History’s Deadliest Bullet…

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Hopefully this video was straight to the point. If you like this concept please let us know and we will test many more old warhorses from the late 1800s and beyond. I was very surprised at the penetrating capabilities of the Minie ball. The wounds that they caused were devastating and they changed the face of warfare forever. If you got hit in the arm or leg you were likely going to lose your limb.


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[Music] That’s why I’m talking about that do the Job it certainly does alright guys Welcome back this is Eric and Kevin here From Moss pond and gun you guys haven’t Met Kevin yet he’s one of the part-time Guys up at Moss he’s a Civil War buff Like myself and today we’re actually Going to be talking about one of the Most deadly projectiles ever designed For a small arm and that’s the mini ball All right Claude Minh Minh a actually helped Design it it’s a skirted lead projectile All right and the way it works is it was Designed to be able to be loaded really Easily from the muzzle in and then when The expanding gas pressure from the Black-powder going off would expand the Skirt and make it grab the rifling and Arbitrate and it’d make it a lot more Accurate so how did the how did the Minie ball change Warfare well it changed it quite a bit You know the accuracy on a smoothbore Musket is kind of overplayed a little Bit they weren’t as bad as people make Them out to be but they were nowhere Near these rifles and these are rifles You know a lot of people call them Muskets but their rifles they were Designed from the ground up with rifling And their rifles sure you know and so You know it took the effectiveness of

The smoothbore say two hundred three Hundred nine hundred and every Joe Blow Could hit what they shot at that’s right And it just it devastated it devastated The whole war yeah this projectile Really change the face of warfare in General yeah you know in the old days a Lot of officers at West Point were Taught the old Napoleonic era type Fighting where you would just attack in Large numbers and volley fire but this Projectile changed the face of warfare One of the things that we want to do With this video today and we think it’s Going to be kind of special we’re going To show for one some nice slow-mo Footage and then also we’re going to Shoot these into ballistics gel and I’ve Actually got some original mini balls That were actually dug up here in Georgia so these are Georgian minie Balls that were dug up and excavated in Jonesborough yeah okay so these are Legitimate period-correct minie balls We’re going to shoot them into some Clear ballistics ballistics gel and We’re going to shoot hopefully some Newly cast ones and we’re going to Compare the Lee 571 Five green men a ball to the original Men a ball so that’s guys in the south We just call them minis so let’s get Down to it we’re going to shoot the Ballistic show and we’re gonna hit some

Steel with them maybe come up some other Things to do things are awesome oh You’re starting to be fun alright Alright guys well we’re gonna take a 150 Year old mini projectile and we’re going To shoot it into some ballistics gel Down here now these things are old so Bear in mind that you know kind of is What it is there but we’re going to Shoot it here we’re running 65 grains of Black powder a gyro arms 1861 musket Rifle should say and then we’re running A CCI musket cap all right let’s see if We can punch this ballistics Joe we’ve Been we did test-fire a couple of these Earlier accuracies kind of spotty the Newly cast versions run a lot better but Hopefully we’ll get what we need to see Here It came out Wow yeah looks like it hit That Center let’s have a look so well Guys there’s a reason that the mini ball Was the most deadly thing ever devised For the development of small-arms Technology I really was shocked by this Result yeah I’ve been I’ve been shooting this for a Number of years now because it’s my Favorite thing to do I love black powder I didn’t expect this I really didn’t Yeah it punched all the way through the Center of our block and then punched all The way through the second block now What we’ve done is we’ve actually got an

Additional pair of blocks I had to Salvage a couple and cut them down and We’re gonna try to shoot a newly cast One through this same block and see if We can capture one but I was really Hoping that we would capture one of These original Civil War projectiles in The ballistic tail so we can see you Know maybe the skirting of the bullet as It grabs the rifling maybe the expansion Because this soft leg will generally Just kind of flatten out you know and That just really goes to show you the The way the wounds looked during the Civil War if you look back at some of The older photographs sometimes artist Depictions of wounds from the Civil War If you got hit in the limb and it hit The bone you were done you were gonna Lose that limb and it’s just really Scary to think that you know the face of Warfare really changed legitimately with This projector it was a terrifying time There’s pictures and I’ve got books that I’ve read of stories of the soldiers and You know you’d be in the hospitals and These old plantations there’s two levels And you need to have doctors all in them And that’s what they were doing you have Boys throwing limbs off the top of the Thing it’s just that gruesome it was a Horrible war yeah well mean back then You know if a surgeon were to walk by And a guy’s got a center a lung shot or

A center mass shot he’d go over him he’s Going you know I’m gonna save him so Very deadly projectile we are going to Try one more time I’ve got some faith That we might be able to catch one Let’s try we’re going to try one of my Newly cast Lee’s to 575 grain minie ball Pure lead I cast it out of a roofing Lead and we’re gonna run 60 grains of Black it’s a little bit more sedate Charge maybe it won’t be moving as fast See if we can capture I hope we can Let’s do All right guys slight change of plans We’re not going to use one of my newly Cast projectiles I’m going to use Another 150 year old mini projectile This time we moved up close I want to Make sure the projectile goes dead Center the ballistics gel I actually Added two more blocks of ballistics gel Behind the original two and a large Container of water I am determined to Capture this projectile the penetrating Capabilities of this thing are just Insane We noticed when we were observing the Ballistics show earlier that the Permanent cavity is pretty damn big I’m Really impressed so without further ado This is about the closest that we’re Going to be able to get here we get a Capture I think so let’s have a look Guys whoo this thing missions on it or

