CZ P10C Update: Still The One?

Let’s check in with the CZP10C. It would seem after its high profile introduction years ago this pistol fell from favor to some degree. Is this warranted? Hmmm. We get a newer gen of the P10C, take it on multiple outings and see if our original opinions on the CZ P10C were correct. Will our like of the P10C is remain intact? We review that latest on its accuracy, ergos, SAWC, mag release upgrades, reliability, and more. TD is here with me in the Bunker on this one and we have fun. You’ll see TD remains a sceptic until the last outing too.

Tnp patches while stock lasts:

Give me a set bring it scratches you Goin sack there he hits deep all right Rose Take your time all right you good yeah Ready you arranged yep good it’s time For a cz P 10 see dramatic pause and TMP Update review [ __ ] style ladies and Gentlemen mr. tactical doodle Where are the shades so what’s going on Right now is TD is visiting he’s busy in His life working on this career doing All this cool stuff he’s here for a week And we are cranking working hard We went out shooting three days Operationally did some indoor range work And I’m cranking through some gr V’s We’re doing a bunker style I’m not gonna Say table tops are dead they’re not You’re gonna see me do more tabletops I Have a feeling though from you guys Watching the bunker reviews you probably Don’t want me to go back to tabletops With with certain things watches I got To do tabletops knives probably tabletop Is what we’re gonna do are you so Scratching no I’m just letting them look At the stuff behind me yeah all that Stuff I mean it’s fun so look at all It’s fun for us too you might detect That especially when T DS around not but Even when he’s not here I’m gonna be Having fun you know how it goes this Show goes on in TMP what are you doing Just showing him all that cool stuff we

SWAT some really cool stuff back there We got an mg34 back there 1/6 scale We’ve got a Robocop what’s an 80209 82 Or nine Zeta plus Junkers minigun Ju 88 Oh I see w16 scale tie bombers back There and then you might see Boba Fett Extracting himself from the Sarlacc pit Which is canon what you’re seeing then In bunker is yeah we’re gonna be focused On the thing that we’re talking about Always but also you’re gonna see the Personality and actually our likes as a Family and it’s all genuine nothing’s Made up it’ll always be Seem pretty much can guarantee thanks For joining us hit the notification bell Here in YouTube still working for now Join TMP patrons stay with tea and Patron if you so desire if not we still Love you thanks for the support Blah blah blah oh yeah you still have Some hats nutnfancy Big Cartel calm he’s The one chips him out a little boy he Does all the work are we gonna do a new Merch probably not anytime soon I mean If we bought merch and it literally Cleared out within two months you’d see A ton of macster falls yeah watch check This is a momentum Atlas 44 y’all Atlas 44 so I sold the 38 I can’t remember I Sold her get ready to tee and pier I Think I’m giving it away to a team here More I did and this is the Atlas 44 I Was saying I wish they made it and they

Did and what do you Crockett oh he’s got A whopper Harrier Hawker Harry R so this Is one of those gorgeous aviate watches Links below Buy ten of them I got this one Danny I Still got my wrist brace on life goes on We all have issues all have issues your Wrists are from non-fancy back to the Subject at hand here we go in life there Are basically basically three enthusiasm Levels so this is I got to do it so you I’m in frame so this is high enthusiasm Julie yeah that’s so awesome Medium enthusiasm level like oh yeah That’s pretty good I like that’s not too Bad low enthusiasm level that sucks Okay I’m broad-stroke and three for the Czp ten see for me I would say I’m like Hi hi hi I’m above medium I’m about here If I were to give it a I don’t know Almost four I really like the patency so Much I’m giving it an update video right Here data add in a little bit extra Information that I may have emitted in My office 2017 review and we’ll show you A different variety that we got right Now TD where’s your enthusiasm level on the P10 alright whoa I’m trying to get that Flat love me All right properly on the lower end of Media I think you’re right here aren’t You yeah I just I find it hard to get Wood for the thousandth 9-mil poly

