Making Cap and Ball Revolver Quick Loaders

How to make pre-measured quick loads for .44 caliber cap and ball revolvers

Hello this is Mark Hubbs with eros gone Bullet modes if you subscribe to my Channel or I’ve seen some of my other Videos you know that my emphasis is Normally normally on reproducing Original style paper cartridges but in This case we’re going to talk about how To make quick loads for your cap and Ball revolvers something that anybody Can make if you’re not concerned about Shooting an authentic cartridge and These are especially important if you’re Shooting some type of competition that Doesn’t allow paper in the cartridge Such as NSSA and you want a pre-measured Cartridge ready to pour into the Revolver and start shooting and what I Use is this clear vinyl tubing to make My quick loaders and this picture size It’s the inside diameter is 3/8 and it Works perfectly for 44 that sounds like It should be too small but it’s flexible And it will you can squeeze the bullet In there and it will seal very nicely so We’re going to go through and I’ll show You hop put these together this can be Bought at any hardware store and if You’re lucky they’ll still have it on a Large roll so you can just buy it by the Foot if not you can buy these 10 foot Rolls for about l56 dollars Unfortunately there’s not a size that Works for 36 caliber only for 44 caliber With a 3 inch 3/8 inch diameter inside

And you’ll also need a 3/8 inch dowel Rod and you’ll need to cut that into Little segments approximately a Centimeter long will listen half an inch It’s not doesn’t have to be precise but You’ll end up with basically little Plugs that look like that and that’s What will seal one end The quick loaders with and you’ll see This inset here of me and my band saw Cutting some out and as I said it’s not It doesn’t have to be precise so don’t Spend too much time trying to measure Out little pieces so let’s let’s cut one Now for a standard 20 to 25 grain charge For either Round bar conical and you’ll need about Roughly two inches or 20 to 25 grains And you can experiment with this you can Get the size you need by after you cut a Couple so that’s two inches right there There’s the piece we need and we’ll find Us a plug in here and the plug should Fit snugly right into the end of the Tubing now if you’re concerned about it Coming out or if you want be especially Sure that it seals you can put a little Bead of superglue around it and I Guarantee you it won’t come out and it Probably be fairly airtight too now with That we can take a flask and this is a 25 grain charger on this flask Well actually competition with NSSA Iowa The Chargers but if you’re just doing

Range work you can use a measure of any Kind and they have 25 grains and then You can take the bullet of your choice In this case it will be a fine one in Here they Johnston and Dow Civil War Stop conical and you just work it into The end of that vinyl tube twist it and Work it push the heel in and you’ll have A very nicely sealed cartridge and also You have to do is pull the bullet out And pour the powder and then of course Put the bullet into the chamber and ran At home and you can adjust these to the Link you need you can see there’s a lot Of space left in that you could probably Get 40 reigns in there if you chose to And there’s another thing you can do but Then here’s here’s a round ball version And here is 40 grains behind a Dragoon Bullet and these I would make up for use In my coat Walker now if you’d like to Make a duplex charge and that’s one that Will hold both powder and filler take Your length of tubing and press one of The pieces of the dowel rod all the way Up to the center and it’s not hard to do Okay we’ll start fresh here cut another One that’s about two and a half inches And then we’ll take our piece of dowel Rod get it started and I will push that Up to the center of the tube and it’ll Be sort of tight And then can we get all my pieces of Cymbal here I have a round ball and I

Need a longer plug for the other end Actually what I’m doing here so here’s Our 25 grains of powder and we’ll pour That into one end just barely fits press The ball in and – it’s uh just past the Middle yeah then they have too much Powder in here okay And then on the other end I’ll put ten Grains by volume a filler in this case It’s grits you see it in there then I’ll Take a one inch long piece of dowel rod And insert it in the other end and That’ll be my plug which I can remove And now I have a duplex load ready great – going through vulvar as some of you Know a lot of competition shooters like To use a mixed load like this and put The powder in first and then the filler And the idea there is to make the ball Sit as close to the mouth of the chamber As possible by use of that filler on top Of the target load that way the bullet Does not jump as far when it engages the Rifling and that consistency helps to Improve accuracy so again there’s our Duplex load here’s another example And a conical bullet and a round ball And here’s some I can show you for Comparison that I’ve had loaded for at Least two years and I loaded these Originally with round ball for NSSA Let’s see quite a while ago and they Were leftover and something I replaced With the Johnson and a bullet but that’s

A that’s 21 grains of black powder Inside there and still it’s still loose Ready to pour these have been in the hot Humid storage cabinet essentially in my Garage for over two years and you see The bullet will still pop out this fine I can pour the powder and if I decide Not to use it I can put the bullet back In and it’ll still seal and should be Able to use these things over and over Again you know I haven’t had any split Or dried to the point where they don’t Hold the bullet any longer I know they Have to have a life of some length I Just know I haven’t reached that yet so Anyway that’s what I do for a modern Quick look and hopefully this will help You and deciding how to carry your Ammunition to the range if you need a Pre load of charge Well that’s my solution to having a Prepared precision premade cartridge That takes the range and I’m not worried About historical accuracy if this was Helpful please give me a like and I Subscribe to my YouTube channel and Please visit our website and you can see All the different bullet modes that we Have to offer thanks for watching [Music] [Music]

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