No Rifle, No Problem: Canik METE 9mm

I have reviewed the Canik TP9 series a lot. That’s because it’s awesome. I delve into the METE version here and give you an update on its features and discuss how it shot. It’s probably the coolest version of the Canik TP9 yet. It has amazing value for all the things given.

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Canik METE 9mm at Pametto State Armory

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Okay let me tell you this I think you’re going to want to buy this Gun from this review Be forewarned If your credit card has been smoking From the other reviews i’ve done You might want to step away from the Computer from your phone And watch another nut and fancy video i Have lots of content watch reviews gun Reviews knife reviews tactical equipment Reviews philosophy videos yeah just take A break from this one Because if you watch it from start to End you’re going to want this gun Especially if you already have a canik Tp9 variation because you’re going to Want to add this one To that collection be forewarned You guys know if you don’t you should That i’m a huge canic tp9 fan I was one of the very first voices that Declared it an absolute winner that it Would sell extremely well and come out In different variations that was like 10 Years ago It’s done just that it has been a Runaway seller All kinds of cool variations have come Out the standard sfx version i think uh Sean the team peer has He loves his he travels with all the Time when we’re in the wolverine x4 You’ll see him with his canik sfx

Strapped on this is a variation of that Formula i like it a little bit better I love all the variations of the tp9 but This to date might be the best you’re Going to want this gun And if you don’t tell me why Tell me why it if it’s the weight at 29.6 ounces I might push back on that a little bit Because this is a long slide version With a 5.2 inch barrel the one i’m Reviewing is a canik mete sfx it comes In an sft model with a shorter barrel i Think that’s a 4.2 inch barrel if i’m Not mistaken but i didn’t see the actual Stats on their website and i didn’t see It in the store I’m just going off by visual appearance Yeah i think you’re gonna want this gun Here it comes nut fancy review on Another tp9 this is a mete Sfx oh my goodness that is so cool Looking Down fans we know you like that because It’s fde in in black it was like you’re Right Yeah guilty as charged i love it i i Think the looks are very technical and Very war-like So as soon as i saw in the counter at Associated gun store handgun haven thank You very much adam and company for the Loaner i’m probably going to buy that Gun right there i just buy it from him

Yeah i’ll let you know right now would You buy yeah hell yeah That’s like a no-brainer at the price Point msrp is for 5.75 with all the Stuff included Holy cow but you’re going to get it for A lot less than that yeah It’s it’s a it’s almost a must-buy That’s how good of a gun it is there I’ve just ruined the whole review there You go you can dial out now you know you Know everything you need to know Yeah when i saw in the counter at hh i Was just like whoa dude That thing’s good looking and remember I’ve been doing this gig for so long I’ve had access to basically every Sidearm made i can get pretty much Everything i want to get Yeah whatever i want so you would think I’d get pretty jaded But not really if i see a gun that Really Checks off all the boxes and design Elements and looks and then when i test It in performance i get very excited About it so you’ll detect that just know That canik didn’t pay me they didn’t Give me the gun i’m not getting any Money from this The only people really pay me are my Donors and they just you know pay me for Ammo gas food for testing And maybe i make a few bucks on the side

And i damn well should for all the work I put into this i should Yeah it’s a great looking gun i mean Look at the red inner blade on the Trigger Just a little splash of red As a watch modifier that is a huge Design element for second cool because You have a monochromatic fte appearance Well not monochromatic you got black on Top And then you’ve got that red blade it’s Just cool and a lot of ar-15 builds Maybe your build is like that too you’ll Put maybe like a just a little control With a little splash of red on it it Just makes a huge difference It goes way beyond just looks though We’re going to dig into the features of The meta how it differs from tp9 i may Get some things wrong but by the end of The video again you’re going to want one And you’re going to have a very good Idea what this gun is about and what it Can do So be forewarned be forewarned you’re Going to want one Now i’m going to kind of scatter over Pou here in just a second but before i Do i want to show you the container this Gun comes in And how amazing it is Well maybe amazing is a little bit Strong but it’s very cool first it’s an

