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Full review on the excellent FN 509, an improvement over the FNS and competitor for the MHS. It lost to the Sig P320 but still the 509 is superb: accurate, throughly tested by FN to military standards, easy to shoot, good sights, and high value. But does it connect to us to the level where we want to add one to our long term testing inventory? Watch and see.

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Grv talking about combat handguns yes Finally the FN 509 tabletop right now But first things first we need a knife On the table as decoration how about Something mean something wicked Something scary cold steel Espada XL Discontinued hope you got one that’s Sick dude Wearing my lanyard modification yep I talked about that what like seven Years ago when I reviewed this thing Just makes me happy I love that knife so Sick and I also I don’t know love but I Really really really like the FN 509 – Here it is start the show and here’s Something stupid I should not do this in A grv but I’m gonna something I’ve never Done before no it’s not related to the Espada it’s rate related to other Competing designs which right now right Here to start this tabletop review off I’m gonna rank order against the 509 so Which of these guns would I buy and in Which order would I buy them We got the 509 on the table awesome Pistol CZ p10 see still on loan from Schofield project thank you bro I’ll Send it back to you soon great gun P 10 C reviewed so that’s gonna go against a 509 and then how about the Steyr m9a1 Which I am pushing to put in people’s Minds because it is awesome highly Underrated pistol the Steyr m9 series Comes in a long slide in the standard

Variation right here and then putting up Against nope no Glocks no SIG’s hope That doesn’t make you cry the Beretta Apx also reviewed it’s a good pistol and Then let’s put something odd up there Something out of category odd what do I Have right here right now that I could Put up how about this from another Review of Beretta 950 Jetfire [Music] Funny it just looks like is totally out Of place man hey we got to bread is on The table one Brad a to beretta three Brett or more okay I want to rank order These which ones would I buy and in what What order okay to answer the first part Which ones would I buy all of them They’re all definitely good enough to Spend money on they really are there’s No losers on the table but if I have to Rank order room and I’m not going to Give you guys a tie and I’m being dead Serious here I’m not goofing around I Would buy the Pete NC first and yeah I Still wearing gloves from another review If you don’t like it deal with it I like It and then I would buy the psych m9a1 Second because gets a px oh and then the 509 and then the a px oh I forgot about My Jeff fire geez that’s gonna really Throw a loop well if I have to put the Gel fire in there and this is just for My money and we’re not talking Philosophy of use this would be number

One Cuz if you find it clean Jeff fire They’re not even being made anymore yes Not combat pistol it’s a backup pistols 25 Auto I’ve reviewed it look at my Review I know this would be number one It would because it’s just so freakin Cool it’s a backup pistol it’s like a Little mini machine gun so reliable and Fast This one’s condition one it’s hot it’s In our carry system we carry it all the Time FMJ is just for now blah blah blah But this would be number one two three No three four five one two three four Five there you go starting grv man we Start talking about five and i really we Just had some fun gun TV here in gloob Tube that’s how I feel dude’s no Apologies at all yeah this one I just Throw in for fun so if you were to take The 950 out of the mix you know the p10 Is awesome I real Love it I can just hit magically with a P10 I like to square trigger-guard I Love the trigger it’s lightweight it’s Really very Glock II I said that in a Review and I really loved the m9 series Both long slide and standard length and They’re the same thing I can just hit With this gun so well I really love the Feel and the ergonomics for me Personally of the m9 Blade Runner pistol And these two are very close for me they

Really are the 509 m9 I don’t know very Close and then a px is a good gun it Just wasn’t something that I would rave About and go oh my gosh he picks a px Has got to be added to my collection I Do love the squared trigger guard on it P10 how’s that – very glossy as well Different slide milling there you go Stupid way to start a GRB because I Don’t want you to think that I don’t Like the 509 I think the 509 is a great Pistol and if we were to take off the Table and put the apx back back up here 950 notwithstanding the two serious MHS Competitors that were totally proven We’d have to take these two off the Table and you would be left with just With these guns not other ones that are Not on the table these two guns so it’s A 509 and the beretta apx which were Gende up and made in my understanding For the company to win the MHS contract To be the next military pistol and That’s important because they’re highly Tested so thousands and thousands of Rounds and different testing protocols Applied to both pistols 509 included so They can carry the data to the military And go hey dude check it out this gun is Awesome we approved it it also compete Against I think a cz po9 a g17 variation And of course the winner the sig p320 Which is also a great gun you know I Don’t have one nor do I feel compelled

