Hank Williams, Jr.’s Bronze Cannon Made by Cyrus Alger of Boston

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of ShilohRelics.com about Hank Williams, Jr.’s Bronze Cannon Made by Cyrus Alger of Boston

Hey you guys this is rafael from Shilohrelics.com Thank you guys for all your support i Really do appreciate it my family Appreciates it And i’m thankful to say that There have been lots of new collectors I’ve had a lot of people that because of These videos have said I decided to start collecting that’s Because i’ve started realizing History is a cool thing and it’s a great Thing to remember And to appreciate and to learn from You remember a couple of videos ago i Told you i had some big news and i’ve Been dying to tell you guys But i had to be sure that everything was In line before i could I got the news last week i went up to Visit my buddy hank williams jr And we hung out for a little while and He has decided that he’s going to let me Sell His collection of civil war cannon Not all at once but a little bit is Alone And we’re going to start off with one of Them that’s just a Beautiful gun check this out How cool is that it’s an original bronze Which they make canon in iron and bronze Bronze is always more desirable because Even during the time it was more

Expensive to make Generally better quality and Most of the time like this they look Pretty This one was made in 1939 it’s made by The cyrus Alger company in boston and The way a cannon is made you have the Body of the cannon And you have the knobs on each side Those are called the trunnions And on the right trunnion you have the Marking that’s clear as a bell It’s cyrus algerian company in boston Like that And on the other trunnion the left hand Side we have the 1839 production date Good early date and if you ever go Through a lot of the park service Uh the national parks a lot of them have These early date guns because that’s What they went to war with because That’s what they had And they were still firing smoothbore Ammunition because this is a smoothbore Cannon And if you go through shiloh several of Those confederate positions They have smoothbore six pound uh guns Just like this so a lot of those Southern soldiers were fighting With these it actually put them at a Disadvantage though because it is a Smoothboard gun

At the same times a lot of the union Soldiers Union artillery had the rifle cannon Which was a lot more accurate the shells Would go further And so it usually was a big advantage to The union Artillery one not at shallow because It was so thick with trees and that It took away that advantage from firing From So far because most of it was more up Close and personal This gun is just beautiful it’s got it’s Made of bronze It’s got just a beautiful look all over On the the Couple of other things about these guns The knob on the back side of it is known As a casca bell And people often say well what is that For it’s for a couple of things The one of the things that that’s for is If for some reason you had to Put the cannon back on the carriage Which is the wooden part with the wheels You had to have something to Pick the cannon up with and they would Tie the rope around That kaska bell raise it up and slide The Carriage underneath it drop it back down So it was very functional for that Right by the kaska bell on the flat

Uh of the back which is called a breech Face It has 693 guess what 693 is That’s how heavy this cannon is just the Barrel And the copper in the barrel weighs 693 Pounds That’s a lot one thing that’s cool about This gun Is that it doesn’t have the us up on top Of the barrel why does it not have that Because not all of the cannons of the Time went straight to the government To the central government some of them Went to states and some of them Would have went to private militias this One was would have been one of the ones That went to one of those private Militias It’s beautiful if you notice it’s On a really pretty carriage this Carriage was made by steam Uh cannon they make a great carriage A lot of good carriage makers out there This one’s pretty It’s all there uh displays really well As for the canon itself this one was one It came From the collection of val4j who owned Navy arms the company that made all the Reproductions and But he also had an amazing collection Mr forget had canon as well as he Collected

Matte revolvers had a huge collection of Those even wrote a book On those revolvers several years ago This gun came up for auction and uh Tim prince and i helped hank jr get it And it’s been in his uh collection ever Since the day we got it We got it in another cannon out of the Same sale And i’m trying to call hank and i might I can’t wait to tell him because we got It And most of the time they bring just Ridiculous money I’ve seen these bring way over what We’re asking for this one Uh but he’s in montana and he’s out On the on the farm out there and I can’t get through to him until he gets Up on top of a mountain and I’m like we got it we got it here with Breakup and he called back and he said Ah And so he was as excited as we were Because it’s a great gun And it’s one that has been in his Collection ever since i remember i went Up right after It got delivered and it was just so much Prettier than it was in the pictures These guns that we’re going to be Selling are all out of his collection They come straight out of his gun room When you see the pictures of this gun

Like this That’s in his relic room you won’t be Able to see him if you buy it but He has been good enough to write a Letter on his stationary for each canon It has the description it has the Markings and it has his signature And so you get that to keep with it It’s and it’s a great gun all of them Are great guns I helped him get several of them i think All of them but one maybe two And their ones if i hit the lottery i’d Have kept them myself Including this one so we’re gonna have Some great things coming I’ve bought multiple collections in the Past month Plus these it’s gonna be some wonderful Things There’s only a limited number of them uh And it’s it’s one that’s got everything You can hope for on the bells and Whistles Good early day clear markings pretty Carriage It’s ready to be enjoyed i never Recommend shooting them but a lot of People do I hope that you guys are doing okay i Hope that Uh kindness i almost didn’t mention my Kindness When i was talking with him i told him

How many people Have been sending him good thoughts and Well wishes because so many of y’all Have reached out after the passing of Katie and she was a wonderful girl His daughter in case you hadn’t heard She passed in a car wreck I’ve had so many people reach out and And he said to tell you guys thank you Uh for caring uh that It’s it’s something there’s just not Words when something like that happens But it’s nice to know that people cares And he said tell you guys thank you Um he’s doing a lot better that’s the Kind of thing you never get over Uh after lori died i had A blackjack dealer in tunica mississippi That told me a phrase that rings in my Rings in my head every time i hear that Uh I had spilled my heart out and she said Honey you never get over it but you Learn to live with it And that’s just what happens when Somebody passes but Thank you guys for caring uh thank you For Always your encouragement because it’s Helped me a lot I mean it has helped me a lot uh I’m very very thankful i’ve had people Send me little notes Saying they like these videos that i

Don’t even know um I’m just thankful somebody’s getting Something out of them they uh but more Importantly they said thank you for the Encouragement In a crappy time in our history and it Is a crappy time in our history but Hopefully it’s going to get better But it’s only going to get better if we All try harder To make things better and i’m going to Try I just hope you guys know that how much Uh i appreciate you I love y’all and i’ll catch you next Time


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