CZ P09: Near Perfect, Suppressor Ready [Full Review]

For under $600 you can get a reliable, super cool, suppressor ready combat pistol in the CZ P09. While not ultra light the CZ P09 offers 21 rds of firepower with the extended magazine. The version shown comes in “mud” coloration, another 2C feature. Add it excellent high TRITIUM suppressor sights, two magazines, good ergos, and interchangeable backstraps. It is a large GTW pistol Of course without accuracy and reliablilty, the CZ P09 would fall flat here in TNP. Good news is this gun in heavy testing broke a string of unreliable guns tested here. It was perfectly reliable with loads shot and showed perfect accuracy. All features covered along with POU and competitive options discussion. We say this is the best CZ pistol that CZ USA has come out with in a long time. You will be hearing about it more now.
Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 4.5 out of 5

Super cool Casio GravityMaster in Red shown:

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CZ p09 this is the best combat pistol That I’ve reviewed since I can ik tp9 sa Guys I don’t have any reservations on it In case you’re in a hurry I do hope you Come back to the video watch the whole Thing but I’ll break it down for you Right now if you’re looking at the CZ P09 considering your next non Glock non Sig non XDM non major player I’ll talk About that go to war handgun and you’re Looking at the po9 just buy it you have My approval I basically have no Reservations on this gun dudes no major Reservations from what I know now and Sometimes you know I find something out Later but for what from what I know now GTW baby Excellent I mean it really kind of cures Some of the gripes I had about a couple The what I reviewed in 2009 and I have Reviewed cz through the years the SP Zero one phantom now discontinued I Think now by the way was a very Favorable review I love that one I think That’s a go to war combat handgun still I don’t think it ever sold that well However if it did it would still be Around in the catalog by cz it’s not Fast forward a year or two after that I Reviewed the the cz p07 kind of compact A duty model and I did not like that one It was not very reliable We had several jams in it failures to Feed watch the review we had bought both

Those guns we have since pitched both Those guns just for you know get money Back in the project and making room we Don’t need all that stuff it’s just just Way it works and now we got this one to P09 and dude I don’t know if I ever want To sell this one seriously it’s that Good I’m going to show you some major Players on the table things I’ve talked About through the years and that’s my Term in what I mean by it are our combat Guns that have military law enforcement Contracts sizable contracts those to me Are major players shot they they have All types of track record out there Because so many law enforcement military Entities have used them civilian to and Through the years they’ve just amassed An amazing indisputable track record I Don’t have all of them on the table but Just a couple so we can kind of do a Comparison and contrast with the CCP Zero nine Duty but just go buy one if You’re looking for something non Glock Non signal XDM something different high Rounds capacity you’re talking serious Rounds capacity capacity suppressor Ready we’ll talk about that yeah get it It’s cool this coloration is amazing It’s kind of like that mud the mud Coloration looks so good looking man That cool so the calibers will change The finishes will change but the innards The whole way the guns put together is

Very similar honestly it’s very similar To the SP zero on phantom the polymer Frame cz we reviewed 2009 which again I Loved loved that gun so check out the Website if you’re interested let’s jump Into philosophy of use and this is the One I think is kind of staring you in The face that you should really really Think about and garnet I didn’t bring The can to the table but suppressor Ready go to war handguns suppressor Ready look at what it comes with so it Has a threaded barrel right that’s Awesome and it’s got some very high Metallic that is solid metal I believe These are Metro light see if the camera Will pick them up it does that lasts for About seven years Each you’re getting progressively dimmer I have said that that tridge sights MEP Sights are just basically you know any Tritium base sight I have had so many of Them through the years and they do go Demick Asian aliy sometimes I think the Painted sights are better because you Don’t have to worry about them going dim But if you’re planning on I don’t know Getting serious with this pistol in next Seven your set dude let’s talk about the Economy of that philosophy abuse and This is huge one reason why I really Love this gun is that if you want to run A can on it for you to retrofit and here Comes one of the major players 33-round

