-millimeter Combat work worthy pistol that’s what it Seems to be it seems that way dudes Philosophy of use is I would say we Don’t want to jump the gun too much here But I’d say philosophy of uses standard 9-millimeter GTW pistol stuff I’m gonna Fence maybe you want to squirrel one Away in your log cabin up there in Northern Montana that’d be kind of sick By the way wouldn’t it yeah I always Would you want to fly in log cabin that You can only reach by aircraft could be Kind of cool there’d be an upside to it It’d be hard for Other folks to get there I fantasize About it a lot do is yeah I always Wonder how you’d be able to do that and Fly in with weather reliably that’s the Thing way unlimited payload so if you Have a Piper Cub dude you’re gonna be Carrying a hundred pounds at a time I Can carry a hundred and ten pounds of my Super Cub yeah and what happens when Something breaks I have to go carbon crafter cub I’d be a

Little bit better be cool but you still Can’t carry nothing affirmative 206 Could do it here we go on another Tangent that we do enjoy hopefully you Do as well yeah you can squirrel it away In someplace that you think you need a Nine-millimeter pistol and you don’t Want to go out spend more money yeah Truck gun you bet concealed carry gun I Want to say kind of yeah here’s why what Were you gonna say well it’s just it’s Every time we do these it’s always kind Of a when you tell people yeah I Actually liked it they turn their nose Up at it and some do it’s put some dude We don’t see it in person yeah this well I’m saying that’s a concealed carry Piece for two reasons one and this is Amazing Taurus got the weight right on This one 25 ounces dudes 25 ounces for The g3 fantastic and it is a variation I Believe on the 2013 millenium g2 series A little bit of change here it’s like a Product improved GTC right and not 0.98 Inches and with the slight 0.98 and Overall 1.19 at the controls so that’s a Slender pistol it’s lightweight I’d Carry it and it’s affordable yes this is A th9 see also a Taurus I think we’ll do A separate mini pistol review on this One that’s what we decided Yeah and we won’t give you too many Aircrafts stories in that one we’re just Praying just tear right through it it

Blows me away well that thing is both For a 4 to 20 in a store oh my goodness $219 we’ll get you a functioning 9 mil Pistol it’s very exciting to bring these Value point what we’re seeing is combat Worthy handguns to the table right it’s Really exciting has always been this way I’ll tell you what there’s been Long since doing TMP we’ve had guns like The Ruger sr9 you’re completely Competent that one we had had a little Bit of an issue but it got fixed we’ve Had them all along yet now it seems like At a proper weight at a proper size and The prices have come down it’s really a Golden era Taurus is one of the ones That improves a lot between gun to gun And they over the last few years because I remember are the first ones that came Through you’re not too aggressive not Very competitive in each successive Iteration they’re getting sharper and Better we didn’t always say this by the Way with the Taurus reviews we did in Fact I’ve given a fair amount of Negative publicity stuff I’ve talked About I don’t want to go there again but From what we’re seeing now Taurus guns And there’s others that are coming up For review like the th9 right here and Another one we’re seeing a pretty Squared away I just reviewed last year The t-80 ex 22 I gave that as a Recommend with the ammo I tried it had a

Couple burbles but I’m really not to Worry about TX 22 I think it’s overall a Really good gun philosophy of use we’ll Just call it pretty much standard hub Defense you throw that one in there two On we go with features review perfect Grip dude right excellent does it make You sad there’s no interchangeable grip Panels or not at all thank you and we’re Seeing a pretty standard application of Really nice texturing on these grips and It’s not just Taurus we’re seeing across The board Smith & Wesson is doing it Ruger has been doing it for a number of Years we really really like it It is an aggressive texture at locks in Your hand I don’t think with the g3 You’re gonna have to put any type of Traction stuff on it to you it’s rare That I like stippling ish in traction Material this month yeah a lot of them Try to do it but it comes off a little Too rounded this is really close to how Rugers doing their stuff lately one of The first ones we saw doing it was the M&P Pro was it mod – yeah yeah we tested That in 40 Cal and we really loved that Grip we raved about it and here we see Is becoming standard amongst many Manufacturers once again great grip Angle its undercut here we have Texturing on the front strap thumbs up From none fancy and TD