To add it to a collection p320 It’s good that’s kind of in my way the P 3 xx to me is kinda at a px totally Competent totally great but for me it’s Just not It’s not getting to that that part where You know what I’m talking about right Where you like oh my gosh I love this Pistol that’s on Sam A px going bye-bye for now on two Features of the 509 series again it is a Military designed pistol for the Military and that is a good thing Because you couldn’t say that about the Other competitors that I had on there The p10 C the m9 they really didn’t go Through that level of testing are they That proven do they have that level of Track record maybe not I don’t know if Track records right word for it because Track record takes like decade plus to Establish but maybe level of testing Would be more accurate to say the 509 The a px do so if you’re looking for an Alternative to say g’day mate P series Maybe look to a 509 I love FN they do Great work almost every gun I’ve brought To the table I have reviewed positively From FN there are a couple of you know Baubles here and there things they do That I don’t like every manufacturers That way but mostly as a military grade Contractor and a contractor that has Kept and renewed is contract over

Decades of service that says something FN is no idiot I’ve always said that They have super high quality levels They’re making barrels for all types of Different weapon systems for armored Vehicles for aircraft machine gun Systems in 249 GP series all that goes Into your 509 when you buy one it’s a Great pistol it totally is 27 ounces is Relatively light too so the weight is 2 Ounces and ounce and a half more than a Glock sorry I had to say it you know I Still compare it it’s the standard Measure but 27 ounces ain’t 30 ounces I Mean the mod 2 Smith & Wesson M&P that It was an MP 40 that I reviewed that’s Like 30 ounces I love that gun it’s 3 Ounces more than this so for all intents And purposes this is a bat about the Same way as the clock which will give it That sniper’s pistol philosophy of use Being that a super lightweight to carry At the m9a1 is that light as well it’s Right there let’s look at the bear I’ll be going to features here cold Hammer-forged F in quality and it’s thicker walled Then F and P and the F and s was if I Remember right I just did an updated Review on the F and s and a lot of People think this is an update on the FNS design altogether I think a lot of People actually confuse what’s the Difference between FNS and a 509 you

Know there are several differences I Won’t cover all here but there’s a lot Of upgrades again to be a valid Competitor to the military pistol trials They have to do some things they lost in The end but maybe the civilian market Wins the barrel is an improvement if you Ask me also it has a recessed crown if You can see it it has a polished chamber At which F ins been doing a long time Actually you can kind of see it right There looking at the slide it actually Looks like it would be thinner for Instance then the Steyr m9 but they’re The exact same width it is an optical Illusion yeah and you can see the sight Radius and this is kind of went into my Own level is just a little bit longer on The m9 series i like longer sight radius Whenever I can get it let’s compare it Against the p10 just for kicks the sight Radius p10 is longer lining up they’re Very back slots of the rear sight you See that a px come in sight radius and Slide width and dimension I guess you Can look at as well so the FN is Actually the shortest slide width our Slide can’t speak sight radius that we Have here on the table the jet fire Notwithstanding it’s still thick you Know I freaking love that gun dude I Just dude jeffires amazing I’ll never Stop talking about the jet fire or Telling beretta to bring it back I

Wonder if you guys would buy it though Hey man bring back the jet fire so it Comes back and it doesn’t sell feels Like yeah so it’s 25 watt oh I think it Sucks the thing it doesn’t suck about is Second cool dude it’s not a Polymer-framed pistol and it’s super Light this is a little mini sniper’s Pistol too It’s amazing what’s the watch for the Review Oh still the Junkers iron Annie Aviation watch embedded mini-review I Love this watch so it takes off on the J52 German designed I think they’re having It made in China I’m not sure it’s not Super expensive it’s got kind of a Corrugated face on it look at that kind Of like the Junkers trash haulers we Called in the Air Force fall and crap Around oh yeah a gun review that’s slide Milling is pretty cool the grasping Grooves are excellent got forward if you Like it nice angled bevel right here so It really gives a really cool look to The 509 I think the sights are steel not Polymer not plastic not aluminum they’re High enough I don’t know to clear a Suppressor we didn’t test that because Obviously this is not a candid barrel Ready for a can the controls on the 509 Are pretty excellent for lefties you’re Gonna have a slide release on the right Hand side of the gun ambi magazine

