Palmetto’s Dagger: Half Priced Glock 19

An expedited by-request GRV from donors. I buy a Palmetto State Armory ”Dagger” pistol and give it a run through (with Mrs Nutnfancy!). Also a second one is in attendance loaned from a TNPr! So with this two sample foundation and with lots of shooting I quickly form an opinion on the PSA Dagger. You might surprised at who’s buying it too!

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Bell & Ross homage RECON watch
FLIR Breach Thermal Monocular
Glock Heinie “Straight Eight” night sights, Nutnfancy favorite
Glock 9mm Mags at Gunmagwarehouse

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Here’s my prediction for this grv This marginally acceptable gun content That i create It’s marginally acceptable thanks for Bearing with me but my prediction Because i know you guys will be as Follows This review on the palmetto state armory Dagger the psa dagger a gen 3 glock 19 Clone Will go Nuclear Lots and lots of views I just got a feeling I just got a feeling because when you Produce a glock 19 for 300 bucks Guys are going to be interested And psa already has a great reputation I’ve reviewed several of their guns very Favorably They had a couple of negative ones i Think many years ago and you know i just Told it how it was kind of sucked i said As much The aks i’ve been reviewing amazing Yeah the ar-10 amazing Though their latest ar-15s amazing Especially for the money So you’re dialing into this i don’t know Hour and 15-minute nothing fancy review On the dagger What Hour 15 no you don’t want you don’t want Okay i’ll shorten it up for you i’m

Kidding it’s not going to be an hour 15 Maybe 30 minutes hopefully 25 would be great By me less editing marginally acceptable Editing by the way Yeah so What you have dialed in For is my opinion because you know i’m Trustworthy i’m not on the take from psa I did not get the gun directly from psa For free No i actually purchased one you’re gonna See it a really cool one by the way With the donation dollars from my Donation clubhouse right And then i got another one on loan from A non-donor Figure that one out a non-donor tmpr i Met in cabela’s his name’s mark I hope you’ve joined and i see you in my Patreon service mark But uh he was talking about the dagger i Said yeah i got one I got one too do you want to test it Alongside yours i was like Don’t know if i need two but yeah i’ll Shoot a little bit so i have his here on Tabletop as well marks So this will be Two examples of the psa dagger a video Again i predict will go nuclear Yep lots and lots of views well for me So that means like i don’t know five Thousand

Okay a little more than five thousand oh By the way here’s another thing i’m Going to do before i forget I’m going to put together a video of all The shooting not all but some of the Shooting We’ve done with a psa dagger posted in Youtube And in youtube i’ll have direct links to Palmetto state armory there And you can go watch that video if you Want to buy one maybe use my links it’ll Be in Huge Tube Not in the clubhouse not on youtube but In youtube a freedom Freedom platform thank you very much sam For your freedom platform On we go with the grv I said i know you guys right I do I do amazingly i know you guys Here’s who The main Audience is for this grv And this may be surprising to you guys It’s not guys who don’t own glocks Is for guys that already own glocks I told you i know you guys And you want another one Boom got it nothing fancy how do you Know these things Dude i’ve been doing this for so long

I’ve talked to so many of you guys and Plus I have clairvoyancy Whatever the hell it’s called Yeah it’s guys who own g19s already and They want another one For cheaper they want to save some money And they’re saying hey if this psa Dagger is as good as a glock 19 I’m gonna buy it let me see what nut and Fancy has to say about it Well i will give you the straight skinny As i see it i will talk About now i don’t think i’m going to Talk about pou because it’s standard Glock stuff we’ve covered it many times But i will talk about features How did it shoot and would i buy a psa Dagger It’s going to be a fun video fun video Hour and 15 minutes long at least 15 minutes Well it’s going to be a little bit Longer because i will discuss briefly The stuff on the table i mean i could Just shred through the details on the Gun 10 minutes done guys don’t like that Especially the donors do not like that Okay so remember if you want to be a Donor Join up never too late and as a sticker Says join or die Okay Slight exaggeration you’re not going to

