Colt 1862 Police Pocket Revolver (Cased)

The 1862 Police Pocket was the last of Colt’s percussion revolvers. It was a combination of the small 1849 model frame (intended for .31 caliber) and a 5-shot .36 caliber cylinder. The frame was stepped to allow the larger cylinder to fit without require any changes to the lockwork, and the result was a rather nice svelte revolver offering both reasonable firepower and relatively compact size. This particular one was exported to the UK at some point, as evidenced by its British proof marks, and also comes with the original case and accessories.

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Hi guys thanks for tuning in to another Video on Forgotten weapons calm I mean I’m here today at the James D Giulia Auction house taking a look at some of The guns coming up for sale in their Upcoming auction one that I noticed on The catalogue is this particularly Gorgeous cased Colt revolver what jumped Out at me is in fact a model of Colt That it is it’s an 1862 police which is Just about well it is in fact the last Of the percussion revolvers developed by Colt it’s one of the more interesting And frankly I think one of the Best-looking models the idea here was They took the 18-49 frame which was a 31 Caliber revolver and they kind of scaled It up to a 36 caliber cylinder now they Did this by actually putting a little Step in the frame That we’ll take a look at a little Closer in a moment and this was in fact Marketed as a police handgun and saw Reasonably widespread use as such you Might you know thinking about it today We kind of pictured the police wanting a Pretty hefty proven stopper of a Cartridge so one might expect that at This period they would be using the 44 Caliber Colt revolvers which is actually Not the case prior to using this the Most common police colt was actually a 31 caliber so this was a bit of a step Up now it’s a five-shot revolver where

The 36 caliber Navy guns which were made On slightly larger frames were six shot You’ll also notice of course this has a Fluted cylinder that’s done to reduce Weight as was the use of the small Caliber frame there are actually pretty Petite little handguns and not wouldn’t Be all that bad to carry now they’re About 28,000 of these made they did Share their serial number range with a Similar model the 1862 pocket Navy as Was typical with a lot of firearms Manufacturers of the time you could Order them and pretty much any custom Configuration you wanted although the Standard configurations were obviously It was limited to five shot because of The the physics and the mechanics of the Gun but then you could get it in a three And a half four and a half five and a Half or six and a half inch There were a number of custom guns Provided by Colt with little short two And a half inch barrels which would be That’d be kind of neat to take a look at As well but those are extremely rare Very few of those were made this one is Serial number twenty twenty thousand and A half give or take Which would put it somewhere right about In the middle of production given that These shared their serial number range With the other models let’s go ahead and Bring the camera back in a little closer

And take a look at some of the details Here all right so before we look at the Mechanical details we should check out This cool case because these really are Pretty neat comes with a powder flask This would have your caps this is of Course your screwdriver for Disassembling and maintaining the gun it Comes with a bullet casting mold with Compartments for both a round ball and a Pointed bullet Whichever you happen to prefer fits in There and of course the firearm itself And it does have all of the instructions For use how to load it how to maintain It how to clean it everything like that Nicely tacked up on the top there today They pretty much try and inscribe all That onto the side of the slide of an Automatic pistol alright so looking a Little more closely at the gun itself we Can see a number of interesting features About it I mentioned there’s a step in The frame that’s right here and you can See that the cylinder itself is very Slightly rebated they’re able to make it A little bit larger in front which Accommodates the five chambers of 36 Caliber and then in the back it’s small Enough that they didn’t have to change The lock work inside this 1849 pattern Frame see the fluted cylinder here in Between each of the chambers that I Think that makes it look really neat so

One of the cool details about this Particular gun as you can see here There’s little crown proof mark in Between each of the cylinders and down Here on the barrel the reason for that Is that this pistol was actually Exported to England at some point and English proof law required that imported Guns be reproved So this one traveled overseas before it Came back to the u.s. at some point so One of the potential hazards of carrying A percussion pistol like this is that You either have to leave a chamber empty And leave the hammer down on that empty Chamber or if you leave the hammer down On the live cap you run the risk of say Should you drop the gun or slip and fall Below to the hammer could set off the Cap that its resting against colt had a Solution for this it was this little Slot cut in the the face of the hammer That slot interfaces with a pin right Here In between two of the chambers there is A pin like that on each one of the five Spaces between chambers and what you Could do is actually bring the hammer I Can do this right and a little bit of Fancy work with the cylinder and you can Bring the hammer down to rest on one of Those safety pins and now that pin Prevents the cylinder from rotating so It is in a totally safe condition here

When you go to [ __ ] it it indexes right Up to the next chamber ready to fire so That was the official method of safe Carry that did allow you to actually Keep all five cylinders loaded all five Chambers loaded there are not a whole Lot of these 1862 police revolvers still Floating around they were not one of Colts higher production level guns and Frankly a fair number of them were Converted to use of metallic cartridges When that technology became available This was the last of the percussion guns That Colt developed it would sell these Until 1873 when they obviously the Single Action Army was launched in 1873 And it really took off but this Particular one is I think gorgeous it’s Got just enough wear on it to really Look genuine and authentically used but It does lock up very nicely and has a Very nice strong hammer spring well Thanks for watching guys I hope you Enjoyed the video so Very cool to get to see a somewhat Unusual and very Savelle little Colt Revolver like this with its original Case in all of its accessories if you’d Like to make this one yours you can Certainly do so it’s coming up for sale At the Giulia auction house if you go Ahead and take a look in the link below You can drop right over to their Catalogue check out their description

Their high-res pictures everything like That set yourself up with an account and Place a bid if you’re interested this One is lot number 13 49 so thanks for Watching

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