Equipped Glock 17 if I want to equip This fourth suppressor use in you guys Have seen a lot of cann shooting here And TMP on the Glock I’ll try to roll in Some footage I got to go out and buy a Barrel that usually means a lone-wolf Barrel and once that run I know if You’re lucky 115 up to 150 depending on Caliber but I’m just going to say 150 And if you go with something a different Manufacturer maybe it’s a lot more means 200 now I got to get high sights it Clear the can throw in another I’ll just Ballpark it 150 and then you’ve got Install the sights for me I have a Glock Sight tool I’ve gotten good at it but For a lot of people it’s new and getting That rear sight out on o’clock it’s Difficult it’s a slanted affair but Let’s just say and you could go less or More than this but let’s just say 300 to Make it suppressor ready By the way I’ve traveled that Road I Have several the Glocks I’ve done Exactly that do I have any I should have Brought I have a 22 with a can on it and It’s all been fixed up and some others But you get the point if you want to can It up this one out of box which what I Think is for very or actually no Additional cost is already set up for Suppressor is there a downside to that Well you might consider the extra barrel Length for the threaded barrel you might

Consider the very high sights which for You would go well you know I’m not going To run a suppressor on it the high front Sight blade will grab on stuff maybe I Don’t need that I think that’s all valid Reasons not to get a p0 and I at least In this configuration I get it but to me Someone who does own a 9 mil can 40 can And I do like that capability in my System it makes a ton of sense a Suppressor ready go to war handgun and By the way night sights already so They’re not just you know regular high Sights they’re not And the ones I’ve been putting on I’m Turning around with brand are they America Lowe’s I think they’re America Loads of hi night sights there’s not a Ton of silence or sites that are this High that are tritium that will fit well Whatever pistol you want I mean even Glock there’s not a ton of them there’s A few of them out there I just don’t Think there’s a high demand that being Said and when I go to accuracy will talk About the site presentation another Upside of that but I think sir pressure Suppress already absolutely How about competition philosophy views I Think almost like no other pistol the cz Line and the cz brand is known for their Competition participation they have Superb single action competition pistols I’ve talked about in the past they have

A long track record of competing in this Event that event to have a shooting team That is superb not just at manufacturer I mean Springfield does too Rob Latham The gang it’s not just easy but I will Say this easy has a lot of experience in It I think that you could run the CZ p09 Out of the box and a number of Competitions i could be totally wrong Could totally wrong i mean you’d have to Look at you know magazine capacity power Factor what class you’re running in well Are the features allowed i don’t know All that I’m not running those Competitions but it’s set up for that And let me tell you this right now and This is good for the competition Philosophy of use it is not super light Which for me I have mixed feelings about But for competition use you don’t want Super light you want something that is Settled down that has quick follow-up it Feels good in hand that’s why you see The competitors running 40 ounce guns Even heavier sometimes steel-framed guns Watch and run because they’re very fast These are not really go to war pistols These are gamer pistols in the term of I’m shooting a game I’m shooting a Competition where microseconds count Where microseconds can separate I don’t know first place to 10th place So any advantage you could get it’s There now the competitors that I know

Personally like Rob they’re very Particular on what they like they’re There Super experience they know what works For them what doesn’t so I don’t know It’s a trigger on the po9 good enough Form who knows probably not But for the average Joe shoot in a week In competition do all day long yeah I Think the trigger is pretty good I’ll give this philosophy of use even Though this isn’t a major player this Particular version of the p09 really Looks like a special-operations pistol It’s set up for Special Operations can Set up high sights coloration separate Philosophy views hey nuttin would you go To war with this pistol are you talking Like deep into enemy territory this is My primary sidearm or maybe even a Secondary hmm absolutely in terms Reliability the only reason I’m Hesitating is in terms of weight because If I go with a Glock I’m going to save Let’s see a Glock is twenty five and Seven ounces that’s my only hesitation And seven ounces of seven ounces it’s a Lot of weight so I don’t know if I’m not Hiking that far fine the vehicle type Troop you know Stryker Brigade dude idea All day long I would rock this pistol I’d feel good about it from what I know Now polymer Duty got another philosophy View stuff police officers what a

