North Carolina, Kentucky Style Rifle – Civil War

North Carolina, Kentucky Style Rifle – Civil War, Also know as the ”Poor Boy Rifle” If you have any questions, would like an appraisal or see something you would like to purchase email Steve at

Put into the Civil War collectibles Channel my name is Steve Munson and I am The Civil War guru and today we have in For evaluation is a wonderful North Carolina Kentucky style rifle this Particular rifle is what we call the Poor boy rifle because it is deportable Buttplate it has no brass excursions on Our patch box these are the type of Rifles that the frontiersman is carried Into the wilderness through the Cumberland Gap and up through the Carolinas this particular rifle was made Approximately between 1805 and 1807 Tucky Boers the Tennessee’s and the North and South Carolinians used it the Battle of New Orleans with Andy Jackson These were the workhorses of the Frontier they served through the Sunlight award Creek Wars into the Mexican War and the southern boys of the South and the Civil War carried him in When they enlisted you can see today Several CDP’s ambrotypes and tintypes With southern soldiers carrying their Kentucky rifle this particular rifle was Originally Flint and I’ll step over here And hold up original flat block Originally like that and have been Converted to percussion probably around The 1840s this particular gun here has The early 1800s set triggers like Homescholar triggers you have to the Rear when you [ __ ] the first one you

Pull and that releases the hammer you Got a set screw between them that’s that Take care of the tension so you can Lighten up to pull it has an iron Trigger guard and again the board of a Butt plate it has the brass piping to Hold the ramrod in and it has a brass Nose cap this particular gun has a 46 Inch barrel which is a swamp barrel You see those on southern guns When they heated these things in rifling They hammered them off the rifling Machine in the end of the barrel would Swell out so they call it a swamp barrel The lock itself is a two screw lock Early like that particular lock is an Ash Morlock that’s an imported lock they Would import the women’s and take them Up through the rivers into the different Gunsmiths then they would buy their Parts from these agents that imported Them from England this is a spectacular Rifle it’s an original condition other Than being reconverted it’s got a maple Stock and you see a little of the tiger Stripe in it there’s absolutely no Cracks in it all the woods there is a Wonderful wonderful condition and again These were the workhorses of the American frontier and the southern boys When they enlisted these are the ones They carried in this particular gun We’re going to value today at thirty Five to forty five hundred dollars

Because of the condition and also being A southern Kentucky so from the Civil War get rid have a great day

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