In Your Face Different: Archon Type B 9mm!

We’ll start off with the boldness of a German Air Force Tiger Striped F4 Phantom that boldly called out all players in the NATO 1984 Tiger Meet. Archon does the same. It is strange and different in several ways, really excellent in some others, and possessing of some regrettable quirks.

Again this is another independent Nutnfancy review sponsored only by TNP Patrons. No free pistols or under the table money were given to me. So you’ll get the non-group think, AE take on the Archon and see if it’s right for you. I the end will ask the hard questions about the Archon Type B, scrutinize its 1st and 2nd Cool, consider its value, and show competitive options. The competition is strong.


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That my friends is ballsy it is it’s Ballsy to roll into a very crowded field Of all types of ultra competent players And seek to make a statement and the Statement is this I’m going to be better Than you Deal with it I think to this day its Message to the world is this I am in Your face again deal with it I am different I’m not trying to blend In I’m trend-setting I’m wild I’m proud I do color outside the lines and by the Way I’m pretty darn cool I mean seriously have you checked me out Yet that is pretty freakin cool That is it’s message to this day to the World says lieutenant-colonel nutnfancy No I’m not talking about the pistol not Yet I’m talking about the Luftwaffe our F4 phantom 2 painted in this color Scheme loud and proud in your face the Bright yellow matte black tiger stripe Camouflage pattern Luftwaffe our f4 this Is a photo reconnaissance phantom 2 and It showed up at a competitive NATO meet 1985 in a place called kleine Bruegel NATO Tiger meat and all types of Competent players showed up and here Rolls in this bright yellow and black Our f4 from the Luftwaffe it made a Statement I can guarantee it It was loud it was in your face and they Are throwing down with that paint job And the Germans did it frequently as did

Some other European countries they would Paint these fighters these outlandish Colorations for these competitive meats There would be bombing competitions Fighter competitions the RF for probably Participated in timing competitions like Time on target I’m talking like to the Millisecond you had to be right on maybe Speed at getting certain tasks done it Made a statement this Tiger-striped are f4 phantom how cool is That look it there’s AG 52 squadron Patch that was a squadron two decided to Paint this aircraft this coloration and This is an actual plane this is not Made-up so this actually showed up at Tiger meet 1985 round of applause thank You That is pretty freakin cool it is Standing out it’s making a statement It’s bucking the trend it is telling the World I’m going to be better than you Now did this RF or deliver in that Tiger Meat I didn’t look it up but knowing how The European country stacked against the United States Air Force they probably Didn’t do so good I’m just going off Memory I mean I served 21 years in the Air Force I went to plenty of Competitive meats myself and we usually Smoked all foreign competition and any Standard of measure you want to throw Down no but I’ll tell you what It’s a bold and proud statement and I

Give it a round of applause it is very Cool most of the other aircraft were Shown up with this I don’t think the F-106 showed up at that Tiger meat but This is a standard beautiful f-106 by The way paint job you know standard Military coloration of the day maybe it May be a couple other ones but look at The difference dude so here we go Transitioning to the pistol review this Is kind of like the Glock Glock 19 at The top and this is kind of like the Archon type be how you like that Transition I am yeah Everything I said about the RF for Obviously if you’re following me can be Said about the arcon type be welcome to My tabletop review of this pistol I Think it is loud proud different Innovative hmm in some respects and it’s Making a statement of hey man I’m gonna be better than you there is a Very specific way it’s doing that that No one else is gonna talk about in fact I’m gonna say a bunch of different stuff About this pistol you you won’t hear Anywhere else completely independent Review I’ll say a lot of good things About the pistol I’m gonna say a few negative things About the pistol but I’ll go back to the Intro it is bucking the trend and I do Think that is ballsy just like this Super-sick rf4 it’s ballsy you just roll

On on the ramp and all these great Planes are there and here comes a price Look for and here the Archon Type B Rolls into a crowded marketplace again Full of all types of ultra not just Competent but ultra competent handguns Go to war capable handguns look at my Playlist I’m going to show you some Competitive offerings to this gun what We will remind ourselves of those Offerings and we’ll say you know what Those are Damn fine handguns and they are our con Tight bigos yeah they’re alright but I’m Gonna be better why do I say that well I’ll say this at the outset because it Is an expensive pistol that’s what I was Driving to it is an expensive pistol 895 Or so retail for the black version like 945 that’s nine hundred and forty five Dollars for the flat desert earth Version and that’s if you can find it I’ll tell you what boys and girls that Is a lot of money a lot of money for a Polymer pistol don’t you think that’s Also making a statement the statement it Is making is that we are better than you And it’s doing it by pricing I do want To talk about this a little bit because I do instruct my audience about Marketing how does marketing work you Know what’s the ins and outs of it virt You know the customer perception versus Reality I’ve spent a lot of time on that

