Colt Pocket Model

Civil War Colt Pocket Model, Identified and in for an appraisal, email any questions to

Welcome to the Civil War collectibles Show my name is Steve Munson and I am The Civil War guru Today m4 appraisal is a model 18-49 Pocket model and this is one of my Favorite collectibles this pocket model Here was manufactured in 1864 and we can Tell that by the number range of the gun It’s got nice patina we’ve got nice Grips Condition-wise is good – very good The beautiful part about this gun is it Is ID’d this gun belonged to Lieutenant John H Snyder of Missouri infantry There’s a lot of good history on this Pistol this is a favorite sidearm of the Officers and the enlisted men these were Not issued these were personal purchases This has a magnificent inscription on The back we’ll have our cameraman get a Close-up for you get it close up the Serial numbers so you can see the the Numbers on it and when you’re buying a Collectible like this especially a coat You want to make sure that all the Numbers match on the handle on the Trigger guard the loading lever the Wedge and the cylinder that is a very Important for the value of the gun of Course what’s great about this one It is ID’d so far appraisal we’re going To come in at a minimum of $2,500 and Adoption would probably bring around $3,000 so from the Civil War guru have a

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