Model 1863 Remington “Zouave” Military Rifle

Informational Video about the Model 1863 Remington Military Rifle known as the ”Zouave” Rifle

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Shiloh Relics calm I hope you’re all doing well Today it’s great day here and this Morning I was reminded of something that A friend of mine from Louisiana always Says when I ask him how he’s doing he Says never had so much it needed so Little and I think we could all say that In one way or another today and I sure I’m glad to be here hope that you’re Enjoying the video series that I’ve been Putting on we’ve got a new little set up Today so it’s gonna take me a little bit Getting used to because I’m that old dog Trying to learn new tricks So bear with me today we’re going to Talk about our first lawnmower and I had To reset the area to be sure we could Get this thing in frame I’m gonna start Off with one of the most attractive Civil War guns in my opinion it’s the Remington Model 1863 percussion rifle it Has a 33 inch barrel fires a bullet of 58 caliber and when we say 58 caliber That means it’s 0.58 of one inch of 100.5 a of a hundred to make up the edge Had a couple people say they didn’t know What that meant and it’s a legitimate Question and anytime you have a question Like that if you send them comment or Message I’ll be glad to try to answer it For you so this one’s 58 caliber 33 inch Barrel they were made between 1862 and 1865 they made 12,500 in one of them and

A lot of them survived because they are Very attractive guns they were very well Made there are several notations of how Well they’re made and they were a gun That didn’t make it into widespread Service you don’t see a lot of them that Saw service therefore you see a lot of Them that are in very fine condition and I’m condition on a gun like this the Barrel is blued and as we’ve talked About before that bluing is a way to Protect the finish of the barrel Keep it from rusting the lock plate on These are case hardened and that’s a Factory process where they again treat The metal to keep it from deteriorating This one is rifled and it has the Original rear sight and it has the front Sight These guns are interesting for a couple Of reasons one because they have so much Brass that it really makes them stand Out for most of the guns of the day most Of the guns of the day were iron mounted Meaning that they have iron or steel Barrel bands in butt plates these have a Ton of brass They have brass for the trigger guard For the barrel bands and that little Piece on the end at the front of the Stock is called a nose cap and that is Also made of brass and if you notice While we’ve got that out there there’s a Lug on the side of it and that lug was

Used to apply a saber bayonet and that’s Exactly what it sounds like it was a Bayonet that attached to the end of the Gun that could also be taken off and Used as a saber we’re going to cover Some of those down the road because There’s a lot of variations to them and I like them so we’re going to cover just Going to have to bear with me The gun is made of a single piece of Dark walnut walnut was used in the Majority of all Civil War guns they’re Beautiful furniture grade pieces Remington used the best they were Expensive at the time but he made oh They made a very quality weapon the Brass one piece that is interesting on These guns there’s a big piece of brass You notice on the front of the stock That is actually a compartment that Opens up and they could keep their gun Tool in there it’s called a patch box And you see it on these guns several Others especially the Model 1841 Mississippi they have a patch box as Well but it took extra time it Extra money and so you don’t see them on All guns this one happens to have one These have always been known as the Remington zoo of and the zoo of is a Term that you hear comes over from the French and it was used for the troops With the while looking almost circus Type uniforms but they call it the zoo

Of nobody has ever found a reference as To why they call it as they love because They weren’t issued to Zouaves Specifically so we don’t know in the Records for the government purchased These guns they refer to it simply as a Harpers Ferry patent or a Harpers Ferry Pat pattern gun they are a very Attractive good they’re one that you see Frequently in good condition so you Expect to see them in better condition This one has almost all of the blue it Has almost all of the case coloration The stock is beautiful has both of the Sling swivels these little pieces Underneath are actually what the soldier Would have a leather sling home that’s What he carried it with and most of the Time as you can see I’m a one-man show The phone just rang so I had to go get It love it when it rings because that’s The order line and these videos are not Only to inform but they’re to help you Want to buy this stuff so please bear With me if that happens but the sales Come first because this is how I feed my Family is buying and selling these Pieces that I love to be around I was a Something up and gonna tell you guys the Price range that you often see these Guns in if you see one that’s just a Nice brown gun with Finish remaining on it they’ll usually Sell in that 1200 to 1500 dollar range

I’ve got a couple on the site right now This is the best one I wanted to show You guys the best This one is $3500 and you can see all of The detailed pictures of it on the Website because it has the 1863 Production date on the lock plate it has The Remington mark as well as the ileum New York production location and it’ll Have the matching 1863 date up on top of That barrel in the proof marks and I’ve Got up-close pictures of all of those Markings on this gun on the website as Well as all of them that I do I do Usually 25 to 40 pictures of each gun on The website so if you get a chance at Shiloh relics comm you can go there and If nothing else you can learn because Knowledge is key and I’ve got one that’s Not quite as pretty it’s very pretty but It’s not this kind of Wow that guns Beautiful it looks like it just rolled Out of the factory pretty so the other One is twenty-two hundred and fifty Dollars if you get a chance check those Out I hope that you guys are all doing Well I want to challenge you to do one Thing I was out this weekend and there Were a lot of people I saw that looked Down so I waved at everybody that I saw With a smile sounds simple and stupid But I was surprised how many people Changed to a smile and way back they Didn’t have a clue who I was and I

Didn’t have a clue who they were but it Doesn’t hurt so take one second wave it One person and see if you can make their Day a little bit better because we all Need to be kind to each other especially In times like this and remember you Don’t know what that person is going Through so if you can brighten their day Just a little bit take a second it’s Well worth it and always remember that I Love you guys and I hope that you enjoy Your life as much as I enjoy what I do And that I get to be able to share these Things with you hope y’all have a great Evening Love you guys

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