You can actually position something as Being very very cool and even better in A consumers mind by pricing alone for Instance if I take a customized Glock This is a Gen 4 Glock 19 we will be Referencing this pistol throughout the Review I think even less I forget it’s Up there but let’s say I take this Glock 19 Glock 17 and I trick it out I mail Out the slide I put on some gold tiny Coatings on it I stipple the grip in a Certain way I do some grip mods and I charge $2,000 For the gun is it worth 2,000 bucks not My book but it’s positioned in certain People’s minds as being valuable because Of the pricing level you follow and so If some dude pays $2,000 for this Fictitious glock mod there are some Great glock mods out there and I’ve Covered one or two of them then he’s and He’s thinking to himself this thing is Special because I paid 2,000 freaking Dollars for it it’s got to be special so If you price something high higher than Your competition just by pricing alone You are making a statement we are better Than the competition that’s why we’re Charging now where does that cost come From probably a lot of lot of middlemen Would be my guess exchange rate you bet This is made in Germany by the way Currently yep again it’s appropriate That we have a Luftwaffe RF 4 on the

Table German Air Force German German Made in Germany I don’t think designed In Germany and yes exchange rate could Come into play middlemen could come into Play importation costs although stack up But Dane son there’s other guns from Germany that go through that process and I’ll tell you what they’re not know $850 Walther PPQ hmm let’s see if it has a German little mark on it oh it does Right here right there y’all yeah Walther PPQ there’s an m1 version love It Magazines out for a reason how come this Didn’t end up being a 850 bucks yeah It’s probably not trying to make that Same statement nothing get you I get you But that was my point that pricing alone Lends a certain air of coolness and a Lot of people’s minds in the tactical Elitist mind Yes there you go I said it yeah yeah so They’re saying my guns better than yours Because I spent a lot more on it this is A lot better they’re saying as then for Instance of ppq or a Glock 19 because It’s more expensive I will drive to the Reality of that in this tabletop review Well let’s get going let’s get going fun Intro buddy enjoyed it now before I get Into a features review of the Archon Type B I would like to share this small Observation with you on its availability It is damn hard to find it is there

Aren’t a lot of gun stores that I Visited that stock either its Predecessor the strike one in fact I Don’t ever remember seeing that gun in a Gun counter ever or this gun is Successor of the Archon Type B it’s Really hard to find I had wanted to Review it for a number of years I had Requests from you guys to get one the Strike one for instance for review I Wasn’t successful now I have certain Channels that I will acquire the guns For a loan I generally don’t purchase Them outright right off the bat I don’t I think that is a foolish expenditure of Limited TMP funds I don’t do that I Generally use high quality trustable gun Stores like gunnies the great American Gun store Orem Utah I did put in Requests with them with Wyatt for a Number of years to get a strike one at The time I think he checked they weren’t In the distribution channel they had Dried up already they went away well Like I said it lasted in the marketplace Like 10 minutes I know that’s an Exaggeration but it was short-lived but Then the arc on type B came out I tried To get one through him again and for Whatever reason it just didn’t work out I couldn’t get one either he didn’t want To get one he definitely does not stock Him in store but it didn’t get removed From my list I still want to review it

And no I don’t want to go to Arsenal or Directly to Archon to get a TNR sample I Don’t do that well generally sometimes I Will if I don’t have a choice but I hate Doing that I like a buffer zone between Me and the manufacturer you guys know This right yeah you do So what to do what to do I still wanted to review it damn hard to Find and even if I did I want I don’t Want to go out and spend what 800 bones A gun just you know on a whim that’s a Lot of money so here’s what I did I went Out searching for another high-quality Trustable gun store I went to a lot of Gun stores most of them I just didn’t Like for a number of reasons I won’t go Into I was very fortunate enough to find A family operated gun store in Salt Lake City Utah that will now become an Associated gun store with the nutnfancy Project everybody please welcome to the Project by association giving me these Loaner guns hand gun Haven round of Applause owned by the Pratt brothers as Far as I know cool dudes I visited with Them a lot before I decided to use them For loaner guns I like the dudes I’m just gonna tell you I like them they seem very cool down to Earth their prices in the shopper right They have a super clean well put Together store it’s small it’s kind of a Smaller operation it’s located in a very