Die but if you join up you’re going to Be happier You might be happier yeah knowing that You’re not a freeloader Of the nut and fancy project yeah so You’ll be happier that’s cool i don’t Know where i found the sticker i think It was at gunny’s A colonial sticker you know when the Colonies were organizing join or die i Just liked it so i throw it on tabletop Once in a while i have a flash a t under Here sog knife Shown a lot of tabletops i just love it I have a race car here and this is what Is it uh An eso ultra flow supra gt500 class Very sick can’t buy this anymore super Collectible i’ve had it for over Probably 20 years at this point and Dudes check this out on loan from Another tmpr another tmpr is a fleer Breach Thermal imaging device In testing standby for the review I have been very impressed so far very Impressed except for one thing The damn price the price is insane uh Here’s this i don’t know if he wants his Serial number shown Yeah he doesn’t want his name even set Yeah so it’s a fleer breach thanks for The loaner very expensive but man you Couple this

With a nod On your you know your swing down mount On your helmet you’ve got thermal you Got night vision that’s sick Sick stuff flir breech i’ll put a link Below they’re expensive but from what i Know right now they’re pretty awesome so If you’re made of money you want one i Say recommended right here in this Tabletop review of a dagger i know we’re Getting to the gun this is a recon kind Of a bell and ross homage And bought it at amazon sorry i’ll have To give you an amazon link for this one I do try to avoid amazon For my links but sometimes it’s just Never available anywhere else and if you Use my affiliate links which i do love i Make a few cents and i need it badly Olig balder So excellent this is a green laser Version It has a light integrated you can select It right down here Rechargeable Oh this one isn’t the rechargeable one This one actually is a cr123 one i do Have rechargeable versions Super cool and that’s in their limited Green i’ll put a link to that below on We go with the grb thanks for bearing With me Excuse me of this marginally acceptable Content let me make way for the dagger i

Know maybe you guys have drugged to the Right already the slider bar because You’re like come on man get to the Review well like i always say If you’re in a real hurry for the Information go to psa’s website they got All the details the stuff i’m going to Cover Which you won’t get is my opinion But there you go here it is right here Psa dagger this is in green cerakote Version let me show you the Super super cool case they send with it Oh my goodness what a great case this is So this is This variation the psa dagger Compact can you see that Olive drab rmr lower one-third Co-witness threaded barrel version And this the case they send with this is So cool it doesn’t have a lot in it i Think they’re basically making room for All your stuff it only comes with one Magazine obviously no can no suppressor It comes with a cable lock the Instructions And a lot of room for your accessories And that’s what it’s meant for But remember it’s a 300 pistol more or Less this one’s more this one be closer To 400 because this is the upgraded Version With uh that cut out with that cerakote Job which is completely reasonable and

Here’s the gun finally finally nothing Fancy Olive drab psa dagger glock 19 clone Baby That’s right and the guys watching this Video still if they haven’t left by the Way they could have left you so screw This this sucks i’m out but if you’re Still here I am saying it’s someone who owns glocks Already Tell me and comment if i’m right That you own a g19 and g17 you want more You have Other systems you want to Populate oh i like that work populate That’s right Uh I was impressed when i took it out of Package i was like this is Better than i thought it would be i Really didn’t know what to expect again This is a by request grv from my donors I had probably five of them tell me in Comments And or messages in patreon again that’s How you get a hold of me if you want to Get a hold of me for a review request or Tell me how bad i suck go to patreon Once again Link below join up stay there for your Entire lifetime But they were saying hey please review The psa dagger we’re really interested

In it um they didn’t tell me they own Glock sorry they just want to review Here you go i liked it as soon as i Picked it up I liked it i was just like yep this is Pretty cool i think the quality levels Are pretty awesome trigger we’ll talk About more in depth Okay i’m not going to talk about it here Overall the impression out of the padded Nylon box so here comes mark’s by the Way and i gotta hide his uh Serial number i don’t think he wants his Serial number shown but i may make a Mistake sorry mark there we go So that’s this one so this one Threaded barrel all also there it is It’s focusing this is not the upgraded Version this is a standard tactical Black psa dagger comes in just a Standard cardboard box i have no Problem with that whatsoever American made you gotta like that sweet Palmetto is where you go And if you go to youtube again i’ll have Links there for you Okay so impressive out of case i liked It Philosophy of use i said i was going to Gloss over and i am it’s standard glock Standard lock I want to show you something as we move Along here and breeze past Application known in the nut and fancy

