N-SSA Recruit Video

Recruiting Video for the N-SSA

[Music] [Music] There’s no organization on the American Shooting sports scene as unique as the North-south skirmish Association founded In 1950 the NSSA has over 4,000 Individual skirmishers in its 200 member Teams each group represents a specific Civil War regiment or unit and wears the Uniform they wore over 140 years ago and While the NSSA experience shares many Things in common with other Civil War Pursuits it is not a reenactment Organization it exists to compete in the Shooting of Civil War period Black-powder firearms rifle musket Carbines revolvers even artillery an SS A member units compete from Michigan to Mississippi to Maine and they’re divided Into several geographic regions regional Competitions are held throughout the Summer the shooting season traditionally Begins and ends with the national Competitions held each spring and full At the NS s a home rain fortune and o Near Winchester Virginia where the Firing line is more than a quarter mile Long NSSA competitions or skirmishes Follow an established format usually the Two or three-day weekend programs open With individual target shooting these Matches are in a classic bullseye format The distances are 50 and 100 yards for Shoulder arms and 25 and 50 yards for

Revolvers these matches are classified So that the shooters compete with others At the same skill up Facing team matches consists of eight Competitors in musket and carbine and Foreign repeating rifle in revolt they Shoot at breakable targets in a time Match member units often field teams for All four matches target selections are Simple yet they must conform to set Rules all targets must be breakable and Common targeting includes clay pigeons Ceramic tiles and clay pots the four Member revolvers teams use NSSA approved Reproductions of pistols that were used In the Civil War at the sound of the Horn Firing commences the first team break All its targets wins the event the teams With the lowest total time for the Several events win and are awarded Medals for ribbons carbine teams are Made up of eight shooters although Regional competitions five member teams Are coming a carbine is a shorter Firearm it was designed to be used by a Mounted soldier and a civil war there Were many types of carbines in action in The Confederacy muzzle loaders were most Often used while the federal cavalry Were primarily equipped with breech Loaders both types are used in the Carbine competition and a non-repeating Carbine that was used in the Civil War

Or an approved reproduction may be you This event has the highest percentage of Original guns in competition The newest addition to skirmishing is The complete loading rifle competition It showcases some of the new technology That was used during the war Magazine-fed cartridge firing rifles Like the Henri produced incredible Firepower little wonder the Confederates Called the Henri that damn the Yankee Rifle he loaded on Sunday and fired all Week shooting Civil War artillery makes For a very special competition several Units are expert with the board a mortar Is an artillery piece designed to shoot A projectile at a high angle in the Civil War they were used to drop shells Behind fortifications each team’s target Is a stake 100 yards down range where They try to drop their shots and as Close as possible but a good group Requires good aim teams use a plumb bob To line up the mortar for windage the Target range is determined by the pillar Chart and adjusted by adding more or Less powder depending on the weather Conditions that day the crew that puts It shots the shortest total net distance From their stake is the winner for skill And spectacle nothing beats the big guns Cannon competition is divided into two Classifications smoothbores and rifles Many of the guns are original pieces

Made during the Civil War the cannons Shoot at both a classic bullseye and a Silhouette of an artillery piece to Simulate counterbattery fire Each gun requires a crew of six that Serves the gun exactly as it did during The Civil War nowhere else can you see This much similar artillery firing live Ammunition and on very special occasions You just might see competition at night Cool like this unique man John our 50th Anniversary skirmishing is a family Sport and women compete along with the Men there are now many units where Husbands and wives and their children Shop together for women who choose to Remember the Civil War in a more Traditional way there is the costume Competition these ladies recreate the Clothing of the period they gathered to Match their skills and knowledge and Give awards for the best reproduction of Civil War period clothing Sunday morning Brings the grand finale of the skirmish Weekend where every unit competes in the Musket matches and the Nationals over 3,000 shooters compete but before the Shooting begins the competing units Pause to pay tribute to their nation and The men of the north and south who Struggled in the Civil War with the Ceremonies over the shooting commences The musket competition is hotly Contested here any original Civil War

Muscle loading firearm or approved Reproduction is a lot loading speed and Accuracy are the combination needed to Win this infantryman’s match here’s just How that’s done pull your cartridge like A bullet for the founders bullet Lamb at home tap the rifle in the dark Smoke the unit’s [ __ ] to beat the Clock just like individual matches teams Are classified so that each team Competes at its own skill level as Always strict safety rules are enforced Teams and contention watch the time Scores closely as metal places change With each event finally the last target Is broken the winners have been decided And another skirmish is history Shooters clean their firearms break camp And prepare to return to everyday life In a different century skirmishers come From all walks of life but they’re United by a fascination with a civil war And the thrill of theory of firearms Competition if you’d like more Information about the NSS a visit our Website WWE [Music]


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