Obscure industrial park near the Salt Lake City Airport kind of near it and I’ll put the contact information below I’m gonna refer to him as H H or H Haven In the description I’ll give you their Contact stuff drop by shake their hands Tell them thank you for the loaner for This Archon Type B it is from handgun Haven I’m very grateful that I was able To finally get this gun for testing and Review you can thank them and it was a Long time and coming and I was so elated When I did the store tours I found this Place I got a really good vibe for them I hope it turns out to be a very Long-term relationship just like gunnies And no gun ease isn’t going anywhere I love gun ease these two stores are in Different markets they really don’t Compete with each other at all and Ghani’s can’t carry every gun It’s impossible and neither can’t hand Gun Haven I need more stores to get Certain pieces that I want to review and There’s more common stay subbed keep Watching the videos you’re gonna like The flow of firearm content in this Adventure channel its there’s some cool Stuff that I’ve been wanting to find for A long time and HH has it okay so thank You to them Go buy some stuff from them of something You know if you don’t buy your guns from Them order them up you can call them up

Go buy some ammo from so thank you Handgun Haven the Pratt’s you guys Rock I appreciate you guys Sincerely here we go with features Review um I want to say some good things About this gun right off the bat number One number one I love the name Archon is A cool name it kind of sounds like I Don’t know something that you would yell In combat are Cong tart be that is a Cool sound and name it just is kind of Sounds like icon a little bit it does But it’s still a cool name so I like That it’s not some numeric alphanumeric Designation that sometimes gets Confusing no it’s just simple Archon Tight beat good job another thing I love About the pistol okay and Hollywood are You listening this pistol looks radical It is a great looking handgun don’t you Think yeah I mean it is different right It’s breaking apart from the crowd it is Loud and proud part of that arts looks It looks like a futuristic handgun and Hollywood this is what you should be Featuring in your movies I love the Glock you know that I loved and loved Loved the Glock have for years But damn dude it’s played out we’ve seen Glock in movies and TV shows since the 80s time to change it up throw some Archons stuff in there just saying just Saying I mean I’d like to see some Movies featuring this handgun it’s so

Cool-looking again it reminds me of a Robocop gun and again it reminds me and I think I mentioned this if not here Comes again the Diamondback db9 FS also A very cool looking gun I love it and of Course it has a very low bore axis okay And that is a big selling point for this In fact they’ll tell you that it’s 25% Lower than its competition the Glock 19 This pistol right here so it’s very low In the hand is that truly groundbreaking No sorry I mean I’m going to keep it Real it’s not there’s plenty of handguns That have done that really really Capable handguns old truck But tent remember my intro right that it Comes into a crowded field full of ultra Competent players here’s one of them Says me the Steyr my m9a1 I love this Gun highly underrated look how low the Bore is in this the same same super low It’s a little bit wider than this gun And that is a downside it’s a quirk of This pistol but trust me this guns got Some quirks to every gun does it’s just A matter if you can if you can live with Them so I don’t know if the lobe or axis Is that groundbreaking It is cool I do like it the CZs have Utilized it for years I’m going to show You another competive option before the Video ends We’ll see that feature again the lobe or Axis well we’ll talk about how it shot

Here in just a second but I do like it Don’t get me wrong it’s super cool one Thing I’m not sure I like as we jump Into features review on the Archon and Yes I will say some more good stuff About it as we press along here is this Right here okay so this is like a rib And it’s designed to like activate your Tendon for a better grip something like That I’m going to call it the the tendon Activation rib I would just soon Dremel This sucker off I hate it I don’t think It does anything all it does is get in The web of your hand and that it’s a Little bit uncomfortable to be honest I Didn’t really notice it when I shot but It’s kind of stupid you know sometimes In the quest for being cute and Different we put stuff on the guns that Probably shouldn’t go on the guns So maybe in subsequent versions are con You just delete that it’s stupid it Doesn’t do anything a guy doesn’t need That I love the grip itself I like that There are no interchangeable backstraps I’m sorry I got an applause for this too Thank you thank you no interchangeable Backstraps Why do I say that you guys know I’ve Said it forever interchangeable Backstraps are generally not generally Almost 95% not not used by folks According to my imperfect data it’s just A marketing ploy to say it’s adapt