Nice trigger guard it works with gloves We have a nice indented front of the Trigger guard albeit non textured which Is a Miss easily rectified however a Really nice trigger believe it or not With a caveat okay and you and I kind of Disagree on this point just a little bit Because you were shooting it and you Said hey I don’t really mind it here’s My criticism on the trigger is that it Pulls really deep so look how how much Distance you’re going to cover with your G3 before anything happens it is a long Pull therefore no magazine disconnect Safety so that’s really awesome Excellent but the reset is really Important in this pistol when you’re Shooting because don’t come all the way Forward you’re gonna waste a lot of time So you come all the way forward like That which you can and we did you’re Better off to shoot to reset and I Rarely say that but in this pistol I Would say that’s where you want to do it And the reset isn’t super short it’s Kind of Midway yeah the trigger pull Itself is pretty excellent did I measure It I don’t think so I did five pounds 12 Ounces 5 pounds 12 ounces on this Striker-fired Taurus g3 so there’s your Your reset and when I fired it to reset I was pretty happy yeah now it is a Plastic trigger face I have no problems With that as long as it doesn’t break

Going back into the history of TMP when That one Taurus trigger blade broke in The very cold and guess what we did test This in the cold nuts arctic cold it was In the 20s yeah didn’t break and so it Looks very Glock ish to me in blades Safety lever in there I like the trigger how about you I liked It for the price point I wouldn’t expect much better like were Raving about it infield yeah great Trigger yeah it’s way better than the Other one to the g2 we shot was pretty Good it was but I felt like this one is A lot more clear about what was going on I reviewed in 2017 the PT eight or nine I love that gun I thought the trigger on That one’s really good two three slot Picatinny rail on the dust cover it’s Kind of a lot of rail for Pistol’ like this it is and this is a Glock 19 sized pistol yeah you don’t see Something you don’t see that much on its Competitors so much here comes a Gen 4G 19 out of one of our systems you can see Again they are about the same size yep You have a single slot rail on that one Lord Gaston saw fit to grace you with One slot and I don’t think it’s Picatinny it’s a funky proprietary clock Sighs actually it’s close enough it is It works T 13 works on that some people Are picky about it so yeah nice three Three slot rail that is a competitive

Thing that the pistol manufacturers are Doing more and more you’re gonna see a Slots beveled nose at the front we love That I love that already excellent I Wish more stuff had that even if it’s Not a carry piece right it writes it cuz It’s easier to put in your holster it’s A simple thing to add four inch barrel In this version chrome-lined it is safe To shoot with lead because it’s Conventional conventional rifling and it Has a matte finished I believe nitride Coated slide on it yeah nitride coating A little bit of a sharp edge here it Looks almost kinda like a sig coming Back here yeah maybe even sharper than a Sig four serrations back serrations are Sharp they work just fine and then how About the sights TD I actually kind of Like them three died standard they’re Polymer I some people don’t like that so Much I don’t mind it I was making sure They’re not trips not at this price Point no way they’re chunky they’re easy Enough to identify I like three dot Sight still they may not be in vogue for Some but I don’t have a problem that They’re polymer either and I’ve always Said that I’m in the minority Aaron acts Like steel sights are absolutely Mandatory I say show me your gun with Polymer sights where you’ve worn them Off yeah I bet the average pistol user Does not put even a hundred rounds

Through their average combat pistol Especially this is proven by experience Here in Tampico I will say I have one Experience with Taurus customer service When I busted off my front Hawley sight On my 1911 and they sent me a new one in Like a week Cool I’ve heard mostly good things about Tourists service and like we’re saying We just think the management of Taurus Is doing so much better Yeah they’re they’re really trying to Improve their better yeah so good sights On that the controls are okay I don’t Really like this safety lever it’s not Really positive like the Ruger five Seven Yeah three oh five seven is really Positive like a really awesome 1911 like We talked about you can’t ignore it I Would maybe maybe think about milling it Off or removing it and just getting rid Of it but if you do that and if you have A problem you send the gun back to Tourists guess what it’s not warranty Covered if you’ve done any modifications Like that they won’t like it and maybe The DEA will think you’re some kind of Self-styled gunslinger yeah if you have To use it what are you doing modifying It that’s going back to a conversation We had ten years ago here so yeah mods Two guns if you go to court I’m not Gonna go there either slide release is

