Civil War Mississippi Rifle With The 1861 Colt Armory Alterations

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Civil War Mississippi Rifle With The 1861 Colt Armory Alterations

Hey you guys this is reiki l ellidge From shiloh in savannah Tennessee it is great to get to be with You guys again today i’m sorry i haven’t Made it to these Uh videos more often lately but there’s Two main reasons for that Uh one you guys have kept me very very Busy boxing and chipping and i’m so Thankful for that and twos my dad’s not Doing very well He’s still hanging on and i appreciate All you guys that have reached out Uh checking on him he’s he’s tough he Just he doesn’t give up and Thank you for all your concerns Today we’re going to talk about one of The guns that Are my favorite pattern of guns from the Civil war era If you watch these videos you’ve seen me Do two or three of the variations well Today we’ve got one of the variations That i’ve been waiting to get one That had everything i could point to That like it was supposed to be for one Of these uh it’s the gun itself is Officially known as the us model 1841 It’s often referred to as the Mississippi rifle They were used during the mexican war By some guys from mississippi under Command of jefferson davis and the name Mississippi rifle just stuck because

Those boys knew how to use them and used Them well They Made a total of uh 70 796 Mississippi rifles They were made at a few different places You’ll see them made at harpers ferry You’ll see them made at whitney of new Haven connecticut like this one Remington made some robins and lawrence Made some There were multiple makers of this gun But they made a total of seventy Thousand seven hundred ninety six Uh whitney made twenty six thousand five Hundred of those this one was made by Whitney you can see the whitney mark on The lock plate like this behind the Hammer you’ll have the new haven Production location as well as the Production date But this gun had two lives when they Came out originally this 33 inch barrel Had a 54 caliber uh rifling in it When it’s When the 1855 uh there was a guy that was in Charge of the secretary of war And His name was jefferson davis and they Tried to standardize a lot of the arms Because they had 69 caliber muskets and They had this and that and so they tried

To switch to uh 58 caliber you starting With the model 1855. Well civil war comes around And That both sides trying to get all the Arms they can and try the u.s tried to Standardize some of them One of the things that they did they Contracted with this company out of Connecticut That was known as colt and colt took 5 000 of these guns what’d he do to him Glad you asked i got an answer for you In that 33 inch barrel they boarded out To 58 caliber which is the standard size That the u.s model 1851 the us model 1861 and the us model 1863 fired 58 Calibers meaning 58 caliber 58 100 of an Inch was the diameter of the bullet They not only board the Bore out uh that extra 0.04 They put a sight on the back And it’s really cool it’s a People a lot of times just refer to it As a cult site but it’s a folding leaf Site and you can imagine those get Knocked off fairly easily this one has The original one uh you can still see The yard markage On this on the sides of it that barrel Made of steel you see the steel mark Still on this one So they changed the Rear sight from a stud to a folding leaf

They rifled it made it a bigger caliber And they also check this out Underneath the barrel it has that number Stamping that number stamping Was Uh They designed it to be used with a saber Bayonet but there’s no lug on the end of The barrel so They got the bright idea let’s make a Look that will slide onto the end of the Barrel And we’ll match it we’ll hand match it To a saber bay event so That number that you see on the end of The barrel like this would have Corresponded with the stamping on the Side of the saber bandit because they Don’t always interchange if you’ve ever Tried to Find one of any changes on these it is Not easy And can you imagine being in the Field with folks shooting at you and Trying to replace your bayonet that you Had lost hmm that could be why they only Did 5 000 of these Because that model 1861 used an Interchangeable uh socket bayonet Also while we’re down at the end of that Gun Most uh when the us41s left the factory To start with they had a brass tipped Ramrod

This one has an iron tip why would that Be It’s because in 1855 they realized That’s a waste of brass so they switch It over to a standard uh Ramrod so 1855 and later this gun would have had That Replaced when they did the conversion Colt stuck iron tipped one in there a Lot cheaper And as for Some of the marks that you see on this Gun on the middle of the back of the Stock back here on on my side of it it’s This little stamp what is that That’s the stamp that lets us know that The stock is the stock that was a cold Conversion because that’s the colt Uh that’s the stamp that you see on Colts so this gun has all of the Markings that you want to see on it It’s Uh got the wallet wood you can tell it This one would have had a story this one Could have talked it and told us Something because it’s got enough wear That you can see it was used but they Took care of it which is just the way i Like them But as of the time of this video you can Go on there you can check it out uh it’s On there and for sale I appreciate you guys again thank you

For taking time to watch these videos I’m sorry i haven’t been able to do more Here lately but it had been a lot going On But i got to uh Uh hang out A lot over there in my hometown of Lawrenceburg Uh i grew up in lawrenceburg tennessee a Great little place and I’ve spent A decent amount of time there in the Last few weeks with mom and dad and i Got to see a lot of my old friends and i Saw i walked into The nursing home yesterday and There was a guy there and he says ray Hill no i don’t know who this is and i Looked at him and i thought i know that Guy and we played football together back 900 years ago And uh he said i used to watch you ever Every time you came on tv on antics Roadshow man i appreciate that but it’s Uh Uh a ramble on this just in case uh if You’re thinking about an old friend that You ain’t seen in a while today pick up That phone call don’t cost nothing most Long this is free these days but give Them a call because it’s been good Seeing It’s been horrible being there But it’s been good seeing a lot of those

Old friends that i haven’t seen in a While so take up take that second give Them a call say hi it’s the easy thing To do you’ll be glad you did hope y’all Guys are well thank you for all your Support not just in business but uh The People who come up at the shows and say Man i like your videos that means a lot To me i appreciate you guys i hope you Have the best day ever because you Deserve it you’re smart enough to be Watching these thank you

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