Project as philosophy of use it’s this Mama jama my gen 4 glock 19 Which is carried with me on the Motorcycle in this horizontal carry Special kydex rig From gun fighters inc is called the Kanai chest holster I’ve had them for years i’ve just never Talked about them and yes this is a Left-hand draw because on a motorcycle i Have to shoot with the left hand if i Were to ever need it and i won’t Maybe to shoot i don’t know I don’t know a rat on the side of the Road when i’m in the desert that’s all I’d use it for But i do train left-handed i shoot Pretty good left-handed at this point And so it’s no big deal i’m ambidextrous In shooting yes it took a lot of work But i’m here Gen 4 so let’s take a look at this and Look at this holster too kind of sorta Really cool really nice fit Left handed version i wish they would Have put the fde on the outside Of it but they didn’t Really stable by the way uh adjustable The only thing i notice is that when you Lean over the canine chest holster will Kind of dip It kind of flops away from your chest And it might rotate towards your chest a Little bit the way you could mitigate

That is by really tightening the straps But it might be too uncomfortable then i Put up with it because in the position You normally are in like standing up Sitting in a car vehicle motorcycle it’s Perfect and it’s right there it’s just Right On your chest can i chest holster not Super inexpensive they’re about 150 Bucks which i think is overpriced but There there’s an opinion on that gen 4 Glock Do i still love the glock product Uh here’s an update the answer is yes i Do i love the glock product Mostly I love gen 4 glocks gen 5s are cool too I have been shooting a gen 5 glock They’re fantastic i don’t have it here On tabletop this is my gen 4. Yeah i love the glock product my update Is i don’t really like glock as a Company i think they’re kind of douchey I think they’re arrogant um they don’t Respond to the market that well They’re slow in innovation they just sit On their asses and i’ve said this before But here it goes again i’m not connected To the glock they’ve never paid me a Dime i wouldn’t take a dime if they Offered i just think they’re kind of Douchey They need to get off their ass and do Some innovating just like psa’s done

Granted they’re copying this gun They are copying i get that but at least They’re doing something or offering to The marketplace something that’s what a Almost less than half than this one Not quite not quite We’ll take look at a couple uh Feature differences between these two Platforms again i’m saying you guys Already own glocks you probably already Got some kind of gin of glock 19 But as a pistol the g19 is tops of my Book it always will be and it is amazing It stayed that way throughout all the Reviewing and testing i’ve done of Fantastic fantastic guns man we’ve had Some great guns come table it’s holding Its own Now keep in mind In any grv i may cut instantaneously to The field shooting that’s just the way I’m doing it these days [Music] Uh So [Music] Subject to change it’s again part of That high brow editing i do You know just taking in the field and I’ll just show you what happens Okay features first up the looks again Cool I love that they have threaded barrel Versions from the factory psa and they

Also have ones that have a red dot Outfitted upon them Very cool saving you time and probably Money Now their red dots they use will change Over time And i super forget which ones are using Right now but go to their website use my Links and you’ll you’ll see what i’m Talking about yes and maybe that’s what You want a lot of you guys are digging Red dots on your glocks this is the one I bought this is mine So i went yes with a colorized dagger of Course i’m going to go colorize bruh Of course It’s cool two-tone your frame is going To be black i don’t think there’s any Colorized frames that i’ve seen of yet But all this is subject to change i’ve Seen gray slides black slides that’s Mark’s gun Olive jab this one and there may be more So the flavors are changing On dagger i’ve only seen a g19 size i’ve Not seen a full size glock 17 size here Comes my gen 4. This one was cerakoted by myself a Beautiful job i might add yeah beautiful Job looking good wearing good Oh my goodness these are both hot by the Way these are not unloaded these are Coming out of active weapon systems for The family that looks like fiocchi 115