Department adopt this I would love to See it and maybe one house I highly Doubt it but there might be there I Should have clicked around and Researched I think they’d like it I Really do the barrel is cold Hammer-forged I think the I mean if you can run a cig Here comes another competitive option Offering in a department you can run This gun the way it’s set up these two Guns are set up right now even though The po9 is multi configurable – I think Manual action safety on type affair all Day long people could be trained on the PC or not and I’d love to see a Department run it it is a larger gun Though and so for small statured female Officers they may not dig it so much it Has a very tall grip I think it would Lose out in terms of ergonomics not in Terms of action on terms reliability but In terms of that and then find that one End with a recreational the santur stuff Home defense gun absolutely I mean it’s Got a ton Raus got a beautiful in 1913 rail on it Yeah it’d be such a and it’s got night Sights on it already You can even put a can on it I’m Laughing because I’d be so funny if you Like cats and bad dude and the cops show Up you got this thing it’s got the Cannot they think they they ran to call

A duty or something I mean it’s sick Looking that’s philosophy of use let’s Go over a s-awc design error goes I Talked about the wait here’s a deal Though dude I mean I’m gonna get the Scale out as we have this discussion Because it’s fun it doesn’t feel like 32 Ounces i I mean when I was shooting this I I didn’t know what it wait I think It’s 28 ounces nuts it’s kind of heavy There you go 32 ounces and then I said Well heck you that’s same size as a cig You know it is I love the cigs I give them a pass on Weight same saying did you know that did You know the sig 226 of the p09 are the Same exact way I got to tell you that is A downside to the gun I mean you know I Gave you my answer is if you were to ask Me hey would you go use it as a Special-operations pistol weights my Only reservation so a little bit heavy I love the threaded barrel on this one It’s so cool I don’t have it tightened Up right now it’s just and it’s long Enough where it’s super easy to attach We ran a can on it where there are no Reliability issues at all I like how the Cap is threaded so we can really crank It down because those tend to fly off When you’re shooting them talked about The rail already check out the milling On the slide it’s similar to other cz Pistols we’ve seen like the p07 duty I

Just like it it’s very cool Robocop ish yeah another movie reference I love throwing those in Robocop ish is What it reminds me kind of a Robocop Pistol this piece or nine maybe that’s The title of the video I love it man It’s just really cool forward serrations Rear serrations are very positive very Positive then we have I want to crack it Open look how big the freaking slide Releases man it’s just It is massive easy easy Easy and I think that’s reversible too I Think it is and this is a good Ambidextrous gun and she might be wrong On the slide really sorry about that but I know for sure the hammer drop is ambi You see it right here all right All day long these are metal not plastic No sharp surfaces very ergonomic Low-profile to and carry so there’s no Big chunks of metal sticking out hammer Drop right here speaking of the hammer Skeletal style and it’s kind of I think More leaning towards a style than Function and here’s why I say that it is Skeletal that’s fine I have problem that But see this sharp transition right here As I [ __ ] it guess what my thumb is Right there so I’d almost rather have a Rounded commander style if you’re going To go to skeletal hammer do that now I As it is it’s no big deal they have it’s A mint part I bet you and there’s really

No sharp surfaces on it I do I would Live with it all day long and let’s Check out that trigger but first in Double action we’ll check it out it’s a It’s actually very typical of the type And I said this in the SP zero one Phantom review and that is to say and This is just my perception as we pull The trigger you’re going to get kind of That polymer rub on the trigger bar on The interior of what is a reversed slide Frame by the way so the writ are the Reverse rails I should say the reverse Rail frame and the trigger bar just kind Of runs an interior and just feels like A polymer rub so listen I don’t know if You can feel it here’s why I’m not super Concerned about it because this is a Standard which I love da 2’s a Transition pistol I like those I’ve Always liked them I mean I like them in The 80s I like them in the 90s and so Shooting the sig all day long I mean Will first shots double and then we go That beautiful Sig single action trigger Right dude I love it so I have no Problem I can run with striker triggers And love those too but this traditional Da de Sao Don’t have a problem with it I would Much prefer this trigger by the way over Like kind of a heavier double action Only pull like a limb trigger by H&K and I’m not super fan of that one let’s

