NSSA Gunners

Participants relive the thrill of civil war era live fire combat through the North-South Skirmish Association.

We live in a region with a lot of History and we’ve all seen re-enactors Those costumed interpreters who bring The past to life but on a few hundred Acres just outside of Winchester we ran Into another group with an important Difference we shoot real live bullets They wear the costumes and they know the History I think we romanticize it more Now than they did then we we have toilet Paper today and they didn’t have it back Then but it was a period of when wars Were still fought with with a sense of Honor but the north-south skirmish Association is not a performance group This is a competitive sport Eight person teams each representing a Different regiment lineup and using Civil war-era firearms they shoot at Targets 50 or 100 yards away the rules Are simple The first team to clear their targets Wins it’s a lot more difficult than Working with modern weapons but that’s The whole point you got a cast your own Bullets all right it’s like filled mold Takes a lot more sytem in it’s not right They’re out of box a lot of dirt a lot Of grind a lot of grease but you don’t Like cleaning them you won’t like shoot Them very much and you try to better Yourself every time you go right but It’s not just about being a good shot It’s about historical accuracy the

Firearms are often the very same weapons That fought in actual Civil War battles Almost a hundred and fifty years ago This is a 58 Remington 44 caliber each Regiment represents an actual Civil War Unit and like the firearms the uniforms Are meticulously accurate I would rather Be all accurate it adds to the whole Feeling of shooting the old guns and I Would prefer to be as authentic as Possible no you got you got it you got To get into it it’s it’s all part of it You can feel it is important as Historical accuracy is there are limits Civil War soldiers rarely wore eye Protection and never followed the Complex safety procedures of the north South skirmish association each each Team coaches the team prior behind it And you will have a safety officer in Place to make sure everybody’s adhering To the rules is being safe no one comes Off the line with a firearm that’s low Spotters in a central tower monitor the Entire line of shoes each nut is Inspected just in case somebody forgets A bell sounds the all clear they’ve been Doing it here since 1950 we’ve got a Very very I hate to brag on the safety Record of that long but a very proud Safety record the rules are followed Meticulously the process is slow and Cleanup can be tedious but for the more Than 4,000 members of the North South

Skirmish Association nothing quite Compares to an afternoon spent wearing The clothes and tiring the weapons of Another well I love shooting guns it I Guess it’s you’re playing cowboy or Soldier and it’s the fun of it I guess We’re all big boys


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