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Thanks to you who support Forgotten Weapons on Patreon, I am insulated from YouTube ad revenue issues – but that doesn’t mean that monetization doesn’t have an impact on my work. The flagging that goes with demonetization also dramatically impacts YouTube’s algorithmic suggestion of videos. A video that gets flagged for demonetization also gets its distribution squashed – people don’t see it unless they search it out specifically.

Today, YouTube deliberately treats its content creators like enemies. YouTube will not tell us what the actual rules are that get videos censored. I have been literally told by YouTube employees that they cannot and will not do so. I suspect this is because the rules are largely subjective, and enforced by call centers full of minimum-wage workers around the world who neither know nor care about issues they are censoring, and are motivated only by quota and timecard.

Want some concrete examples? A German WW2 Panzerschreck rocket launchers is acceptable but a Civil War Cofer revolver is not. The FG42 vs BAR 2-gun match is acceptable, but the FG42 vs M1 Garand match is not. Shooting a Canadian sterile 8mm Bren is acceptable, but the video describing its history is not.

What Jörg Sprave and the YouTubers Union are hoping to do with their partnership with IG Metall is convince YouTube to actually work with its creators. Provide us some basic transparency and actual partnership, using the possibility of very real and very serious lawsuits in Europe as a bargaining chip. Unless you want to see YouTube devolve into just another cable TV outlet, you should support their efforts.

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Hey guys thanks for tuning in this video Has nothing to do with firearms so if You’re only interested in cool Historical firearms content I would say Turn this video off go check out the Main video that I put out today on the Charlton automatic rifle very cool gun Very cool video you’ll enjoy that one You don’t need to waste your time on This one now if you’re still here Today’s video is about YouTube’s Internal policies this is something that I try not to bring up very often but it Is relevant has a direct impact on Myself and tons of other people who Create content that get published on YouTube and there’s potentially Something important and relevant Happening and I wanted to bring it to People’s attention those of you who are Interested so I figured I’d do a little Bit of commentary here up front and then I’m going to tack on the entirety of Jurgis probs sorry for mispronouncing Your name Yargh I’m gonna post the entirety of his Video at the end of this if you didn’t See it in his channel you can see it Here so in a nutshell what I want to get Across is YouTube monetization policy is Not just about money and monetization YouTube’s monetization policy is Intricately tied to YouTube’s Categorization of videos their promotion

Of videos or the opposite thereof They’re squashing of videos the great Majority of videos that you see on YouTube you watch because YouTube Suggests them to you and YouTube’s Monetization policy is built into the Algorithms of what they do and don’t Promote what they do and don’t decide to Show you and suggest it to you so I have Been extraordinarily fortunate that I Have a large group of you guys Supporting me on patreon and that has Largely allowed me to separate myself From actual YouTube ad revenue and That’s not the case for a tremendous Number of other people who are out there Doing their best to create content on YouTube especially smaller newer Channels and so this while it has an Impact behind their puppy has an impact On me it also has a tremendous impact on A lot of other people and that’s part of Why I want to bring it up today so what Your gay is trying to do is in large Part is basically to make YouTube Partner for those of us who create Content and publish it on YouTube we Want to know what the rules are for YouTube’s monetization and YouTube’s Promotional policies right now they Literally will not tell you they won’t Tell me what the rules are if I appear If a u2 de FEV IDEO gets flagged and I Appeal it it’ll get approved or denied

Without any input from me I can’t argue A case I can’t make any suggestions Because they won’t tell me they Specifically will not tell me why it has Been approved or denied I have to find Out by random chance and guessing Through dozens if not hundreds of video Appeals and that to me is a huge problem The problem is as a partner with YouTube What I would like is for YouTube to Trust me as a partner and I would like To know like YouTube what are your rules How can I follow the rules do you have The content you like and if I don’t want To follow those rules then I can post my Content somewhere else The problem is YouTube’s attitude is if We tell you the rules you will figure Out some loophole in some way to avoid Them and that’s not the that’s not the Behavior of a true partner and so I’m Very hopeful that basically because of The various the the data protection laws That exist in Europe this action by Jurgis Roth and his YouTube Union could Actually have the potential to make Serious changes and get YouTube to be More of a genuine partner to all of us So I’m not trying to say that Advertisers should be forced to put ads On videos they don’t want to that’s not The point the point is we need YouTube To be a true partner work with us and Not treat us content creators like the

