Civil War Starr Patent .44 Caliber Revolver

Educational Video About the .44 Caliber Starr Patent ”Army” Model Revolver

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Chavo Relics calm I hope you’re having a great Day I sure am I’m reminded of what my Granddad said I sure am glad to be Sitting up and taking nourishment that Makes it a good day and I’m also Thankful that I get to share some more Civil War history with you today we’re Going to talk about a cool little gun From the Civil War That was made in Yonkers New York they Made 23,000 of them Majority of them went to the US Government they’re a star patent Revolver this gun was patented on January 15 1856 and it’s made by the Star firearms company st AR AR and they Made about 23,000 of them they fire a 44 Caliber cartridge they have an Interesting double action design and That means that when you pull the Trigger it [ __ ] back the hammer and Releases it most of the guns of the day You had to manually cut back the hammer And then pull the trigger to release it So this was state of the art at the time A lot of soldiers didn’t like it because It was not what they were used to I had A letter one time from a guy in New York And he’s writing home to mom and he says Mom I sure do need a new revolver but Don’t send me one of those double action Stars like such-and-such guy and that’s Always stuck in my mind it’s like

Sometimes newer even better if you don’t Know how to use it and if these guys Were in that stressful Jam if you work The mechanics the wrong way you can Break it so the next model of this went Back to the old single action style Where you just cut back the hammer and Fire it this gun had a couple of neat Little features of it the way that you Load the gun it has a screw there you Take it out and the whole barrel tilts Forward you can load it put it back in Drop it back in Which is great unless you’re on Horseback being chased by a Confederate With a gun pointed at you not very good Design but they were very functional in There Interesting guns they show up in a lot Of different conditions most of the guns Of this style will run anywhere from About a thousand dollars up to three or Four thousand depending on condition This one is on the site for nineteen Hundred and fifty dollars and it’s Better than most because it does have a Good bit of the original factory bluing It has the correct military inspector Marks on one of the sides of the grips They use a one-piece walnut grip on These it has the EF inspector cartouche And the government had to inspect the Pieces and say this is good enough Quality for the government to use this

One was inspected by a fellow named Edward flavor fo ATH ER and it has his EF tin script letters inside of a Cartouche it also has the star markings And the 1856 patent date this one has All matching serial numbers of sixteen Thousand six hundred and forty seven so It’s pretty much in the middle of their 23,000 production range these guns have Something that is interesting for the Time it has a safety some people say It’s not a safety but if it keeps the Gun from firing it’s a safety so where Do they have it at on the back of the Trigger there’s a little slide and if You slide it down just a little bit it Will stop the trigger from hitting the Release that is actually what fires the Gun and it keeps it from hitting that And that releases it so it has one of The first functioning safeties on a Military gun Not thing first but one of the first so It’s got a lot of neat things going for It I’ve actually gotten into a couple of Collections lately and I’ve got Multiples of these right now in various Conditions and as we’ve talked about Things that they make quite a few of the Serial numbers need to match for the Higher values the amount of the original Factory finish has a lot to do with it So I’ve got them in about every Condition they’re all original as is

Everything that we sell on Shiloh relics Comm and they’re also pre 1898 why does That number make a difference December 31st 1898 is the date that the ATF qualifies As the cutoff date for antique guns guns Before December 31st 1898 in production Are classified as antiques and Collectibles they do not require Paperwork they are sold as antiques and Collectibles I do not warranty any of Them to fire and never recommend anyone Doing that some people do that’s your Choice but I do not so you can go on to Shiloh relics calm you can see this Pistol as well as many others a little Bit of different sizes styles everything You can imagine I hope that you have Enjoyed this a little bit I’ve enjoyed Getting to be with you again I hope that You are all healthy I hope that you’re All happy and I hope that when you get The opportunity that you be kind it’s so Much better to be kind of people and I Hope you remember one thing above all Love you guys I’ll catch you later

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