New Model 1863 Sharps Carbine – Civil War

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[Music] [Applause] To the Civil War Collectible channel my name is Steve Munson and I am the Civil War guru and Today in for evaluation we have a sharps Carbine but I’m gonna take just a moment And introduce one of my sidekicks this Is my assistant guru and this is Brennan Cold he’s my grandson and I’m going to Do to him this is what my grandfather Did to me I want to teach him about Civil War collectibles so he has been Helping me on all these videos so in the Background this is the little guy that Makes it happen So wave it the crown Brennan and the Simple with the side let’s get him talk About this sharp carving again we’re Talking about a sharp four carbine Sharps carbines first came on the scene In 1852 and they evolved they got better And better and better This is mid civil warrior this is a new Model 1863 and we know that by the Serial numbers by mid 1863 they have Produced over a hundred thousand so on The serial number you’ll see see and Then the serial number of the C stands For a hundred thousand and we’ll get the Cameraman up there and we can see the Serial number so we know this was made In the mid 1863 somewhere in that area Of 63 in June – probably October this

Gun has been hard use these were the Workhorse of the cavalry they have a 22 Inch barrel overall they’re 39 inches Long when you [ __ ] the hammer back it’s Got a two tumbler [ __ ] the first one’s Safety and load the second one is fire You have a lever that you pull down to Open the breech up this is a lock to Keep the lever from coming down and the Cameraman to get a close-up on here on This here in a second on the other side You have a carving ring because they Would have an over shoulder strap with a Hook on it that they attach to the Carbine as is riding and again these Were the workhorse of the cavalry there 52 Caliber the Confederates loved it when They captured them and actually the Confederates even made cartridges for Him this cartridge was unusual because It’s 52 caliber and it had a linen base When you actually put the cartridge in The barrel and you pulled the lever shut It was shave off the back of the Cartridge expose the black powder and Then you put your percussion cap on the Nipple and you’re ready to go These things have a 700 yard range sight On and of course after the Civil War These were the most desired guns of the Plains and sharps was in the thick of it They made all different calibers of Course after the war they went to Center

Pardon trim for cartridge but this is Percussion and this is what you’d Normally see in a Civil War Collection Condition means everything on a value Again this gun is hard used it’s got all Done the different patent marks and Dates on it on the back side of the Stock it has the cartouche which is an Inspectors snap in the wooden stock it Has surface pitting as you can see again These are hard use this condition of This particular gun will give it a value Of about eighteen to twenty-two hundred Dollars and these things go on up from There depending on condition of course Condition drives the price but this is One of the most famous guns of the Civil War and I think that I’m real happy to See one in here because not only Appraising high-dollar items but we also Want to praise items that are in Everybody’s collection and this is one Of those so from the Civil War guru and The little suit Civil War guru assistant Have a great day [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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