In there And this i believe is 124 grain nyclad Oh yeah i love that round Federal do you still make nightclub i Bet you don’t this one dudes i’ve had Since the 90s That ammunition Nothing fancy you should swap that out It’s probably not going to fire good Now bullcrap i fired it it’s awesome I’ve stored it properly no problem Back to features Slide obviously it looks very different Than a glock 19 blocky brick like in the Background lots of complaints about this Over the years look at how they’ve Milled it The beveling Really nice they call it carry cuts or Something like that so it’s not digging Into you i really love it beveled right Here beveled in the front Front slide serrations rear slide Serrations very glock like and again the Gen 4 doesn’t have four the gen fives do Man i love this gun so freaking cool Well i love all glocks and this is an Interpretation of glocks Standard extractor on that side very Glock-like There’s your optics plate And i should have outfitted a red dot on This and i think my crimson trace cts 1550 would have fit

I just didn’t have time i’m doing so Much work in the project different Content i mean watches knives i’m just Max dude plus life plus what i do Normally Always busy but i didn’t shoot it with a Red dot but i probably would have liked It there you go but this one is Outfitted for it Good to go This is all standard glock mostly Right here on the top of the dagger These sights i think are put together by Ameriglo they might be the ameriglo 2xl Or what they call the ameriglo high Serrated Where the rear is like .429 in height the front is .35 in Height and it’s designed to clear a Suppressor obviously Do i like that yeah I love it i love the sights One disadvantage one disadvantage you Probably know what it is if you don’t I’ll demonstrate They will rub in a lot of holsters so Here’s a kanai chest rig again will this Fit yes it will The channel is set up for normal front Sight so i can feel rubbing in there But it does fit And this of course will fit all well Most glock 19 holsters but extracting it I’m getting some front sight blade rub

That’s what you might have to contend With That being said even if you don’t run a Can these sights are pretty awesome Because they’re so prominent they stand Out so well another reason i probably Didn’t go with a red dot just because i Like the sights I did this mod It was a pure black blade that’s two Coats of white Fingernail polish and one coat of orange And a dude i love how it turned out Love how it turned out let me show you Mark’s gun you’re probably wondering What it looks like it’s a just a Standard black Version I shouldn’t say just it’s black is still A great color for a gun i love it it’s Just that it’s so you know common Here we go this is mark’s dagger and These i believe are ameriglo night Sights Right here And they are tall both sides are metal They’re steel So they’re not like polymer sites which I don’t have a problem with by the way Do i have palmer sights on this one I do see Case in point never replaced them and i Love standard glock sides i got no Problems with them my favorite for

Glocks by the way One of my favorites not the favorite are Hiney straight eights i love honey Straight eight sites they’re so precise They’re like target sites and they have Tritium in them there you go quick plug No they didn’t pay me to say that Now these sites Are higher Than mine so you My point in telling you this is make Sure you’re getting the sight set from Psa that you want Both of these are completely adequate This front sight blade is even higher i Mean it is sailing into outer freaking Space the one on the left And those might have been maybe the Height that i gave you the 0.429 might Be these ones right here Not sure and no i don’t have my Micrometer here But the black pistol looks cool Awesome right Shot it a little bit mark i didn’t shoot This one too much Not too much i should have i just did i Kind of got into mine and i I wanted to like break mine in and just Shoot it shoot it shoot it and see if i Could you know i don’t know Reveal a problem and since i have it and It’s going to be in my system there’s a Problem i kind of really want to know

