N-SSA Spring Civil War Shooting Competition: Howitzers and Mortars,

Join me and my friend Rob as we attend the annual shooting competition held at Fort Shenandoah, Winchester Virginia by the North-South Skirmish Association. This is an organization that boasts members from all over the country and have been around for about 70 years. They shoot original (and some replicas) Civil War era muskets, carbines, cannons, mortars and more. This is a three day event and I broke the videos down into one for each day. I hope you enjoy. It’s free and open to the public.


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N-SSA Spring Civil War Shooting Competition: Howitzers and Mortars,


Today finds my friend Rob and I at Fort Shenandoah just outside of Winchester Virginia and what we’re doing is we’re Attending the NSA the north-south dermis Association spring match yeah so spring Spring that what they’re doing is They’re getting together from all over The country these people are from the North south east and west and they are Shooting muskets and cannons and Carbines and rifle musket smoothbore Muskets pistols and it’s basically just A competition to see who can shoot the Best what team and I’ve never been to One of these before so should be a lot Of fun Rob didn’t come out and fill me So I had to hold my own camera we’re Gonna have a good time I think have a Good time off we’re gonna have a great Time I’m sure you’d want me to go no I’m Fine I can do everything by myself so Just about ready to start their cannon Competition I think there’s about 20 Guns here right now and they have two More groups of 20 so the 60 guns total That we’ll be competing These are mostly rifle guns and for what I’m told 75% of them are actually from the Civil War so these guns you’re looking at Could have killed a lot of people just Kind of creepy when you think about it Competition should be started here in Just a few moments the range is about

200 yards so it’s really close for a you Know a cannon but that’s what they have Here actually they won’t be shooting Full charges at this range I think They’re going to pack in about half of a Charge from what I was told so will be Quite the full effect but it’s a it’s Gonna be pretty awesome first time I’ve Ever seen this time The nation 3 over addition I do every Gun here will have a safety officer you Know a person that will stand there make Sure that everything is going fine and All the rules are being followed That’s what the little green flags are That you’re seeing is the safety officer Saying that stop the guns where there’s No problems position Yeah over campus [Applause] That’s [Music] [Music] I saw that one it went over Or we’re going to look at is the Howitzer competent to composition entire Now we’re going to check out the Howitzer competition these are like Small cannons for barrels some of them Are kind of tiny and it should be pretty Exciting I think you can even see the Cannonballs so I’m told Let’s check it out This is the loading procedure good night

Robbers we’ve got the powder right there Now the ball [Applause] [Applause] How much play would say this is Radley Tell you what a single back Now what we’re going to do is we’re Going to watch the mortar competition And when they have a line of mortar set Up here and they’re going to throw water Balls way up in the air and they’re Going to see who can get it closest to These white stakes that are on the field That’s coming up next this is a decision Nine thank you missing plan five Anybody on 45 course the second is one Going well please place your flag green Clinic showing in the mughals to show You a complete your course a bar and Step back from the fire one is a range Clear on the right the range clear on The left is clear [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Crucio Right next time you read about Anza for Today it’s all mortars and howitzers if We’re coming back tomorrow when some Other stuff I don’t know what with Rob And I are dragging kind of wish I was Down in that Creek are you loaded with Cannonballs minie balls and leeches and

Turtles and snakes Oh why we’ll see you tomorrow [Music] Thirty-two [Applause]


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