All the different hand sizes it’s just Simpler the grip itself is fantastic I Love the grip on the archon the shape is Perfect the rounded back strap is Perfect they call this a grip mapping Texture it reminds me very much of XDM So you can see these blocks are angled In different directions they are Somewhat aggressive and I absolutely Love them Really good this is a grip you would not Have to apply any type of traction Material on I don’t think and another good thing About it and this is going to be Something you have never heard anywhere Else when you get grips that are grip Panels when you get grip blocks like This that are raised from the surface of The polymer they create ventilation so If your hands get sweaty like if you’re Not wearing gloves like I am now you can Actually create some ventilation under There and dry it out if your hands get Wet you can dry it out so that’s another Benefit for this grip mapping texture or Whatever they’re calling it it’s it’s a Win Now when you when you see me shooting it In the video because I’m wearing gloves You know I’ll come up here and I’ll Shoot and I am post shoulder surgery in My shooting on this so I’m doing better I’m not quite there yet but you know my

Hands will slip because I’m wearing a Glove so I can’t really really lock in On this slippery nylon so sometimes it Slips but don’t take that as meaning This doesn’t have a good traction it has Excellent traction perfect grip angle on The archon type-b there’s no finger Grooves here all good now we have kind Of a thumb shelf here on both sides as You can see I didn’t really find that Obnoxious that’s fine it’s right here It’s interesting I haven’t seen an Execution like that we have a thumb Indentation here that’s all good the Magazine release is absolutely perfect It reminds me of just a perfect 1911 mag Release guys doesn’t it and it’s easily Swappable all you do to swap it out is Take the magazine out reverse it and Then push if you push it will pop out The mag release and you can swap it out To this side lefties you won’t have a Slide stop on that side it’s only on the Left-hand side so it’s not a perfect Ambidextrous pistol It’s not bad I did have someone observe Hey if you accidentally put your mag in Magazine in backwards you can actually Take the pistol out of operation because You’re mad catch will fall out mmm dad That’s a an observation I guess but I’ve Just never seen that I mean I guess Someone who’s super stressed or just not Practice enough could do that or maybe

On the front of I don’t know an HK Catalogue where they put things in Backwards inside joke here’s the magwell Right here it is nicely funneled I Didn’t get pinched in shooting it nice Dot matrix style polymer base plates on A 15-round magazine they are somewhat Difficult to load I use a nut blue ’la I Recommend you do as well I’ll put a link Below it is my standard loading tool Pretty much now and forever there are Some other ones that I might test and I Actually am testing them I’ll let you Know if they’re good but I really like That one so the magazine’s are good this Will run with 17 rounds strike one Magazines in case you’re wondering and You can find those the magazines Themselves are available at the archon Website for about 42 bucks but here’s The deal speak in a magazine Speaking of its price and I do you know Some what level of criticism at its Higher price but to be fair you get a Lot of magazines with a sucker okay so Is it higher priced yeah but you get Four magazines with it for freaking max And not that’s not all you get a Freaking perfect perfect carry case this Is a carry case with the Archon Type B I Always label it because I have a bunch Of guns going through testing and so That’s a way for me to know immediately What it is they say this is a mult era

Designed back I have no idea whom altair Is and I don’t really care but I’ll tell You what you could not find a higher Quality case than this this is superb Dudes this is the best gun case I’ve Ever seen come with a pistol ever and You get some other stuff you gets like Some oil that comes with it their own Special oil I think should be a silver Sharpie it is and that silver sharpie is For filling in the Squares there with numbers your initials Whatever you want to mark the magazine So that’s cool to include a silver Sharpie even even has its own little Holder here the elastic pockets are Fantastic then you have a separate Compartment here a waterproof zipper It’s just the best pistol holster I’ve Ever seen come with a gun here’s another Thing it’s wide enough to accommodate The magazines I love the 5-11 carry Cases I use them all the time Here’s one right here like you have one Okay and so this is a five eleven yes There is a Kimber Micro nine going Through testing this is a great a great Carry case I love it but it doesn’t have The width see this so here I have Another handgun gun for testing there’s This pocket micro nines in here by the Way it has been shooting very good just A little inside that’s from gonna use That gun right there great carry case I

Love the 5-11 carry case I really do but My point is the advantage is this one on Width so you’re really not scrunching The gun up against the magazines there’s Plenty of width in this case and it’s a Constructed case that way okay I just Want to show you that and so it also Comes with a trigger lock I told you About the Louvre and some other stuff Just really great job arc on on the Cases fantastic and getting back to the Magazines you don’t have to go out and Really buy magazines for your art con Because you get four I do recommend Eight per gun because you never know When the assault weapons ban is gonna Come back or they limit magazine Capacity but you do have four right out The gate so if you take that in Consideration you have over $160 well Let’s we’ll say one hundred twenty Dollars and magazines more or less Anyways great magazines I like them Would I like more capacity well it’s Going up against the nineteen so I think That’s adequate capacity and again if You want to put a strikes strike one Seventeen rounder in there you can there Will be a gap though and generally I Don’t like gaps showing on pistol Magazines unless they have some type of Filler there because I have found that They’ll rock back and forth and Sometimes change the feed angle and cost