About it [Music] [Music] We’re still talking about features Really interesting milled out cut here Uh these are dlc coated slides in the Black version that’s dlc diamond light Carbon so that’s cool cerakoted in this Version Of course Striker plate in the back Extended beaver tail on the daggers more So than at least this one that’s a gen 4 Glock 19. Did i ever feel like i needed an Extended beaver tail on a glock no i I’ve never felt that not never not never The attraction is fantastic it’s what I’m calling now Laser sandpaper traction It is extended fairly high above i think They could have done a better job by Putting it on the front of the trigger Guard they didn’t but overall The the traction on the psa dagger is Fantastic and i really really love that They don’t have interchangeable back Straps Round of applause for that i think it’s A money waster a time waster and no one Uses them It’s just a marketing place a bunch of Crap You have a slight finger swell here

Better than this gen 4 i guess some guys Really had heartache with this is like Oh my gosh they get in the way they’ve Made it up to my fingers pretty good not Perfectly and i’ve just kind of i don’t Adapt it to them Gen five’s better but you only got one Here And notice they have that sandpaper Texture on the front strap as well Really high undercut about the same as This one to be honest i mean it’s about Same so it puts that that slide lower in Your hand awesome One thing i’m going to criticize in this Gun is they give you Not the choice of magazine it’s a pmag 15 gl 9 15 round pmag Great magazine really awesome magazine Cost effective No witness holes that’s one of the Criticisms i have orange followers a Plus tough pmag makes great pop products Have a fillable paint matrix here if you Want to number them or put your initials Or something but it’s not really made For the gun so it doesn’t mate up this Is my beef uh It’s a 300 gun so i just put up with it And you’re probably going to be running Glock 17 mags in it a lot i did for Testing you’ll see them extended out of The the grip

Here comes this glock 17 mag we’ll just Take a look at what it looks like in the Psa dagger Like that uh interestingly too i didn’t Find any jams jumping ahead a little bit In this magazine i’ve shot smaller Glocks like 26s with g17 mags and if They rock back and forth a little bit Induced jams i didn’t see that with this One Jumping ahead let’s see what this glock 19 factory oem Fde mag looks like in the dagger maybe It looks just a little bit better I would say yes it looks just a little Bit better But that’s okay i mean it’s got like Cutouts here for ripping a magazine out If it gets stuck i think that’s what That’s for Just a minor criticism i can put up with It some funneling going on here in the Psa dagger Trigger guard is a little bit funky here They’re just trying to differentiate Themselves from glock here you see the Glock trigger guard just standard I do like how they have more room inside Of it though for gloved hands notice the Glock and i have criticized this in Multiple videos kind of compact they Should have enlarged this a long time Ago getting back to the fact that glock Is kind of unresponsive and douchey

Yeah i said it they’re kind of douchey Pull your head out glock holy crap They’ve developed one product in the 80s And they’ve stuck with it ever since Sorry On a tangent okay the triggers are Pretty different between these two I’m gonna say this right off the bat Okay I prefer the trigger on the glock Now i know some guys have got a hold of The psa dagger and they go oh my gosh The trigger’s so awesome i think the Trigger is pretty good i would not call It awesome though There you go there’s some no [ __ ] From that fancy the trigger on the Dagger is not awesome it’s adequate It is here’s your reset Well [ __ ] it Right there really audible reset pretty Short what it reminds me of is a mod 1 Smith wesson m p series notice it’s a Hinged trigger so they didn’t use the Safe action Blade in trigger Style right here it’s a hinge it’s more Like smith and wesson mmp the mod 2 Trigger that smith and wesson does now i Love and it’s a hinge trigger as well This kind of reminds me of the mod one Not a horrible trigger pretty good uh Did i pull it I don’t think i have a weight for you

But it’s it’s good i i’m just not in Love with the trigger i don’t go oh my Gosh it’s like it’s like a wall through Pdp it’s okay It’s okay And once i get to this part right here And i pull It yeah the striker release is very Glock-ish very glock-ish but you’ll see An accuracy it didn’t impede me at all I’m just making an observation Uh they’re calling it a flat blade Trigger i think that’s what they’re Calling this maybe not i’m throwing Thinking of a different gun but the Trigger face itself i have no problems With it smooth no serrations whatsoever Standard takedown on this i’m not going To take it down for time this video will Be long enough Single slot rail here comes a minor ant If you’re going to come out with a value Glock 19 of sorts make a couple product Improvements you should have put on a Full pick rail here or at least a two Slot Here’s a taurus tx22 dudes as a Representation Of what the company should have done Like that dudes Can’t you do that you can’t put can’t Put on like two slots no can’t cost too Much money Rant complete

