Civil War Pepper Box 6 Shot Pistol

Civil War Pepper Box 6 Shot Pistol identified and in for an appraisal, email any questions to

Did the Civil War collectible show my Name is Steve Munson and I am the Civil War guru today in for appraisal is a Pepper box pistol this particular pepper Box pistol was made by Allen Thurber in Company of wodsworth Massachusetts these Pistols were made between 1847 and 1865 This particular pistol is a thirty one Caliber these pistols were well made and Very popular before the Civil War in Including the Civil War their multi shot And that’s why this is a six-shot pistol And it was very reliable you didn’t have To worry about multi shot explosions you Could tuck it in your belt or your boot They’re well made as you can see and This has engraving on the the damned Down backside of the handle wonderful of Walnut grips on this one’s well marked And you see catless see DVS and tintypes With both Union and Confederate soldiers With these in their belts so for our Personal sidearm this was a as good as a Coat for close range and this particular Pistol come in and it has a storage case Behind it and after examining the Storage case I don’t think it has Anything to do with the pistol but it is A period storage case and it is marked And according to the gentleman and I’m Praising far said that when he inherited It it was with the pistol it has a name On top of the box see our riddle in 1853 But we we’re going to put most of the

Credence in the pistol and the value of This pistol is about 550 to $700 It’s a very affordable collectible and These were very popular again during the Civil War So from the Civil War guru have a great Day Right

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