Striker fires handgun good point there Here we go time to show it to you so we Have a second-generation p10 C it’s been In the project we’ve been shooting it Along with another one that we don’t Have in the bunker so in since 2017 I’ve Shot two of them I would say about a Thousand maybe 800 to a thousand rounds Between the two of them so I’ve done Some shooting I’ve learned the type and You were saying you’re not super stoked On it that’s not to say I don’t like it As a pistol it is pretty good to the Point where I probably say I do love it To an extent but my enthusiasm is much Higher again I’m gonna go almost too High on this I really like the p10 C it Does have some funky quirks funky quirks And I’ve learned more about it as I’ve Shot it over the last couple years let’s Go back in history of when it was Introduced and let’s talk about how it Was not perfect When I came out what manufacturers Releasing imperfect knowledge that you Would depend on the sharing public to do Your R&D for you so we get a lot of Criticism who on Cal Tech on sig Rutgers Gotten flack for this I don’t hear too Much about Smith & Wesson they seem to Be pretty squared away unless I’m Missing something I could be and now we See cz having quality problems with a New design what I’ve always said is I

Don’t condemn and an overall excellent Design if it has teething problems you Need to look beyond it you need to be Mature and this is going back to a good Example – cig p3 65 that guys came out Reviewers here in YouTube came out and They thrashed on I said this is crap I Think it’s a I don’t know if they said It’s a losing design but and I’m not Going to say there weren’t problems There were but they weren’t looking Long-term to know that the company sig In that situation would fix problems and Guess what they fixed the problems and The sig p3 65 is one of the all-time Best-selling non returning we just asked Several gun stores this week didn’t we If Said how many three six five come back They’re like none how many do you sell Twenty a week Big gun store it’s like 20 a week easy And none are coming back no to the point Is that you’re going to have teething Problems and I think the cz p10 had the Same thing something I don’t know if I Represented accurately in my original Review there’s another reason I’m doing This bunker update so some of the TV Problems it had is it had like stright And unsupported striker and the striker Was known to have a rotation problem and Lock the slide up so in Gen 2 they read They redesigned it and you can see this

Little notch in the slide I’m gonna Point it right in my face let me go Right here so you can see the notch in The back of the slide I hope and now I’m Not putting any additional bit here you Got right here So in not the the back plate itself but This notch right here so that’s a Gen 2 Feature I believe so that’s a newer Striker so they fix that problem the Magazine catch this is an ultra gin – I Think so it has an Ambu on nowadays – How and a reversible one does much Better we don’t have that to show you on Camera so sad so sad so this is the old One and I’ll tell you it like I said the First one I don’t like it I think it’s Stiff to push because it’s ambidextrous Is bi-directional so it has a strong Spring in there the good news is the new One is much better it’s flatter it does Away with these really sharp edges and It’s easier to push I’m told I haven’t Shot that one and if I get a p10 C Actually might buy this one from the Dude I’m loaning it from and just uses Cast member what I’m gonna do is put an Apex tactical mag release in it here we Go with another 50 bucks you it’s it’s 45 bucks to put that into business just Like guns it’s like you get a gun you go Oh man yeah oh it needs a proper yeah I Need to do this but it’s it’s more Cost-effective for me if I own one to go

Ahead and fix it rather than sell it Lose money on that sale and then just Put an apex on it and there might be Some others that I don’t know about Maybe we should just go out and get one Sorry squared away yeah the design of The mag release Kind of confounds me to an extent Because it’s got so much spring tension In it you could get away with like a big Chunky glock style release and it Probably wouldn’t have an issue weld a Contoured it like they want it to be Lower profile to hopefully eliminate any Chance of accidentally slipping it and All I did was make it harder to actuate On this version I would say all that Place but again on the newest version of The p10 and also worked a concentrate on The C model but the F the full-sized Model also has I believe the much Improved magazine release so it’s a more Of a flat button all these sharp edges Are gone buh-bye that’s good the the Slight release shooting it I think it Does work I kind of forget because we’re Shooting some of the guns fuzz using it Or just slingshotting it I wouldn’t mind It being extended this is a very sharp Edge up here on this they do make Extended slide releases for it actually The cz custom shop has them and what do You know it’s probably another 50 bucks Before you know it you’ve put eight