Fde I like that so it’s not a standard black Container the actual container itself is Very standard very traditional But the stuff that comes in it is very High value and it reminds me of a Springfield xd xdm series i don’t have The the holster that comes with it it Does come with a holster pretend it’s Here it’s a locking holster and it’s a Really good holster so it would be here Somewhere somewhere here i don’t Remember when i was uh if i was wearing It when i was shooting it and drawing From it if if so it’s in the video but You’re going to see oversight video here In just a second comes with two Magazines in the gun right now is a 20 Rounder so that’s the first thing i love About this gun 20 rounds yes extended Floor plate sticks out beyond the gun I’m okay with that here’s your 18 Rounder with a loading tool on it Oh my goodness that is so sick It actually works by the way and glock Has one similar to this one But you know just helps you From thumb busting The magazines are matte black they’re Made by my favorite magazine company Mechar Mechar i’ve been raving about these Magazines ever since i started the Project i’m like mech guards are awesome

I showed them first i think in the p2 226 review Metgars are fantastic and so this is the 18 round flush fit magazine for your Mete So you have that that’s kind of cool and I think you can source these magazines Readily even with all the crap that’s Going on Here’s another Additional accessory I didn’t use this but you could screw it On to your magazine well and have even More funneling going on If you needed it If you’re competing with a gun i’m going To talk about that there’s an optics Plate For the gun as well this is an optics Ready pistol the mete as you can see And i think they’ll match up to a Trigger rmrcc or a shield rmsc So those pistol red dots and maybe some Others as you can see i didn’t mount one Up i’m a big fan of just iron sights i Still am i think they’re awesome Yeah so you have that in there And then when we go to this side Spend way too much time on this there’s Your manual of course cool But this is cool i’m gonna have to Reverse it because i want to show this To you Look there’s your punch tool that it

Comes with When’s the last time you saw a pistol Come with a punch tool so it has Captured takedown pins very simple field Strip the mete series it is an Improvement i believe of the regular Regular tp9 Although i never had a problem Disassembling that gun at all But it’s here and you have a very Specialized included fde tool for a Punch tool very cool if you want to Change out your backstrap you’d use said Tool I would just leave this backstrap in but You have another one if you want And then this is a multi-purpose Driver set can you believe it Like it’s a shrunken version of the gun But in here Look you remove the magazine plate and There’s like bits and screws for your Optics plates And then those those like those torx Bits They’ll match up to the muzzle of the Gun right here so that’s threaded so This isn’t just you know for your Keychain to look cool this is a Functional tool that goes with your mete That’s damn cool man Yeah it’s fun too you can run around the House playing guns if you want with this One

Now i think taurus the gx4 has a Shrunken copy that’s included in their Their gun too so it might be Might be becoming a an industry trend to Do that i think it’s fun if someone sees That little tiny gun it’s going to be a Conversation piece and then you can tell Them about how awesome your meta is and What it is So you have a cleaning rod cleaning Brush and probably some other stuff i Forgot about in there Yeah it’s pretty awesome so high value Getting up two magazines a loading tool Punch set Driver set Holster dude the mete is high value on We go to pou Now they’re calling it the mete like i’m Saying What exactly does that stand for uh Don’t know don’t care But i think it should be called maybe uh The tmeg The tactical multiple engagement gun or Maybe the mep the multiple engagement Pistol The reason i’m saying this i’m kind of Kidding around but i’m kind of not Kidding around to me The tp9 mete seems like a gun That would be And i’ve said this about glock long Slides and probably about the xdm 525

