Moore’s Patent Revolver (Swing-Out Cylinder)

Manufactured in Brooklyn from 1861 until 1863, Moore’s revolver was a 7-shot single-action piece firing .32 rimfire cartridges. What makes it unique is its swing-out cylinder design – the first commercial revolver in the US to use this mechanism. A latch on the back of the frame released the entire barrel and cylinder assembly, allowing it to tip over to the right, exposing the chambers for loading and unloading. The ejector rod is stored under the barrel, but must be removed and used by hand when needed. Moore’s revolvers were popular with New Yorkers heading off to the Civil War and almost 8000 were made, but production was halted when Rollin White successfully sued for patent infringement (over his patent on the bored-though cylinder).

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Hi guys thanks for tuning in to another Video on Forgotten weapons comm onion I’m here at the Rock Island auction House today taking a look at some of the Guns for sale in their upcoming February 2015 regional auction I found one Particularly cool revolver in the Catalogue but I really wanted to share With you guys this is actually the first Swing out cylinder revolver put on the Commercial market It doesn’t quite swing out the way we’re Used to guns doing it today but of Course it was the first these are Manufactured from 1860 until 1862 by the Moores patent firearm company and it’s a Really handy neat little revolver so why Don’t I bring the camera back here and Let’s take a closer look at exactly what This does and how it works more actually Manufacture these revolvers in Brooklyn Not a place today known for manufacture Of firearms at least not good ones like I said this was the first swing out Cylinder design ever made it has a catch Here on the back of the frame we push That in and then the whole barrel and Cylinder assembly pivots out just Slightly to the side this is enough to Give you access to the cylinders to load And unload you can see there’s a little Bit of a cutout here so you have plenty Of room for four rims there is an Ejector rod under the barrel which is a

Small spring right in here that holds it In place just sits there doesn’t go Clean through them in order to use it You pull it out and then you manually Pop out cartridges with it like so one Out spin the cylinder to the next one And so on and then replace it when You’re done then easily load cartridges In the back one at a time till a Cylinder is full and simply snap the Barrel and cylinder assembly back over It is a single action only revolver once You [ __ ] it you then have your rear Sight There it’s not a bad rear sight that’s Pretty typical for this era nice crisp Single action trigger and there you go These are handy they were you know They’re not hugely strong you can see That it is an open-topped frame but Frankly it was firing a 32 caliber Rimfire cartridge interchangeable with Smith & Wesson’s 32 Empire which was a Wise marketing decision for more this This didn’t have to be all that strong And it was it was effective it was a Quick shooting gun it was quite fast to Load and and reload compared to muzzle Loaders at the time these were actually Remarkably popular with Union soldiers From New York who were heading off to The Civil War that’s where most of the The ones that were sold did go so the Problem with this revolver was that it

Violated Rowling White’s patent Rowland White had been the first guy to come up With the idea of or impact the idea of Drilling the cylinder the chamber in a Revolver cylinder all the way through From one end to the other now when he Did this Cartridges hadn’t really quite caught on Yet and his idea was just to make it as A more economical way to make cabin ball Revolvers he offered this idea to cult Cult took look at it didn’t see any Reason to to use it and turn him down Well Smith & Wesson or Daniel Wesson Shortly thereafter came up with the First practical cartridge the 22 rimfire And of course for a rimfire cartridge You pretty much have to bore the Cylinder clean through because you’re Putting the cartridge in at the back of The cylinder instead of the front so Wesson went to patent this element of The design discovered that roland white Had already done it and ended up Negotiating and coming to a contract Coming to an agreement with rel and White for an exclusive license to this Notion of drilling the chambers in the Cylinder all the way through it’s an Extremely fundamental basic design idea And having an exclusive exclusive License to that patent gave Smith and Wesson basically a monopoly on good Revolvers for about 10 years so

Knowingly or not and it’s Clear which is the case but probably Knew it more was violating wrong and White patent by using cylinders that Were drilled all the way through and as A result roll in white sued him in 1862 And ultimately forced him the wrong White one the case quite easily enforced More to stop manufacturing the guns in Fact as a result there were about thirty Three hundred of these revolvers Manufactured but not sold at the time And those were handed over to the Smith & Wesson Company and actually roll Marked on the top of the barrel Manufactured for Smith & Wesson by Moore’s patent firearm company which was Kind of a kick in the teeth for more Moore was not the only person to have Violated that patent and been shut down By court order there were three other Major companies that did it and a Handful of small ones as well ultimately The winner of this whole thing was Smith & Wesson they had a monopoly on modern Handguns for a solid ten years as a Result made buckets of money rollin White kind of got screwed by the whole Process the fine print of his agreement With Smith and Wesson actually required That he be the one to to cover all the Costs of protecting the patent Smith & Wesson simply had to pay him a fixed Royalty per gun produced and almost all

Of the money that white got went into Lawsuits and legal costs to defend the Patent he he ended up dying not not a Pauper but not particularly well-off and Smith & Wesson of course went on to Become one of the largest firearms Companies in the United States to this Day so I really like this little Revolver it’s handy it’s remarkably Modern for the time and it really kind Of is a shame that it got shut down and Shut out by Smith & Wesson there are no Reproductions of these ever made so the Only ones around are the roughly 7800 That were Generally manufactured this particular One is available for sale of course Because this is the Rock Island auction House if you would like to make this Yours add it to your own collection Check out the link below that will take You to rock Islands catalog page for it Take a look at their pictures and well Place it in if you’d like thanks for Watching hope you guys enjoyed the video

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