Something Well guys capturing this mini projectile Is appearing to be quite elusive for us Here we got a nice dead-on shot in the Ballistics gel Beautiful permanent cavity hopefully the Slow-mo revealed a lot for us there the Bullet went through the second block but It began to to y’all and it turned and Exited the side of the block at the Corner before we were able to actually Impact our other blocks or the water jug So guys I don’t know what we’re gonna do But I’ll tell you what we’re gonna try Again yeah because I want to capture This projectile what’s driving me nuts Yeah so let’s do it All right same projectiles same load Same distance take two let’s do it Alright guys we are going to capture This projectile eventually if it takes Us all day we’ve already shot up about 300 bucks worth of ballistics gel so We’re going to make this work the 15th Time’s a charm right here we go I didn’t go on the wall hey you aren’t Gonna believe this look what came back At me look at that no kidding I told you Putting them Confederate bull’s net Yankee rifles gonna do something to you Yeah look at that thing how it uh Flattened out Wow I don’t know what happened but hopefully The slow-mo will tell it looked like you

Hit the block and like literally bounced Back it hit me in the leg It didn’t even didn’t even hurt just Felt like somebody throwing a pebble at Me look at that event I’m really curious We’re gonna have to look back at the Slow-mo on this and see what the hell Just happened let’s have a look learn Things every day don’t you uh yeah I Never would have thought that yeah so What happened the projectile went right Through the block exactly or one of the Shot to go right through the second Block skewered upward came out of the Block hit this block on the front like a Big block of jell-o bounce back hit me In the leg and was laying right next to Me it felt like somebody throwing a Pebble at me literally it didn’t hurt at All it lost all of its energy and there It is In my hand so I say we were gonna Capture a projectile wasn’t lying I Didn’t know I was literally doing a cat You were gonna check it out right but You know what we do have about three or Four more of these I’m thinking what Happened here is that the base of the Bullet did not arbitrate properly and it Didn’t grab the rifling and we just Didn’t get the velocity we needed to see For it to push on through so all we can Do is try again well we we also see that This this projectile did Hart didn’t

Really deform at all after going through All of that gel now I know at this point Of the test you know we have shot these Blocks quite a bit and they’re probably Starting to not really give us that the Scientific result we’re really looking To see however let’s try it one more Time and we’re gonna sign the video off But this whole video the whole concept I Wanted to show is how deadly these many Projectiles really are and they they Really just they carry a lot of interns We’ve proven that without a shadow of a Doubt absolutely so One more time and then we’ll close the Video out let’s do it again alright guys Well you know it’s impossible to Replicate that result again there’s no Way I’m ever going to catch a 150 year Old mini ball that comes right back at Me and hits me I’m probably the first Southerner to be shot by period-correct Many like ever since the Civil War so You know I’m probably gonna say I’ll Hold that distinction right now but what We’ve done is we’ve taken a newly cast 575 grain minie ball all right we casted Out a roofing lead okay roof flashing And we got a hundred grains of 2f pure Black powder and the ccicap we’re just Going to lay he’ll to whatever’s left Here and let’s see if it’ll catch it Cool if not it’s just gonna be neat now I want to see that water splash up in

The air all right make it happen Oh yeah here we go that’s what I’m Talking about I don’t think it went in The water we’ll see what happened that Was a hundred grains well guys we’ve Been shooting a lot of these original You know 150 year old Civil War many Projectiles today and one thing I can Say is I certainly have a newfound Respect oh yeah for what those guys went Through oh yeah you know to go up Against you know scores of those guys Shooting those things and just the sound That blast it’s like a little mini Cannon going off all the percussion yeah Yeah you know and and one thing I Noticed about the ballistic still Results I mean from one we weren’t able To get the projectile to go straight Enough through the gel to ever get the Capture we wanted yeah it’s extremely Unpredictable yeah we may have to mix up I might end up mixing up a humongous Block of gel and we’ll try it again in a Future video so if you guys like this Kind of thing let me know one thing Performance wise I noticed on the 100 Grain load that we shot just then the Newly cast one was that the entrance Wound It’s just insane you see that the size Of the entrance hole is so much bigger From that pure lead projectile it’s Almost like it just hits and it just

Dumps that energy that skirt has also Opened up a lot heavier when you got That you know that skirt opened up more I mean look at the size of that That whole look at that yeah and we Don’t have small hands and this goes Right in there oh I know I mean just to See the the permanent cavity that you Get from these blocks I mean you can Really see the damage that that Projectiles doing as it passes through And it’s just it’s really scary it’s Devastating absolutely word for it Mmm absolutely devastating yeah no doubt Well we appreciate y’all watching this Video today I know that some of these Concepts might have been a little slap Sticky in terms of how we approached it But we tried our damnedest to catch one We did soar to catch one yeah but uh Anyway we will approach this in the Future if you guys want to see us do it Again maybe we can try it with a larger Chunk of gel or a little bit different Size block or whatever but we appreciate You watching today this was a lot of fun To make this video but you know one Thing we didn’t get to see was that Container blowing up so why don’t you Love that little infielder years up and A blast this thing we can handle that All right let’s do it All right guys we’re gonna finish this Off with an 1861 Parker held musketoon

Into that water I’m not a fan of doing Work that don’t pay off I told her that Water down here I’m gonna blow it up [Laughter] Alright guys well thanks for joining us If you like this kind of stuff please Subscribe thumbs up let’s catch you next Time [Music]


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