Other long slide combat pistols That is kind of a substitute for a long Gun If you can’t fight your way to a long Gun you’re stuck with a pistol that’s The kind of pistol i want to be stuck With Well almost i actually like my glock 20 And 10 mil the best Or long slide glock and 10 mil that i Love 10 mil but in 9 mil this kind of Gun ammo right here so we have a longer Sight radius Right and we have really excellent Sights we’ll look at that we have a Longer barrel 5.2 inches so maybe a Little bit more velocity we have a very Easy and smooth recoil impulse Right follow-up shots come readily Because of added weight up front and if You put like a laser light up front here On this m9 in 1913 pick rail which is Nice i love that they made that like Standard 1913. Follow-up shots are going to be even Better Yeah i would call it a multiple Engagement pistol Tun around shoots smooth and fast Longer sight radius more velocity Philosophy of use therefore first and Foremost for this gun Is a go to war combat pistol Just like its other brethren in the

Stall the tp-9s across the board are Fantastic Basically a licensed somewhat changed up Version of the walther p99 also Fantastic Yeah i just i love it love it Uh philosophy views competitive pistol Now you saw that there’s like a large Funnel that you can put on there if you Want let’s look at this one right now Jumping ahead to feature so i think that Is really good funneling In the mete better than the tp9 which i Probably should have brought to table But i forgot But yeah that’s fantastic i don’t think I need more than that maybe a competitor Does where microseconds count And you can see the attachment point There probably for that funnel Using that mini pistol to attach it if You wanted to Um It has adjustability in the sights in The form of windage like you can you Know loosen that screw up adjust your Rear sight but they’re not fully Adjustable rear sights it it really Seems to me that canik is marketing the Meta is a tactical pistol not really a Competitive pistol like the regular sfx If i’m remembering right is like sean’s Pistol it seems like it’s Set and meant for

Competition i could be wrong now could You compete with this gun absolutely if The the class of uh that you’re Competing in allows this formulation These type of sites this barrel length The chamber and all that stuff you bet It’d be great I think i’m not positive that a lot of Competitors would like fully adjustable Sights so so they can really zero on Their load especially as they make Changes in velocity most of them hand Load Yeah philosophy of use home defense Absolutely bug out kit pistol absolutely Not it’s too heavy at 29.6 ounces But it is a long slide 29.6 ounces isn’t Like super duper light Super duper light is a glock 17 to me so That’s what 24.3 ounces something insane Like that Yeah that’s that’s like my lbe choice I don’t know if this would be my first Lb choice but again if i’m like limited To a pistol of I i would not feel underarmed with a Cannon meter and nine millimeter I wouldn’t philosophy of use a Collectibility Yes and i mentioned this if you have a Tp9 already i bet you you’re going to Want to add this one to your collection I bet you will Oh that’s cool i just got to own it i

Know we’re weird that way dudes are that Way we’re like that way with watches Right sorry gotta get a drink Now with watches i have a Citizen eco drive chandler on my wrist In Blue with a nato strap that i put on it Which apparently is too Well wide Too wide for the watch but whatever Works Yeah this is a cool watch value watch I’ll put a link to this below Yeah we’re that way with everything We’re like i love that I want a different color the same thing I already own We do that with knives all the time i do Uh philosophy is done i got to get to Feature so this doesn’t go on forever Okay a lot of different things about This gun which are not readily apparent By looking at it Let me start with exterior okay The looks are fantastic we established That I think this slide is actually tennifer So what glock used to use tennifer It said on their website that they’re Using either cerakote and they’re using Tenorffer this strikes me as jennifer in This particular pistol Tinifer is fantastic it actually changes The hardness of the slide it wears

Forever My 1989 glock 19 is still wearing great And it’s tenor for coated you guys know That coding by now right Um now some may be completely coated in Cerakote the one tp9 are reviewed Probably about four years ago is Cerakoted and that’s been a very durable Coat job they did and it looks fantastic So my point saying this is no matter Which finish you get whether it’s Tinnifer or cerakote you’re a-okay i Wouldn’t worry about it The the frame of course is molded in That color so it’s not coated which is Good that means this awesome stippling Right here by the way is High traction Love the stippling on the meta it’s Fantastic It’s a current industry standard i’ll Call it now It’s on the smith wessons it’s on the Tauruses it’s on the sigs and it’s here Too it’s fantastic i don’t think you Need to do anything to your grip to give It more traction i do wish as i often Say that it would go over the entire Grip That would be great but i can handle it And this back strap that’s on it right Now fits my hand perfectly Very ergonomic by the way very ergonomic It’s that standard