Check out the reset on this season p09 Right there if you care right there if You care no magazine disconnect so I can Fire all day without a magazine yeah hey You shouldn’t drive fire it you could do It all day long – and hurt this gun says Me There’s your magazine release it does That have a couple it looks like sharp Transitions here I didn’t notice them in Firing though I wasn’t like pressing Them oh my gosh I hurt but I was I think Wearing gloves so maybe I didn’t notice They could probably do a little better Rap rounding job on that I do think it’s Reversible for lefties but it’s about Appropriately sized and so is the Trigger guard Love the cz trigger guards are big for Winter gloves they have the big square Face which I really like and let’s Compare it against I’ll just bring in a Glock 34 here you’ll see it again see How much smaller that trigger guard is I’ve always said in my block reviews That I will get trigger guard rub and a Glock I don’t know why in subsequent Generations they have an enlarged it They still happen but I think cz figured It out early this has been around a long Time this trigger guard notice a big Undercut here for grasping and the steel Trigger I’ve gotten to the point guys Where I just don’t like articulated

Triggers a lot MMP I I just don’t care For him that much yes you put an apex in It cure it but that’s money that’s time And we’re looking at so many great Pistols out of box like this and here You have a steel trigger with no pre Flex super crisp let off acceptable not Awesome double action pull and we didn’t Really talk about the single the single Action like I said a competitive Philosophy of use is really really Excellent and let’s see what it pulls That I want to make sure I don’t hit the Rear of the trigger guard to throw the Way It’s a great trigger though for eight on That pole We like to trigger but what I should say It is a great trigger pull I wouldn’t Say you know it’s the best in the world I mean I’ve shot better but for the Price level it’s actually pretty amazing Pretty amazing the frame has some molded Stippling in I really like to side Stippling the front strap is okay the Interchangeable backstraps is not so Great tactical doodle notice this too is Like yeah I’m really slipping around on The back strap which is interchangeable By the way so there are different Inserts here’s the box it comes in right Here so here’s the two interchangeable Backstraps they have the same you know Stippling on the back and by the way

These back strap since we’re talking About it are real pain in the butt to Swap out the reason is because your Mainspring is held under tension by this Pin so you’re going to compress this Polymer rod pop out that cross pin and Then slowly and carefully hopefully with Safety glasses allowed this polymer pin Which captures that mainspring to come Out once that’s removed and the cross Pins removed then you can slide out your Back strap and try different ones which I again I did I tried the smaller Rounded one and it just seemed a little Bit bullsh I just went back to the flat One but we’re talking about two Stippling and the traction could you Cure that I think what I would do if I Had a p09 is I would either put a grip Material on it around the tire Circumference maybe a decal grip option Or just some type of traction option on It and run it and just try it The downside to doing that is you’re Going to make the grip thicker and it I Think the grip for my hands is perfect But if you have smaller hands that might Be an issue also I already talked about For smaller officers it’s tall it’s got The extended base plate on it so that’s That’s a tall mag um anyways it’s just Something think about hook it inside the Mag well some fun lis going on there Beaver tails right here

And compared against the sig it’s Actually a pronounced beaver tail but I Don’t think it’s obnoxious I mean I Fired some 19 leavens words it’s Freaking obnoxious I just I don’t like It but this one’s fine let’s look at a Fire power in the magazine amazing I shouldn’t say amazing because it’s not Like they’ve done anything Groundbreaking to get this many rounds In it or they just put on a +2 base Plate on a nice magazine but the quality Levels super-high European magazine not Blued I think it’s well I’m not sure the Finishes on it it’s not paint though It’s a really nice finish might be tough Alone or something love the magazines oh But we have the magazine in again tall Presentation I think that’s most of the Features oh yeah I got to talk about Sights look at the sight picture here Remember what I said competitive Philosophy of use one reason I say that And forget the suppressor application Just for a second it is because the Sights are so high so clear and so easy To read on the CZ p09 at least this Version so they’re not only tritium but They’ve got a very high front easy front Blade I think they have the right Proportion of air between the rear blade There’s no reflection we noted shooting In the Sun I do wish it was serrated in The back like the high knees are it

