Original Civil War Era Pistols for UNDER $400

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of ShilohRelics.com about Original Civil War Era Pistols for UNDER $400

Hey you guys this is rafael from Shilohrelics.com hope you’re all doing Well I’m glad to be with you guys this is Something that i am so thankful that i Get to do Because well actually there’s many Reasons The first is we’re helping to educate People about history And about the ability to own A little piece of history two You guys have helped my sales i am so Thankful Because when the corona plague hit The phone wasn’t ringing at all and you Guys have helped It’s let people see that even though Things aren’t perfect Uh that you can still enjoy life you can Still collect because collecting is Is a fun addiction that i have and i Know you guys have it as well And it lets me it keeps me upbeat Because I get a chance to get your feedback I’ve had so many people say thank you For helping us with these videos and Thank you for the Words of encouragement i’ve heard more About the words of encouragement than Anything And that means a world to me because i Need it too

And and that just makes me feel better When you guys say that I have decided today to talk about Something because a lot of people say Man i just don’t have The the thousands of dollars to collect And hey I get that that’s why i had to go into The business So i could have some of the money to get To collect And a friend of mine told me one time he Said You can collect it just as well with the Price tag on it as you can without a Price tag on it And so i understand i get it If i wanted to buy a 20 000 thing to Keep for myself I can’t do it i’ve got four daughters And a grandson and i love them all and They come first and i get that Today we’re going to talk about Affordable firearms Uh from the civil war era because a lot Of people think you got to spend Thousands to own one nope you do not and You can Uh get one today at shilohrelics.com All of these pistols are civil war era Meaning they’re made basically from the 1830s Up to about 1870. a lot of them don’t Have

Specific maker marks so you can’t say Well this one was made In 1861 so you can get them in the Ballpark and that’s all anybody can do But they’re civil war era and All of them are under 400 in price Which there’s and you see there’s a lot Of variation You can get dozens of Single-shot civil war era guns Under 400 i’ve got probably Two dozen of them on the site now Because i like them i like that i can Offer something That could have been used for a last Line of defense By a soldier for that kind of price Range It’s a great thing to collect because There are as you see a lot of variations There’s some of them that were made uh In europe Some of them are made here they Uh will show up in different sizes Different styles Different configurations this one’s one That i’ve always thought was cool Because it has such a long barrel made By allen And wheelock allen and thurber and they Show up most of the time With a smaller barrel and but this one Has the long barrel And they’re a great thing to collect

Because there is a lot of variation in Them this one’s on the site now It’s 395 bucks a lot of gun for that Can’t shoot them you can pokemon eye With it there are Several other versions different Calibers different styles This one is a european made gun it’s Been refinished but it’s It was well done but it has actually you Can still Unscrew the barrel for cleaning Which is kind of cool because it uh most Of the time they’re frozen in place from 100 years worth of sitting in granny’s Attic But this one still unscrews it has the Original grips intact On the bottom of the grips it has a Small compartment for opening up Carrying an extra nipple or percussion Cap The action works the retaining return Spring Doesn’t quite pop it up but that’s a lot Of cool pistol For 350 bucks if you ain’t got 350 bucks We got something that’ll go this one is Uh a single shot they show up a few Different ways They’ll show up with this with the brass Frame this one’s the simple Uh unmarked frame these they made During the war and a little bit after

You can’t differentiate the two Wish you could but it gets it in the Ballpark and it does have a chance of Being a civil war gun And you can imagine that size it’s a Perfect thing to put in your coat If you’re on the battlefield and you’re Down to your last line One shot’s better than nine you know That little beauty for 195 bucks And that’s cool when you can get a gun That is functional And and for that kind of money it’s Good and i do offer on any item you want To Over a hundred dollars offer away away Because I realize sometimes it’s hard to come up With it all at once So that’s no problem we also take all Major credit cards And i work with you any way i can Because i was fortunate when i got Started The first us buckle that i ever had you Guys that have watched all of these have Heard me say it before Was 48 dollars larry hickman let me make Three payments on it because he knew i Didn’t have 48 dollars And i’m so thankful because that kept my Passion And civil war artifacts going it wasn’t For that gun

Or one wasn’t for that buckle wouldn’t Be here today And i wouldn’t uh have all the blessings That i have today There are a few that uh just different Style frames different size Barrels this one fires a 63 Caliber out of that probably four inch Barrel That’s a hand cannon right there and it Has silver inlay on the back Just just neat guns and they are One of the last areas of affordable Firearms collecting But you can have a heck of a collection And you if you get one Maybe two a year hey it adds up over Time and i’m gonna be here to help you With them I hope you guys know that i care about You i hope you’re all safe And i can’t get out of my mind something That i saw on facebook the other day I try not to get political because i Don’t like either side they’re both Horrible None of them up there does anybody that Wants a job shouldn’t have it But i saw a photograph On facebook and i think they took it Down but it had a A young like a little girl and she had The I was on the beach with the bucket in

One hand and a shovel in the other And they made the inference that she was Japanese Because it said above i don’t blame her For pearl harbor And down below it it said i shouldn’t be Blamed for slavery And i and that’s a fact Because i didn’t own slaves i i love Good people i don’t care if you’re white I don’t care if you’re black I will give you the benefit of the doubt No matter what your flavor is Where you’re from in the world i don’t Care if you’re a good person you’re a Good person And you should never lump A group of people with Ever because we’re all individuals and I’m saying this not to try to cause any Stress not Not to do anything else but judge Every person individually Policemen i am so thankful that they’re There I’m so thankful because i don’t want a Job i don’t know why anybody would but i Am so thankful that they are there Because they take care of us they ain’t Perfect I mean they don’t walk on water but They deserve better than what they’re Getting don’t lump them together Don’t lump japanese together don’t want

White people together don’t want Black people together people are people And that’s all that matters and i I hope you know that We’re gonna get through this things will Get better if we focus on the positive And not let those people that just want Turmoil Run our lives i’m thankful for you guys And i’ll catch you next time Love you


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