Right here it looks kind of sickest to Me kind of like the bent metal and it’s On durable it’s not terrible it’s a Little small I always like them just Bigger than this for some reason Here’s your mag release it is reversible To the left side for you lefties Although the controls don’t come over to This side and there’s the magwell right Here tell them about the max TD it’s Kind of an interesting system because You get some price point options here Let me tell them first what comes with This version you’re gonna get a 15-round Made by mecha alright yeah 15 round and A 17 round with a polymer insert which Is interesting I would really consider Gluing this so it’s not moving around or Getting lost this is nice and I’ve Talked about this before it makes it so You don’t wiggle this extended magazine Around for one and maybe induce a jam And also it gives you a longer grip if You have larger hands and there’s even a Little cottage industry of these for Other types of mags for it and tell you Your telling about other man that it Will work with and this is fascinating And TD found this out with little Interweb clicking around I always like Being able to use other ones this is a Sig two to six extended mag 20 round sig Old-school 20 round sig not Emeka arm That’s a factory sigmak that we had sent

Probably The 80s yeah this is running them old School but I really like yet how cool it Looks put it in dude okay now used to Slide really see if you can rack that Dummy round in there works just fine oh By the way there is a viewing port right Here in the chamber so close it you can See it when it’s loaded for a brass Cartridge you’ll totally be able to yeah That’s just an aluminum snap cap in There now well that works dude it’s one Of the things that bugs me when they Have new pistol designs and they feel The need to do a new mag there are so Many good magazine designs on the market That people may already have that they Are already afford that they stocked up On yes for some reason the pops that Mount and go hey throw all the other Stuff away this is the new one The Mossberg NC one did that so it uses Block 43 mags and I gave them bigness For doing that so really cool and it Uses a variety of mags and others not Just a Sig right yet you can use tp9 Essays It won’t hold open on that one so the Follower will hold open but it’s Compatible with a bunch of the other Taurus ones so we have are no problems With these magazines this is a 17 Rounder if it’s made by met car don’t Even worry about it

Yeah it’s totally awesome polymer base Plate really nice I just love the yellow Follower in it – that’s super cool Features I think that’s most of Everything o field-strip super quick It’s like a Glock and safety check Taking out that snap cap I’m not sure Why you put that cap in there’s the show Them that it picks it up so what you’re Gonna do a safety check you do have to Pull the trigger it doesn’t let me do This first pop that there we go I don’t mind pulling the trigger at all Nice big slide rails in here double Nested recoil spring as you can see very Glock like really big surprise i I never Works don’t fix it I wish we had a word To just say Glock pattern and it would Package up all these glock trades and Just across the board go it’s a Glock Pattern but yeah so that’s a field strip Super SuperDuper easy I love it And then we go on to how did it shoot Tactical doodle what do you think I came Away impressed yeah I didn’t expect you And it’s the what 30 time 230 $250 on Did I pick it up and I go well I Probably won’t like it you know it’s I’m Generally not a fan of this size I like Him either a little bit smaller a little Bit bigger and what I know she said I Ended up liking it well here’s the deal – we used a wide variety of ammunition With the Taurus g3 to include a flat

Nosed a NATO round that caused a lot of Problems in a lot of different pistols Everything high-end pistols this one Chugged along with that perfectly we Used a wide variety of reloads with it I Should say reloads but just leftover Rounds that we had it worked with those It worked with steel mm-hmm steel rounds Now I will say something with a steel I Did give it a very light spray of wd-40 Which I’m starting to do more and more Not a lot and then I wipe it down it Seems like steel runs so much better When you do that and if you’re gonna Store it definitely no we don’t use Steel as a go to war round this is just Planking floppy fodder I don’t remember a single stoppage with The g3 I don’t neither nothing dealing With a deep trigger pull I like the Trigger Especially when shot to reset the sights Were good the grip was good The recoil impulse was just fine it Doesn’t sit like massively low in hand Like some designs do but you know what I Didn’t care mm-hmm it shot awesome and That takes us to accuracy of the g3 g3 This is at 7 and 1/2 yards a wide Variety of jacketed hollow point shot Just to test reliability and accuracy a Great group great group great group for Shots dude great group look at that I said trigger pulls deep watch the

