Civil War ID’d Pistol

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Welcome to the civil war collectible Channel My name is steve munson and i am the Civil war guru And the day we have entered for Evaluation is a wonderful Id pistol with the original holster This is a confederate used pistol this Pistol belonged to lieutenant colonel Richard davison of the sixth florida Infantry And it is engraved down the backstrap With his name of course his captain on The on the back strap but He got it earlier and then at the end of The war he was lieutenant colonel But this is a very good pistol It was made by remington beals and this Is the navy version This is the 36 caliber and the military The u.s military had accepted some of These and these these were actually Producing Starting at 1858 and they they continued To 64. And this is a non-military one this is a Private purchase But it is the navy model 36 caliber And the original holster behind it and We’re going to get the camera man up Here get some close-ups of all of it This is an unusual molded holster And i’m going to reach across in front Of the camera you can see where it’s

Actually molded To the contour of the of the pistol This is an unusual holster and some People call them confederate Because it has the reach again around in Front of the camera again The sewed uh end of the the holster Which is an indicative of most your Confederate Known confederate uh holsters but we’ll Get both sides front and back But florida stuff is extinct and this This particular guy here He enlisted in in march of 62 In quincy florida and he stayed in Northern florida And worked on the coastline until 63 And then when when it heated up in Georgia Their regiment was sent to join the army Of tennessee And he participated in the the uh Atlanta campaign And he got wounded there right after Chickamauga and then got captured and Spent the rest of the The war in in a prison camp but it’s a a Great Pistol wonderful id good providence And we’re going to get a close-up of the Engraving on the back strip You know anytime you see you know the The hand engraving on steel Uh it’s a pretty good artisan that did

That so this guy had uh Uh some family money he outfitted Himself At the beginning of the war and these These remington Bills are super reliable and of course You know all the southern officers they Knew You know if you’re going to have a Weapon better get you a good Good union weight you made weapon Instead of a Southern may because of the qualities is Ten times better So this is a very durable reliable Pistol One of the things kind of neat it’s got The hammersman bobbed off here And uh i guess it’s it hung up on the Holster getting it in and out But this is a wonderful piece again and This This particular thing because of the the The florida connection And florida stuff is absolutely extinct When you’re collecting Uh civil war florida’s probably the Rarest because it’s the smallest amount Of numbers Of troops and uh so anything that has Anything to do related with florida Is normally expensive and we’re going to Put this particular little group here Together

And we’re going to put a price tag of 9 500 on it just because of the florida Identification and it’s in the wonderful Confederate holster that’s always been With it So from the civil war guru have a great Day Do You

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