GETTYSBURG – The Artillery Duel- YouTube[2]

The Artillery Duel

After two days of attack and Counter-attack robert e lee is about to Launch the offensive that will decide The Battle of Gettysburg and the course Of the war he’s sending in 12,000 Soldiers anchored by George Pickett’s Division His only fresh troops their mission Attacked the Union Center and cut the Army of the Potomac need to at least Pushing all of the chips to the middle Of the table because he knows this this Last chance he’s going to have this was A calculating people decision it was Well thought out it had a reasonable Chance of success Leading one of the rebel brigades General Joe Davis aristocrat slave owner His uncle Confederate President Jefferson Davis His hometown of Vicksburg Mississippi is Under union siege to weaken Union Defenses 160 Confederate cannons move Into position A line of artillery two miles long Against them a hundred Union cannons It’s 87 degrees brutally humid Ah It’s the largest artillery barrage ever In the Western Hemisphere Percussion would shake the internals the Organs would actually and in some cases Rip apart the membranes within the ear Would tear this would create blood

Streaming down the sides of these Artillery units faces the artery barrage Can be heard in Harrisburg Pennsylvania 40 miles away He’s Tolu early into thinking he’s crippled The unions artillery Union commanders Silenced their guns by 3:00 p.m. Confederate artillery also stops firing An eerie quiet reigned over the Battlefield all the smoke from that Bombardment still sat on the winless day The Yankees expected a huge attack from The southerners the southerners knew What they were about to do and what they Went up against and it must have been an Intense moment as they stared each other Across the fields The Confederate command believes it’s Safe to send in their troops Time to set in motion one of the iconic Battles of the Civil War Joe Davis and his men move out part of a Rebel assault that stretches a mile You

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