Civil War Target / Sniper Enfield Rifle

J. Grainger & Sons 2 Band Civil War Sniper or Sergeants Rifle. If you have any questions or would like a free apprasal email Steve directly at

My name is Steve Munson and I am the Civil War guru today again for appraisal Is a real unique infield rifle these are Sometimes called the sergeant’s rifles This particular rifle is what we call a Two barrel ban meaning that you have two Bands holding the barrel on the standard Enfield musket has three so this is one Of the significant reasons it’s called a Sergeants model it’s shorter also the Sergeants model as he checkered farm the Checkered wrist what’s unique about this Particular infield not only does it have The long-range sights out here above the Forum it has the peep sights the Adjustable peep sights there is your Eyepiece on the reared above the wrist And of course your blade you’re standing At which is a taller blade front sight This has the military sling swivels Forward and aft this particular model Also has some numbers stamped into the Stock which could denote right numbers Etc this particular in field was made by J Granger and Sons of course London the Caliber of this is unique caliber Because this was a sniper Stockman kind Of like the Whitworth is a 45 caliber Which are standard in field is a point Five seven Seven caliber this being a small calibre Of course give it more muzzle energy and These were commonly known as sniper Rifles our sergeants rifles this

Particular gun is in wonderful condition Has a lot of the finish on the stock Some of the barrel it’s a really unique It’s wonderful collectibles collector’s Piece and these were imported by both at The North and the South during the Civil War and the England England they called These volunteer rifles so this is a Great collectible whether you collect Union or if you collect southern this is A wonderful piece and I want to buy you This particular gun at 5500 to six Thousand dollars so from the Civil War Do ring have a great day

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