Hank Jr’s Harpers Ferry U.S. Model 1803 Rifle

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge about a U.S. Model 1803 Harpers Ferry Military Rifle from the Hank Williams, Jr. Collection

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Chamonix calm I hope you’re all having a Good day we’re having one here and I Sure am thankful for each one of you to Take time to watch these videos today We’re going to talk about a gun that not Only has a really neat place in American History but it’s from a really cool Collection we’ll start off with that About probably 15 years ago I get a call From my friend Hank Williams jr. the Country music guy and he says do you Want to go to the gun show this weekend So we fly to Louisville Kentucky for the Gun show rod Nixon hey rod my buddy Ron Dixon’s gun show and we’re looking Around and a friend of mine from Idaho Glenn Maddox has this gun on his table And we get to talking about it and a Little bit later Hank buys it and it’s we bought several Things that day because he loves he’s a Brilliant man loves the antique weapons And we got this one among many others That evening had a good steak a couple Of too many beverages and so the next Day we were a little late getting to the Gun show and we had to get back that Afternoon we decide after we leave the Show we need a little something to eat The driver drives us through and we Decided to go to White Castle and Hanks Lying down in the backseat just rested His eyes I’m in the front seat

We pull up to the speaker and the guy Says please hold and we sit in there and I’m thinking okay here we go and the guy Comes on and he says are you ready and Out of the back of the car for some Football and I’m thinking that’s the Coolest thing that has ever happened to That guy in that window and he has no Idea that it’s Hanks thing for Monday Night Football So we getting our white castles that Come back home but it was one of those Things you never know who’s going to Come through and I thought that was fun And cool and I’ve enjoyed that story Several times he’s kept this gun for Several years the other day he decided To let me pedal a few things for him and This guns out of his collection it’s Just my word for it he will not do a Letter with it so don’t ask I can’t make That happen because this is his hobby he Enjoys it and I’m not gonna let anything That’s at up-what to help but that’s one Thing I can’t do now let’s talk about The good this gun is the u.s. model 1803 Flintlock rifle and it’s important for That reason this is the only Muzzleloading flintlock rifle that was Made at either one of the National Armories they made tons of flintlock Smoothbores but rifles this was in they Made two different kinds they made the First type that was made 1903 and 1804

And they’re basically the same gun but They’ll have those dates on them and That’s the kind of gun that they Actually say Lewis and Clark took on Their expedition out west a little Conjecture about that but it is it is Possible and some people believe it The second type like this one was made From 1814 to 1820 they made fifteen Thousand seven hundred and three of These during that production range when You look at it you’re like that’s a Kentucky rifle and that’s exactly what They kind of based it on excuse me Not the Kovic just a little sinuses Tennessee is finally blooming this gun Would have come out originally as a Flintlock then it got converted later on For use as a percussion and they did it By a neat way they instead of just Plugging the hole in adding a percussion Cap They actually cut the whole breach of The barrel off and put this section in And that’s a lot more time-consuming but It’s a lot more durable and a lot better Constructed when it’s built well like This one they fire a 54 caliber rifle Bullet the barrel the specifications Called for a 36 inch barrel but you see A little variation in them these were Made at Harpers Ferry armory in Virginia This was before Virginia was broken into And they made West Virginia

So as made in Harpers Ferry Virginia Present-day Harpers Ferry West Virginia If you get a chance you really need to Go up there it’s one of the most Beautiful places in all of creation The boundary is there they still have Some of the original machinery set up They have just a beautiful place you can Go down there and have a meal there’s Some restaurants down there and a few Little shops it’s right there on the River and there’s a bridge that goes Across going into Maryland and it is Absolutely stunning so there’s your Travel tip recommendation for today but We’ve got the Harpers Ferry mark on the Back of it we’ve got the production date Stamped on this one the gun has brass Furniture and when you say furniture on The gun you’re talking about the trigger Guard you’re talking about the nose cap Which is at the end of the stock on the Other end of the stock you have the butt Plate this one has a brass buck plane And it has a big brass piece right here And that is a patch box and these have a Neat way to open up on the top of the Butt plate there’s the screw that holds It in place and then there’s a little Button you push that button and it opens Up to reveal the inner compartment this One still works the buttons killing in Functioning conditioned barrels Full-length this one has a neat trait

That some people like some people don’t After its military service it was Smoothed out to be used as a shotgun Because a lot of these guns Their military service they went into Feeding the family service and I think That’s cool because it lets you know That this gun had multiple lives because It was a good quality weapon they just Altered it to what they needed um this One is pretty it’s got a pleasing look The mechanics work on the lock it’s full Length It’s kind of cool story it’s been in a Co collection and he’s enjoyed it I’ve enjoyed getting to have it for a Little bit and now it’s a chance for you To get it you can own this what one for Thirty two hundred and fifty dollars I Will be glad to put a letter of Authenticity with it or anything that I Sell I tried to do it on only on Adams Over a hundred dollars because of the Time it takes but I’d be glad to tell The history of this being in Hanks Collection I appreciate you guys I hope You’ve enjoyed today because that’s a Story I really enjoyed telling if he Doesn’t get a chance to watch this I Appreciate you being my friend I Appreciate everything you’ve ever done For me and I hope that each one of you Are kind when you get the opportunity I Hope you know that you’re loved I hope

That you have a great evening And I’ll catch you next time


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