Civil War New Jersey Marked Remington .44 Army Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about Civil War New Jersey Marked Remington .44 Army Revolver

Hey you guys this is rafael from hope you’re all doing Well hope everybody’s staying healthy Hope you’re staying away from each other I hope you’re wearing your mask when you Get the opportunity because it’s not That hard And it might help somebody out uh today We’re going to talk about something from The civil war that was A very important piece it’s the sidearm That was made for the union By the remington arms company across the Top of this full-length eight-inch Barrel it’ll have the stamp like this It’ll have New model which just they were trying to Like today every time they rolled out Something new it was new and improved And that was the new model remington Army an army like we’ve talked about Before Uh is a 44 caliber the navy was 36 army Was 44. This was actually the last of the 44 Caliber Revolvers that remington would make they Start serial number in them serial Numbers are important on a gun like this That they made a lot of They made about 122 000 of these So when you have a gun like a cult at a Remington where they made Tens of thousands is important to a

Collector that all the serial numbers Match Because they didn’t always if something Went wrong on it they got them a Replacement part so they could keep Using it It doesn’t kill it but it does affect The value These uh the serial numbers will show up Under the barrel They will show up under the grips a lot Of times they’ll show up Stamped uh into the grips or sometimes You’ll see them with them hand written In the grips a lot of times in pencil Nice and simple On the some of the revolvers they will Have serial numbers on the back of the Cylinder Not always with these but sometimes What’s interesting about these they Start serial number in these As a continuation from the 1861 army Contract and those numbers will start About 15 000. so even though they made Only 122 000 You’ll see some of them on up into the Hundred and forties They made these guns from 1863 to 1865. It during the war it was colt’s major Competitor Remington and they actually made a lot Better good In my opinion with a colt you have to

Take The entire barrel off And with these you don’t have to do that It’s nice and simple i haven’t done this One Yet so let’s just see if it’ll work you Slide The cylinder pin forward and If everything goes according to plan The haha that’s why you never do things Live for the first time There we go and the cylinder comes out And this one let’s check it and see no Serial number on the back of the frame Oh Back of the cylinder which is not Uncommon for these Because and that’s the reason we’re Talking about this one This one is one of the rare state Contracts During the war they might have made 122 000 of them But they Only sent 106 000 of those To the us government and those show up With Inspector marks like we’ve talked about They’ll have the cartouches they’ll have The sub inspector marks On the metal those are the ones that Went straight to the u.s government They sold 16 000 of them commercially If some had a little blemish that the

Government wouldn’t accept They weren’t going to waste that gun They sold it to a civilian civilian Could have carried it into the War it just means that it did not go to The government This one is the third option and it’s Actually the rarest option Of the 122 000 of them they say that 1 000 of them were bought by the state of New jersey Now how do we know that one thing is They do not have those sub-inspector Initials they do not have the cartouches On the grips They have simple little stamps And on the stamps i’ve checked this gun It’s empty i never turn a gun around at Myself i always tell you guys to be Careful Unless it’s checked and i always treat It like it’s armed because It is a weapon just because it’s 150 Years old doesn’t mean it couldn’t be Loaded and fired so Treat it with respect these guns will Have the stamp Uh on the frame like that just simple nj And they’ll have it on the barrel as Well just a simple nj Going for the state of new jersey a Jersey boys gun They excuse me Sinuses are killing me this morning they

Went to new jersey Uh they won’t have those other markings 1 000 of them were done And they’ll actually show up a couple of Ways this one’s the little bitty and j Sometimes we’ll have a very large nj and How do we know an early remington From lake remington that’s the order Line gotta go be right back Sorry about that but like i tell you Every time it’s just me here in the Office i am i file my taxes as owner Slash Janitor because i sweep the floors i Write up the descriptions I do the photographs i do the Photography Uh i do the shipping i answer the phone Lines And that’s how i make my living and feed My family so sorry about that but we’re Back at it again Uh i couldn’t tell you to save my life Where we’re at so we’ll talk a little Bit more about the gun oh I remember how do we tell an early Remington army from a late Production remington army and by late i Don’t mean after the war i just mean the Earliest models Have a front sight like this and it just Screws in That’s the early type the later ones Will have a silver cone site