Hundred dollars in your cz PTIN C and I’m sure there’s some guys that do it I Mean there’s guys old places trigger Don’t replace the trigger the trigger on The cz p10 is awesome yeah but it’s not Ready Okay I’m not going to criticize if Someone goes and gets a colored I don’t Know apex tactical or whatever cz Replacement trigger for second Cole if It just makes you happy I say rock on But don’t say anything’s wrong with this Trigger as it pulls which I don’t think I’m a trigger scale handy but just take It from me this is a really nice trigger There’s a little bit of grittiness There’s a little bit of take-up right Here so there’s a little bit of rub Going on right there Chris brake check The reset really short reset I showed That in 2017 Look at that reset dudes and I’ll do it With my left hand so you can see it I might blown out pig loves this pig Loves don’t last with a crack you sneeze On them and the fingers blow out yet Three months out of a man that sucks Anyway it’s great trigger I would not Replace I get a white guys would okay We’re kind of going over features and Maybe some updates and complaints Actually on the original C CC patency Now I never experienced this when we Tested and reviewed the original one

Which was a loaner from Schofield Project Up he was actually at ampere who sent me His original gun that’s how I reviewed It thank you dude hope you’re still Around but I I did not experience Shooting plus P ammo with a magazine Dropping guys were complaining about That say it could happen I didn’t see it So I I can’t validate that and I think a Lot of these problems again are still Out on the Internet so guys who Experience it on the first season Tendencies and then someone in you know In 2019 fives we go this gun sucked That’s kind of a disadvantage of the Internet is make sure your data is Correct and make sure it’s up to date Cuz things change and they get better Sharp corners I mentioned on the Magazine release on sly release I would Still say that’s the problem we got a Beveled slide all this is the same I Love the serrations forward I don’t use Of course the back serrations we have a Reverse slide rails on the p10 see very Low reducing muzzle flip that’s fast Recovery the overall feel for me to my Enthusiasm level on the p10 C is Outstanding I love the stippling on the Grip it is so perfect it is excellent And I think they actually reduce a Little bit more maybe and some Complaints on gin too they just got rid

Of the sharp points on it slightly yeah I loved it in hand it’s perfect got this Typical cz grip there are Interchangeable backstraps which are not Needed insert grant and then we have an Extend extension on the back strap here So makes it kind of like a full-sized Pistol undercut molding on the trigger Guard bigger trigger guard squared off Just like a Glock it takes down just Like a clock so this is think of this CZ P10 or if you go with an FRC as a god Speaking of which here’s a Gen 4 19 bra It’s the main competitor and by the way This is a distributor coded one so we Didn’t coat this when it came this way So these are two competitors and Actually my original review I entitled It is the Glock 19 done four by the p10 Here let me do a sound effect what do You think well I think I made a point I’ll do it here again TD will back me up On this this does not have the track Record up o’clock the 19 has decades and Decades of military law Forcement civilian use it’s extremely Proven it’s going to take a long time For the p10 to amass that record so I’m Being a little bit facetious in my title Of hey zippy is the Glock 19 dead but a Lot of guys were saying that yeah they Were saying hey no why would I go buy it Buy a Glock 19 know what I know now and That is to say I know both guns very

Well at this point having shot a lot I’ve shot Glocks surely a lot more and a Half the p10 but I don’t have enough to Have I think a an honest opinion I think They’re neck-and-neck I think it would Boil down to you what your system is Already you have anything to say cuz I’m Like shredding it yeah I would compare It more to the RTF 2 as far as to point It is probably the best factory Stippling I’ve felt on any of the Pistols on the market now that’s what She’s feeling better than the vp9 which Is a pretty cool little thing I love the Vp9 organ ah mcclee it worked pretty Well for me at the mag button I didn’t Love the trigger guard is awesome Stippling on the front layer is perfect How’d you like that squared face you Love it this is a man fork no I think That’s 3rd gen 3 point 5 throw Genji 17 Vickers yeah that was the Vickers Edition really nice gun with RTF I love The RTF frame have neurons of it I was At all or the gentry Gen threes are Awesome how did you shoot that no I was Ok I noticed it when I was wearing Gloves it was constantly sticking and I Would always get my finger material Caught in that little trigger area I Think there’s just a little bit of a gap In the shoe and you bring it all the way Back ok other than that the slide Release I had a tendency to hit it