Enemy so without further ado I will turn You over to your guests Bob thanks for Watching guys attention YouTube here we Go Being a youtuber is a dream job for lots Of young people but two years ago YouTube turned the dream job into a Nightmare the real youtubers that are The reason for YouTube’s big success are Getting censored deleted erased and Hidden making a living on YouTube is Actually no longer possible many Channels have entirely disappeared or Now reduced to a minimum there is no job Security it seems like YouTube doesn’t Want independent youtubers anymore Because now YouTube prefers like Channels run by TV stations or Hollywood Celebrities and for those guys Completely different rules apply they Won’t be censored they won’t be erased They won’t be kicked out YouTube is Actually pushing these guys with Everything they have all this happens Simply out of greed for profit simply Because advertisers prefer Will Smith Over the independent youtuber but YouTube should not be so sure about that Strategy since one year we have the Youtubers Union and we have thousands of Youtubers that are now united and picked Up the fight the only problem is that so Far we haven’t been able to achieve much But exactly that is going to change now

IG Metall The largest independent trade union on The planet and the youtubers union are Now joining forces with a clear goal to Bring back the old YouTube we have found It the joint venture fair tube and now Time will change for YouTube since we Have 125 years of experience in the Fight against injustice and over 2 Million members plus superb lawyers are Now joining forces with thousands of Youtubers who are really unhappy with The way things go together I think we Are completely unbeatable fair tube is Unbeatable we want YouTube to actually Perform massive changes on their Strategy for the benefit of the creators And for the benefit of the entire Platform and in this video we’re going To explain to you how we will achieve it And at the same time we’re asking for Your support Hello everybody I’m your father founder Of the youtubers Union and we’re here in The 15th floor of the IG Metall building In Frankfurt and I’m here with Christiana Benna Hello Christiana hello yak what is your Job at the IG Metall I’ve been a member Of eg Mattel for more than 30 years now I’ve been working as a youth Representative and as member of a works Council and for more than 20 years I’m Working full-time employed for eg Mattel

And now I’m vice president of this Wonderful Union and my job is social Justice for many people it’s not Necessary to explain what the IG Metall Is it is the largest independent trade Union on the planet was more than 2.3 Million members with a history that’s Longer than 125 years but what many People do not know is that the IG Metall Isn’t about metal anymore not just metal Anymore Actually the IG Metall deals with crowd Workers and the working condition of Crowd workers and has been doing so for Several years and that of course also Includes youtubers if the IG Metall once Decides to enter into a certain fight Then they will not relent they will Fight this to the very end and for us Youtubers completely new times begin it Is no longer the case that we are Helpless against YouTube with the IG Metall we have a strong strong partner Especially when the youtubers are with Us we know from experience that together We can achieve a lot and this is where The youtubers union comes into play it’s Quite a young Union only founded in 2018 But already 15,000 members strong during This time a lot has already been Achieved meetings with the YouTube Management even initial concessions and A lot of press it’s been quite turbulent Lately that’s true but only through fair

Tube our joint venture can we make Things change and what that means is Exactly what we’re going to explain to You now Transparency publish everything Categories procedures rules you would Assume that everybody would want this But in reality that’s not the case YouTube keeps everything secret the Rules for the bots and the sensors their Decisions the processes are deadly they Use to promote or hide a video it’s all Kept secret and that is not the way how To treat a partner Justify D monetization and deletion Vaguely formulated rules are not enough We demand exact and comprehensible Reason for every decision Let us talk to a human being youtubers Are human beings and deserve respect Normal standard emails from anonymous Service people should make the decisions Not machines youtubers must have real Human beings to talk to and not Anonymous email addresses Establish a neutral dispute resolution Board YouTube calls the youtubers Partners but in reality that’s not the Case YouTube has all the power and this is Not how a partnership works if there are Serious disputes a third neutral party Has to decide and this works wonderfully Elsewhere by the way agreement I’ll

