Model 1855 Springfield Percussion Pistol Carbine

Model 1855 Springfield Percussion Pistol Carbine, made between 1855-57, 58 caliber, 18” overall length,, 12” barrel, Maynard tape primer, approximately 4000 pcs made. If you have any questions or would like a free appraisal contact Steve directly at

My name is Steve Munson and I am the Civil War guru and today we have Interfere valuation is a wonderful piece Of history this is model 1855 pistol Carbine now this thing has got an Overall length of 18 inches it’s got a 12 inch barrel these were made between 1855 and 1857 it has a Maynard paramah Which women get a push with a cameraman I’ll show you what that’s all about and What it is the door right underneath the Hammers you see opens up you put a roll Of caps to there just like yo cap gun in The 50s and that is your percussion Ignition system and then you load your Your cartridge in there blow up that up We can take good look at it these were Made like I say in 1855 to 1857 they Were made with and without a shoulder Stock and what show you won’t a picture With one and the hands the shoulder Stock of course this one has no shoulder Stock and these were made we’re Manufactured for our use and interviews You’ve got off your yours you attached Your shoulder stock and you use it as a Carbine that’s why you see the sling on The front barrel band there on the Second barrel man the main band and then You look at the bottom of the pistol but You’ll see a wringer it’s red lanyard Ring These things are 58 caliber these things Are highly desirable they’re probably

One the most collectible the we call Marshall pistols that’s ones that were Second accepted by the US government They got a lot of ecstatic I feel I always loved them and and of course Like safety battling with the shoulder Stock they’re extremely well rare the The value of the shoulder stock is Actually the same value as the pistol They’re like so giving extreme wear so That’s a rare opportunity for us to get In here and show you one up close This is an ID’d one you’ll see his name On the bottom of the of the gun itself Where the guy that owned the carved his Name an addenda Civil War a lot of these Were in the South in the beginning the Civil War you’ll see a lot of Photographs of unions tintypes in Ambrose where Southern soldiers enlistment Calormen That are holding these type of pistols They were in the southern Arsenal’s when The war broke out so again an extremely Wonderful condition the condition of Saying that lovely patina all over and Like I said I’m gonna get right now and And get some close-ups and as you see This is not the missing thing the ramrod Is attached with a swivel on the front We’ll open it up to show you this thing Is well contained it’s got a two leaf Rear sight on it and you’ll see that Once we roll it over like that I want to

Miss anything these are highly Collectible this particular pistol They’ll be anywhere from two thousand And thirty five hundred dollars without The shoulder stock and again the Shoulder stock same value so if you’ve Actually found one together it’ll add About another 20% to it and these the The stock in the pistol itself did head Assembly numbers own like this one’s got Serial number one and thus Emily’s Number run from 1 to 20 so this Definitely tells you it went out of the Factory with a shoulder stock so I’m Gonna go to the cameraman get a print Get close we got a value on it and from The Civil War collectible channel and The old Civil War guru here have a great Day

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