N-SSA Spring Civil War Shooting Competition: Muskets, Carbines, Repeaters

Join me and my friend Rob as we attend the annual shooting competition held at Fort Shenandoah, Winchester Virginia by the North-South Skirmish Association. This is an organization that boasts members from all over the country and have been around for about 70 years. They shoot original (and some replicas) Civil War era muskets, carbines, cannons, mortars and more. This is a three day event and I broke the videos down into one for each day. I hope you enjoy. It’s free and open to the public.


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N-SSA Spring Civil War Shooting Competition: Muskets, Carbines, Repeaters


Today finds us at Fort Shenandoah Outside of Winchester Virginia and I’m Here with my friend Rob from Atlanta and This is an organization called the NSS a North-south dermis Association which Actually been around for like I think 70 Years and I think they were formed Around 1950 what it is is a group of People from all over the United States To get together I think once or twice a Year this is their spring get together And they have competitions they have Competitions with Civil War weapons Include food Boer muskets and we’re Going to watch them fire in a minute I Think this competition has five people For a team and they try to break the Targets this is smoothbore but they also Shoot pistols and rifled muskets and Cannons and all different of that I want To break this time what they’ve done is Timing and they have for Ventus They take the aggregate time of all four Events and in dealing with the least Amount of time wins the possibility we Got a dead sitting there for every one Of these groups right yeah okay the item You’ll see is injured officer and a Timer timing and running event has women On this team can there’s one in the SSA Do they get it ready for this next about A competition here yeah they’re firing Off the cap to make sure the guns are Loaded so no one has an unfair advantage

You can see there’s lots of women here They’re in the competitions as well so That’s the sound of a musket firing with Just a little percussion cap on there You’re going to hear the muskets like a Hundred and twenty-five five man teams In just a minute these are smoothbore [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] First you were to hurt in battle they First open fire thousands of muskets Going off all I want and a dead pause Nothing happens as a reloaded and then It will start picking up again without Earshot there yes they’re firing at will So that’s kind of the sound of battle Would make so there’s like six seven Hundred muskets firing right now and What they’re doing now the shooting is Over so the safety officers make them Put a cap on there and shoot it so that They know everyone has an unloaded Weapon it’s about an hour between Matches so we’re going to come up here To where the sutlers are and what color Is it I would be like a private Individual that would follow the army And they would sell stuff to the Soldiers whether it might be food or Just extra socks and stuff like that What they have here is a bunch of Buildings where the selling different Things so let’s check it out that’s the

Official and SSA store let me zoom in on That so you I’m talking about I’m just going to wander up through here Robin I and look at different things There’s a lot of like World War 2 stuff Here too so I’ll be worth checking out Idea it looks like the little ones I Found in the river remember the debut Omelet and just a bunch of stuff so I Won’t bore you with our shopping this is The inside of one of the cellars cats in Itself how kinds of things for Reenacting rolling on I just want to Show you a few things these are all Different gun parts or reenactors that’s A buck plate you see me find that was Quite often the cameras from the muskets They sell all kinds of stuff they got Belt buckles over here and there are Only $90 – and they’re nice lead-filled Kind of like the one I wear see us and If you notice they have all kinds of Different floaters on that misses like The with Carolina these would be the Militia buckles there’s an SNY that’s For state of new york My quarter these are pretty common for Yanking place for steak place a baby SNY This is a Georgia torture this is a Georgia cartridge box plate you see it Has one two loops on the back that goes In cartridge box this is a Georgia belt Plate she has a three hook on the backs And I have bullets and other things you

Can buy in here these some little round Balls and some small caliber conical Bullets actually have found a lot of Those and my River hunts little bag of Mini balls they hold 50 so too many I’m Early but leads expensive this is what The canteens look like when I find them And you see me find these in the river Notice that they’re just metal but they Actually were wrapped with roll and they Did that to help keep them cool so years Ago you can wet the outside of the Canteen and the evaporation will keep The water food We’re getting rid of for another match We’ll check it out weld and come to the Ready [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Everything wrong just take these guys in The red about two pounds to take them All out they pretty good I want to point Out to you as well You know how I always tell you is where A lot of gels stack in those days like To hold up your pants but they wore Suspenders I’m going to show you what They look like that guy right there as Suspenders on what they do is they go up Over the shoulder you can see the two Little buttons down low that hold your Pants up most of the soldiers didn’t Actually wear belts they went around the

Waist hold the pants off that area was Very calm and have the suspenders on at All it’s ran into a friend of mine George temple he’s on this team here is The world watch them shoot he’s a local Values a relic hunter – it’s really Really good are you shooting oh [ __ ] the Time is safety but else grab a watch Okay we’re still in the smoothbore Competition and what they’re doing is They’re moving the targets out to 50 Yards it’s only 50 hit hard before there Are 25 which really is not far at all And I do believe that with a smoothbore Musket they say that at a hundred yards Which is just twice as distance you’d be Lucky to hit a man that’s why they had To march up so close to each other During the battles of course now this is Smoothbore the war progress they went to Rifled muskets now with the rifle musket You can shoot a man at several hundred Yards and no problem so just marching to Get this close with your smoothbore you Will being killed 10 minutes before you Could even get this close [Music] Thirty-two [Music] [Applause] [Applause] Thirty-two quid fire at you one target Still hanging in blood as a hole in it But that must count as the head sort of

Some of the guys were actually holding On to the ramrod as they were firing They were children the musket and they Were holding on to it which makes a lot Of sense to I think regulation the army Regulation was actually that you had to Put it back into the musket you know When to holder because I think that Would probably take a lot of time and Maybe a lot of guys didn’t do it I don’t Know why soon as they eat lunch there’s No merit eaters now so let’s go Vic Check it out most of these guys are Using Henry’s and I think they hold them Like 17 rounds you can see them loading Them and the little tube up near the end Of the barrel there’s punk punk punk Punk like the modern 22 Not all Henry’s obviously but there’s Most of them are [Music] [Applause] [Applause] Volume of fire with these Barbies just So much more attention towards a musket [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Like at 32 [Music]


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