Again i love that they have a threaded Barrel That is fantastic i think the barrel is Around and i’m not sure it’s including The threaded portion if it’s around four Inches has a thread protector on it Let’s see if they include an o-ring They do see that right there i did not Shoot it with a can I will do so later And Talk about it on tabletop maybe in Another review maybe i roll it into that Video that i’ll post on youtube maybe i Don’t Maybe i don’t the barrel quality Is going to be told by accuracy we’ll Look at that stainless steel recoil rod Uh a lot of guys are raving about this I’m just kind of lukewarm i’m like okay Cool It’s a lightweight gun it’s 24 ounces With a magazine in it so the stainless Steel guide ride isn’t really adding Anything and it’s cool it’s durable but I’ve just never had a problem with the Polymer guide rods I know just call me a realist Some guys oh i can’t believe it And kind of the unsupported glock Chamber thing too oh my gosh it’s Unsupportive never had a problem with it Even with reloads ever That used to be a huge thing huge thing

In the glock forums i don’t know if That’s still going on there’s your Polished feed ramp in there You can’t see it because there’s the Light sucks with my marginal content Look at this coloration by the way of S2r oh Dudes long gone Eat your heart out it’s gone all those Super colorized o lights last about 10 Minutes and then they’re gone Features [Music] Yeah it’s A glock but it’s not That’s the thing it’s a glock but it’s Not A little bit different um And then did i show you this one in Detail yet this one doesn’t have an or Cut out in it Suppressor ready as you can see Big plate oh one other thing i’m going To tell you is i wish they would have Put on an extended slide release or Slide stop as you guys call it here’s One off of g34 that i outfitted on this Fourth gen g19 of mine That would have been a cool and pretty Cost effective upgrade i mean it’s only Stamp metal this is pretty standard it’s Low profile and nothing set up on the Right side so lefties i mean you can Swap the magazine release over

But not this speaking of which magazine Release is kind of gen 3-ish sticking Out pretty good so kind of extended not Bad i do love the gen 4 magazine release Better Like a lot better that’s just me And on we go to how did it shoot the Palmetto state armory Dagger that’s a cool name by the way Good job naming this thing i would say It shot fantastic This one mark’s gun did have some type Of stoppage like right out the gate just Something weird i forget what it was It’s just failure to feed And so i went and lubed it and after i Shot it some more it didn’t happen again Mine as i recollect had no issues Whatsoever 100 percent Now did i was there a failure to not Lock open or something if there was it Probably was my fault with my grip on The slide stop Yeah Very fun to shoot very similar to glock 19 no surprise muzzle flip controllable Follow-up shot controllable trigger i’ve Talked about already I’m a trigger snob i’m just saying what My take is it’s a fine trigger it’s Adequate But if i were to choose between a glock Trigger and a dagger trigger i’d go Glock that’s all i’m saying is it worth

Another 250 No how about accuracy let’s check that Out Of the psa dagger Oh my gosh I shot this gun way too much i probably Should have Shot less between the two This is 12 yards standing because of my Location in wyoming i mean it was my Wyoming location private property i Shoot on and dude uh i didn’t know i was At 12 yards i thought it was at like Nine and then i lazy i was like holy [ __ ] 12 yards that is really good for 12 Yards standing unsupported In the wyoming desert Up arrow exclamation point very good i Should have given that up arrow Exclamation point too That’s still a great group for 12 yards Maybe less so Good Really good group Okay maybe not as good This is my olive drab one you’ll see Footage of me shooting it So this is this month this is all 115 Jacket at hollow point standard pressure This one was really windy so i’m rocking Back and forth this was 10 yards so a Little bit closer no red dot Group group Disregard that one that was sight end of