Walther p99 grip that we just love Exterior wise Okay you got the long slide release Ambidextrous by the way this is a great Lefty pistol dudes Because you can swap out the very Excellent magazine release square Serrated button and there’s other Variations that i think they’re included In the kit that you can swap out forgot To show you those i think so i know the Other sfx had that too and you can swap This to the right side if you’re a lefty Probably with that cool tool i showed You yes exterior of the gun there’s your Takedown level right there we’re not Doing it for time And simple take down simple just as you Would expect Slide serrations right here Forward and aft Cool i mean i i use these once in a While but not too much i’m usually back Here i think most you guys are too Ventilated rib here The pro they’re probably doing that to Reduce the reciprocating mass On this long slide since it’s only a Nine millimeter You’ll see that a lot so they’ll either Cut out something here to get rid of Metal and mass Canik opted to do the ventilation which Looks cool kind of science fiction i

Like it Awesome we’ve got some glock style Milling right here just a rounding of This radius towards a muzzle This is a cold hammer forged barrel if i Remember I think it’s made by mecheck mkek makes Their barrels for him i didn’t measure The thickness but it’s nice and thick This is a decent super high quality Barrel on the canik mente Steel guide rod Same recoil spring we saw last time Notice there’s no reflections on the top Of the slide That’s totally awesome And then that takes us to the site which Are nearly totally awesome they’re not Tritium So if you guys are sad about that you’ll Go oh my gosh not tritium Here’s my take on it i don’t really care Because the tritium sites that i have After about six years get so dim It doesn’t really matter and i’d rather Have really excellent daylight Performance than the sights going dim And then i have to spend another 125 Dollars to replace them And time So i don’t get me wrong i love trip Sites tfos are awesome too these are not These are just standard three dot Painted sites and i say it that way

Because Uh the trend now the industry is go like Full black site i guess they think That’s cool that you can pick out your Front sight better there are some Schools of thought schools of training That say that’s what you want your sites To do so you don’t get confusion Misaligning your sites i just think That’s a bunch of crap i like three dot Sights or a white outline in the rear That’s what you have here And i notice that they reduce the amount Of air That the front sight blade has when it’s Nestled in that rear sight You can’t tell now because i’m really Close to the camera but at arm’s length It’s perfect it’s just the right amount Of air and it’s way better than the old Walther ppq So the wall through ppq is awesome i Love it but a lot of error in the Standard sites although i think i Retrofitted these ones these are speak Of the devil trip sites that i put on There So metal sights do you notice this Angled ledge right here that’s serrated That’s kind of a tactical thing right If you want to know if a gun is Focused towards tactical use or Competitive use look at the sights That’s like a ledge a cocking ledge and

It’s serrated to reduce reflection All metal sights no plastic here so i Would say the sights are fantastic i Would not replace them Mention this already the m1913 Rail The outfit whatever you want on there i Think this the dust cover is adequately Strong to do so without inducing jams i Did not test that though i didn’t put Like uh i don’t know like a balder on There or something Probably should have but i want to get This review out sooner rather than later Lightning cut right here no doubt on the Other side let’s go to this side Big old extractor just like we see in The entire tp9 series Optics ready Again i left it on easy enough to outfit A red dot i think most of you guys will Do just that you all fit a red dot I think there’s a loaded chamber Indicator it rises when there’s a round In there just a little bit i should have Had a dummy round to demo it but i Forgot and this uh Loaded chamber indicate not loaded Chamber but a striker status indicator So right now it’s cocked we’ll do a Safety check safe direction Now it’s uncocked really cool i like That now this is funny i was railing on Ruger because they put safety warnings