Inadvertently it’s funny you mention That because I was shooting it and it Failed to lock back on me a lot and I Don’t know if and these are this is a Gun that has it doesn’t have too many Rounds with it of course we’re shooting The magazines that came with a gun and I Don’t think I was riding the sly release But it just didn’t do last shot hold Open before you go ballistic on that There’s a lot of guns that I test that Way I think FoF and 509 was that way I Think the Beretta apx was that way a lot Of guns have that problem I don’t know If it’s my grip you can let study the The video if you want but Did happen I’m sure clocks by the way Sometimes it yeah doesn’t happen it Doesn’t want back whatever when our H&K Is I’ve done that both the USPS and vp9 So maybe it’s here we go so consistent Doctor is here don’t fancy Roger that it Is my fault I take all credit and blame for that This has a cold hammer-forged barrel This one is four inches long if you go With the F of course it is much longer Actually it’s only four point five I Think talked about the serrations Awesome one thing I noticed though in Cleaning this gun as I was putting him Back together and I flipped a like the Lever down there and it went back to Better we’re back together kind of

Caught you off it yeah it was really Weird I’ve never seen that with a Glock And it was really locked up wasn’t it That is actually a special secret Feature of this easy They call it puzzle mode I don’t know What happened I fooled around with it And you know did the takedown lever here And it went back together but it was Strange I don’t know what the deal was Man the magazines are still awesome okay And this one has extended baseplate on It and I talked about magazine Compatibility in the first review you it Has probably changed since then you know One thing we’re think getting back to Whether you go Glock or CZ p10 series or Po7 for that matter is systems what have You chosen yeah so for us being Reviewers it’s weird we have to have a Lot of magazine systems a lot of Calibers and to be a totally honest with You it is a I was looking for yeah it is A tremendous a Spain it is it’s so bad But it is the nature of the business and Now if we get a p10 C we’re gonna have More magazines that are not Interchangeable with anything else that We have in inventory maybe you do Accessory we all still here of course And then we have a nitride finish on it I actually really like this pistol once I get an apex on this if I were to buy This version I’d really be stoked with

It yeah I want a p10 mostly to have it In stock because it’s such a good Alternative to a lot of the guns were Talking about whether I’m talking about A Glock now any medium size it’s not a Compact gun They call it compact it’s not Go watch my video in 2001 compact it Ain’t it wasn’t 2001 it’s like 2009 was A little bit late Yeah look I watch shot and it’s the same Philosophy but it’s a good cast member And it’s a great option Oh show them the Targets – where are the targets this Little art button here so shooting this Gun this is is this you or me not me Okay this is me and that Oh 15 yards Standing that’s pretty good Yeah so if you don’t think that’s hard Go trying it and I don’t see anybody at The pistol range do no doing that I mean Everybody we saw shooting pistols is it Was actually today shooting at about 5 Yards so that’s really good for a Glock 19 size pistol I’ll take it yeah and Then here’s the third gen g17 I don’t Know why I have this oh dude this is the Zev one that we tested that’s good this Is 15-yard standard look at the Glock This is operational in the desert and TD Was with me look at those groups so it’s Actually much better than the p10 see And this isn’t a cold desert this is in January 2017 look at the Glock 17

Don’t miss misconstrue anything I’m Saying here to say that we don’t still Have walks I mean they’re their standard Measure they always will be their stuff Go 207 yards or the p10 pretend it’s 15 And I’m actually shooting a lot better Than you look I think the p10 though Actually wise is phenomenal I think you Can get a lot done with it it is a Fantastic gun is it more accurate for me Than a Glock No as accurate I think even though this Paper I’ve shown you right here to have Any more on oh oh there’s one here’s a Seven-yard p10 see it’s about as Accurate I don’t know if this was my Best day to be honest with you I mean This is seven yards they should all be For me in the gray and I did and I had Some pliers here so I actually rolled it I thought it was better than it was I go Out 19 if I’m doing that I can get Pretty much all in the gray brush if I Upgraded to heinie straight eight sites Don’t get me wrong though I love the p10 C I think the upgrades have done have Fixed the teething problems it Experienced early on Magazine is fixed to strike a rotation Problem is fixed the sites are still Phenomenal if they have a longer sight Reason o’clock 19 forgot to say that They’re three dot tritium that come with The gun you can swap them out I think

