Minié Ball – A VERY advanced design for a 170 year old bullet

This is filmed at a proper rifle range. Cameras have zoom so objects in the background appear close, but they are thousands of yards beyond the range of these projectiles. We were sent some Minie’ balls to test out. These are OLD technology but were revolutionary at the time since it extended the effective range of a musket almost 6 fold. We use modern components, making these sabot-rounds. How will they fair compared to the most modern slugs? Because they are sub-caliber rounds, they need the sabot to center them in the bore and a modern gas-seal so the smokeless powder will function. They would NOT work without these components. It would be like trying to launch a .38 out of a .45 ACP.

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[Music] Hello everyone this is Jeff today we’re Gonna experiment with 69 caliber LED Mini balls rather than using a black Powder rifle will be using modern Components and smokeless powder and see How effective these are as 12-gauge Projectiles even by 12 gauge standards The 69 caliber minie ball is extremely Heavy this requires very careful loading Procedures and if you’re not familiar With reloading I highly recommend you Don’t even attempt to do this the mini Ball is a very old design and was used Extensively during the Civil War by both Sides using smoothbore muskets and round Ball the effective range was only around 50 yards when the minie ball was Introduced the effective range grew to 300 yards or six times the effective Range of what they had previously this Is one of the biggest technological Advances in warfare that we’ve ever seen We’d like to thank Larry for this video Idea and also for supplying the mini Balls to us and Larry wanted to give a Quick shout out to his buddies at the North/south skirmish Association who Shoot these things all the time using State-of-the-art components we’ll see How this very old ball designs functions In today’s world as may be a very large Dangerous game round alright don’t flee The crew we’re gonna try something a

Little different here today we’ve got Some enables is it a minie ball Everybody calls it minis but the man’s Name that invented it was manase okay so That settles that minis Danny says so Then it must be right that’s right now Everybody calls it mini balls so we know What we’re talking about stop then in The mid-1800s is it still relevant today You know are they still I mean out of a 12-gauge it’s it’s kind of a trick to Make them work it’s a little gauge and a Shot gulley rifled well we got the lead Plate set up for 12 yards we’re gonna See where it hit yeah I bet they’ll hit Low Okay that’s by guessing you got to keep It you got to keep the chronograph close To it because you got to get a reading Before the wads and everything starts Separating people confuse that with Pistol and rifle chronograph use a Little different with shotguns when you Have different separate wads people Always want to correct this but that This is how it works yeah that’s true he Doesn’t say that instruction manual Okay let’s see where the minie ball hits On the lead plate it’s gonna kick hard Danny I gotta warn you okay okay I’m Ready Wow that was that’s bet that’s good a Good sign he hit the I think he nearly Hit the center of the sticker

I mean Center enough for government work Good enough to hurt ya all right that’s Pretty much point name it might have Been in charge Hey I don’t think it was even that That’s pretty that’s a good sign oh boy Inch-and-a-half a lid yeah I don’t I Don’t know if either day anything that’s Gone through those 30 pounders well this Just poured hot so it’s it’s not porous Okay it was poured hot so there’s not Much porosity there Wow not bad that’s It’s looking good good just bury down And say they’re just the tip you can see It all down inside there that you can See my markings on there and all that Yeah golly this is looking good Yeah you got like eight more of them I Think seven or eight more so how’s your Shoulder gonna last that’s okay for the Week old fried chicken gizzard Haha okay it should go right through That ballistic gel these things just Plow through everything because that Solid lead knows maybe we’ll catch one In the in the best though I have no Doubts that Danny can hit that we’re at 12 yards or so then we can zoom in on The cameras and all that good stuff okay I’m ready when you are I don’t know if you’re ready wow that Vesko it’s got to be in the vest well Strip through that best par how far I Made like 40 yards it was 39 yards 30

Yards from this point hit it right there Put a big bulge in it the slug out Somewhere yeah we’re looking for it I Didn’t go through the vest darn it Maybe maybe when we shoot through some Jugs of water we’ll be able to recover It let’s give it a try okay She son goes behind a cloud but I think The crows can handle it wait okay I’m Ready down The mini ball with its streamline solid Nose just plowed right through all three Gallon jugs of water now in contrast if You watched our last video where we Tested the fury semi-jacketed hollow Point slugs that slug expanded in the Water fragmented and never made it past The third jug the fury slug was just More efficient at dumping its energy Into the target without over penetrating While the minie ball is more efficient At just penetrating deeply through Targets ok 1376 but uh hydro shocked all Three jugs very nasty did not catch that One dang it let’s see what it does our Steel plate it’s mild steel it’s like Three eighths inch thick or okay okay I Don’t know we’re about to you want to Okay okay okay these things are looking Good we could finally had a recovery it Took us a bit but we found it yeah That’s what’s left over than a ball on a Three-eighths yeah put a nice dent in it She’s a giver