Safety so you can actually push the Safety on and it’s shooting low is what I said okay that’s a nice nice night This is in December and a shot nice Group nice group look at that dude from The Taurus g3 y’all yeah and then wow I Have a lot of paper on this and that’s That’s cool what it is I got it squared away dude ten yards Standing look at that look at that look At that out of a 250 dollar pistol shut Your mouth That is incredible that is I don’t know Honestly shooting as good as anything Else I bring the table up anything is You know it’s doing awesome by the way This is a micro tech SOCOM purple isn’t That cool limited edition automatic Blade and yes it is expensive but Oftentimes this really cool kit is I’ll Put a link below these are going to sell Out very quickly a blade HQ violet blue Look at that oh my gosh I reviewed the SOCOM back in what 2011 yeah well Actually the mini scope so come back in Like 2008 but this larger one I forget Exactly when I did it but we have a Manual action one of these but never an Automatic look at that cool cool knife Cool knife it’s finding out the purples And the Pink’s that Microtech does People go yeah why would they do that And then it’s sold instantly Yeah and they disappear so fast and it’s

Funny guys will complain about the cost Of a micro tech and next time they click On it they’re completely sold out so Yeah there’s reality and then there’s Internet that brings us to the fact of Would we buy a Taurus g3 to D me Personally no I have other carry stuff Already I would I wouldn’t hesitate at All for its low price you bet if I had a Need for it I mean to disagree to nestle Go out and buy for Gentry’s I’m saying If I had a need for it no problem but it Is not the only game in town there are Some other great competitive offerings That I have reviewed that I do really Really like they may be better they may Be worse in some categories than the Taurus g3 but we like them here and we Don’t really care if the internet does Or not how about the Smith & Wesson SD 9ve this is a used one at gunnies for 220 bucks so it’s at the same price Range this was extraordinarily accurate It does have the articulated smith and Wesson sigma style trigger i hope did it So much but it shoots so good I don’t Care it was 100% reliable go watch that Review it’s small trim compact same size As this same price I’m just Offering that out yeah other ones to the Masada 9-mil we don’t have one on Tabletop oil and some footage Outstanding value gun Bursa makes that Bp9 for about 260 oh yeah I want to get

That and review it yeah that could be Awesome it’s about the same weight isn’t It I think so how about the Ruger Security 9 we liked that gun I don’t Know if we loved it but we liked it That’s gonna be pricier though you’re True about 3 by 40 the street for Security wise fire member the sr9c I Think about yeah yeah it might be a Little bit more but there’s four focal Value guns the 50 or something furnace Alright what I really love about this Gun among many things is that it’s 25 Ounces that’s the same weight as a Glock Standard a measure as far as weight goes And it’s thin for what it is it has good Magazine capacity the trigger is really Excellent and given its you know its Weirdness that I talked about already Great grip panels it comes in six Different models it’s basically all Gonna be nine they’re not offering it as Far as I know in other calibers as of Yet because that’s what everyone buys no One’s buying 40 anymore it’s just nine But probably have special colors coming Out soon they’ve done like pink seafoam Greens Purple’s blues FDE I think it speaks to the market that Taurus is I think they’re really Capturing and it’s that not necessarily The the super recreational shooters or Competition it’s the everyday Concealed-carry crowd right they want to

Get a carry piece maybe practice with it A few times other than that it’s riding Along with them and I think that Represents a large segment of the gun Buying public there guys and gals that Won’t go to youtube watch a gun review They just go there local gun store they Want something affordable that will work Ladies and gentlemen TMP presents the Pretty excellent and very affordable Taurus g3

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