Massachusetts Arms Company Revolver – Civil War

The Civil War Guru presents the Massachusetts Arms Company Revolver, made for the Adams Revolver Co. New York.

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Electrical channel my name is Steve Munson and i am the Civil War guru and The day I have been here for evaluation Is a wonderful grouping and what we have Here is a Massachusetts Arms Company Revolver and that was made in check p Falls Massachusetts it was made for the Adams revolver Company of New York and This is a case pistol it’s 31 caliber as Original flask has original bullet mold Which is brass and is also mark Massachusetts arms as the original caps And some bullets it’s an original case And what’s neat about this is this Pistol belong to private jets / Goodrich Of the 63rd Georgia infantry and he was In company a we have his original diary Here and in 1861 he logs in his diary Where he paid $18 for this pistol for Self-protection so included in this is Not only the case pistol but we have his Revolver we also have a after the war Carter vets dubbing a letter written to Him and a book of the Oglethorpe guards That was written at the turn of the Century and inside the book as each of His fellow brethren had died at the turn Of the century he would clip out their Obituaries and decoupage him in this Book we also have two of his ucv United Confederate Veterans metals one that has His name on it and that is a coin silver And then the other one is a medal from The 22nd reunion which was in Macon

Georgia of the 63rd Georgia imagery Little history about the 63rd it was Formed in Savannah Georgia and in mainly Was used in infantry and artillery Around the Thunderbolt there in Savannah And up and down the coast and as the Battle of Atlanta was about to ensue They were shipped to Atlanta to help Defend and they fought Sherman you know Tooth and nail all the way through his March to the sea where they surrendered And it’s ironic that a lot of them their Fellows in the 63rd never surrender they Were dead set against it so this Wonderful gripping has been together Forever and you have a rare revolver Massachusetts arms of a between 1857 and Eighteen sixty and this everything Complete and wonderful dive with a lot Of great history and these are the kind Of things that you love to see we have An entire group in the state in the Family all ID so this is a real pleasure For the old guru to least be able to Give an evaluation on and I praise this Thing between seventy five hundred Ninety five hundred dollars depending on The market but people that collect Georgia artifacts this has got to be one Of the premier pieces so we’re going to Get up here and get a few close-ups of It from the Civil War do room and have a Great day Oh

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