Kentucky Long Rifle made in Kentucky (Civil War)

Kentucky Long Rifle, Made by Michael Sells in Augusta Kentucky, If you have a question or would like an appraisal email Steve directly at

Similar collectible channel my name is Steve Munson and I have to said work Guru today we have been here for Evaluation is a wonderful Kentucky rifle This is just not any cadet rifle this is A Kentucky made can tell you rifle in Kentucky there were several builders This particular gun was built by Mike Sales of Augusta Kentucky now guess the Kentucky was a river town it was founded Around 1780 and also there’s a footnote Of that if any of you folks out there Remember the TV series this Centennial And that was about 1978 79 they had a Miniseries about the birth of the United States they filmed the st. Louis scene And against a Kentucky I guess you Kentucky’s built right on The river it has probably seventy eighty Percent of the original buildings there And the actually the building that this Gun was made in is still there alright Now let’s get back to the gun this Particular gun again was made by Michael Sales and sales made rifles in Augusta From 1827 to 1860 and he would mark the Dates on this particular gun is marked On top of girl 1851 it is a wonderful Tiger striped maple stock I’m when People kind of leaning in over here it Is great set of triggers and these are Set triggers you have your set between The uke always talked back to her to set It then it releases on the front when

You pull the hammer back The lock was supplied by Tyler and Davison company of Cincinnati Ohio and That was very common for the gun makers To buy locks triggers in different Hardware Florida Kentucky rifles and Being only 40 50 miles away from Augusta But Cincinnati so it’s very convenient It has the full stock again tiger Strength maple was hosted in the barrel The barrel this is actually a short gun It’s approximately 40 caliber as a Thirty three and a half inch barrel as a Single screw lock the lock is hello Unscrew that’s pretty typical of that 1850s period and we’re going to roll Them over we can see look at the came Around get some close-ups of the log and The back of it and you also see the Marking the marking is on top of the gun Does any triangle pattern you have in Sales going on one side and then on the Other side you have a best I can Augusta then across the bottom you have Kentucky so this is a real rare maker And they supplied because two folks Going to actually go into Saint Louis And this is probably headed toward the Plains because it’s a shorter gun you Know inherently they would have the Longer guns for our squirrels and Rabbits but when they went out west they Would shorten the barrels because they Would care of on horseback and of course

In in the picture you can see we have a Couple of powder horns of the period and We have the bull of mode for which I Have a the round bottom also has the the Pointed projectile so this is a real Real fine grade Kentucky rifle for the Rifles that are made in Kentucky most Goods are made in Kentucky they’re not Really elaborate as far as patch boxes And different inlays they’re pretty Basic because they were utilitarian they Were made for use not to look at and Again this is a condition is really Wonderful on this and that ten kind of Drives the price this gun will appraise It today for 2,000 and 2,500 it’s a real Real rare gun and hard to find and Seldom seen but it’s one of the top Kentucky makers of kentucky rifles so The cameraman here will get in here and Get a couple of good shots of it Close-ups of it so from the Civil War Guru have a great day

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