Making 36 Caliber Paper Cartridges

In this video I’ll demonstrate how to make .36 caliber paper cartridges using Balazs Nemeth’s, CapandBall cartridge former and Mark Hubbs, Eras Gone Colt Conical Ball bullets.

Balazs Nemeth is the host of the CapandBall channel, which I think is the best black powder channel on YouTube. He has developed a former and mandrel system for assembling paper cartridges for cap and ball revolvers using either conical bullets, or round balls.

Mark Hubbs, the owner of Eras Gone Bullet Molds has recreated the actual conical bullets used during the Civil War. In this project I’ll be using bullets cast by his Colt Conical Ball mold.

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Eras Gone

Mike Beliveau sites:

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