So that lets us know that this one was a State purchase an earlier production And the guns themselves are factory blue And remington blue is a little different Than colt blue because It tends to flight more than just wear If you notice this one has a couple of Little patches where the blue has flaked Off And that just happens with the remington But it’s a beautiful beautiful gun it’s Got Tons of that original blue the hammer on These are case hardened And that just gives you a little bit Different coloration Than the standard blueing two-piece Walnut wood grips they use Some beautiful wood for these remington Revolvers as you can see this one It’s just a pretty good all the way Around um The importance of this gun is that it Did go to jersey And hi my friends in new jersey i’m Going to make a few new jersey jokes Just because everybody else does and Every time i hear anybody in new jersey They always make fun of my accent so I’m going to talk about y’all so those Jersey boys get these guns Most of them stay at home which is why They’re so pretty When you sell most of them are in really

Good shape those new jersey inspected Ones and you expect that Uh out of a gun that didn’t see a lot of Service i know Some of you guys fought hard but Anyway i digress great gun it’s own right now you can go In there Even if you’re not going to buy it read The descriptions look at the pictures Learn because with the historical Collecting Unless you see it unless you soak it in Unless some You get to to read those descriptions It’s not an easy thing to learn it’s It’s a hard thing to learn And i was lucky enough i told you guys Last episode that i was going to tell You one of the stories about My starting and how You have to be around it so i was in Middle tennessee state university uh Started Metal detecting and i met larry hicklin At yesteryear relics Middle tennessee relics uh on the Website nowadays And i would go in and shop every every Time i got A chance to i would go in there and just Try to learn be around it and He was nice enough he put up with me and He would tell me things and he i tried

To soak him in and learn And i’m in there one day and he’s Packing up to go to a show and I said well where you going he said i’m Going to the richmond show and Jokingly in the south sometimes i’ll say Well y’all go with me meaning I’m going and i hope you have a good Time but he said you ought to go with me So i said well what time are we leaving And his eyes got about that big and he Said uh Well we’re gonna leave real early in the Morning and i’m like okay i’ll be here So i skipped my tests on that friday We hopped in the little blue car he had And drove to virginia and as we’re going Up there I’m sure he’s thinking this is going to Be a long trip Get up there and i had one little tray Of relics It was one of the wooden cases that by That And i had some bullets and i had a few Buttons and just Things that i had bought my first us Buckle was 48 And he let me make three payments on it Because he knew i didn’t have 48 dollars Well i get up there i find a couple of Real cool things for him to buy so he Makes money He lets me put my little tray out by the

Time i left I had two trays i had Money in my pocket i think i left with 40 or 50 dollars to my name And when i left i had two trays and Uh more money than i left with and i was Like This is for me i love this i’m so you Know because i was getting to be around It And i saw the cool things and i bought Them i helped him buy them and it It’s such a great hobby i love it and so Many people Love it too because if you appreciate The history and we don’t know who Carried this gun We don’t we don’t know but when you Don’t know you can imagine anybody Carrying it Those guys from new jersey that fought So hard at gettysburg and those other Battles It could have been in their hands and it Could have been anywhere So i say all that to say Take time to help those young people That are wanting to get into the Collecting of it or even if they don’t Want to collect it That are interested in the history Because if Larry hadn’t took the time to help me And to take me places and show me things

About it i wouldn’t be here today And i’ve had a hell of a life i’ve Enjoyed my life uh there’s been hard Spots but i’ve enjoyed it so much So be that positive influence on some Young person that collects I know some of the guys have told me That the kids watch the videos with them Hope you guys are well thank you for Watching um And just remember it’s a great hobby Don’t be afraid to share it share these Links share them Tell people about them because i Appreciate it and hopefully we’ll have More historians before The day’s over love you guys and i’ll Catch you next time

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