P58 Naval Rifle with Cutlass

P58 Naval Rifle with Cutlass, if you have any questions or would like an appraisal please email Steve directly at stevemnsn@yahoo.com or go to his website: http://www.civilwarnmore.com

Welcome to the civil war collectible Show my name is steve munson and i am The civil war guru And today in for appraisal and Evaluation Is a really a neat piece this is a civil War Rifle and this is called a naval rifle And it is a two-barrel band It has the 31.5 inch barrel And the navy models and this is an Infield of course It has the five groove rifling which was Strictly made for the navy This gun actually came out of an attic And this is what i really enjoy seeing These We call these attic guns in the Collector arena This has been an addict for forever And it’s absolutely untouched the only Thing that’s been done to the gun Is the owner put it the nipple was Destroyed so he put a new nipple in it But other than that it’s not been Touched but back to the gun itself This is absolutely untouched and as you Can see it looks like it’s been in an Attic but these are Had a long-range sight on them Which we’ll bring it up so you can see It And what’s unusual about this for a Naval musket it has all iron hardware

Because some of the infields have brass Bud plates And brass trigger guards and brass nose Caps here But this the exciting part about this Particular gun is it has the original Naval cutlass and scabbard That goes with it and this affixes Here on the forward part of the gun just Like a bayonet And it’s the full-size cutlass It has a 26 inch blade It’s almost a couple inches wide here And they were made by Ae holler and of course that’s a European made blade As its original scabbard and that’s just Been together forever So for for me as a as a collector myself I just love to see something comes in Untouched in condition on this Being a naval gun you can see the Surface fitting on it this was around Water a lot But then somewhere it was stored and Like say it came out of an attic Not very long ago in the state of Mississippi And also i have here Is an enfield group in here of course This didn’t come with a gun But i put this here because there’s a Lot of collectors out there that run Across these things

And they’re not quite sure how to Identify them or what they are And this is a cartridge box of course English and i’m going to reach down kind Of in front of the camera here And here’s the original 10 of and of Course camera guy i’ll get up here in a Second But here’s the original percussion caps Has the original tampeon And his tapion fits into the muzzle of The gun To keep debris out and then you have The sergeants tool i call them armors Tool This is a tool that was used to work on The gun And it’s a multi-purpose tool it fits Together You got screwdriver and i’ll bring it in Where you next see it It’s a screwdriver it’s a punch you have Different Bits that go with it this is a worm Puller This is also it’s threaded here on and This is the pull out of stuck musket Ball But this was a complete little set and That’s what would have been inside of This little Box here all the tools percussion caps And that’s what would have been with This particular infield

And this infield was made by tower and It’s called a p58 They were made in 1858 But it’s fun to see one of these i Haven’t seen one of these things Uh out of the mar out on the market Since Actually about 1968 this is the first One i’ve seen all together Untouched and i’ve seen course other Ones in museums But it’s kind of a neat piece and these Things will fool you on their value Complete like that this is going to run Between 2000 and 2500 Even in the condition it’s in but it’s a Wonderful piece And and in my my opinion i think it was Southern used And i think it’s a wonderful piece for Anybody’s collection especially if You’re collecting navy So from old civil war guru Have a great day Do You Do Do


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