Really reminds me of a pair of really Nice heinie sites which are some of my Favorite and do I have any here yeah I Do So this Glock 34 has a pair of high Knees on it look at this sight picture And see how its serrated right there Now these g34 sights have a single Tritt Dot front rear I think this presentation Is a little bit better check that out Colors you’re about the same that wasn’t Even planned and I directed this like I Know six years ago I like that color Back then still liked it great sight so Really cool sights up so these are – but These are suppressed ready and they’re Just marvelous let’s look at accuracy of This gun First I’m going to start you off with What every manufacturer should do and I’m going to raise it up here and so you Can kind of see more of the competitive Off offerings get excited now I guess We’ve got the PTC six g17 we’ve got a P P Q back here canik tp9 sa and then I Have an XDM right here brah what cool I Think what I was going to say I’m by the Way the watch for the view check this One out dude proven to get you forty Percent more chick action that is the GA 1104 187 that’s what we paid for an Amazon that is a cool watch end of Review I’ll review it seperately Eventually but what i was going to say

Is every pistol manufacturer should Include in the box a test target right Of some sort I’d prefer a really shot One not just a facsimile like this but At least they did it so this is the cz Factory test target on this pistol 25 Meters and there’s the data on it in English dude if you can shoot 25 meters Out good you’re doing pretty good I’m Not sure if the circle represents their Standard of limit I think we would all Like to see it in one hole but still That’s pretty good in my shooting which Was standing in the desert seven yards I Don’t know why but I seem to shoot Better standing than I do when I sit at Concrete off of the rest so that’s why a Lot of the pistol shooting I do I just Stand up and shoot it varies distance is Usually not further than 10 or 15 check This out That’s blaze or brass great round I love Blazer brass look at awesome and it’s Okay Remember these are standing on the wind That’s pretty good [Applause] That’s pretty good I had another piece Of paper I know where it is if I find it I’ll roll in the photo I would Categorize the accuracy of this gun is Excellent – outstanding and jumping Right into reliability and track record We had absolutely no failures no

Failures to go into battery no failures With steel cased ammunition no failures With hollow-point ammunition FM J’s Low-power light loads heavy loads 147th It all worked in that CZ p09 so the Problems that they had with a p07 that I Said on tabletop which I stick to and Maybe that’s one reason cz got serious On these guns that’s been fixed I mean These this gun out of box was a hundred Percent no sending it back to the Factory it actually as it should be now The guns been out for a while this is Not an exactly a new pistol but it’s Going to take a while to you know Bill Track record like I said it takes stock Aids Well a decade and if it could turn into A major player that would accelerate it You know because I don’t think a lot of Cz pistols outside the competitive Circles and the cz fan club which Rightfully is very excited about their Pistols you know I don’t know how much They sell you know they should sell more I hope this video helps it’s pretty Amazing so great accuracy feel strip a Standard I’m going to waste time doing That how about accessories magazines Would be the number one accessory uh Once upon a time sees you had a web Store that was very accessible unlike Some other manufacturers for whatever Reason hide magazines on their sites or

Actually don’t sell them at all cz you Can usually order the max right on their Site and usually they’re not that Expensive no I didn’t check the p09 Should be out there I did click around The internet and I will say this and I’ve said it a lot before but I have to Say it again with a piece or nine they Weren’t super available I mean I looked Around other websites nope Negative nothing didn’t see CZ p09 this Magazine then if you there is one side i Found i’m not going to promote them but They’re doing around 42 bucks so that’s That’s probably going rate and you’re Going Being that’s that’s about what you’re Going to pay I mean cigs no different The beauty of cig is you can run my car In it this is a factory but you can run My car in it all day on this mech cars Rock you can get 18 round flush fitting For a city or 17 or 18 or forget and if You go the mecca our 20s insane The mecca ours are awesome far as I know They’re not making it for this pistol And Latin this what I was going to say It’s not in terms of marketplace it’s Not a major player either so you’re not Going to have a ton of side options You’re not going to have any trigger Options on my couple there’s some cz Websites that specialized it’s only in Cz a magazine enhancements I don’t know