Release already set up for you there’s No swapping you need to do it’s really An excellent lefty pistol I think the F And 509 the mag release too is pretty Good actually I think it’s better than The p10 C which is this one right here All these black pistols I almost have to Look twice I said this one has some Sharp edges it does and it something Needs to be done about that not a Showstopper doesn’t ruin the pistol it’s Just a quirk every pistols got quirks You just kind of live with them but this Mag release is a little bit better I did find it’s a little bit harder to Press though it’s kind of stiff but Again AM be totally set up that way the Grip and there’s some interchangeable Backstraps that come in the package Which is pretty standard with the FN out Of package you’re just gonna leave it The way it is I like the grip I don’t Like it as much as that m9 though to be Honest with you just because it’s here I Mean I told you ergonomically this fits Me better and I have large-size hands This one I like better big blocky Traction molded-in on FN 509 grip just Like we saw in FN five-seven F&S and the FMP it’s all good it’s just I don’t know For me it’s it’s a Grip it really is don’t get me wrong There are some others that I might Prefer over the ppq would come to mind

Vp9 is an awesome grip as well undercut Molding right here not a square Trigger-guard I wished it was that’s my Own preferences though I mean you don’t Care you never put your finger up there It’s just not a problem for you at all But I’m just saying what my preference Is how about the trigger on the 509 well On the good side it has a really nice Reset on it So there’s your reset right here we did Shoot it to reset in the field when we Tested the 509 and we liked it the Trigger pulls at about 8 pounds but it Seems like it’s better in shooting so It’s not that impressive on tabletop – 509 trigger and it is kind of an Articulated once it has a polymer shoe On the bottom metal on the top I don’t Really dig articulated triggers that Much that kind of went to my preference Level I’d much rather have a safety Paddle in it here’s a p10 see the Glock Has the same way especially if it’s one That retracts all the way like the peat Tins does awesome just a minor minor Thing all these things are super minor I Don’t want you to think they’re big They’re not takedowns the same as it’s Always been on all the five and I aren’t Going to do it on camera standard am 91913 pic rail the quality again on that All the all the 509 products is amazing I guess we should look the magazine

Super quick 17 rounds so it’s going to Beat the p10 by 2 just because that was A tabletop competitor right here does That matter to me mmm I do like more Rounds I’m not gonna say I don’t oh but There’s some other things no guns going To be perfect so I weigh everything out I’m losing two rounds with this I would Like to have them back but for the other Things the quirks I’m just discussing With you well I would still stick with My rating system I would the magazines Are awesome except for the freaking and Beam it they have to put on here I’ve Never liked that I’m not sure that I Have some big ol slots cut out on it so This how beretta does that’s a px oh it Does they’re ambidextrous system this Way I almost prefer this a little bit Better and then the 509 nib and I’ve Always criticized out in the F I’m sorry the F in S series now let’s See the P Tim’s how it does it see I Like this better That is how you do it dude so two big Notches here I talked about magazine Interchangeability with a p10 C in that Table top let’s just you know just mean One reason I say that is because putting This into magazine pouches ap x1 is this Is going to graph like I’m extracting From pouches always grabbing it seems Like and then you just have a little Tiny raised one on the F 509 I mean has

It failed that I’ve seen no doesn’t Inspire confidence and me personally no I’ve always said that here’s your base Plate just a polymer base plate look Into the magwell and then we get into Shoot ability quick features review on That I mean a lot of this stuff you’ve Seen before it’s really not a big Surprise and I forgot to mention it does Have a double captive recoil spring and A stainless steel guide rod versus a Polymer like in a Glock if you care if You care what I did mention by the way Is a profile on the slide release it’s Almost like an extended g34 one which is Awesome which means it doesn’t stick out Too far like the fnps did you can see It’s still a clean presentation on the FN 509 still low profile and yet you Have more reach ability if you’re like Me and you use a slide release for what It’s designed to use for what you need To slingshot all the time no you know Works great dude been doing that on Camera forever and in training forever How does it shoot the FN 509 shoots well Actually it really does let’s start with Accuracy and this will hearken back to FN barrel quality look at that group Dudes effing 509 getting it done ten Yards indoor standing this is all FMJ Loads this is me shooting it great group Here all shoot a little bit high for Regulation interfacing with my eyeballs