Gems now here comes something somewhat Negative about the arc on type B as we Consider its overall construction Action it is not really a polymer-framed Pistol it is actually a steel-framed Pistol and that’s why it weighs 28 point Five ounces says none fancy they could Get it down to 25 ounces if they did Away with this chassis construction says Me what you’re looking at is a grip Frame module on the archon type B it Still works it’s good but it is attached Via roll pins here here here to an Internal steel frame that has been Heavily machined it’s a bar stock Machine steel machined steel frame and The grip module attaches to it I guess The idea is that the the internal Chassis is serial numbered so is this by The way this external part but the gun Is the chassis and so I guess they were Thinking hey you know you know you have One serial number and then maybe later On you can attach a more compact frame To it a full-size frame to it well That’s not gonna work dudes for a number Of reasons the first of which is they Are not available even if you wanted to Buy one I’m talking a small grip frame Module a large grip frame module I Didn’t see them on the arcon website at All and I do think they have been Promising them for a while that seems to Indicate to me this is just my opinion

That there’s no demand for it the guys Are not asking the company to produce it I bet you that’s the case another reason That it’s not going to work is because This grip frame module You know unattached in it from the Internal steel frame is going to be a Pain in the butt more or less you’ve got High tension steel roll pins you’re Gonna have to knock out you might damage Your polymer grip frame module in the Process and it’s not an easy thing to do Not like ap-250 of p320 it’s pretty easy To do those guns so it it technically is A chassis gun but dude don’t think of it That way and the downside by making it That way is you have an internal steel Frame that’s my whole point in this is That it’s adding in my estimation two And a half ounces that does not need to Be in the gun it would weigh 25 ounces if they didn’t do a Construction that way I could be off I Readily admit it but how nice would it Be if this weighs exactly the same Weight as a Glock I mean this sucker is So light I think this is even wider There’s like 20 4.2 ounces with the Magazine in it the Glock 19 This is substantially heavier dudes Because of that internal steel frame Iran complete it is a somewhat negative Thing now we go to I guess the trigger Guard right here undercut get a high

Grip although you still have this tendon Activation rib to contend with a really Nice grip on it though and I’ve talked About this but undercut all that’s good You have thumb indentations here good Access nice squared trigger guard Somewhat slanted I wished it was Completely flat Allah Glock 19 allas Easy yep I wish it was that it’s not I Didn’t find I find that my thumb was Slipping off even without skateboard Tape but if I were to have this gun I Would definitely put skateboard tape Right here big enough for gloves no Finger up and going on as I do have with A Glock and I have talked about that for A number of years so when I pull the Trigger on the Glock lo and behold what Happens I’m always rubbing the bottom of The trigger guard now mentioning that We’re going to go to the trigger right Now I think this is a good thing and a Bad thing with the arc on tight be a lot Of good things I believe are being said About the trigger is phenomenal it does Pull very light four pounds nine ounces It is a metal trigger so there’s no Trigger flex like some other guns I Brought the table top but here’s the Deal okay and I’m just going to be Honest with you guys I don’t like a certain aspect of the Trigger actually two aspects one of it One of the aspects is this notice that

It doesn’t have a you know a blade in The middle of the trigger face so it’s Safety activation is going to take place In a number of stages just as we pull The trigger blade you can see it operate And what we get is kind of a mushy take Up on the archon type beat long take up And there’s just look there’s just like That that mechanical thing going on There It’s not horrible I’m just saying I Don’t really dig it but then when you Get down there you put tension on it and You release this year it is a nice Trigger pull and the reset is very crisp Now this is a gun I would recommend that You guys shoot to reset because if you Don’t you’re gonna have to come out and I learned this by shooting with this gun You’re gonna have to go out and you’re Gonna deal with that long mechanical Link linkage actuation in practice does It like annoy me at the range no it Doesn’t but here’s something that did Speaking of the trigger and this was on An indoor range on I didn’t have full Finger gloves I was shooting this and You may hear me talk about it on inset Video and no I’m not going to turn that Audio up I’m not gonna post it Separately no one cares about it I’ll Just use an inset but I found that this Actually slapped my index finger and it Was very uncomfortable when I left