A lot of times in competitive circles And I don’t know anything off the top of My hand of my head but but the cz is a Very popular pistol and you’ll see have Competition oriented enhancements to Most cz pistols you might find some for The seeds of the cz p09 the good news is I don’t know what I’d change about this Gun I wouldn’t do anything to the Trigger which harkening back to this czp 0 1 phantom I had to do a lot to that Trigger the trigger sucked out a box and I said so so I took it to Yoda once upon A year and we fixed it he gunsmithing And it was I’m know probably 50% better After that single and double pull this One again out of box is pretty squared Away it’s awesome There’s your takedown launch by the way I forgot to mention that the two Markings right there see it the rear Boom right there Cool I don’t know how about holsters Universal holsters role will certainly Fit maybe something intended for another Pistol like a competitive option that This is a 5 to 5 XDM maybe it would fit I don’t know it could you might have to Go the universal option and cz on their Webstore might have some others as well I think the main thing you’ll begin is Probably magazines I would have a Minimum of 4 per combat handgun Hopefully more you’ll probably won’t

Need more but if one gets damage to your Blah blah blah you know the story to Come with a gun though to come with the Ccp’s are mine and we’ll end with value I would say for getting tritium sights We’ve talked a lot about that you have a Threaded barrel with a cap the Coloration this one at the webstore are At the ya webstore and the gun store at The top when I did this review was Selling for 590 590 for a special Coloration everything I talked about Suppressor already combat handgun super Accurate super reliable only downsides It’s 32 ounces a lot of guys don’t care That’s why I said buy hopefully came Back watch the rest this video dude who Left during lunch that’s why I say just Buy it I just want to think about it Competitive offerings are equally Awesome and I I’m not going to diminish Those at all showed you just now the XDM Series love the XDM and just to remind Ourselves I think I criticized this one For weight and I and I said it at the Time is like well why are you going to Make a polymer pistol and make it 32 Ounces I’ll still stick without you Should make it lighter its polymer dude So that’s that’s lighter man that’s like Three and a half ounces lighter than Then the p09 and that’s a five to five So that’s a long slide version excellent Slight speaking of competition-ready XDM

Series I love this gun that has a sweet Trigger in it factory trigger and this Has a lot of rounds capacity as well so We’re sixteen and this is nine and then I have another XDM that holds like 19 as Well so p0 9 is the only one in town Doing 19 other competitive offerings Great how about the canik tp9 sa version They’ve actually continued to improve This gun over the years it’s just Basically a Walther p99 great trigger Guard super accurate lightweight great Rounds capacity this one’s hot comes Directly out of our system uh loaded Chamber indicator decent sights all Those sights on these guns have drifted Up and falling off before just be Careful i has a decocker on it some guys Are really excited about that or like um Gosh I don’t want a decocker I’ve never Noticed it to be a problem you know There’s a version without to do conquer And it comes into super cool colorations Like you see steel mag release super Inexpensive the turkish built Kanak That’s a great gun Lots of different colors these colors by The way the OD and the tan sell out Super quick Walther PPQ the sniper’s Pistol hey nothin which one would you Prefer if you’re going Special Operations mission over the p09 and the PP q a PP q all day long dude all day Long I’d probably go long slide P P Q

That’s GTW HOF all day and it’s ly a lot Lighter than this gun getting back to Our previous discussion and then of Course we have the Glock series as a g34 Like you saw earlier this is again 7 Ounces lighter long slide and hits like A freaking laser beam if you go into the Manual that the piezo mine one thing They say that I super like I just kind Of perusing this is they say it’s ready To engage out 250 meters CZ p09 is a Semi-automatic handgun incorporating Short recoil designed for aims shooting 250 meters in distance right there dudes And it talks about all the upsides of The gun and I agree with most of those Things agree I think 50 meters is about Max distance and can you hit reliably And accurately with your p09 oh yeah We’re doing on steel out there in the Desert and it was a riot so I would say For what you’re getting amazing value It’s going to get a super high Likability scale the only downside I can See is not the price the price is Nothing for what you’re getting just a Weight if it weighed heck 27 ounces even 28 ounces I’d be a little bit more Excited about it It is a 19 plus 1 configuration though None

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