These are all really good Except for this one that group not so Great for me personally anytime you get Them at 10 yards in this these are 1 Inch square sets of 2 inch 2 by 2 inch Box you’re doing good dude there’s a Group there we shout out in the desert – I don’t know if have paper for that para Reminding myself one magazine harder Release told you that that mag button That’s a downside not a great group Right there really good group here these Are 115 G HP’s we probably pumped I’m Not a ton around so I’ll probably put 400 rounds through it 450 and then I was Done spending money on the FN 509 review I don’t remember any jam stoppages at All on fo FN 509 which is again to Harken back to its testing for the MHS Unit was fun – I thought follow-up shots come quick I Don’t think I can’t remember a lot of Muzzle rise it kind of reminds me of the AP X to be honest though these two guns Shot very similarly who was shooting Them with me I think it was Jardine and We were talking about him like which one You prefer and it was kind of hard to Distinguish between the two we liked Them both neither one will again were we Really raving about going hey man I love This gun it’s magic for me you know but Reliability Peugeot’s I think we’ve Talked about mostly I didn’t really talk

About a px versus 509 in the grip let’s Remind ourselves how the a px is that’s An acid nice grip although it does have Some very shallow finger grooves oh the Internet doesn’t like finger grooves now They usually match with my hands that’s Why I don’t talk about them very much Because I have well skinnier hands and It they match pretty good you see my Fingers wrapping around here which is This one I prefer the apx grip Mouse With you I do and a square trigger guard Huh maybe I’ll change my rating between The two no I won’t I don’t know why the Dimension on the 509 it just seems long In this dimensions going this way you Know the other ones I’m talking about They seem less so maybe it’s just an Illusion Would I buy the FN 509 yeah I would an MSR ps4 650 gunnies is selling the 509 And I think I have their box here Somewhere for 540 yeah here it is So the serial number reviewed for here And proven to be reliable so heck great Way to save yourself a munition just buy This one it is serial number gks triple Zero two zero three five five $37.99 Support guddi’s the great american gun Store making this review possible thanks To gun ease both of these are gunning Pistols apx has going back FN 509 going Back both excellent guns what I would Recommend to you guys who watch the

Review and you’re like I really liked The 509 is go see if you can go Somewhere and shoot it so maybe there’s A gun range in your neck of the woods it Has one and shoot them shoot all the Guns I have and you decide for yourself You know because each of our hands it’s Different our manners of shooting are Different for instance I do curl my Offside hand around the trick are you Don’t and maybe for you your number one Pistol would be to 509 that it’s perfect For how you shoot you really need to Shoot it but in terms of reliability how Its put together and also the value that You get with a 509 I still think they’re Shipping on up I’m not wrong with this And check in with three magazines I’m Checking maybe it’s just two magazines Nowadays here’s the back straps the 509 Yeah maybe it’s just two they used to All the F in piece used to come with Three magazine and they were the Polished stainless steel mags a great Value I said that back in 2009 with the Original review but for 542 get a Military-grade combat pistol apx also But this is a star of the show yeah I Totally buy it review done [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Applause] So would you buy it I would pass Personally there’s just other firearms I Think I would prefer over this yeah not That it’s a bad gun no it’s been Reliable just preference personal Preference maybe a failure to lock back On an empty mag yeah we’ve seen that Before though mm-hmm I agree I think It’s a good gun I don’t know if I’d add It to my own collection but I think it’s A pretty competent it’s nice gun you Read how you like to trigger on it you Don’t love it I don’t love it it’s okay It’s not it’s not great so you came from Shooting a P P Q to this maybe that’s Why yeah that may have had something to Do with the trigger was awesome so it’s Hard this pales in comparison definitely But I mean it’s manageable it’s doable If you’re gonna use is a is a is a Personal defence firearm you know you Would practice with and get good with it But it’s kind of a Sig in and PE esque With that little pivot yeah I don’t dig Pivoting trigger I don’t like them Either so I agree but not bad It’s not a bad guy I’m rich I’m feeling That you got like a two and a half star Liking out of five is that about right Yeah pretty average Yeah that’s an average rating yeah over And out


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