Shooting and I probably put I don’t know 250 rounds through it at that range Session my sugar finger was sore I was Like I was like complaining if I was Like holy crap I’ve never really shot a Gun like this and I don’t know really What it was now I was talking about how My trigger didn’t drag at the bottom of The trigger guard it didn’t but there Was something going on with this trigger That was making my finger sore now I’m Not a wussy I shoot all types of guns Heck I don’t even complain about the Cal Tech pf9 trigger everyone else does but This gun was annoying in that session I’m just loving with you it was annoying And the good news is I went on a couple More outings and I use full finger Gloves and I didn’t really notice it Okay so I’ll just throw that out there It’s a data point it like I said the Trigger has good things and bad things a Long take-up it nice pull nice crisp Reset it might slap your finger like Like it did me let me know if you have An arc on tight B if you had that in Comment have you had that another thing I think that that is a little bit Overplayed on the arc on Tybee is the Flat trigger okay I think this is kind Of a trend in the firearm industry and I Think it will go away I wish this had a Regular trigger on it I’ll go ahead and Depart from the crowd like I always do

Everyone’s always raving about oh it has A flat trigger it’s more control I’ll just take this thank you around to Trigger that’s fine it’s more ergonomic Less painful and maybe that was the Problem is these sharp angles on the Trigger and there have been complaints To that when you shoot a lot the heat From the action will transmit to this Blade just be advised okay that’s the Trigger for slot Picatinny rail that’s All good lots of room here I think the Overall quality of the pistol is there I Mean this seems like a German produced Pistol as I look at it as I’ve taken it Apart to clean it I cleaned it once During testing shot it some more and I Was impressed with the construction However I’m not too impressed with this Part right here really surprising Actually it is a cool look it’s Futuristic its angular just cut out but This is a very sharp slide transition Don’t you think right here at the muzzle Really strange and I bet you in future Versions of the Archon Type B yes I do Think it will survive in the marketplace I think they’re gonna change this they Should hopefully from this video it is Unacceptable Let’s look at an offering so the P P Q Do you see sharp edges on the P P Q no You do not I don’t how about the Glock Glock 19 there’s a Gen 4 no softened now

Would that be a huge problem a Showstopper for me no it’s just a point Of reference that’s all that’s all you Have four serrations right here back Straightens here they are purposeful They do work and do a press check here I Was talking about how futuristic it Looks how cool it looks one of the Reasons is this step cut in the slide I Think it looks absolutely radical is it Functional no it’s it’s just it’s just There it’s different looking and I don’t Mind it and unlike the AP xfn what is it Are the Beretta a px it’s looking cool Without ruining first cool this step cut Right here now another good thing about The arcon type be I told you I was gonna Say a lot of good stuff about it it Takes Glock sight So if you don’t like this sight set that Comes with the gun you can easily swap Out any number of Glock sights on it Hopefully they’ll regulate properly for You But that is a huge plus that they did Really nice I do like these sights on This particular version of the Archon Type B it’s very cool it’s got it Reminds me of the hiney straight-8 in The back novak style so this is a metal Site and i’m trying to think if the Strike one had a polymer site it might Have i don’t remember and i never i did Handle one but i just don’t remember but

Really nice presentation and then we Have an optic insert on this front sight Blade here’s a downside though and i Have talked about this many times that Is a vulnerable sight blade so you have A plastic light pipe here that can shear Off that can get busted the site Actually sits really high and I like I Said I do love the sight picture it’s Very clear it rises up adequately it Might even clear some suppressors if you Had a threaded barrel and I don’t think They have threaded barrels for this even Though they’ve promised to make them no But if you did they might clear it just To be advised that’s probably gonna bust Off it’s all I’m saying going back here Let’s take a look external extractor Nice flared ejection port all that Standard the takedown is a little bit Different on this and I’ll roll in some Photos of it it’s pretty easy to do but This is not a Browning tilt barrel Design it’s not it’s a different system It is what they call a AF speed lock and I guess a F stands for arsenal firearms Speed lock so it recoils directly back Watch when I open this barrel or this Action do you see the barrel tilt at all No you do not so what it has is a Locking piece in the action and they say It will not require a Neilsen device if You put a can on it again assuming you Had a threaded barrel now because of

This the action will take down Differently not like a Glock not like a Sig it’s going to be via this button Right here so you’re going to close the Options take your chuckette magazine out You’re going to retract it just a little Bit and you’re going to push on this Button right here see how it raised up And you’ll just take the cartridge tip Of like a two to three cartridge or Something and you push the pin out And then you can take the archon type B Apart again I think it’s pretty simple You will have to reassemble that locking Piece in a certain way notice how it Comes out of the action because it does Orient a certain way I do think it is More complex than a Glock or Sig to be Honest now how does this action compare Against a very proven browning tilt Barrel which by the way this Glock 19 is So let’s just look by way of reference I Open the action of the Glock 19 see the Barrel tips up and that the locking Takes place in the slide right here it Mates in the slide so that is a very Proven very effective system for a very Long time this one’s different just to Get into the details a little bit deeper On how this action works here’s a good Description it says the system uses a Cam activated floating u-shaped locking Block that locks as a barrel slide and Frame while firing but drops during