An ar Really good group there Good group Good group Overall take is this on the psa dagger And this is just with my shooting Not quite as magical as a glock 19 is For me or for that matter a In my book sorry but still more Preferred glock 17. if i can take the Weight i always prefer a glock 17 over 19. i’ve always said that Both i can take both i love These Kind of magical for me i don’t know why I just shoot really good with glocks Remember those Trading cards not trading cards but the Playing cards ace of spades i shot i Always shot them with a glock either g34 G17 sometimes a 19. by the way i’m going To do that more and put them into Packages for you donors that i sent to You guys when you send me stuff to be Engraved look for that you’ll see some Ace of spades signed by yours truly and Probably shot with a glock maybe some Other kind of pistol But i would say the accuracy is really Really good For me i wouldn’t classify it as Outstanding or magical but i would say Good to excellent on the Dagger

By psa Maybe better i mean that was against Standing i’m stupid i do this i admit it I should be resting these guns taking Out the human element but i don’t But i don’t Did i mention the fact these have a Lifetime warranty from psa Also very cool and you saw that it is Made in the united states of america now We get to would i buy would i go out of My way To order directly from psa’s website and Ship it to my ffl which by the way i did That’s how i did it i mean i was like Dude this thing’s only 300 bucks well a Little bit more for this one i was like That’s a steel dude I don’t even need a coupon code Add to cart check out send to gunny’s The great american gun store which i did Yes i would buy one without hesitation This is a great gun for the money great Gun is it as good as a g19 actually no Right I’ll go out on a limb here’s that Prediction i was saying i was gonna give You i would say uh yes The one thing it lacks is the track Record of a glock And that can only be a crude through Time and use through a variety of use of Users That will take time but i’m predicting

This gun will get as good a reputation As glock judging from the quality Judging from my Shooting from everything highly Recommended yes i would buy one hands Down Obviously some tnpr’s have not waited For my review and they’ve bought one Mark did I laugh dudes that’s pretty funny Competitive options i’m going to go Quick on this because i’m already over My goal of 35 minutes fun review though Stoker str9 boy i love that gun 26 Ounces Two ounces more P365xl Huh you didn’t see that one coming did You i love the p365 xl and in that Review i say it can Function as a full-size combat handgun Which this is this is actually a compact One but a P365xl is only 20 ounces If i’m remembering right 20 ounces with A freaking mag in The Air x delta m I just got done testing that it’s Fantastic Recommended pistol the delta rxm it has One Glaring Thing about it that i don’t like watch

Review i’ll talk about it there but it’s Still a great pistol how about the atoms Arms Aa19 also a glock clone of Sorts uh it’s got a really funky trick Trigger guard on it very organic alien Looking Uh I don’t know haven’t shot one but i i Knowing adam’s arms is probably pretty Good around the same price range too cz 26 ounces awesome awesome gun i love P10s In their full size form their compact Form as much as this gun if not more You heard right as much as this gun if Not more and i like them as much as Glock 19s if not more you heard me right A p10c it is legit Iwi masada Yeah i don’t have it here on tabletop But that’s a great gun and those are Just a few Of the 9mm bullet launchers out on the Market which are awesome and reviewed And recommended here in team p i gotta Go Remember subscribe to the nut and fancy Project hit that notification bell if i Post that video not if i will post that Video on youtube subscribe to me there That’s a freedom platform Sooner or later i’m going to get Canceled here and there just because

Guns are not content the leftists like It’s been that way for a long time and Sooner or later they’re going to come Around just boot us off entirely so Follow me wherever i go that’s what i Ask we do have stickers Some stickers we have patches and new Hats at nut and fancy big go check it out the hats are Amazing i’m hearing some great reports On our tmp hats it’s a mesh hat it’s a New merch for you guys a little bit this Is a master 1000 gen 2 And a fully loomed face links below all This stuff i’ll have linked below at Least what i can in boobtube thanks so Much for watching the video i hope i Answered your question on the psa dagger It is a great great pistol for the money It’s highly recommended that fancy See ya [Music] You

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