Original Civil War .31 Caliber Remington Rider Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of ShilohRelics.com about the Original Civil War .31 Caliber Remington Rider Revolver

Hey you guys this is rafael i hope You’re doing well man i’ve had some Caffeine this morning i’m feeling right Today we’re going to talk about a little Bitty gun with a whole lot of coolness To it This gun is an important gun it’s from One of the most Famous makers of all times in american Firearms The remington company in illinois Remington is best known for those big Guns the navy revolver the 36th Navy the 44 army revolver but they also Had some Really important and innovative small Guns When you have to excuse me my sinuses do Not like me today but Hey let them slow me down we’re gonna Have a good time today This gun is a little bitty gun It fires a 31 caliber bullet which is Still a good size bullet but it’s a Small Size good the barrel length on these Three inches so it’s Referred to as a pocket revolver because It would be easy to hide it Inside your pocket for that last line of Defense It fires they actually made two versions Of them They made a percussion gun which means

It Had to use a percussion cap and then They had A factory conversion to a metallic Cartridge meaning that you didn’t have To use the cap you just put the Cartridge in And the cartridge itself had the primer Inside it They made about 2 000 of them when did They make them they made them 1860 To about 1873. so 13 years but they only Made 2 000 of them with both models so it’s not A gun that you see very often I happen to get a couple of collections And each one of them had one in I’ve actually got three right now never Had that many in my life but You can go on to shiloh relics.com as You see here Go on there check it out i’ve got uh Pictures of all of them They’re a few different prices but They’re still a really cool gun And you can get them a lot cheaper than What you can get the pocket colt for A lot rare they hate over 300 000 colts We made 2 000 of these They are very distinctive when you see Them you see that cylinder And check that cylinder out it’s Referred to as a mushroom cylinder Because on the back of it it kind of

Sprouts out like a mushroom where you Have the nipples To put the percussion caps on so that’s Distinctive It also has a german silver trigger Guard Like this and one thing while we’re Talking about the trigger guard If you look on the inside of the trigger Guard it has the serial number Like this so you’ll see a serial number There On the inside of the trigger guard You’ll also see it Underneath the barrel and if you take The grips off but be careful because These have the gut departure grips they Break very easily If you take those grips off it should Have the serial number underneath the Grips as well So you have three places to track your Serial numbers as with Any other gun if all of those numbers Match It is a better piece for a collector It will bring a little bit more money if All three pieces match so you want to See the serial numbers match You want to see the action function and The action Works on this one and the design of the Action is one of the cool things about It on august 17 1858

In may 3rd 1859 there was a cat from Norwalk ohio his name was joseph Ryder r-i-d-e-r and mr ryder got the Idea Uh for a double action revolver what Does double action mean Most of the guns of the day you [ __ ] the Hammer back You pull the trigger it fires with a Double action It cuts it so much more smooth line you Pull the trigger Which [ __ ] the hammer back when it hits A certain Uh certain amount of pull on it It hits a trigger and it fires it So a double action one motion double Action And this one is one of the first Mass produced double action small size Pocket revolvers in american history and Some people say that the cartridge Version of this one Is the actual first double action Cartridge gun in american history So it’s a really neat design joseph Ryder and it’s referred to these guns Are called Remington rider and he was a smart Enough cat Remington realized they needed to hire Him so he stayed As an employee at remington while uh These were in production

And designed several other things very Very smart cat Uh mr rider hope you rest and easy we Wish you the best And thank you for your gun uh let’s see What else i have forgotten Uh 2031. oh the 31s are percussion The cartridge ones are 32 rimfire So uh cool little gun Neat history perfect size three of them Available On shiloh relics.com you need to go on There because i’ve added a lot of cool Things Gonna be looking a lot more was hoping To get to louisville for the show this Weekend Ain’t gonna happen because mother nature Said you gonna stay home and write up Stuff for the website Today so i hope you guys are doing well I uh for those of you that know me Uh and know my story drug addiction I’ve been fortunate it did not strike me But it affected me greatly Uh i have lost a couple of people to Drug addiction That changed my life forever Uh but we’re not going to talk about the Sad part of drug addiction Today because you can do that forever Because it is a horrible horrible thing That i would not wish on anybody Today we’re going to talk about

Something positive That can come out of drug addiction it’s Not a common thing it is a very very Very rare thing But it is something that happened i have A friend of mine mr k As what we’ll call him he got his 18-month sobriety Keychain a couple of days ago And it just warmed my soul because i Remember putting that person that i Loved on that plane And i went with them and i checked them In and i had all of these hopes how it Would change my life forever and how Everything would just be perfect After it was over and mine didn’t play Out that way Uh the addiction was just too strong And uh we were too far along But mr k has done well He is a success story if i have ever Seen it he Uh goes to narcotics anonymous And i say all of this because one if you Are struggling with addiction or you Know someone that is struggling with Addiction The only chance that you have is Reaching out for help The only way that it can get better is If you change it if you do not change it You will die and it’s just that simple Whether it’s drugs whether it’s alcohol

Whether it’s anything Uh there’s a point where you can’t come Back from no matter what kind of good Quality person you are No matter how your heart feels it is an Addiction And it is something that will not only Kill you but it will Permanently haunt those that Are left behind so i say this because There is hope Mr k is is walking Proof that there can be changes In your life that can make your life Better because i wa I say i watch him walk around and he’s Got a smile on his face and he says hi To people And he just you can see Optimism i didn’t see optimism Long after the addiction kicked back in Uh so if you need help i say all these Words If you need help don’t hesitate to ask For it uh There are people out there that care There are helplines they’re Or anything but you only get it if you Ask and don’t be afraid To ask hell all of us need help at some Time so i hope that you guys are doing Well I hope that you’re staying warm if You’re out there today

Uh don’t forget those people A lot of us are in we’ve got ice and Snow here and Don’t forget those neighbors that might Need help don’t forget to give them a Call see hey can i Can i get something from you from the Store can i can i do anything for you Because You’ve got to be that bright light Because hell we need more of them And i got faith in you you’re smart Enough to be watching these i hope You’ll have a great day go on to shiloh Relics.com Check it out uh you can uh see Over 2000 original civil war items and You can buy All of them and i’ll start over again Love you guys and i’ll catch you next Time


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