Custom Cut-Down Walch 10-Shot Pepperbox Revolver

The Walch revolver was a Civil War era design with the unique feature of having superimposed loads – each chamber in the cylinder held not one shot, but two, stacked one on top of the other. The revolver had two hammers and a progressive trigger, and 10 percussions caps (for the 5-chamber model). This led to a 10-shot revolver in the size of a typical 5-shot one. Of course, since the chambers were split between two powder charges, the muzzle velocity was relatively low in comparison to other revolvers of the period.

This Walch 10-shot .31 caliber example has been modified by someone into a pepperbox style of pistol, with the barrel completely removed. This makes it substantially more compact, but also amplifies the problem of low muzzle velocity, and without any rifled bore at all, I’m sure accuracy suffers as well. Not that this was intended for use at any significant distance, of course…

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Hi guys thanks for tuning in to another Video on Forgotten weapons comm I’m Ian I’m here today at the Rock Island Auction company taking a look at some of The guns that are in their upcoming February of 2017 regional auction and We’ve talked about Walt revolvers before A couple times actually we’ve looked at Both the small caliber and the Navy Caliber walch guns and they’re cool They’re interesting and when I found This one well that’s just too neat for Me to turn out turn down so a little bit Of a quick recap for you guys if you Haven’t seen the previous Walt’s videos I would recommend checking those out You’ll find links to them in the Description text however the basic idea Is the Walsh is a superposed Chamber revolver where you have a Cylinder with five chambers in it but You would actually load powder ball and Then another charge of powder and a Second ball and each chamber has two Percussion caps associated with it One fire straight into the back of the Chamber and one fires up along a little Fire tube to the middle of the chamber So you have two hammers one sheath Trigger and as you pull the trigger the Hammer sequentially fall so the upshot Of this is you have a five shot size Revolver that actually has ten shots in It now the downside of course is that

Because this you’re cutting the chambers In half the guns kind of underpowered It’s a small caliber gun in the first Place these are 31 caliber pistols but It was a very interesting idea this is Civil war time period a few of these did Actually see use in the Civil War but What we’ve got here today that’s Interesting and special to me is this Cut down pepper box sort of derringer Style of waltz revolver let’s take a Closer look at this guy Disassembly of the original wolch Was a wedge pin and the screw right here So you could take the barrel off for Cleaning or whatever needed to be done What someone did with this one is pretty Simple they took the barrel off they cut Off that little screw extension so no Longer no longer need that take that off And then they converted the cylinder Axis pin into a Screw so it’s held in place where Normally the cylinders held in place by The barrel assembly now it’s held in Place by this screw this one’s a little Bit worse for the wear this has Certainly been there and done that but You have your dual hammers in fact when I started looking at this one up close I Realized the right-hand hammer here is Actually someone’s handmade replacement You’ll notice the checkering on the end Is far cruder and just the general

Shaping of the hammer was clearly done With some hand tools instead of being a Factory made piece I think that even Makes this more interesting that some Home gunsmith chop this thing down and They I don’t know they broke a hammer or They took it apart and lost the hammer Who knows exactly why but they had to Then go and also make themselves a Replacement hammer for it so at any rate Sheath trigger down here and it fires Sequentially first the right hammer and Then the left the indexing on this Leaves a lot to be desired but I don’t Think you’d actually be carrying this in Your pocket any more these days as with Many home gunsmith creative alterations You might say even done today this one Seems pretty cool at first glance but it Is really of kind of dubious value Practically speaking you know these These cartridges these cylinders were Underpowered to begin with and by Getting rid of the entire barrel Assembly you have even further reduced The muzzle velocity I imagine this is Going to be a pretty impotent thing to To actually shoot on the other hand if You’re presumably going to stuff this in A pocket and use it at pretty darn close Range and it would probably get the job Done there You certainly have ten rounds to do it With so someone thought that this was

Just the ultimate 1860s 1870s 1880s Tactical high-capacity pocket pistol so This sort of shortening of an existing Factory pistol is certainly nothing Unique to the Walch I think this has Been done pretty much as long as pistols Have been manufactured in the first Place Although this in particular does bring To mind some of the other period things Like the the Mormon avenging angel Pistols the the cut-down Colt percussion Guns that’s that’s something we’ll Probably do a video on at some point Coming up as well I think this is just a Really cool example of someone’s Creative home gunsmithing they wanted a Smaller pistol they wanted a lot of Firepower and so they went for this ten Shot chopped off Walch derringer thing And you know what it’s the sort of thing That you still see people doing today And it’s just another example of how People don’t really change with with Time people stay the same technology Changes the guns that people are cutting Up change but the cutting up process Really doesn’t if you’d like to own this One in fact both of these they are both A single lot together here this upcoming Rock Island auction if you take a look At the description text below you’ll Find a link to the catalog page for These two particular pistols you can

Take a look at rock island’s description And pictures and place a bid right there Through their website if you’d like to Have them yourself thanks for watching

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