Flintlock Blunderbuss

Mid to Late 1700’s Flintlock Blunderbuss, If you have any questions or would like a appraisal please contact Steve directly at stevemnsn@yahoo.com

**Not Civil War – mistake by editor. Thank you ***

Welcome to the civil war collectible Channel My name is steve munson and i am the Civil war guru and today we have entered For evaluation is a wonderful piece of Colonial history It is a blunderbuss flintlock This particular piece was manufactured In the 1700s I’m going to say between 1750 and 1780 1790 It is an outstanding piece of colonial History These things were rugged this particular One We think is made under the baker pattern And the fun part about it is totally Devoid of marks Which it very certainly was sent over to The Us market during the revolution Because nobody wanted to be identified As making weapons for the colonials It’s a great piece of history and give You a little Overall measurements on it it’s missing The patch box here we’re going to get The Camera man up here close and get some Real close-ups of it but the overall Length of it Is 32 inches it has a 7-inch Lock on it in the rig original Flint lock configuration the barrel is

16 and a half inches And and i’m gonna roll it over here to The camera just so you can see what the Business end looks like It’s a two inch opening there and you See how heavy gauge the The barrel itself is This barrel on the gun is also keyed It has two wedges that come through the Bottom of the barrel through the wood And they’re held on what we call keys The cameraman will get that a little bit Later That hold it on it’s got his brass Furniture but these you see these type With a particular type patch box like This and Of course the covers broke off but they Call it a A baker pattern so we’re gonna get the Cameraman up here and get close to it This has a wonderful piece of walnut Wood and you can see it’s got A little chunk bloat out of there these Things were hard used And and really i would never want to Look at the business in them But they were because they were so Threatening and it was really a Deterrent But you see them pop up in the iron Barrels And in the brass barrels and this Particular ones iron

And these things value-wise they’re all Over the board This particular one because you can kind Of identify it And be in this baker pattern and and Being More of a military style than the Civilian style because the the size and The gauge And the construction of it we’re going To say that this value of this Particular gun is between 25 and 3 500 So from the old civil war guru you have A great day Do You You Do Do Like So So Like Oh Do You


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