Civil War Smith Patent Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video on an Original Civil War Smith Patent Cavalry Carbine

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Shiloh Real XCOM I hope you’re all doing well Today we’re glad to be with you again We’re going to talk about another gun And as with all of our guns these were Made before December 31st 1898 because That’s the date that the ATF qualifies As antique all of these guns are Available on shiloh relics as of the Time they are posted They are unique so once this one’s ago There won’t be another one like it but They’re probably something similar Somewhere along the way we’re gonna talk About this gun because I like the way That it loads it’s really distinctive It’s a weird looking gun when you see it Loaded so let’s get into it Oh June 23rd 1857 year of our Lord there Was a fella in Buttermilk Falls New York And this cat decides to get a patent for His firearm and his name was Gilbert Smith Smith’s patent cavalry carbine and The neat thing about their guns will Just jump right into it is the way that They load when you look at the gun in Front of the trigger There is a brass lever you push that up And the whole gun breaks apart like that You can load it snap it back up and it’s Ready to go one interesting thing about This gun on the back of the butt plate It has the screw which usually just Holds the butt plate in place this is

Called the butt plate that’s the end of The gun that’s put on there to protect The wood and make it more durable most Of the time that little screw is about That long and it just holds a butt plate In place this one it actually runs all The way through the stock and goes into The frame and that keeps the whole frame Tight these guns they made about 30,000 Of them during the war and almost all of Them went into military service they did Sell a few commercially but not a lot So how do we know it’s a military model And not a civilian model because of a Couple of things The guns are basically the same civilian And military the better quality usually Went to the military because they Inspected them the government had lots Of different inspectors that all they Did was approve guns for military use These show up and they will have what’s Known as a cartouche and it’s on the Opposite side of the hammer and it’ll be Right about there that lets us know it’s A military model not a civilian model This one fires a 50 caliber bullet 21 And 5/8 inch barrel This one is full length it’s got the Original rear sight the mechanics work Crisply on it has the one piece wall of It wood stock like we’ve talked about Most of the guns had walnut stocks of The time and if there’s one thing on the

Back side of that that I didn’t show you Which is important most of these guns Went into cavalry service and when they Went into cavalry service they were Spending most of the time riding and They had to have a way to attach it to a Shoulder sling so it wouldn’t fall or Attach it to the saddle so what they did They put a little bar on the back of it And on that bar is a moving ring and That’s called a saddle bar ring and Celery this one is nice it’s got Everything there just a nice what a lot Of collectors refer to as a Chocolate-brown patina it’s just the way That the metal has aged over the years And again you hear the word patina all That means is flavor and color and this One has just a nice untouched color from Tip to tip they were made by three Different companies and so you’ll see a Few different markings for the makers on Them they still bring about the same it Doesn’t really affect about They were made in Springfield Mass Originally by the American machine works Company then they moved production to Chicopee Falls Massachusetts and they Were made by the Massachusetts Arms Company and then the American Arms Company So you’ve got three makers same gun same Value don’t worry about who made the Going but they’re an interesting gun

They stand out a little bit because of The way that they load and it’s just a Just a neat gun and that’s one of the Cool things about the Civil War guns are So many versions and variations that you Can collect you can have a hundred guns And have all different variations this One in this condition is on the site for Fifteen hundred and ninety five dollars I’ve got a couple of the other Variations on there as well so get a Chance to check it out on Shiloh relics Comm you can see over a hundred guns Most of the time on the website we have A little bit of everything and I try to Get something in every price range Because I like them all and I’m hope you Guys do too I want to thank you all for Taking the time to watch this and the Other videos I would ask you if you get Time please go onto YouTube and become a Subscriber I won’t bother you with any Other information but it will notify you When there’s a new video on and Hopefully you’ll get to learn something In the meantime and tell a friend or so If you’ve got the time I really Appreciate that but more importantly I Would appreciate it if you’d be kind to Each other we all need a little extra Kindness especially with all the things That are going on in this world I am Very thankful to have you guys as Friends I’m very thankful to have you as

Customers and I really appreciate each One of you I hope you’ll have a great Evening Remember one thing that I love you and I’ll catch you next time have a great Evening You

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