Yeah look at that it’s like the size of A bigger than a quarter I think mm-hmm About a forty cent piece or so yeah Flip it around we did it leave a oh boy Yeah almost as much as what you were Shooting the other day he had the full Bore diabolo slugs and denver from Australia sin yeah bull ooh yes okay yep I’m glad we found one so far okay what’s The next test All right we’re at 55 yards we’ve got a Concrete about three inch three and a Half inch or so yeah Creed slab we’re gonna go through Smoothbore now we’re gonna run a foster Slug just to see where they’re hitting For comparison and then we’ll run them In a ball through a smoothbore yeah I Don’t know I I’m thinking it’s going to Tumble but you never know there’s only One way to find out Yeah I may not hit it but we got to find Out all right let’s do this okay I’m Ready okay now minie ball they’re Smoothbore helot how was the recoil with The foster slug I was like shooting at 22 by comparison okay let’s see if if we Needs to spin stabilization this will Tell us a lot Ears are good you hit it three 1/2 Inches okay I didn’t expect you to even Hit that thing with a smoothbore it’ll Be interesting to see how it’s flying in Slow motion yeah that’s pretty good

Yeah maybe you were you’re flinching From that all that big Eddy recoil from That little one ounce foster slug oh Shoot a smoothbore I don’t have the buck Pad on there and yeah yeah it smarts That’s what our shot cups looks like It’s just kind of shearing them off About where those I don’t know where Those bands call groove those grooves on The on the minie ball grease grooves Okay but they’re all exactly the same Which is good you know Have consistency this thing is fractured Okay all the way through I imagine we’re Gonna bust that thing into many pieces By the time we’re done here yeah makes It easier to carry it yeah over here Next time around there you go let’s try It in this test we used a foster slug That had a similar velocity as our minie Balls this gives you an idea of how Different the ballistics are and how Using the same point of aim will give You different results using different Projectiles this is probably the biggest Surprise for me from this entire test Because we were told that a minie ball Is a spin-stabilized bullet so we Expected the minie ball to tumble Through the air and be very inaccurate But that’s just not the case it was Extremely accurate without spin at all Okay now we’re going back to rifled I Was totally impressed that you could hit

It with a smoothbore very impressive Speed sights to know now you’re gonna Screw everything up go back to the rifle Barrel and the red laser yes sir Okay you’re gonna go for the left dot Now okay I’m all armed and ready see That was way left yeah At 55 yards the mini ball is still Traveling at a supersonic speed as you Can see the shockwave being dragged Across the ground it’s a pretty good Example of the difference between the Power of the foster slug in the mini Ball because the impact locations are Very similar okay where are you aiming Now I don’t know if it’s my red dot or What but we’re gonna go for the right Dot and see if it still shoots you know All this recoil could have knocked your Optics out a little bit I think so these Are brutal okay right black dot whenever You’re ready whew okay In this shot using the rifle shotgun With the red dot we could see that it Hit low and left and that’s simply Because the red dot is not zeroed for This particular round and we can verify That by using our previous shot we have Almost the exact same offset and that Gives you a pretty good idea of how well These things actually grew and once Again the difference between the damage Between the foster slug and the meatball Are like day and night this will be in a

Shot of the century if you can hit that Thing well seems better left we’re gonna Use our Kentucky windage again okay you Can try hit that little jug it’s about a Gallon or so it’s a little smaller than Gallon jug but uh okay I am I’m ready When you are taking time and get it ride Well you hit the the cement thing This shot Danny brought his point of aim Way to the right he was just a little Bit off all in all I think he did very Well now remember these things were Designed to shoot out of a 10 to 11 Pound musket rifle and we’re using a Seven and a half pound shotgun the Recoil is horrendous and he had to shoot Eight of these so give him a little Slack you came very close to hitting That jug but it lives to another day I Think he went over just it was a little A little I think it was a little high And just it was over another inch or so I think it was grazed it at least I hit Some blocks easier to carry yeah that’s I mean slug eyes are pretty good I’m Really impressed you know I’ll tell you Somebody that could hunt Noah and a lead Free zone hog hunting that would just Roll a hog right over I think so a Couple of hogs deep I think yeah Probably that was good and how’s your Shoulder Oh it’s Frank okay yeah dang it that Butt pad really helps that yeah but I

Didn’t have it on that smooth board that One shot that one Oh big difference I wait I gotta get Gregg one of those and with those limb Savers okay makes a world of difference If you use the code towel 54 nevermind You know any sponsors like that for a Projectile that was designed nearly a Hundred and seventy-five years ago the Minie ball is way ahead of its time and As a 12-gauge projectile these things Are as good as many of the modern slugs That we have tested that’s amazing to me It turns out the minie ball is a Universal slug meaning it can be shot Through a smoothbore a rifle choke or Full rifling all equally well I hope you Enjoyed this video please like it Subscribe if you’re not subscribed hit The bell and maybe you’ll have a 5% Chance of seeing our videos Your feet huh and as always want to Thank our generous patreon supporters For helping to keep our channel alive Without you we would just be sitting Around watching cat videos thanks for Watching

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