Making percussion sharps ammo part 1

In this series I will share how a lot of those of us who are shooting in the north south skirmish association are fabricating our own ammunition for the paper cartridge sharps

Hello YouTube on that started another Series on get back to the trapdoor most Weather crews I’m going to start a Series on making mo for the percussion Sharps making combustible cartridges but The gun will be shooting making a man For shooting this 1859 model it’s got That tell my pad box on it this is a Very old IAB sharps correct I could be Wrong here I believe Garrett started Making these and then i’ii be bought Them out and this is one early ones this One does have an original block on it Helps with the Turner pool makes a Little more crisp It’s like repeat this gun that’s what You want maybe ever shot any of these Tiny pros you know most of them weak Really bad right here in the brief Chariot now shooting this thing after Five or six rounds you got open the Action and it’s incredibly hard but I Had a modification down from a horse When he’s amongst what other people do Work on these things up what he did he Takes the breech block this portion of Usually hollow right in here and this Gas check plate will come right off and You can clean this anywhere but he’s Done is he’s maintenance all solid all One piece and this gas check plate no Longer comes off it’s part of the Flopper yes and then it takes puts a Sleeve in here it’s two-part two-piece

Sleeve this one of it stays in there This is the part that comes out you can See there right here around here is Where the ring goes better over a rubber O-ring on that and then you put just Cover that grease stick this back in There put it all together what that does Is that o-ring puts both of attention on This breech bar So that makes a perfect seal no gasoline You could shoot this all day with this System here he does this and there’s Several other people I can’t think of The names they work on them two of them So the first thing you’re going to need Obviously as a bullet mold this is up Kind of limited on bullet I’ve kind of Repeating and I’ve had the this one is a Moose I like this one this is a new Smoke comes out the moldo 544 fire by 180 grit or 480 grains they’re kind of Expensive though hundred and a quarter Thank bread double cavity but they’re Really good mold they sell two different Sizes of this this is the Christmas tree Green tail Christmas tree for the Sharpest of this one the five or four Sides that someone that’s in the five Five fifty five caliber I think that’s For the army sports to do is you have to Slug your barrel make sure what size it Is mine this one here slugs right at Five three nine Nobody wine has a better soul and I

Think is around the same five three nine Five water so in there so this five four Four was the obvious choice now I don’t Sighs them or anything I just shoot them As cast it’s a soft blend that way you Know swinging down five six thousand so It’s a soft lab so it doesn’t create too Much pressure when it does I know Streets are just fine Now forty two grains of go x2 that is What I used you know Phoebe I’ve ever Made cartridges before blanks are taking Around with it the cartridges most People make I’ve seen when you chamber You close the action up it shaves off Some of the cartridge well two reasons I Really don’t like that not one we’re Competing with these we’re trying to Load and fire SAS as we can It’s a north-south spirit associations Where treatment you’re trying to break As many targets as you can as fast as You can the team that breaks your Targets and the shortest amount of time Wins so obviously you’re trying to get Get as much ammo accurately Course so whenever you cut off that Cartridge you’ve got all kinds of Cracker you gotta get away clean it off Blow it off whatever you do that takes Up time what other reason I don’t like It is you don’t know for how much power You’re getting into the chamber every Time it could be different every time

Know how much difference does that make Out now but I’m not trying to timing are The exact pretty well not exactly the Pretty close same size as my chamber This is one of the tubes they go all the Way in there they don’t shave me a thing Off back I’ve glued a hair curler paper On it the flaps and the cap goes right Through that and if you have fun Speaking on that if you have problems With going walking might wanna try it Some number drill bits This is what I have to do in number of Drill bits just keep going up in size Until you find the large flash hole Large enough to set these off sometimes They have a problem time but I’m going To show you the process we’re gonna Tonight we’re gonna mix up our nitrate In water solution when I trick the Papers we’re going to run well that’s Not gonna get my dogs in background Playing so first thing you’re gonna need Is a boat moment you’re also gonna need A mandrel you can probably make one of These out wooden barrel and put tape Around it but or you gonna have by a Piece of plastic have a machine that’s Turning one down No yeah if you go that route I’ll give You the measurements for this one the Designer of the mandrel itself is 0.47 For say more closed that’s fine so I’m An exact science now you want you know