On their gun but they put it like milled Across the slide this canik made in Turkey has the same thing but look at How small and conspicuous it is It just says hey read the manual and by The way it doesn’t have a firing pin i’m Sorry magazine safety it will fire Without the magazine I like that i mean i can deal with that Then a little tiny tiny main turkey Little tiny tiny that’s so unobnoxious i Can deal with that i like it There’s your ambidextrous takedown lever I think i mentioned that And then the trigger guard is fantastic Oh my gosh look at that squared in the Front oh my gosh it’s so awesome i love This trigger guard and then it has a Different shape as i recall than the Regular tp9 is kind of indented here I think they call this a double undercut Trigger guard So you can get really high with your Grip on your mete It’s deeper than some of the other Pistols i’ve reviewed maybe the deepest Yet and i really like it I like it and i like the whole trigger Guard i like that it’s big enough for Gloves obviously I like that squared in the front it’s Undercut has kind of unusual You know milk not milling but casting Right here

I just like it great trigger guard and The trigger of course is fantastic Standard awesome canik tp9 trigger Actually a little bit better right i Pulled this one at four pounds nine Ounces i’m not going to show you on Camera i did it off camera Reset Really short reset dude Crisp audible Oh my gosh that’s such a great trigger God it’s just i mean it’s superb The trigger is absolute perfection in Mechanic mete Absolute perfection Really excellent trigger looks like a Glock trigger right so it kind of has The serrations at least that variation Of glock trigger they have smooth faced Ones too And kind of the same paddle and safety As before which i prefer that way we Don’t have any external safeties Magazine button again perfection square Serrated easy to access sticks out just The right amount Yeah i’m excited about this pistol i Admit it it’s fantastic this gun is Awesome magazine well once again And then we get to how it shot How about this Perfect No jams no stoppages Super fun super

Fast smooth quick follow up shots like i Mentioned before Fantastic easy reloads with a flare Flared magazine well great sights Perfect trigger once again 18 20 round Max so you’re shooting a long time Without reloading and here’s your Accuracy Of the canik mete let’s call it the Multiple engagement pistol this is at 10 Yards in the desert y’all 10 yards standing Good group that’s not a bad group that’s A good group i said all suburb all Superb fmj and jack at a hollow point Look at that group [Music] Upper middle It’s [Music] Either gonna go harder [Music] Be who you are [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Sometimes it’s gonna hurt baby [Music] Can’t hold back your light [Music] 10 yards standing oh my goodness that is

Fantastic Great group great group all standing up Arrow exclamation point Uh i said many rounds here point of aim It was shooting a little bit high with Me on that String of fire and actually as you can See it kind of high A little bit at 10 yards for me Good group there’s three rounds Look at that one right there I gave myself a squiggly mark on that One not great i would call the accuracy Outstanding on this gun Reliability outstanding with fmjs I didn’t try cast lead bullets i usually Don’t like shooting those if i can get Away with it uh fmj’s of course are Great jhp’s yeah 100 Uh would i buy it You already know the answer i i said That right off have you bought one yet Same comment if you have uh do you love It as much as i do Especially for the price paid so i Showed you all the stuff it comes with Again msrp is 575. That’s inexpensive for msrp and then Street price is going to be below that I’m not going to say on camera what it Is because it changes all the time According to demand Dude this is a great gun when you can’t Fight your

