Moore Teatfire Revolver

The Moore patent ”teatfire” revolver was one of the more (no pun intended) successful workarounds to the Rollin White patent. Designed by Daniel Moore and David Williamson, the gun was a 6-shot .32 caliber pocket revolver which used a proprietary type of cartridge. It was loaded from the front, and the rear of the case had a nipple in its center full of priming compound. This allowed the rear of the cylinder to only have a small hole through which the hammer could reach to hit the nipple and fire the round, as opposed to a rimfire design in which the whole rear of the cartridge had to be exposed at the back of the cylinder. Some examples, including this one, included a unique type of extractor for pushing out spent cases.

Hi guys thanks for tuning in to another Video on Forgotten weapons comm I’m Ian I’m here today at the Rock Island Auction house taking a look at some of The cool guns that are coming out for Sale in their June of 2015 regional Auction now a previous time when I was Here I did a video on a Moore’s patent Rimfire revolver it was pretty cool it Was actually a remarkably nice gun a Better design than I was anticipating And it was made right at the beginning Of the u.s. Civil War and it was frankly An infringement on Roland White’s patent For the board through cylinder it sold For a couple years but then it became The focus of one of the more significant One of the larger lawsuits of Smith & Wesson and Roe and white against patent Infringing revolver designs so Moore got Shut down his pistol most of his pistols That were still in inventory actually Went to Smith & Wesson as basically as Recompense for copyright infringement But that didn’t end Moore’s interest in Making guns Moore went on to devise a New type of pistol and this time he used A brand new proprietary type of Cartridge so that he wouldn’t infringe Smith & Wesson’s patent now he did this In conjunction with friend named David Williamson and the two of them actually Made a very successful follow up pistol These were manufactured from 1864 until

1870 they made about 30,000 of them Which is really quite a lot this was a Little defensive pocket type of revolver And in fact the only reason they stopped Making them in 1870 was that the Colt Company bought out the National Firearms Company which was the company that was Manufacturing more as guns Frankly if they hadn’t been selling Really well Colt probably wouldn’t be Bothered buying them a classic way of Getting rid of a competitor of course is To buy them out and stop stop their Production so I figured this being one Of the other interesting proprietary Cartridges from around the Civil War Period we ought to take a look at this One so why don’t I bring the camera back Here let’s check out the moore’s patent T fire revolver so the idea of the t Fire cartridge was to get all of the Practical use of a rimfire without Having to actually have the entire back Of the cylinder open because that would Violate the roland white patent so what Moore and Williams Did as they came up with this cartridge That would load from the front of the Cylinder The back of the cartridge was kind of Conical or cylindrical and ended in a Little nipple right on the end of the Cartridge and that that nipple was full Of priming compound so we have a little

Hole in the back of the cylinder that’s What the hammer punches through hits That little Center full of priming Compound on the cartridge and fires the Cartridge now we have a gate here which Is in place to prevent a cartridge from Pushing out the front of the cylinder Under say recoil or just while being Carried you’ll notice this this cylinder Location right here where we have this Cutout that’s where you would load the Cartridges and that’s the only position Where cartridge could actually slide out All the rest of these even the ones over Here have at least a little teeny bit of The front of the cartridge held in place By a part of the barrel assembly so now The other thing that this lever did was To act as an ejector so you can see this Hook end when I pull this all the way Down that pushes into the firing hole so Once you fire the cartridge pushing in Like this will pop the front of the Cartridge out and you can pry it out and Then reload now of the 30,000 of these Pistols made only about 7,000 actually Had this ejector lever most of them just Had a little basically the piece that Ended right about there and all it did Has act as a gate a loading gate so that You could allow access to the cylinder And then once once this chamber and then Once the gun was fully loaded you could Lock it down and prevent anything from

Falling out now to disassemble the gun We have a little cross block just like a Percussion colt so let me pull that out I loosened it up a little bit to make Sure it come out easily on video then Again just like a percussion colt the Front end comes off then we can pull out The cylinder now to start with you can See that there are only small holes in The back of the cylinder so that’s Compliant with the roland white patent We have full sized holes on the front so The full cartridges load in from the Front then you just have enough space To let the hammer through to fire the Cartridges it’s also interesting to note That these these curved blade like Elements here are for the hand to rotate The cylinder and then these six holes Are the cylinder stop holes most Revolvers have a cylinder stop that Comes up through the bottom here and Engages in a notch In the side of the cylinder this gun did Not instead it has a round peg of a Cylinder stop right here that extends Forward just a bit when the hammer is Fully cocked and that sits in one of These holes and that’s what locks the Cylinder in position this one’s a bit Worn and loose but you get the idea the Hand is right here on the other side That’s what rotates the cylinder you can See that it goes up and down with the

Hammer so every time you [ __ ] the hammer It pulls through one of these serrations One of these cuts and rotates the Cylinder one position so this was a Pretty simple gun pretty effective you Know of all the work around cartridges The the teat fire wasn’t a particularly Bad one it did the job they didn’t fall Out and obviously it was successful Enough to make more a fair amount of Money and enough to ultimately have him Bought out by the Colt company thanks For watching guys I hope you enjoyed the Video of course like all the other guns Here this is coming up for sale at Rock Island at the end of June if you check Out the link in the description text Below you can take a look at Rock Islands catalog page for this pistol and It is part of a lot so it comes with a Couple other guns as well and you can Check out pictures of those as well if You like it and place a bit if you don’t Like it well there are actually three Other teak fire revolvers like this in This auction and if you do a little Searching the catalog you can find those And check them out too thanks for Watching good luck

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