Recoil as a block drops the barrel Unlocks and slides straight back about a Quarter of an inch and stops while the Slide continues is full stroke there you Go again that is a description on how The AF speed lock works it is not a Browning design advantages are the Barrel does not tilt up and it should be Theoretically more accurate we will Check that out in a second in a second So different cool again bucking the Trends again loud and proud not afraid To be different yep both from Germany by The way these are index pads I guess for Your index finger right here did I Notice him not really There’s your slide release right here I Think it’s a little bit subdued a little Bit too rounded it did work though And I did use it to you know release a Slide speaking of which it did not auto Load that was nice to see and by that I Mean when I slam in a magazine Pretty much every pistol I test Seriously just about every pistol I test When I slam this magazine in the slide Will close I don’t really mind it I’ve Gotten used to it Guess what it did not happen with the Archon type B telling me that this is a Very stout slide lock it does work Being so low profile though I kind of Wished just for the lefties it was on This side wow did I actually say that

Yeah just because it would be a really Great ambidextrous pistol if it was on That slide for those guys as a righty I Don’t care oh wait with my shoulder Operation I have been a lefty okay so Many that do care just a little bit Those are features more or less I Probably forgot some stuff like it does Have big ol slide rails in there you’ll See those in the picture so Well-constructed Chassis design I hit that pretty hard Let’s go on to how it’s shot again it is A very low in hand pistol minimal muzzle Flip very flat shooting I love that Aspect and again I recommend you do Shoot to reset on this gun so you don’t Have to go all the way forward like I Talked about and experience that crunchy First portion of the pool that right There once I shot to reset I loved it I Love how this gun shoots it’s actually Very easy to make hits with again in That respect it reminds me of an XDM Series I know I know the XDM has a very High bore axis not like this I get you But the XDM is almost magical and its Ability to hit with at least for me and A lot of shooters that I’ve let’s shoot Rx teams they’re excellent this is a Very easy gun to hit with again the pull On this is fantastic about four pounds Nine ounces 10 ounces maybe around five Pounds depending so that portion of the

Trigger again in subsequent outings I Did not notice my gloved hand being sore Okay I’m just representing that so maybe I was just being a wuss at day okay how About accuracy well initially I was Absolutely impressed with it do remember Please that I in post post shoulder Surgery I don’t know if my grip my Stance is absolutely there yet I did the Best I could I was shooting as you’ll See an inset video and have seen with Two hands this is these are the results That I obtained so to be honest that’s Not a great group at 8 yards not for me I should be able if the gun is really Absolutely stellar to do this Or better they should be in I don’t know To these squares that’s a really good Group for me what I do say I want to say That but these are the tip targets you Normally see if if I get all the round So then basically a 2×2 inch square I’m Happy so that does qualify it got on That Barrow here’s another one right Here Another one I’m not happy with that Group ain’t gonna lie no but I gotta Tell you I think it’s human factors here I think it was me not the Archon okay That’s a good group that is I think very Representative of what the gun does with A good shooter which was not me that day Is my point good there a variety of Loads I ran a bunch of jhp through it

Both 115-120 fours I ran about not to one magazine of plus B’s the entire gun with those was Reliable I did have a stoppage with 115 Grain NATO spec Winchester somewhat Along the way I did is a failure to Close or some weird bauble I really Blame the ammo on that because that ammo Has had problems in a lot of different Guns albeit not in Glock I’m just saying I ran the same load through this this Gun right here I ran like four Maddox And it ran a hundred percent Here’s another target for we move on to Something else there we go oh look at This this is actually the first time I Shot it and again we’re seeing Intrinsically high accuracy with the arc On Tybee that’s five shots guys eight Yards but I’m standing unsupported post Shoulder surgery that’s not too bad Another great group another great group This I think represents the accuracy Better of the arc on type B I think at 25 yards weight on it which I didn’t do Two and a half inch group totally Totally with the arc on type B again the Barrel is fixed it doesn’t tilt up Theoretically more accurate and I think Yes we are seeing that in some of these Groups but I did mention is it better Than a brownie tilt barrel design to be Totally honest I’m not so sure and if You don’t believe me I’m gonna bring in