Fight your way to a long gun The mete fantastic is it my favorite Version yet Of the gun Um Yes it is um i love the other variations As well i have a a couple other tp9s in Inventory again i should have brought Him to table sorry you may see him in Inset footage if i remember This is my favorite version ever You might consider the sft so it’s going To be cut off to right about here So i’m guessing it’s like a 4.2 inch Barrel maybe around 4 inches And it will be a little bit lighter this Is 29.6 ounces and by the way the slide Is 1.06 ounces Ounces 1.06 inches in overall width i’m Talking this dimension right here and Then 1.39 at the slide release the ambi Sly release levers Yeah and i didn’t mention this 2.4 Millimeters wall thickness on your cold Hammer forged barrel Yeah i would totally buy one highly Highly recommended Now we’re going to make it a little bit Interesting with maybe two competitive Options How about the previously mentioned xdm 9 And 5.25 which is i don’t think made Anymore I don’t think i didn’t see this one on

Their website anymore but this versus That Is this one better than that um No The honest answer is no they’re they’re Tied they’re neck and neck Now i have a fully adjusted look at the Macy hair there dude i have a fully Adjustable sight on this one which i Love It’s very cool this one was coated in Patriot brown by myself cerakoted this Is an entire cerakote job I love the xtm the xd series is Fantastic this is a 5.25 inch barrel It’s basically the same gun just a Little bit different choices here and There Right it’s just fantastic these both These guns are fantastic this one has The advantage of the trend of you know Being able to mount up an optic This one doesn’t but i don’t generally Run them anyhow Oh i don’t know Yeah i love the five to five i it’s Highly recommended if you buy find one Used i wouldn’t hesitate at all How about over a glock long slide Here comes a glock 35 in 40 smith and wesson by the way i Still like that cartridge Uh i ain’t going to say nothing bad About the glock long slides i absolutely

Love them i mean this this to be Completely honest between these three Guns I mean i was raving about the mete how Awesome it is and it is awesome But as far as me being able to hit Magically with all three of these guns The answer is yes It just hit magically maybe Accuracy wise on this particular glock 35 it seemed like it kept shooting high For me i had to mount up some adjustable Sights on it There you see the milling for mass in This g35 Um this one is more magical for me in Accuracy But not by a large margin these two in Accuracy are neck and neck like For me and the way i shoot i can shoot Both these guns like tits i can just hit With them They’re just magical To me the long slide it makes sense and By the way this weighs exactly the same Weight it’s 29 ounces it’s like 29.6 Ounces again we see a polymer frame Striker fired pistol You know 5.2 inch barrel or so they’re Gonna weigh about that Glock’s being the exception glocks are Lighter one reason i rave and still love And still recommend them at all calibers By the way

Uh yeah the this is a go to war pistol Like if you were doing neighborhood Patrols And you’re not carrying a tactical Carbine so you can take a little bit of Extra weight this is what i carry So it’d be a long slide of some sort g35 G34 Canic mete Long slide of a ppq also amazing i’ve Reviewed that go look that one up Xdm 9525 something like that Yeah multiple tactical engagement Pistols fantastic i just love this gun Uh yeah i think you’re gonna want it It’s fantastic especially for the price The price the cool accessories you get Very generous accessories two mags Mecar mags 18 and 20 rounders fantastic Uh funneled Super reliable Perfect trigger i mean have i ever said That before a perfect trigger I don’t think i have yeah it’s perfect Trigger the tinfor and cerakote Fantastic highly highly recommended Yeah i gotta wrap this up i’m just Making a fool of myself at this point by The way this is a beat-up rat one that i Coded in 2012. Look at how beat up that sucker is still Going Strong wearing a nut and fancy edge that Probably needs to be touched up slightly

But look at that glistening in that os Eight You know how thump that thing is This is how i want your guns to look and Your knives and your watches i want them To look just like this Full on boba fett This is a flash a t the new sog i love The flash a t it’s fantastic deep carry Tmp blue look at that blue Perfect jimping i got some skateboard Tape on it Of course we got the paramilitary Fantastic oh my gosh this one is in the Discontinued purple i think s110 Might still be available i’ll put some Links to this stuff below if they’re Available and again wear and tear Makes me happy thank you so much for Being a donor keeping the project Cranking Here’s another great go to war worthy Combat handgun for your systems nothing Fancy

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