Model 1816 Simeon North Flintlock Pistol with Philadelphia Conversion

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about a Model 1816 Simeon North Flintlock Pistol with Philadelphia Conversion

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Shauna Relics calm greetings from Tennessee We’re all sitting up and taking Nourishment and as my granddad said That’s about all you hoped for we’re Gonna talk about a gun today that has Some interesting characteristics one It’s a scarce gun to begin with and two It had a conversion by a neat German American the gun itself we have here is A u.s. model 1816 flintlock pistol Originally came out in flintlock as with The majority of them they were switched Over to percussion later on we’ll get to That in a minute but the guns themselves They made nineteen thousand three Hundred and seventy four of these guns During their production run which was Only from 1817 to 1820 they were all Originally manufactured by seni and North in Middletown Connecticut North Made really quality pieces and you can Tell by the construction of this one That this was one of them the guns Originally nine and 1/16 inch barrel Fires a 54 caliber round ball two Smoothbore barrel the later pistols Would become rifled but this one is Smooth board they originally course had The flintlock hammer they had originally A hit Creek ramrod that would just come Completely out and it had a worm on the End of it to help pull the bullet if you Needed to a bullet extractor often

Referred to as a worm the guns when they Were outdated they took this decided They needed to do something else so they Hired companies to switch them from Flintlock to percussion this one not Only was switched to percussion but it Was done in a neat way by a neat person In 1832 There was this cat from Germany that Decides to come over To America his name is Andrew were Flying and he was a gunsmith and he was A very talented gunsmith and so was his Brother his brother also worked in the Gun trade by 1840 Andrew had become a U.s. citizen he was one of those people That came worked hard became a citizen And he worked on guns he converted Several things to percussion from Flintlock for the US government for State and even for private purchases he He did a lot of the Austrian rifles Which is kind of cool because it’s the Guns from his homeland and a lot of the Ones that he worked on switching over Have characteristics character Characteristics of that Austrian flare If you notice the hammer on this gun Looks very similar to an Austrian rifle Hammer we know it’s his conversion Because if you look what they did when They switched it to a percussion from Flintlock they got rid of the pan which Is what held a powder that caused a

Spark when the Flint hit what would be Flint struck it they switched that out With the hammer and they also added this Piece here which is a bolster on the Side of that bolster you see a period W And that’s for Andrew were flying he Marked most of the things that he did he Did Austrian rifles he did these I’ve Seen him where he did some 1816 musket Conversions this one’s neat neat though Because he didn’t just go in and switch It out he also had to do an alteration To it because a lot of the pieces that They were bringing those guys to switch Over were outdated used up broken pieces That they wanted fixed and reissued if You notice the lock plate that should Have been on this gun from the factory Would have been marked Simeon north This one is Nathan’s star that is so Cool but and it’s not in its Because he didn’t make these guns it’s The lock plate off of a model 1817 Common rifle that they may fit onto this Good and when you look at it you could Never tell it he did it well enough that I didn’t even notice it when I bought it I thought oh I got to look at eyes like That’s not the normal mark on that gun It’s much cooler it’s got a great History to it So they used a rifle lock plate altered It to fit just this gun you probably Couldn’t switch out out to feed it

Anything else you wanted to fit into but He was a good enough gunsmith he made it Work He had the bolster and also they got rid Of that Hickory ramrod by the time that They were switching these over they Realized you need something to hang on To that ramrod so what he do on the end Of the gun he added the swivel and if You notice that keeps the ramrod from Getting lost and whoever then developed That one the smartest minds ever because It saved over the years I’m sure it’s Saved thousands and thousands of RAM Rods so cool gun cool lock play cool Alteration and you’ll see these be Careful because you’ll see these sold as Confederate because of that Austrian Looking hammer very similar to some of Them that they used in North Carolina This one Confederate don’t let them tell You it is it’s a neat neat gun that was Converted in Philadelphia Andrew Worf Line was in Philadelphia and it’s one That you can go on to Shiloh relics calm As of the time that I’m filming this you Can go on there you can buy it you can Have it you can show your friends you Can sleep with it you can show you why Show your kids tell your neighbors tell You brother good so it’s on there I hope You enjoy it I hope you order it I hope That you know how thankful I am for Everything I have

My life I’m the luckiest guy in all the World I get to do this every day I’ve Got kids that love me I’ve got a Grandson that loves me I’ve got a young Lady that treats me better than I Deserve to be treated I am the luckiest Guy in the world and one of the reasons I’m this lucky is that I get to be with You guys on a regular basis please Remember to share these please go onto YouTube sign up as a subscriber I hadn’t forgot it when we hit 1000 Subscribers I’m going to give away an Original Civil War cavalry saber I’ve Got it picked out one of these days I’m Gonna do a little segment on it I hope You know what I love you I hope that you Know that you’re cared for I hope when You get that chance that your kind of People because we all could stand a Little bit more kindness I’ll catch you Next time

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