The Masada reviewed separately I love This gun it’s wearing a TL r8 it’s a Nice Tier one weapon Laser light combination well let me show You the target on this okay so and That’s a Browning till barrel right Dovetails on the slide and this was Priests shoulder surgery so I still had Some issues going on here Look at those groups did so that’s a Browning tilt barrel and by the way That’s at ten yards in the freaking Desert oh you even wrote shoulder look At those groups dude that’s amazing so I Think it’s as good if not better than The Masada that’s my point So I intro’d with that funny intro right That this is like groundbreaking it’s Different What’s a stand apart from the crowd hey I’m cooler I’m better than you all that Crap right is it really better than the Competition Okay um to answer the question honestly I would say no it isn’t and I think I’ve Given some evidence to that fact I I Don’t think it’s better than any of the Go to war handguns that I’ve reviewed How about the cz p10 see I did an update Video on this gun a couple months ago It’s fantastic is the arcon type be Better than a CZ p10 see define better Is it cooler maybe highly debatable That’s a second cool equation there so

We could go on all day when we’re Talking about second cool but if we talk About first cool no the czp 10 C is Amazing I mean there really isn’t Anything I don’t like about the improved Cz p10 C’s they fix the mag release in This version I put an apex apex tactical One in it perfect so now that magazine Release on this one works great great Trigger guard squared what do you know Yep great trigger non obnoxious works Great pulls awesome never annoys my Trigger finger great grip texturing not As good as this I want to say not quite As good we do have the interchangeable Backstraps here better slide release I Would say what do you know it’s also on The right-hand side of the pistol making It a better ambidextrous offering Perhaps low bore axis just like the Archon type B and guess what it’s Lighter this weighs like 25 ounces the Same as a 19 That’s why in this review I did square It off against this pistol I was like What’s better is it going to replace the 19 I mean I was kind of messing around But really this easy pin p10 C and Actually its full-size version two are Great great go to war handguns they are Establishing a very strong track record And I wouldn’t hesitate buying any Variation of them they are fantastic I Think they’re very low priced for it to

Get lower price than this I think They’re high value they come in they’re Very cool colorations without having to You know take out a loan on your house Again this one it technically is Available they are con type B in an F de Version but it’s like retail 944 what Yeah and then of course it’s sitting on The table the whole time the Glock 19 is It really better than a Glock 19 in Terms are first cool absolutely not Does it match the first cool Capabilities of a Glock 19 but really It’s too early to tell we need to get The arc on tight being a lot more hands Really have a long track record with the Pistol and then we’ll see what’s up it’s Too hard too early I should say to tell On the archon type B so in terms of First cool does it dominate the Competition no not in my opinion from What I know right now in my own level of Testing no in terms of second cool go Figure Who knows it is very cool it is Different so if you are tired of cigs Glocks C Z’s Walthers like I said maybe This is a good gun for you albeit it’s Expensive but science sometimes to get This type of form factor something this Different this special you’re just gonna Have to pay the price and I did a knife Review on that a while back the AG Russell double-o remember this one same

Thing it’s 8 CR 13 MOV which is a value Steel but they’re charging like 115 Bucks for this Oh 125 excuse me but I Love the knife I love it’s it’s looks It’s got blue titanium it’s fast it’s Super lightweight it’s different it’s Cool yes I did jump it with a dremel Tool since you last saw it and it makes Me happier but that’s over price for What it is What Overpriced maybe the arcon type b is the Same way maybe but you are getting a Very solid handgun in summary it shoots Flat it shoots fast once you adapt to The trigger you’ll probably like it has A great grip on it great magazine Release excellent sights it is well made Unfortunately it is a chassis pistol so It’s probably two and a half ounces too Heavy in my book maybe three but if you Can forget about that I think you’ll Really like it My prediction on this pistol is as Follows I think it will survive in the Marketplace I think it will get a Following people once they get in hand Will love it they’ll just add it to the Collection with wood I use this as a Primary go to war pistol I’ll study this I would I trust our con tied be I would But in terms of weight I’m going to go With something like the ppq something Lighter that’s just as capable just as

Accurate just as proven in my own Systems I’ll go to the Glock 19 if it Weighed 25 ounces then the answer would Be different I’m just saying it would be I’d go yeah I’ll put in the mix but it Is a recommend I think it’s awesome go To H H in a purchase one that is my Review featurelength holy crap Sorry about that thanks for subscribing Thanks for being part of TMP patreon it Is the reason I work so hard for you Guys we’ll see you next time the work Continues

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