What the whole manner will be that size If you want something to grab off to the Depth of it and that’s just not graceful The depth of it She’s about an inch and a half if their Wrench a half and a whole length is Small enough to fit your hand like so Like this so figure out what size tubes You need my chamber takes the tube it’s About 1.2 inches in length so what we’re Going to do is we’re going to take our Bullet now put it into the chamber just A bullet push it in there now we’re Going to take our downtown fish or Something to measure with it can be a Downer Augie this pool mark on the back Of that inch close-up at this bullet Here I’ll show you what I’m going to do You see there’s the base of it right Here here’s the base then here’s the Retail portion glue will go into this Portion of the bullet ringtail and That’ll keep the secured in the Cartridge now we measured from this Point to the face of the chamber since The paper cartridge is going to cover up All this we need to know what thinnest From the measurement from this back to The ringtail to the base of the actual Bullet so we’re going to measure that Again it says they’re really exact so I Don’t make it that is about it’s just Under point 2 inches so I’m gonna call That point 2 so we have those together

And it’s 1.2 inches like I said so these Tubes and they can be a little short I’ll tell you why than the making that They need to be around 1.2 inches or so From it for my chamber that’s that’s Pretty much what they are they’re a Little long but that’s alright when they Read Chamber it’ll compress the pattern on This stuff so with that information We’ll take a printer paper what we’ll do Is take our printer paper take your Counter sure whatever you have to Measure with make your lines now I can’t Remember it whatever though wrap around This think it’s right around two and a Half if the ranch is like a not really What we’ll do is we’ll lay out our grid On our paper and that’s gonna be our Master we will take that put it on a Printer and print off a bunch of them And we’ll take that max when we’re done We put it up somewhere for safekeeping And then when my trader will mix our Water and potassium nitrate and put the Paper in a pan and we’ll fill it up with That pan up with our water and potassium Nitrate we’ll take that paper out let it Draw it once it dries it’s gonna have a Lot of crystals on it’ll be crystal on a Fancy glass right stuck to that paper That’s what you want we’ll cut all that Up square some sharp same oh no once You’ve got all this done once it’s all

Put together and look something like This the very last step you let that dry Overnight when you glue it together You’re gonna want to mix up a bolt loop A boatload that you like and then dip This the projectile in the bowl Definitely not a good thing to shoot These without some kind of bullet Lubricant alone cuz you’ll end up the Barrel growling it’s really hard to put It really hard to clean now if you don’t Want to send your sharps off you wanna Try something before you send it off That modified what I did beforehand this Was a lot of fun but I would miss home Academy here before was made solid all Right fill that full of white lithium Grease and then don’t really help keep The fouling in here song help keep it Running for a little while I still have To break down We drop the matches keep it running but You know if you’re just gonna go out the Plank take her around that’s probably All you need but you play on shooting This one of these all day having this Done now there’s same fella to make see That mom finds easy also sells cardboard Tubes if you don’t feel it good through All their sizes just for an office down To reasons but if you don’t want to make All these these tubes do you do a search On internet for Charlie’s tubes I think You’ll find it and I’ll I’ll verify that

And I’ll get back to the other next Video He sells in just a cardboard tube you Tell me linking you find the length you Need by will happily just running Straight you I find that you tell him How many you want I’m Cynthia you just have their hollow On the way through you have to tape up One in I use a lot of use I’m going to Use a paper medical tape then crank out A bunch on that way and you charge up And glue to your case that’s it Alright well our next step will be Laying out of paper and I see again We’re going to lay out a paper make our Squares and after that we’re going to Make a water in my trade solution that’s To then I’ll see you later

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