It’s awesome makes a sight set for it if You want to at this point it’s a very Popular and successful gun it’s going to Continue to sell well so to answer the Question when I buy a p10 C now two Years after my initial review megaphone – great gun how about GTD would you so In my position where I don’t have that Big of a system I’m locked in to go off Already okay I it’s so hard to beat the Possibilities that you gained with Building your system around Glock mags And I just don’t want the out I’m not Enough of an enthusiast for the p10 I Don’t really want it enough to warrant Setting up a whole new system You know mags getting the holsters you Know I strike a Fargo and it’s cool it’s A great pistol if you want a good Shooter then yeah I would probably pick It over a Glock if I had to start Everything from scratch like I said Earlier in the video I mean if you said Hey which one you want which one you Want alright you know if you were really Depressed me I’d probably still go with Glock but by a bit very small margin a Lot of guys will like the larger trigger Guard the more undercut the grip the Grip angle that’s a much different and a Lot of people think it’s better grip Angle on the p10 versus the Glock series But I’ll tell you what we shoot Glocks Well and they last forever and man you

Ain’t gonna beat their track record and Ain’t gonna happen They’ve got decades upon decades of you Know user experience over whatever comes Out but I love the p10 I’m actually Gonna see if I can buy this one I like It so much if I had to just pick one or The other I’d probably pick the p10 as Far as if you’re just starting out yeah And by the way what he said about Modularity tactical doodle is it goes in Let’s say you go with a nine you got Glock 26 compatibility I’ve talked about For longer magazines Glock 19 Glock 17 Glock 34 plus a lot of pistol caliber Carbine with one magazine system you’re Not going to get that with a pin sub mm I’m a ARS in 33 round mags they you may Not use them you may not even want to But The fact that they exist and they’re There and they’re pretty freakin Affordable pretty freakin afford it’s Hard to be real hard to be this Concludes our poker update on the czp 10th seed thanks for tuning in I’m done Day two of running the CCP tinsy out in The desert tactical doodle and what do You know he actually loves it now really Look I liked it before but shooting it Operationally as different as what You’re saying yeah it’s more engaging Quicker for you yeah you’re shredding With it right now more fun alright here

We go Two more mags about five hundred rounds Through this czp ten see go for it bro Tactical doodle nice quick pairs it’s a Great gun great gun highly recommended Hey is your glove getting caught still Yeah why don’t you try my pigs dude yeah I can try it Take off that right glove and then put This pig on and just see if that one’s Still getting clogged up on you Kyle Hold the gun raw infield shooting video Of the P 10 see whoa what a great gun I Love that color too Yeah a color is outstanding handles Great you’re hitting really whoa that Though even with a glove so just see if That gloves better [Music] Temperature is 25 degrees by the way 25 I did it with that one too I think I’m Just riding that high well you’re riding The trigger high yeah okay it’s probably Yeah look on your technique then keep That index finger tight this is a really Good range to train at it’s profit Little a little bit long for realistic You know purposes but we like this range So you shooting about 15 yards on that One plate left target left target left Target whoa all right brother you got to Update our bunker review what do you Have to say about it now I liked it Before I liked it even more now I

Thought you were like medium enthusiasm On it though Yeah well it’s mostly just because I if I were looking to buy it yeah it’s a Whole different Maxim and stuff all that Still plays but I’m talking about the Actual you know shoots great gun itself And how it shoots also See p10 see in the desert with tatical Doodle and that glove was doing the same Thing right yeah okay I think it’s just Me it is just you alright I love the gun Signing off that fancy project Operational cold desert standard nice

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