Participate in the crowdsourcing code of Conduct this is a voluntary commitment About social standards by crowd working Platforms we have such an arbitration Board and it works well Give us a seat at the table the entire Success of the company depends on the Creative output of the youtubers Therefore it is only fair that youtubers Can also participate in the Decision-making and the future of the Platform we demand the establishment of An advisory board that is fully Integrated in all decision-making and Has something to say about that Participate in the process these are our Demands and our goal is to implement Them as soon as possible and now pay Attention sea level managers at YouTube You have exactly four weeks to enter Into negotiations with us take talk then The clock is ticking you know how to Reach us we’re looking forward to that We delivered our demands to YouTube and Hamburg and we asked them to enter into Negotiations within the next four weeks We have three main powerful strategies Two of them are for the lawyers and one Of them is based on your participation Plus also lots of smaller topics and Issues First this the issue of potential false Self employment of the youtubers that is Pure dynamite but because the issue is

Rather complex we have an expert here Dr. Thomas clay but certainly one of the Most renowned experts on labor law in Europe Thomas what is false Self-employment thanks a lot for your Generous introduction for Self-employment means that someone is Working as a self-employed person but in Fact there are an employee with all the Protection employees have like Protection against unfair dismissals Vacation and social security there are Some evidence that youtuber may be Falsely self-employed for example they Are continuously rated and monitored by YouTube and only YouTube managers the Relationship with advertisers and if you Take all this information about the Working relationship into account it’s Hard to say that these are independent Video producers and if it turns out in Court that youtubers are indeed falsely Self employed what consequences would That have for YouTube well then the Youtubers would be employees with all The protections and benefits and they And that would be very very expensive For YouTube especially when you take in Regard the social insurances but that Means it would really threaten the whole Business model that is why we want to See our demands met if YouTube meets Them then youtubers will be real Partners well there’s a lot of heated

Discussion among policy makers for Example they are talking about expanding The definition of employee and one thing Is certain youtubers Need more rights if YouTube meets our Demands youtubers will be real partners Then this will be no issue but if YouTube does not talk to us we will Certainly put the question of false self Employment to the test in court We will certainly put the question of False self-employment to the test in Court there are many possibilities it Will be interesting and exciting The second strategy has to do with YouTube secrecy which could be illegal Every video that the youtuber uploads Will be actually inspected by a whole Army of bots and human sensors and then Put into categories these categories can Then be excluded by the advertisers Which means that this video won’t make Any money and won’t go anywhere anywhere In terms of use it will be a sitting Duck result the video will hardly earn Any money and see we are a few views the Youtuber can only guess why and he can’t Do anything about it that’s not legal Under the GDP are platforms like YouTube Must give anyone they have personal data About a copy of this data the general Data protection regulation applies to All companies which process personal Data and these are laws that YouTube has

To follow as well and what happens if it Turns out that YouTube does indeed Violate the GDP are violations of the GDP are can be punished with a fine of 4% of the worldwide revenue of the Previous year in 2018 YouTube made Billions of dollars so the fine could be Tremendous Wow a high price for useless Secrecy every single violation may lead To another fine so YouTube has to stop The secrecy at least in Europe people Have the right to know which data the Companies store about them YouTube still Has the chance to settle the issue Without high costs we are looking Forward to the discussions Last but not least there is another Powerful measure and this is where Youtubers come into play help us to make YouTube better for everyone involved Spread the video follow us on Facebook And Twitter and visit our website and Above all if you are in Germany join the IG Metall I did that months ago isn’t That a pretty little card the IG Metall Is the perfect union for us youtubers The more YouTube members the IG Metall Gets the more likely it is that we can End this and turn the nightmare drop Into a dream job again on the website Fair tube dot info you will find all Information about agama trial membership We are very grateful for everyone who Stands with us we have a really long

List of actions that require your active Participation and we don’t want to go Into details yet but I can guarantee This is going to be a shitstorm that Hasn’t been seen ever before So YouTube now it’s up to you Talk to us we are sure there will be a Solution that works out for everyone not Only that but what is YouTube worth Without happy youtubers come on managers At YouTube you know that we can only Keep the platform successful if we work Together on this you now have four weeks To talk to us so the countdown is Ticking and you can actually follow what Is happening on our website fear cube Dot info Wow that’s it for today very Very big day for the whole of YouTube Anyway thanks bye bye bye bye


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